Linda Evangelista’s deadbeat baby-daddy is Salma Hayek’s billionaire husband


This feels like one of those stories where we have to break out our ten-year calendars and our calculators to make sense of. According to the NY Post, Linda Evangelista has a four-year-old son. That alone surprised me – I remembered her being pregnant, vaguely, a few years ago, but was it really four-to-five years ago? And she had a boy? And she never revealed the paternity? So now that we’re all on the same page: Linda has a four-year-old son, and she’s never told anybody who his father is. Now the NY Post says that the dad is Francois Henri Pinault, best known as Salma Hayek’s baby-daddy/husband. SCANDAL?!? Eh. The way the baby daddy drama is described, it sounds like Pinault fathered Linda’s baby when he and Salma were split up (another event I have no memory of).

It’s a baby mystery no more. The father of supermodel Linda Evangelista’s 4-year-old boy is none other than billionaire Frenchman Francois-Henri Pinault — who just happens to be the husband of actress Salma Hayek, The Post has learned.

Despite Evangelista’s rep denying Pinault’s paternity when confronted with it by The Post’s Page Six back in October 2007, the Victoria’s Secret stunner came to court yesterday in hopes of hashing out a support agreement with Pinault, the father of the boy, Augustin James.

The Manhattan magistrate’s court action confirms that the two-timing Pinault — CEO of the $28 billion conglomerate that owns Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Yves St. Laurent — is the daddy to two 4-year-olds by different world-famous beauties.

One is Valentina, acknowledged and cared for by her parents, Pinault and Hayek, who jet between France, New York and LA. The other is Evangelista’s boy, unacknowledged by both the mogul and his actress wife, who has repeatedly insisted in interviews that Pinault has only three children — Valentina and two from his previous marriage to his first wife.

Evangelista, 46, herself has zealously guarded the love child’s paternity, even lying to protect Pinault. A year after “Augie’s” birth, she was claiming in interviews that the father was “a New York architect.”

He rep at DNA Model Management, Didier Fernandez, called the Pinault paternity rumor “untrue” when confronted with it by Page Six in 2007.

Yesterday was the model’s third or fourth trip to Family Court, and no agreement was reached, making a fall support trial looking likely, according to a court source.

Evangelista left glumly without commenting to a reporter. Pinault, 49, was a no-show, but that was due to a misunderstanding, said his lawyer, David Aronson.

“We had understood that it was to be a brief, telephone conference, to bring Magistrate Troy up to date on what the status was,” Aronson told The Post when asked about the court date yesterday.

Evangelista’s lawyer, William Beslow, had no comment Evangelista and Pinault conceived their boy in early 2006, when Pinault was reportedly separated from then-gal pal Hayek, whom he wed in 2009.

[From The New York Post]

So not only is Pinault the father but he’s also a deadbeat dad? For God’s sake, he’s a BILLIONAIRE. And if Linda’s son was truly conceived during a lull in Pinault and Hayek’s relationship, why not simply own up to it? Unless the boy was conceived while Salma and Francois were actually together (more likely) and Francois has been lying to Salma all of this time (most likely)? Ugh.

It also sounds like Linda has really tried to keep all of this private too. She’s so odd, but in retrospect, I’m happy that she was able to carry a baby to term. I remember that she had a very difficult miscarriage years ago, when she was with some other dude.






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  1. Lila says:

    Umm didn’t his come out right before he married Salma? He was with her before Salma.

  2. Hanh says:

    If he’s not ponying up his share of the child support with the amount of money he has, SHAME ON HIM. Don’t want to pay child support, keep it in your pants, a-hole.

  3. Lisa Turtle says:

    Yikes. It’s ridiculously tacky to be a billionaire and not pay for your various love-children.

  4. jc126 says:

    I don’t remember them being split, or if it was, that was after Valentina was born. A while later, temporarily. I think he cheated or was doing other women in general.
    Oh, and “Augie” – lovely nickname. That’s my sister’s dog’s name, Augie. Can’t see it for a baby.
    Linda E. always came off kind of snotty, I thought, but she suffered a horrible tragic stillbirth when she was with Olivier Martinez, now Halle B’s boyfriend. It was like at 7 months.

  5. Mia135 says:

    Interesting. Makes one wonder who January Jones is “protecting” also.

  6. mary jones says:

    Wait, both his kids are the same age? So he pulled a Schwartzenneger and they were both pregnant at the same time?

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    don’t really have a comment on the story other than the dude needs to cough up some money…he’s a billionaire, FFS.

    but I will say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that red dress on Salma in the last picture.

  8. Sandra says:

    Agree with Lila. It was already known. Nothing knew.

  9. OtherChris says:

    This guy is repulsive and slimy looking. Clearly these women are nuts. I could see finding him attractive if you were broke and equally unappealing, but both of these women are gorgeous and rich. This defies logic.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    I never could stand her ever since she made that comment about how she won’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.

  11. brin says:

    Yeah, I think this story has been around for a while, maybe it was just never confirmed.

  12. tooey says:

    Nice to know the rich really aren’t so different. Sounds like some of the hillbilly, white trash drama that goes on in my family….

  13. lilah-d says:

    well this is entirely plausible linda conceived her child around january 2006 giving birth in october 2006 and salma+pinault(or however you spell his name) announced their engagement and pregnancy in march 2007, and salma gave birth in september 2007….so i thin they started dating a little bit after linda’s baby was conceived the first pictures of them together i found were in april 2006 :/

  14. N.D. says:

    @jc126: It was Fabien Barthez, not Olivie Martinez with whom she had a miscarriage.

    And yes, this news first broke in 2007, why it’s causing waves now 4 years later? Not everyone got memo the first time around I guess :)

    Plus, he didn’t pull a Schwarzenegger, Salma started dating him when Linda’s baby was already born. At least she confirmed dating him in early 2007.

  15. Eve says:

    He was rumored to be the father of Rachida Dati’s baby too.

    *Rachida Dati is a French politician and Member of the European Parliament.

  16. Iggles says:

    Ugh. He’s gross looking.

    However, little Augie is so cute! I saw pictures on google. He’s an adorable child. Shame on Pinault for not acknowledging him!

  17. Jackson says:

    It’s astounding to me that a man with all of that money would be a deadbeat. It also sounds like LE would have been happy to keep the paternity private but this dude had to be a dick about it. Time to pay up, idiot. On a side note, dude looks like he could be Daniel Craig’s homily older brother. Or his daddy.

  18. Flounder says:

    what a creep.

  19. jocular says:

    Seems no matter how much money, privilege or education they have the fathers don’t want to acknowledge their children, nice.

  20. carrie says:

    i guess he never wanted a child with Linda Evangelista

  21. Turtle Dove says:

    At least he’s with women in their 40s and not teen/20-somethings.

    Linda is probably coming out with the story BECAUSE he’s a deadbeat. It’s odd to hear that this type of douche-baggery happens at all socio-economic levels.

    tooey (12) lol… EVERYONE has those ‘kin’ and you don’t need to be from the Ozarks to have them. (gently strums hillybilly banjo music while looking through family album)

  22. kieslowski says:

    Pinault and his family are tremendously powerfull in the fashion industry I bet that is why Linda kept so quiet.

    This guy is total slime, yes he had an affair with another woman right after Slama gave birth.

    Poor Linda, I wonder how Salma is going to try and spin this.

  23. Truthful says:

    I’m sure Salma would like to PRETEND that he only has 3 kids — she is full of herself..

    Pay up old creepy looking man, you have the funds..I wouldn’t be surprised he he is creeping now..he looks so tricky.

    THIS is a good story–NEVER heard any of this before…I knew he LOOKED like he was sneaky as heck though. RichRich men that marry hardly ever are faithful–even IF the wife is gorgeous and younger. scuzzball!

    $$ makes their zippers come undone by themselves, I guess–LOL

  24. Christine says:

    I remember hearing about this a while ago, too. And the math was that the kids were REALLY close in age, as in, within weeks of each other. So kind of a PR disaster for Salma. I can’t imagine why he’s not paying the support if for no other reason than to keep this out of the press.

  25. Lem says:

    Now that’s gossip!

  26. kibbles says:

    I’ve always thought this man was hideous and I had the feeling that he wasn’t a decent person either. The only thing going for him is his bank account. I guess even millionaire actresses and supermodels are still attracted to men with more money than them.

  27. Blue says:

    So why is this being brought up now? 4 years later. Is it confirmed that it’s his kid. Sorry I only skimmed the story.

  28. Blue says:

    If this is her husbands doing, why are people trying to turn this into Salma’s fault. He probably lied to her and she believed it.

    How is Salma going to spin this, pretending like there’s only 3 kids? Maybe that’s what she thought and chose to believe. Gosh some of you are so negative and jaded.

  29. Ron says:

    It’s amazing how a billion dollars or two will get you alot of nice ass. If this guy was an accountant, neither of these women would have looked at him twice.

  30. jc126 says:

    Oh geez! What a dumb mistake, sorry (thinking it had been Olivier Martinez when it was really Fabian Barthez). Brainless today, I guess, lol.
    I guess billions of dollars will help a woman overlook a LOT o bad behavior.

  31. velourazure says:

    how does linda not age at all? she doesn’t look particularly “worked on”…..

  32. Fire says:

    Doesn’t anyone believe in birth control these days??

  33. Iggles says:

    @ Blue:
    “How is Salma going to spin this, pretending like there’s only 3 kids? Maybe that’s what she thought and chose to believe. Gosh some of you are so negative and jaded”

    Well said!

    We don’t know how much Salma knew and when. However, we can place 100% of the blame on Henri! He knew the full time and went on to ignore his child. Much like billionaire Stephen Bing, the father of Elizabeth Hurley’s son, and Falvio what-his-name, who fathered Heidi Klum’s eldest daughter!

  34. N.D. says:

    It’s not up to Salma to break silence on this. It’s not her son so she never had any choice but follow the boy’s parents decision in the case and that was to keep his parentage quiet.

    Why it was so is another question. Everyone seems to assume it was Pinaut who didn’t want to know his son but it could have been the other way around too. I mean if it was an accident and there never was a deep connection between Linda and Pinaut, she could have been willing to have this kid all to herself, not to share him with the man she didn’t care about and who was in another relationship already and soon had another baby.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    I don’t care how much money a man has: if he’s got another child the same age as mine, but with another woman, he’s gone.

    (Unless I was his one-night stand. But I’m also fully educated in how to use birth control and STD protection, so that probably wouldn’t happen.)

  36. Firecracker says:

    He must be a lot better looking in person. Ick, he grosses me out.

  37. Ell says:

    I agree, he needs to pay up. I bet Salma is spitting nails.

    Sad, Valentina and her half brother won’t have a relationship because of stupid people caring about appearances.

  38. N.D. says:

    @Christine: “And the math was that the kids were REALLY close in age, as in, within weeks of each other.”

    The kids are a year apart.

  39. Jen34 says:

    When I was teaching, I once had 2 boys in my class who had the same rather common last name and swore they were half – brothers. They were both 13, and I totally thought they were pulling my leg until Back to School Night when I met their dad. Luckily, they got along well, and somehow made it work. Stupid me, though, was totally shocked. The dad, who was quite charming, was still married to one of their moms.

  40. Tiffany says:

    Salma looks amazing in that red dress!

  41. Ann says:

    Please! Salma married his money! She’ll get over it with retail therapy.

    Just goes to show that money is the greatest aphrodisiac for some women.

  42. RHONYC says:

    *slams down on brakes*





  43. Luci says:

    Linda is so amazingly gorgeous and classy!!

  44. Snarky_Pup says:

    Linda is so beautiful. How sad that this guy is such a creep.

  45. Isa says:

    I remember Salma and him splitting up for a while. I think it was while Salma was pregnant/baby was small and before they got married. There were pictures of him on a yacht swimming with some other chick.

  46. Chickie Baby says:

    Say what you want about the Angelina’s of the world…Linda has been one of THE most stunningly beautiful women for over 20 years now. If she’s had work done, it was really good because she’s aging better than everybody else.

    Wow, is she pretty.

  47. thinkaboutit says:

    My guess is that he has been paying child support all along, but perhaps she feels it is not enough, or he pays inconsistently, or she wants the payments to be mandated through the courts for tax reasons. Or perhaps he set them up in a household and now that the child is getting older, she needs more for schools, camps, etc. I’m SURE she has not allowed her billionaire baby daddy to play deadbeat to her only child for four years!

  48. Violet says:

    For him to deny and ignore his son is unbelievably irresponsible, cold and f*cked up.

  49. Twez says:

    I covet Salma’s burgundy ensemble in the last photo.

  50. Jenni says:

    Why do so many people hate condoms more than they love their health? :/ Maybe she knew he was safe, I don’t know, could be, but a playboy like that who doesn’t use condoms…how safe can that kinda guy be? But I’m happy for Evangelista she got her son out of it.

  51. k says:

    I always thought she was a ringer for Katharine Hepburn.

  52. Hakura says:

    Just looks to me like he got caught with his hand in the…cookie jar… & left his fingerprints all over it, but doesn’t want to acknowledge it because he lied to ‘mom‘ about it, & is going to get in biiiig trouble.

    I don’t see him denying the child if he was conceived during ‘down-time’ in his & Salma’s relationship. Because he is, it’s pretty obvious that he was still officially with her when the baby was conceived. Acknowledging the child would mean an admission… Or the ability to line up birthdays/conception dates to bite him in the ass.

    Either way he’s a complete slime ball, & I hope he gets his ass kicked…Both in court & by Salma (who’s in denial & needs to face the music).

  53. Kelly says:

    I agree w @Chickie Baby – Linda looks amaaaazing. Whatever work she may have had done has been the absolute best quality. She has admitted to Thermage (supposedly boosts collagen) and Botox, but she just doesn’t have the look of someone who’s had a face lift, eye lift, or even fillers. People who do simply don’t look the same as they did when they were younger – they may look “refreshed,” and less wrinkled, but they don’t look the same.

    I just went back and looked at some pictures, and she does look pretty much exactly the same!

  54. pitd says:

    @Truthful…THANK YOU!!! I’m sorry, but I’ve always found Salma to be quite smug, especially after marrying her billionaire.

  55. Truthful says:

    THANK YOU@ Ann, Salma married this man for his wallet–she is fooling no one!!

    The former Ms. Hayek knew, she has $$ to find things out BEFORE she considers marriage..

    I just don’t beleive she was blinded by love and took his word for it, she is a smart cookie.

  56. Bonnie says:

    What’s up with Linda? Doesn’t she have her own money? It was obviously her decision to get pregnant so why go chasing after this guy for support? Tacky behavior. Liz Hurley got pregnant with Steve Bing and when he passed on wanting to be a family she left the scene and refused anything from him. Ridiculous women. If you decide to get pregnant with a man who isn’t interested then it’s on you. Stop being gold-digging whores.

  57. anne_000 says:

    if he is the father, i hope salma is telling her husband to own up to his love child and start paying child support.

    doesnt look good for him to make this issue more difficult than it should be.

  58. Kim says:

    Oh boy does this paint Salma in a very bad light. Denying a child her husband has?! Thats is bad news!!!

    And ill never buy she didnt know. Salma is fast gaining a bad reputation since marrying this guy. She has lost close friends and has become a super bitch because of his wealth.

  59. Maritza says:

    I’d love to see a picture of her son to see if he has his father’s nose like Valentina does.

  60. N.D. says:

    Why everyone is assuming it’s about Linda asking for (more) money? What if it’s about him demanding more time with his son?

    After all she vigourosly denied his paternity 4 years ago and it’s not like she’s broke and can’t afford to raise him on her own.

  61. Truthful says:

    @Pitd, EXACTLY!!!

  62. Jenni says:

    @Bonnie “Gold digging whores”? LOL. Dunce-y men who spread their seed in every June Jill and Jan sans glove don’t need defending. Innocent children do. Maybe Mr. Hayek’s school didn’t have sex ed. but that’s how you make a baby Mr. 50 year old billionaire. A whole village of them.

  63. melikesit says:

    @N.D. I think many are assuming it’s about support because, assuming the article is at all true, the article said the in-court visits are about support and the lack of agreement/settlement not custody or visitation. And, again assuming the article is remotely true, because no agreement has been reached yet there’s likely going to be a support trial this fall.

    Which is just sad. Why do that to the little boy in the middle? Just what he wants to read when he’s old enough to do a Google search. He can learn all about the lengths people went to avoid having to play a role in his life, including a possible trial about valuing his childhood down to a monthly sum to be paid out until he’s 18 by court order.

    Maybe I’m just too cynical about this type of stuff but between this billionaire and his press-savvy wife they have teams of lawyers and PR people at their disposal to try and spin this in their favor if it was about custody/visitation. It wouldn’t be hard for him/their side to float a story already that this ongoing issue is about him (and his family) wanting to play an increased role in his son’s life and is not about money and he generously provides for his son. Something PR-rrific in his/their favor.

    And why should she have to raise him on her own using only her own money? She wasn’t the only one there. IMO, if he wanted to bed multiple women but didn’t want to risk having to be responsible for possible children that may result, it’s easy: snip-snip (at the very least bust out that square foil wrapper every single time).

  64. Jenni says:

    @ Bonnie- I have no kids, don’t want any, and have never and will never be supported by any man. BUT. Women like you have attitudes that make life difficult for other women and worse, children. There are bad apples in both sexes and i don’t respect gold diggers. But men need to take responsibility for their part in propagation. Period. Stupidity is no excuse to not support YOUR child. Whatever re Hurley, maybe that’s right for her, but forcing financial support via legal means can often cause the absentee father’s family to get involved which can be wonderful for the child’s sense of who he or she is, where they came from, support for the mother etc. And sometimes even the father will then get involved, as he often will feel if he has to pay up anyway, may as well have some pride in and get to know his “investment”. I have seen this happen. Letting adults off the hook from their responsibilities is usually doing them no favors. If you want to be an annonymous, obligation free father, donate at the sperm bank.

  65. Poppy says:

    Linda had this baby well before Selma started dating Pinault and she denied many times her son was his baby. Why put all the blame on him, a women her age and especially in her industry would know men can’t be trusted with birth control, I’ts up to the woman to make double sure, unless getting pregnant and a nice gold ring was her aim. Who knows how long they were together before she got pregnant.

    Selma did split with him after Valentina was born, maybe she learned the truth then, but they are back together now and she has the ring. Maybe miss “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000″ has sour grapes, after all SHE is the one who has been denying Pinault was the father for years. Not the other way around.

    Has he ever acknowledged he is the father, has there ever been a DNA test for legal proof? Pinault’s family is supper rich they own Christies and LVMH, a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate which includes the Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessey liquor company as well as a billion dollar plus art collection.

    Gold diggers are not necessarily all Las Vegas drinks servers.

  66. Carolyn says:

    Salma and her $$$ man did break up shortly after their daughter was born. Guess she missed the money.

  67. melikesit says:

    This isn’t some new situation just sprung on him. This is like the fourth appearance she’s made since she gave birth to the boy 4+ years ago. And they apparently have scheduled conference calls with the judge as well. It’s clearly an ongoing issue.

    With the power and money on the line for him, he and his lawyers wouldn’t still be bothering with haggling over a child support agreement this many years later if there wasn’t solid DNA proof the child was his. IMO.

    Linda made her money and fame in the fashion world. I’m sure she’s reveling in pissing off the owners and/or boards of directors of major fashion houses/corporations by pursuing this. He’s tied to a huge fashion conglomerate and has some major power in the industry behind him. Maybe that’s why she denied it so long?

    If he didn’t want children, maybe they had an agreement where she would deny he was the father and they’d come to some agreement quietly about financially supporting the boy but 4 years later and nada by way of agreement.

  68. kibbles says:

    This article is actually trying to compare this fugly creep with DANIEL CRAIG:
    Give me a break! Daniel Craig might not have the most attractive face, but he is sexy and manly. Pinault doesn’t have the body or even looks to compare with Craig. The only thing he has in common with James Bond is an Aston Martin!

  69. Hakura says:

    They pretty much screwed themselves with all the obnoxious PDA they shoved in our faces over the years. A.) It’s incredibly annoying. & B.) It’s the same mistake as getting a partner’s name tattooed… You jinx the relationship.

    @Bonnie“Ridiculous women. If you decide to get pregnant with a man who isn’t interested then it’s on you. Stop being gold-digging whores.”

    When you sleep with someone, it’s the responsibility of BOTH parties to take precautions. If you do NOT want a child, you use BC pills *&* a condom, or have a vasectomy. He is an adult, & made the decision to have sex, so he accepted the risks that come with it. They’re equally responsible for creating that child.

    Simply saying “It was an accident, I never wanted kids” doesn’t exempt him from having to support the child he helped bring into the world.

    @Poppy“Why put all the blame on him, a women her age and especially in her industry would know men can’t be trusted with birth control, I’ts up to the woman to make double sure, unless getting pregnant and a nice gold ring was her aim.”

    Like I just said, they’re both adults. It’s downright ridiculous to make excuses like men are just incapable of being responsible. If they can’t put on a damn condom, they shouldn’t be having sex at all. You make it sound as though she raped the man, to intentionally get pregnant so she could get her claws into his bank account. Insane.

  70. Hakura says:

    Oops! The first paragraph was meant for another story, copied it & forgot. Sorry about that!

  71. fallen says:

    Who would sleep with him? lol

  72. REALIST says:

    Get out of town! Is that tacky or what! A billionaire is a billionaire-he can cough up some cash. Bonehead-he should have discretely settled it with Evangelista years ago, so at least the entire world wouldn’t know. I sure given her discretion up to this point that she would have complied.

    Re: Models: I prefer Christy Turlington from that era myself; however, Linda is quite lovely.

  73. Hakura says:

    @REALIST“Bonehead-he should have discretely settled it with Evangelista years ago, so at least the entire world wouldn’t know. I sure given her discretion up to this point that she would have complied.”

    I totally agree. From what’s been said, I really don’t think she *ever* intended to cause him problems (public & personal) with any of this. She’s been discreet & very private this long.

    I hadn’t thought about it before now, but maybe the reason he & Salma don’t want to acknowledge the boy as his son has something to do with inheritance? The more pieces you cut into a pie, the smaller the slice each person gets. Not that I think he has any obligation to leave him something in the will, but if he did start to acknowledge the boy, he may come to a point of wanting to include him. (Salma could be looking out for her own child’s inheritance, knowing there are already 2 older children in line.)

    Or it could have nothing to do with that, & this guy is a run-of-the-mill asshole who’s put Linda through so much crap over just wanting support for his child.

  74. Cami says:

    She looks just like Mila Jovovich

  75. Whatever! says:

    That old ugly man sure gets a lot of hot girls to knock up. He must pay them a boat load.

  76. lily says:

    I always laugh at how many call him “old”. He’s not that old, not even much older than Salma or even Linda. I give him that, he is not/was not dating women half his age.
    he’s around the age of Jim carrey, tom cruise, RAlph fiennes. He just doesn’t dye his hair or actually seems to do anything like an actor woukld do, many fair guys actually look older than they are, specially if they spent a lot in the sun when they were younger.
    I hope they are civilised for the sake of the children.

  77. N.D. says:

    @melikesit: There are many mistakes in this article including ones that could have been corrected just by checking wikipedia. (Why CB doesn’t ever bother to do that is another question.) Salma’s relationship timeline, year of birth for each kid and so on are all wrong.

    It’s not that she should raise him on her own but that she definitely could and thus could afford sparing her son from trial and learning to what length his dad would go to not be in his life.

    My point is – she definitely was a willing participant in the whole “he isn’t the dad” charade for a number of years. She is a supermodel, rich and famous on her own, she isn’t a poor immigrant houskeeper whom it’s easy to scare into submission.

    My guess she was a single mom because she’d rather be a single mom. Now she’s changed her mind I guess. Hard to believe that he’s late on paiments, I bet he doesn’t do it by himself and manually.

  78. Poppy says:

    Your getting a bit hysterical there Hakura , no one mentioned the word rape.

    You said if men “can’t put on a damn condom, they shouldn’t be having sex at all”. For all we know he could have insisted on using a condom and she poked holes in it.

    It’s always the guy who gets the blame when a woman gets pregnant, but like it or not it is the woman who has the ultimate say in getting pregnant or not, if he won’t use a condom then send him packing and to paraphrase your quote above “if you don’t want to get pregnant then don’t have sex” the door swings both ways and it takes two to tango.

    I’m of the opinion that she was quite happy about the pregnancy for whatever reason, perhaps it didn’t pan out the way she hoped and now she has decided she wants him to pay up.

    It does seem stupid for him to not just pay up and put it to rest, but you could be on to something about him not wanting to acknowledge the boy because of the inheritance situation and that is why it’s taking so long to thrash out in court.

    France has very peculiar inheritance laws , I believe there is a rule about children inheriting equally. In a nutshell children must inherit a specific proportion of a parents property called the “reserved portion” and it’s a pretty big chunk, if you have 3 children for instance then they must by law inherit 75% of the estate . The rest of the estate is known as the “disposable portion”, which can be disposed of in any way you like, to your spouse, charities, distant cousins, the local milkman, what ever. The Children’s right to inherit always takes precedence over the will.

    I’m not sure if it applies to children born out of wed lock though. Perhaps a French reader can enlighten us

  79. Cici says:

    Isn’t Linda Evangelista the model who years ago said she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 (that was a lot back then, and she was talking that and possibly more).

    I like her, she’s pretty…but the whole thing is weird. People shouldn’t be so quick to judge all the parties.

  80. bluhare says:

    @kibbles: Sorry, but first thing I thought when I saw the picture here was “he looks like an older Daniel Craig!”. He does.

    All this inheritance stuff makes me laugh. First off the guy’s a billionaire. Does splitting four ways rather than three make a huge difference in the first three children’s lifestyle with those kind of numbers? Don’t think it would.

    Second, it’s his money and he ought to be able to do with it what he wants. I’ve told my folks to spend it; it’s their money not mine. And it’s not like I couldn’t use some money! But it’s on my dime to supply it, not theirs.

  81. anonymoose says:

    See Stephen Bing/Elizabeth Hurley.

  82. Lauren says:

    Please stop insulting Daniel Craig! Why do all these goddesses hook up with a craggly ,gross billionaire…$$$$.

  83. mitch buchanan rocks says:

    I recall hearing a rumor a while back that Bryan Adams was the father of Linda Evangelista’s child.

  84. sadie says:

    @ poppy
    “I’m not sure if it applies to children born out of wed lock though. Perhaps a French reader can enlighten us.”

    Salma’s daughter was also born out of wed lock.

    I remember following this story a few years ago when it was all over the media. Shortly after Francois and Salma broke up, he was seen making out on the beach with Virginie Couperie. (Google their names)
    I think that made Salma lose her mind!
    She was then photographed quite often in Paris at different events. I’m sure her goal was to get her man back.

    They then quietly got hitched in a civil ceremony, later to have a more elaborate celebration. (ummm?)

    Ultimately, I think Salma went after what she wanted. Yes, He is wealthy and powerful but I think she really LOVES him.

  85. Jilly Bean says:

    Linda looks FANTASTIC for 46… i thought she was milla jovovich at first!

  86. kazoo says:

    god, i miss the supermodel era. linda was a bad bitch. ahhh. i’m gonna look at some of her campaigns for nostalgia’s sake.

  87. Pyewacket says:

    LOL@all of you calling him “an old man”. Since when is 49 old? I also have to laugh at those of you calling him ugly and wondering who would sleep with him. In real life, not everything is based upon looks and age. Maybe if some of you would grow up and understand that people fall in love for a variety of reasons and not solely aesthetics, it would be really refreshing.

    Not to mention that his billions are a reason that most women would sleep with him, but then again, there are some of us who look at the person before looking at their bank account and how attractive they are.

  88. N.D. says:

    True words, Pyewacket. It’s not like he’s particulary ugly. And at 49 he isn’t by any means too old for Salma who is 44 or for Linda who’s 46. I don’t think he’d really need his billion for them to find him attractive. Mere ten millions would have been enough :D

  89. S says:

    I usually read your website out of habit, i suppose, but recently you’ve become really lazy. like this one.
    i mean, please bother putting in some effort to dig out the details from the past! to quote you, “ugh!”

  90. Truthful says:

    he’s 49???

    damn then he IS ugly, he looks old as heck!!

    uh, I’d rather do w/out than sleep w/him, I’m perfectly FINE w/o the billions..even though I AM a major accessories whore.

    honestly, not trying to be mean but I know plenty of “seniors” that can run a ring around the face and body.

    maybe BROODING can cause one to look much older than they really are.He never looks happy.

  91. Truthful says:

    goggle a pic of this adorable lil boy–he and Salma’s kid look to be the same age..

    wow! still can’t beleive the guy is only 49, smdh. yuck!

  92. DebJ says:

    Is it my imagination but does Pinault have the same eye condition as Jesse James did in most photos of him and Sandra Bullock? Not one has him looking at the camera. Eyes are the windows of the soul, perhaps his are a bit smudged ? He looks like he can’t be trusted.

    Hayek doesn’t need the money, what’s the attraction? Who trusts a liar? Only women with no alternatives.

  93. Dana says:

    See Bridget Moynahan/Tom Brady. Same diff.

  94. Natalia says:

    I agree that these women are gold diggers – well maybe platinum diggers at this level. And it’s highly doubtful that these pregnancies just happened so easily – both women were over 40. Who are they kidding? they were aggressively trying to get knocked up by Mr. Moneybags. I don’t particularly care for either Linda or Hayek. I think they are both arrogant and self serving and enjoy making other women feel inadequate by claiming to be all natural and “low maintenance”. You have to hand it to the guy though for dating women that are age appropriate rather than chicks half his age.