Kristen Stewart is only boning Garrett Hedlund to make Sparkles jealous


I’ve been calling this for a little while now: something is going on between Kristen Stewart and her On the Road costar Garrett Hedlund. Granted, I don’t know if they’re hooking up right now, but I guarantee that one or both of them wants the hookup to happen, and that the hookup WILL happen at some point. Maybe they’re just “friends” who “respect” each other and it’s not about sex. But isn’t this how Kristen played it when she was technically dating Michael Angarano, yet “hanging out, friend-style” with Robert Pattinson? Sidenote: This is why I have never bought Kristen’s “I’m just so shy and awkward” excuse for her unprofessionalism – because no girl who is truly shy and awkward plays men the way K-Stew does. The way she plays the game – that takes a ballsy, self-assured woman. K-Stew’s awkward act is just a crutch, a public persona, an excuse to be disengaged and “different.” Anyway…

Star Magazine has an interesting story about K-Stew deciding to get “revenge” on Sparkles because he’s been flirting and partying while filming in Toronto. If he has, I haven’t heard about it. But this is all the excuse K-Stew needed to spend lots of time with Garrett Hedlund:

Two can play at that game: Kristen Stewart has spent weeks worrying because her beau, Robert Pattinson, has been partying like a single guy while he’s off shooting Cosmopolis in Toronto, as Star has revealed. So she’s been making a point of having a wild time too. On June 9, she and her On the Road costar Garrett Hedlund carried on until 3 a.m. with Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge at London’s trendy cabaret venue The Box.

Kristen was caught leaving The Roxy in Hollywood with Garrett, just days later.

“Kristen has been hanging out very publicly because she wants word to get back to Rob to make him jealous,” a source close to them tells Star. “It worked. He’s been calling a lot and asking why she’s with Garrett so much.”

Kristen and Rob even got into a big fight over her hunky new BFF, the source says.

“But she’s just happy to be sure again that Rob loves her.”

[From Star, print edition]

Who else thinks this is less about making Sparkles jealous and more about K-Stew either getting some on the side, or arranging her jumpoff, post-Sparkles? I do think Garrett and Kristen are a sexier couple, and I would love if Kristen and Sparkles broke up in the midst of this kind of scandal. But I would worry about poor Sparkles – he is “the one who loves too much” in this relationship, and he would be devastated.





Photos courtesy of WENN and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. inessa says:

    Why the f*ck would Garrett want to date her? For that matter, why the f*ck would anyone want to date her? One of the great mysteries of this world, I’m afraid.

  2. Kiki says:

    I’m sure Patterson would get over it quick enough. If the girl wants to move on to greener pastures (in her eyes) go right ahead.

  3. aquarius64 says:

    If this is true, R-Patz might say enough is enough and dump her ass for good. He is five years shy of 30 and she’s 21 going on 8. In truth, both act immature and ill-suited for each other. This shomance is taking its toll.

  4. mln76 says:

    The Twi-hards would rip her to shreds for breaking Pattison’s heart… this would be fun to watch.

  5. tapioca says:

    Kristen Stewart is only “boning” Garrett Hedlund so the Twilight fauxmance can come to an end and KS & R-Pattz can each go off on their merry little gays, I mean ways

  6. DarthMommy says:

    Ok, you all are going to kill me, but I like K-Stew. I have a daughter just like her. Very reclusive, but in a position that entails her to be in the spotlight. When she does smile it’s a milestone. I don’t know Kristin, but she reminds me a lot of my daughter.

  7. Jezi says:

    If she breaks my lil Robert’s heart I will pummel her…haha….that will be what all the little Twihards will say. But then again some may be happy thinking they will be next in line with Rob.

  8. Halo says:

    She is gay and rumours about Gerrat are around too. I don’t know any straight guy wanting her, she is too dirty, stoned and bitchy to attractive anyone.

  9. Audrey says:

    I don’t understand all the hate, but I have never seen an interview with her or watched any of those movies. I think she’s pretty and a breath of fresh air from a lot of the other young starlets these days. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – GAYDAR GAYDAR GAYDAR!

  10. almond says:

    She definitely looks a lot happier and at ease with this guy. But that could be because they’re friends. Eh, doesn’t really matter. But if she breaks up with Sparkles and gets with this dude, the twihards are going to have her heart on a skewer. I guess then she’ll really have something to bitch about. Those people are beyond insane.

  11. Vee says:

    And here comes the gay bashing again…..she’s gay, he’s gay, Garrett is gay. And said all in the context of a put down.

    What neanderthal attitudes!

  12. geekychic says:

    i wouldn’t wish that kind of hate on anyone, especially not someone so young; the twi-hards would rip her to shreds.
    if they break up, they break up. at least in my eyes.

  13. Audrey says:

    Vee – I certainly did not mean “Gaydar” to be a put down by ANY means. My apologies to anyone who took it that way. I just wish all people could be who they are and not have to hide their sexuality.

  14. claire says:

    pr for rob thats what this story is try to put kristen in the frame when its rob cheating and out all the time he told her not to go to toronto to him kristen has been out twice once glamour to give garrett a award because they did a movie so thats for press and once for cw film not one tweet or photo of her with garrett loads about taylor but they been friends for a long time rob out with cc all the time to many tweets no thing about kristen being out the la story was proven to be untrue robs the liar and cheater this is pr pr pr for him to late we no what hes been doing hes low to do what hes done and then let everyone rip into kristen he has sunk even lower

  15. truetalk says:

    she just can’t pose to save her life;so awkward.

  16. Saddie89 says:

    Thanks for your frank + candid assessment. RP is so transparent but KS holds her cards close. I agree she knows how to play men bigtime she’s far beyond her years. But I am concerned RP’s heart will be broken except he’ll have so many babes throwing themselves at him, he won’t lack for comfort. I think RP has been bullied by KS majorly and is getting tired of the whole thing. She’s definitely a player and he always has to be on point to make her happy EX. MTV awards was our first public signs of a fracture.It’s all so tiring now that they’ve made their $Millions.

  17. harfang says:

    Yes, I agree she can play men like a fricking keytar. I think she gets bored fast by them and this is part of why she prefers women at least somewhat over men. Not only have I been living that for 20 years, but so have all my female bi friends who have some choice of potential men. She’s only 21 years old, which is easy to forget because the media has been saturating us with her for like 3 years straight — it’s like her age in the public mind is closer to 29. My own Krisbianism aside, I like to see a young confident woman do what she wants. It’s not like she’s tying them down or giving them the erectile-permissive equivalent of roofies, you know?

  18. hairball says:

    Claire – throw in a few punctuation marks.. !

  19. kristi says:

    As much as I don’t want to believe this (I would much rather blame the fanatic fans and cheap press) I have worried since Kristen was filming OTR. Garrett has been sniffing around her like a male dog. Now I am sorry I could care less about him but the two of them look like a cookie cutter couple. Atleast with Rob they are hip and suit eachother. Rob seems to have been half in love with her before he met her. I would hate to see him hurt. I haven/t seen any proof that he is cheating. What I do see is a lonely young man not wanting to sit in a Hotel room and wants to be out with others. Like I said, I would love to see that once again it’s much ado about nothing. Kristen’s track record aside.

  20. Andi says:

    They both cat around on each other.

  21. emma says:

    Garrett is too unattractive and uninteresting to bone. He was the “star(LOL)” of Tron and the media can barely remember his name much less what he looks like. Downgrade much. The media would probably fall asleep writing that story if they couldn’t somehow include Pattz in the mix.

  22. Micki says:

    Oh, my the planet Earth will come to an end…
    The dear RPatz will stop boozing, smoking and won’t notice a single female fan eager to jump into his bed. No, he’ll be all moody and broody.
    And the adorable KStew will keep it for another 4-5 years “private” till the next jump off appears.

  23. jemshoes says:

    For all my growing exasperation with Kristen, I never really thought she was telling us she was shy and awkward – it was more like she was telling us, STAY AWAY FROM ME. :)

    Poor Rob – he does seem to be the more attached one in this relationship. Mr. Softie. Guys like Rob are attracted to strong women like Kristen, and fall harder when they do.

  24. NAYE IN va says:

    I dont think being a shy and private mean you cant play the game. in fact its pretty easy to fall into bed with someone youre working with 24/7 and your boo is away. IN FACT the MORE insecure she is the more likely it is that she will cheat. i do NOT thinks shes a matermind of anything. just self absorbed

  25. carol says:

    It is over between them. She no longer wears his ring, and he has told her not to come up and see him

  26. kikay says:

    As much as i love this two hook up together,as they do more look a like than Rob and Kristen,their f*ck me look eyes are the same ,their awkward shyness are thesame.But it’s different when Rob looks at her it’s like he wants to put her in his pocket so nobodyelse can take her,and he look at her like she’s the only girl in the world,it’s so sweet .

  27. libby says:

    If all of this is true, I feel so sorry for Rob.,such a nice guy described by everyone that has met him..You know the
    night of the mtv awards, when they (assumed) spent the night together, and then both left from LAX, him to Toronto and her to London, they took a picture of her with her bodyguard,she looked really upset, in all the pictures I have seen of her I have never seen her look like that, something happened maybe that morning at the airport, or the night before, I think Rob just got tired of all her shit and probably broke it off with her…they have not been together since, and this thing with Garrett is really bad, if she did that to him how could she, how could Garrett…..something bad is going on….wish I was a fly on the wall….

  28. Tina says:

    I would be so sad Rob! He seems to adore her so much!

  29. LOL says:

    The only people who genuinely believe these two together are desperate twihards. Kristen is so insanely gay that she breaks gaydars everywhere. Rob…well, either way he’s too nice to tell her to fuck off and hide her sexuality behind someone other than him.

    The girl is a bully. She needs to get over herself and get some acting lessons.

  30. lorna says:

    omg, so late to this, but talk about people offering their imaginative accounts as reality. LOL