Gwyneth Paltrow hates fat people, and will say bitchy things to their fat faces


“Why are you so fat? I don’t understand.” – Goop

I barely know who comedian Ross Mathews is. I think I know who he is, I should say. He talks with a high-pitched voice, right? And he once worked for The Tonight Show? Well, he’s on Chelsea Lately (a step down?) and he’s in the midst of getting himself into shape, which I admire. He’s now a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and he seems pretty happy. But back in November of last year, he had not yet started on his weight loss journey. Back then, he was just a slightly overweight comedian who happened to run into Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth’s mind must have been blown – I mean, here she was, standing in front of one of the fat peasants she had often imagined while toiling away at her aspirational Goop-letters. So Dame Gwyneth decided to speak up! According to Ross, Dame Goop pointed at his stomach and said, “What’s going on here? I love you. Get it together.” THUS SPOKETH THE GOOP. Don’t sugar-coat it or anything, Gwyneth. Just be a full-on bitch.

Last November, Gwyneth Paltrow gave Ross Mathews, the late night TV comic from Chelsea Lately – a little tough love.

“We were taping a Chelsea special,” Mathews, 31, tells PEOPLE, “and she pointed at my tummy and said, ‘What’s going on here? I love you. Get it together.”

That was all the motivation needed by Mathews – who was tipping the scales at around 220 lbs. After seeing his friend Sara Rue lose 50 lbs. on Jenny Craig, he signed up in January to be the diet company’s newest spokesperson.

“I was clueless about eating healthy before,” he says. “Now I’m making good choices.”

Even Paltrow has noticed the change. “I saw her when she was promoting her cookbook recently,” says Mathews. “She was so excited. She said, ‘You look good!’ ”

And she’s right: The comic has changed the way he eats, added exercise to his day and reached his goal weight of 180 lbs.

“The weight was such a shameful issue for me,” he admits. “I’m so happy to be rid of it.”

He’s also gone healthy. “I started walking rather than driving to get my coffee,” says the L.A. resident. “I liked it so much, I do it for 45 minutes every day … You know those annoying people who are like, ‘If I don’t work out I feel … ugh’? I might be becoming one of those people.

“And I’ve become a master chef,” adds Mathews. “I make a vegetable medley. I have actually started gardening. I have tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, green peppers, strawberries and blueberries.”

He’s even inspired someone else to get healthy. “My mom has joined Jenny Craig and is going to the gym now,” says Mathews. “She’s doing incredible. She’s half way to her goal.”

But the best perk of all? “When I look in the mirror,” he says, “I’m proud that I look healthy and happy.”

[From People]

Over the years, I’ve been various weights, and when I’ve had some extra poundage, I’ve had bitchy things said to me about my extra weight. The best way to respond is to attack, letting your full-on C-U-Next-Tuesday rage: “Yeah, I have been eating too much fried chicken lately. I‘m starting to look like the chick your boyfriend is boning behind your back. That must suck, to feel like you’re too skinny and flat-chested to keep a man interested.” If someone (Goop) had come up to me, pointed at my stomach and said “What’s going on here? I love you. Get it together,” I would have started crying, and then punched her in face. You just don’t say that crap to people, honestly. I’m a raging bitch, and even I think that’s wrong. I mean, sure, maybe it was the “wakeup call” Ross needed to get healthier (although in my opinion, he really wasn’t all that heavy to begin with), but Gwyneth didn’t say it to him because she wants him to have a better life. She said it to him because his weight offended her deeply, as all of our peasanty lifestyles offend her.

Of course, the real answer is to say something equally cruel to Gwyneth. My choice would be to point at her biscuits and say “What’s going on here? Nothing? No one wants to be around it, especially your husband? I hate you. Get it together.”



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  1. gee says:

    What a see you next tuesday.

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    kaiser, I love your retorts.

    you need to write my everyday dialogue with people.

  3. Sigh. says:

    Wasn’t he on one of the “Celebrity Fit Clubs?”

    EDIT: Yup.

  4. stella says:

    Sometimes tough love is the only thing that wakes people up. Look at the before and after pics of Ross…he looks great and his life is changed forever in a positive way. I hope he sent Gwyn some flowers or a nice box of dark chocolates.

  5. mln76 says:

    Bitchy beyond belief…especially since that comic is a sweet guy by all appearances.

  6. KimnotKardashian says:

    “Yeah, I have been eating too much fried chicken lately. I‘m starting to look like the chick your boyfriend is boning behind your back. That must suck, to feel like you’re too skinny and flat-chested to keep a man interested.”

    Wow. That is… like, bitch poetry. I salute you for this.

  7. Chloe says:

    Oh. My. God. Kaiser – This is easily one of your funniest posts.

    “What’s going on here? Nothing? No one wants to be around it, especially your husband? I hate you. Get it together”

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL!!! That was a hilarious read. I am pretty sure if a stick figure like Gwyn Paltrow had said that to me I would have had my ass at Jenny Craig too. I don’t really see Paltrow as a bad person just bitchy and I believe she was coming from a good place not a “fat people offend me” place because its not like she sees Ross all the time and I think they have had some sort of friendship since The Tonight Show because I vaguely remember Ross would always be interviewing her, Jay would send him to talk to her. This was when I really into late night TV wanted to seem cool in HS.

  9. Rhiley says:

    Supposedly, Ross is one of Gwennie poo’s most dear wonderful very close friends. She was on a Chelsea Handler special talking about how Ross was one of her most dear wonderful very close friends and has been for years. But of course, I am sure he is one of her C list most dear wonderful very close friends and so she can treat him like goopy poo.

  10. ViktoryGin says:


    Operation “Own a Bitch”

  11. Solveig says:

    Sounds like a magic spell, suddenly his life changed for the better after Goopy talked to him waving her fairy golden hair.
    Well, anyway, it seems that he’s got just good things from Gwyneth “advice”, good for him.

  12. Mairead says:

    5 minutes. That’s all I ask. 5 minutes and I’ll have her rude ass blubbering in a corner.

    Fat people know they’re fat. They certainly don’t need or want some smug macrobiotic beanpole (or faceless commenters in celebrity blogs, by the way) pointing it out and pretending it’s out of some concern for our health. You can’t catch “passive lard”, so bugger off and only speak about it when you’re spoken to.

    • DrM says:

      Pokes Gwyennie’s yellow dress “God what a horrid colour – it must suck to be dressed like my pee on Vitamin C tablets…and you know this diet you are on? Its making you look really gaunt in the face…I love you…get it together, eat a burger!”

  13. Cleo says:

    Wow, she’d make a great Shanghainese or a Hong Kong matriarch (they NEVER age). With ONLY good intentions, these Chinese women will say these things to you if you have even a HINT of fattiness on your upper arms. What they mean, is that they’ve clocked you as potential winner and they want to make sure you don’t live your life in obscurity because you didn’t show yourself in your best light.

  14. Kezia says:

    OUCH! Leave us Flat chesties alone Kaiser! Have enough vfear of how it turns off people..

  15. Jennifer says:

    I am totally ROFL! Amen, Kaiser!

  16. Boo says:

    Now, she played the main character in that Jack Black movie, where she was like 400 pounds but so wonderfully sweet inside that Jack Black could only see her inner beauty, not her fat. What the heck was it called? Anyway, I guess that lesson was lost on Gwyn, who is living the opposite message: she is a person whose physical beauty is far obscured by her nasty, petty, superficial, judgmental, ugly self.

    • boo says:

      The movie is Shallow Hal or something like that, yeah, she’s like 400 lbs. and he only sees her as this thin beautiful woman because she is so sweet and nice. You are right she is the total opposite, she’s pretty on the outside (or so she thinks) and ugly on the inside.

  17. Louise says:

    This is the first time I have ever commented on this site but have been a long time reader as this is what gets me through work everyday! Thank you for that! I just had to tell you that your choice answer back to Goop just made me burst out laughing at my desk(and I’m a front of house receptionist) : “…No one wants to be around it, especially your husband? I hate you…..” Classic!!

  18. uknowuloveme says:

    goop might be thin but she’s got an obese ego…her vagde probably has veins showing..yuck!

  19. bluhare says:

    Hey, if they know each other and she said that to him, and he’s OK with it, so what?

  20. mymy says:

    Well she sure is a rude lady. But hating fat people is cool today.It is the only group of people the PC police leave to the wolves.After seeing how her mother treated her in Who Do You Think You Are? I don’t find this hard to believe.
    Mama could not stop gushing over her own daughter.

  21. jenni says:

    I hated “Shallow Hal” and it made me think GP must have never known any fat people, or she’d be too ashamed to have been in it. That was when I started disliking her, but people dog on her so much I have occasionally defended her if it seems crazy, even though Im not a fan. But later for that now. WTH RUDE woman! She did NOT know him like that. Everything anyone on here ever says about her being entitled and snobby …now, I get it. And that is great for him he turned it into a positive, but I wonder how many virtual strangers she has casually demeaned in such a way and it only hurt them? I especially hate the “I love you” part. The entire way she phrased it screams mean girl. She sounds like a total pro. That type meanness is way worse than straightforward meanness.

  22. Rhiley says:

    I have a Ross Matthews story that I like to call Why I Think George Clooney is an Asshole. Years and years ago I was watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. At the time Ross was a complete unknown intern at the Tonight Show office. He was big, he was effeminate, and he seemed really sweet and funny. Oh, and he loved George Clooney. George came on in a tux because he was on his way to an event to which Leno was supposed to appear as one of George’s guests. On the air, Leno called Ross onstage to meet George, and said that he would not be able to attend the event, and he was sending Ross in his place. Ross went histerical and George had this look like, “Hell no he isn’t coming.” Of course, Jay was kind of wrong to spring this on George but the next thing that happens is that George’s segment is up and he starts to walk off stage with Ross. As they are walking, George thinks the camera is off of him and is on Jay. He turns towards Jay, as Ross is opening the curtain to go backstage, and he starts waving his arms and shaking his head and mouthing to Jay, “No way!” He then realized the camera was still on him so he fakily waved to the camera. Anyway, as I said Jay shouldn’t have sprung it on George but George shouldn’t have shot Ross down on national television. And this is why I think George Clooney is an asshole.

  23. Kara Ann says:

    This makes me want to punch her in her smug face.
    Wake-up call my a**, no one is more aware of excess weight than the person carrying it. If anyone things she did this for him, think again. He offended her sensibilities. As far as she’s concerned his weight was akin to coming to her house for dinner and farting and burping at the table while extolling the virtues of Wal-Mart. Sanctimonious b**** was letting him know that he had broken her top commandment! Oh yeah, you can be a zealot about anything and for Gwennie failing to be paper thin or worse being overweight and happy requires verbal-stoning as punishment.

  24. brin says:

    Best.Post.Ever. LMAO!!!!!!

  25. The Truth Fairy says:

    She should be Sainted!

  26. Flounder says:

    If he wasn’t offended by her comment, then I don’t see why anyone else should be. It was meant for him, a friend, not a random person she just bumped into.

  27. Emily says:

    Michael K’s retorted on Dlisted was priceless: tap her on the lips and say “What’s going on here? I hate you. Seal these together.” Perfection. He’s so funny.

  28. original kate says:

    good for goop! i know – i can’t believe i’m saying it either. but sometimes people need to hear the truth; sometimes they don’t KNOW they have a problem until they are poked by anorexic starlets obsessed with their own bowel movements. hey, don’t be hatin’ – the famous can cure mere mortals with their magical poking fingers.

    reminds me of the time goop went to a trailer park and poked the people who lived there. “what’s going on here?” goop demanded. “you’re poor – get it together!” with those inspirational words hanging in the dusty air she got on her unicorn and flew away. and the trailer park poors went to doctor school and got great jobs. they now live in a gated community and send their former street urchin children to private school. all thanks to goop and her magic finger.

    true story.

  29. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Fat people know they’re fat.”

    Mairead, while I agree with most of your post, I have to disagree with the above as a blanket statement. MOST fat people know they’re fat.

    I have seen plenty of overweight people who wear clothes that are WAY too small for them. it’s as if the clothes are from an earlier time in their lives, and they’re in denial that they can’t still fit into them.

    which is why I have pants of three different sizes in my closet.

  30. gloaming says:

    WTF right has a brittle boned anaemic wet blanket like her have to point her scrawny finger at someone else?

    What an insensitive bitch.

  31. kieslowski says:

    “What’s going on here? Nothing? No one wants to be around it, especially your husband? I hate you. Get it together”

    This was just amazing. I bow down in front of your greatness!

  32. baby says:

    LOL kaiser I <3 you!

  33. lucy2 says:

    I kind of love Ross. But despite his upbeat attitude towards it now, you know that had to HURT and embarrass him. And one should never so dismissively and intentionally hurt someone they call a friend. How very low class of Miss Snooty Snoot.

  34. original kate says:

    sorry – double post.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    Bitch needs a fat foot shoved up her azz.

    (But damn, I LOVE that yellow dress! I WANT ONE!!)

  36. S_____ says:

    that’s so funny, cause my husband cheated on me with a fat bitch. hilarious. must have been my flat chest.

    maybe I should get implants?

  37. brenda says:

    I don’t understand why it’s ok for people to look at you and say “oh my gosh, you’re so skinny, you need to eat something” but it’s not ok to tell someone to get moving and lose a few pounds. At times when I’ve lost a few pounds, people have no problem telling me that I look “gross” because my bones are sticking out. Everyone here is always bashing Gwyneth and others for being too skinny, but you get all upset because she told someone to lose some weight? A bit hypocritical, isnt’ it?

    I’m not a Gwyneth fan, but I think she was trying to help him (and did).

  38. tooey says:

    It’s ok. Fat people hate goopy too.

  39. Julie says:

    Kaiser forever! Even if Ross is her friend she has no right to say that. Part of the joy of life is the freedom of choice; of how we want to define ourselves. People should not feel compelled to please others or made to feel inferior.

  40. ol cranky says:

    I’m really confused because, as noted above, he was on celebrity fit club and lost a lot of weight. they did teach him about living a more healthy lifestyle, adjusting his diet and exercising on that show so him claiming that now that he’s found Jenny Craig, he’s finally learned that stuff is disingenuous. I know the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and how a combination of really crappy life events can easily derail someone who’d committed to being healthy and lead them to pack on a ton that’s even harder to lose, so if he just stated coasting after losing that weight on fit club and gained back a lot of weight, that’s the story he should be telling (not a story that he just discovered healthy living)

  41. bunny says:

    Please no more stories about goopy……it seems like every five minutes there is a story about her you would think this girl cured cancer.

    She’s a mediocre actress, singer, and blogger. She is one of those people who thinks she is more interesting than she actually is.

  42. June says:

    “My choice would be to point at her biscuits and say “What’s going on here? Nothing? No one wants to be around it, especially your husband? I hate you. Get it together.””


  43. Wilz says:

    Wow, all the hatred for Gwyneth!

    I, myself, would appreciate it if a friend pointed out that I had gained weight. I value brutal honesty in my friendships, and sure it will sting at the time, but I’ll get over it. And obviously, Ross used her words of concern for the better.

    And another thing that’s really bothering me about this and other gossip sites is the amount of women bashing. Russell Crowe made an inflammatory comment the other day and he was defended by most of the commenters as just “having a joke with his mate.” Fine, but then when a woman says even something that can be remotely misconstrued, people trip all over themselves to write hateful comments.

    If you don’t believe me, look back at the past several pages and count how many articles are about what “She” said as opposed to what “He” said. It’s really quite disturbing.

  44. Anne de Vries says:

    I would have answered, in a completely shocked tone..

    “Oh my God. That was so RUDE – you must be so embarrassed!”

    • SharonD says:

      What a fantastic reply to any rude comment…it makes the point very well. Seriously, I am going to commit this to memory and the next time someone says something stupid or rude, I am going to use it. Thank you.

  45. 95percent says:

    95% of people who lose weight regain what they lost and more. So if the answer is Jenny, Weight Watchers or whatever else diet, how come their is a 95% failure rate?

  46. Ari says:

    @praise st angie!

    “which is why I have pants of three different sizes in my closet. ”

    I cackled so hard at this because true true for me too

  47. Lenore says:

    I want this whole post on a t-shirt. Pure poetry. :)

  48. fannomore says:

    Yes, she is sooooooo thin except for the fact that she is a fathead!

  49. Mia135 says:

    She is so rude.

  50. toto says:

    when u start to lose it honest direct words is needed .. i think she really cared about him ..i think its good thing what she did .. maybe they had the kind of friendship that allows such direction

  51. Iloverabbits says:

    I think it’s fine to say what she said.

  52. littlemissnaughty says:

    @ Wilz: Men are being called douchebags and such all over blogs like this one. I think sometimes women are just more cruel to other women, yes. But sometimes it’s simply a matter of “You bitch. We’re women, we should stick together so this move was extra f**ked up.” That’s my reason most of the time. I’m a bit harder on women when they stab other women in the back because I do think we should stick together instead.

    @ brenda: It’s not okay. When someone (I have girlfriends like that) is naturally skinny and loses weight as soon as they miss a meal, commenting on that is not cool. The thing is, as a society we accept being too skinny a lot more than we accept being a bit chubby. Most people tell you you’re too skinny and they secretly envy you a little (I can hear the “That is NOT true” screams already). When you’re skinny, the worst people say is you don’t look good (bad enough, I admit). But when you’re fat, you’re also lazy, undisciplined and have no control over your fat ass. There IS a difference in terms of social acceptance.

    And Gwyneth didn’t do it out of love. She wouldn’t have pointed at his belly and just blurted that stuff out. She would’ve acted like a human being instead of a judgy bitch.

  53. Cheyenne says:

    brenda: I don’t understand why it’s ok for people to look at you and say “oh my gosh, you’re so skinny, you need to eat something”

    It is bloody well NOT okay. When I was a teenager I was 5’6″ and weighed 107 lbs and was sick and tired of people asking me when was I a POW and other dumbass remarks like that.

  54. annie says:

    @Brenda, you got that right, or “you’re wasting away” and then a 300lb person walks by and no one says a word to them.

  55. Ari says:

    Every time I see a pic of this woman I wanna bust her in the face

  56. S_____ says:

    The fact is, in my experience, that skinny women are not as attractive to men, as much as the media likes to hype up thinness.
    A lot of us super skinnies probably didn’t have a boyfriend in high school, never got to use cleavage to attract a man, and maybe, just maybe some of us had our husbands stray with more curvaceous women.
    In light of that, something like “Yeah, I have been eating too much fried chicken lately. I‘m starting to look like the chick your boyfriend is boning behind your back. That must suck, to feel like you’re too skinny and flat-chested to keep a man interested.” is a really low blow to the supposed sisterhood.
    Can’t we direct the Gwyneth hatred at Gwyneth and leave the rest of us out of it?

  57. lola says:

    “Yeah, I have been eating too much fried chicken lately. I‘m starting to look like the chick your boyfriend is boning behind your back. That must suck, to feel like you’re too skinny and flat-chested to keep a man interested.”


  58. Wilz says:

    @littlemissnaughty: if you’re bitchy to the woman who is bitchy, then it’s just a vicious cycle, isn’t it? I agree that we should stick together, but pointing out and dissecting every single thing that is said by a female in the public eye is not what we females need to do.

  59. orion70 says:

    Some people react to brute honesty with action, some react by feeling horrible about themselves and possibly going further down the path they are on. She is fortunate that her little discussion didn’t backfire.

  60. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Goopy’s personality would benefit if she smoked some weed with Justin Timberlake.

  61. RHONYC says:

    Ross Mathews is a darling. so lovely, funny & sweet NO MATTER HIS WEIGHT.

    good for him for getting healthier. studies show that all one really has to do is start cooking rather than eating out, eat more fresh veggies, less preserved foods, use fresh herbs instead of excess salt & fruit plus walking each day like he did to shrink fat cells.

    to cut someone down like that is kindof ignorant. her highhorse is long overdue to get knocked off.

    one thing is certain…no matter how much dieting/dissing/downing Goopy Gwynbitch does, she will never ‘gain’ a great personality like Ross has.


  62. Heather says:

    @Brenda – Thank you!

    I feel like so many women just love hating on other women…even just the smallest thing to point out about another woman, I see it so often on this site.

  63. FakeJohnLocke says:

    The truth hurts. Fat people have themselves to blame in the vast majority of cases. And I can say that because my weight is like a yoyo and I’m just being honest about 1) where the responsibility/blame lies, 2) that I would dearly love to keep the weight off. If being honest, most overweight people would admit those 2 things. So hate away, but this is largely a case of shooting the messenger.

  64. Carrie B. says:

    Wait, I’m confused. Isn’t that red-headed, rat-pony chef Mario Batali one of her best friends? He’s no fitness fanatic. Does anyone think she says anything like that to him?

  65. Bobbie says:

    OMG! I’m totally cut off from the world right now but I still manage to read this website. This post is exactly why. I love it! I love it! I love it! There just aren’t words for how much I love this post.

  66. Holly:) says:

    Maybe Gwyneth saying that to him encouraged him to lose more weight, if you got that said to you then the majority of the time you would either start improving your diet and lifestyle or would just let it pass over your head as you might feel happy the way you are. People complain when they don’t get told the truth, so maybe in this case it was acceptable for Gwyneth to say what she said, you can’t really complain if that is the way Gwyneth does things. Also, if Ross knew that he was ‘fat’ then he should blame himself and not wait for a wake up call. :)

  67. AL says:

    You just have to retort : “Gwyneth, Meryl Streep is still working and critically acclaimed, what’s your excuse? Get it together”.

  68. Lynnie says:

    Could that b*tch look any more smug than in the bottom “yellow dress” photo?

  69. Kimberly says:

    I can’t pretend to be surprised by such a comment from a total drunk like Paltrow. I just can’t. She’s old and bitter. She can hide behind her long, over processed, stringy, too thin hair all she wants.

    She doesn’t have her looks and is saggy everywhere, so for her to say anything about anyone is funny to me. Just because she’s skinny doesn’t mean I don’t see those V-viens on her legs or that loose skin on her face. I know she drinks too much you can see it in her face and her pores. She can spend millions to appear healthy, but she’s not. She’s a drunk.

    I hope she doesn’t read this post because I’d hate to be the cause of more frown lines on her face, she has so many as it is.

    What is she? 43 not sarcasm. I don’t know, but she looks to be in her early 40′s.

  70. Thea says:

    I think if we are overweight, we know it and do not need a pretentious, bleached blonde with a horrific ego to tell us. She needs to worry about why her husband hates her (as do most people I know). It isnt jealousy, it is because she is obnoxious as h***, and why should she be? I mean really. Look at her life. Married to a man who cant stand her. Probably the kids cant either. She needs to be kidnapped by a weight watchers meeting and pour 100 percent pure chocolate down her throat and toss in alot of sodium so she bloats. I would rather hang with the chunkies myself, at least they are fun.

  71. Thea says:

    OMG I just had a vision. She needs to be trapped in coach between two “large” indivduals, and they taunt her and torture her with muffin top, and fat rolls, and then when she almost faints because her eyes, saintly as they are, cannot take the vision anymore, then they need to play body slam with her. I will even pay to watch that on Pay Per View. ROFLMAO…..

  72. littlemissnaughty says:

    @ Wilz: I do think there is a big difference between being a total bitch for no reason and reacting to a woman who stabs other women in the back. I see it all over the place lately, these women who think it’s okay to screw a married or otherwise taken guy. And then they’re all surprised when I (yes, talking about recent personal experiences here) judge them just as much as or maybe even more than the guy. What? But I’m not married, he is! Well, honeybee, if his wife was my sister, you’d be running for you life right now.
    I do react strongly to women who pull these kinds of things because really, don’t we have enough to deal with when it comes to men? Do I have to expect this from other women too?
    It’s just my personal opinion but I was really just reacting to your more general comment about women bashing. I get what you’re saying but personally, I won’t take it lying down if someone is catty and bitchy. They might run into someone who will take it really badly and that’s just not cool.

    As for the pointing out and dissecting … this woman is fair game. Sorry, but she puts it ALL out there. Especially her somewhat judgmental opinions. If she would just do her job as an actress and mind her own business, I for one wouldn’t say anything.

  73. hay says:

    Oh come on… I am sure she must know the guy – otherwise she never would have said that to him. Give Goop a break!

  74. Falliblehuman says:

    “Yeah, I have been eating too much fried chicken lately. I‘m starting to look like the chick your boyfriend is boning behind your back. That must suck, to feel like you’re too skinny and flat-chested to keep a man interested.”

    LOVE IT!

  75. Blue says:

    Lmao I loved this post. Too funny. Btw I love Ross he is so cute. But I’m sure even though they’re “friends” that must of hurt.

  76. mew says:

    B**chy but it obviously worked. He even admits it improved his health, he’s not too heavy anymore and he’s making _healthier choises_ which I think is extremely good for any person.

    Very often people need a b**ch slap of reality to their face, some cold water to wake up and realize the facts and do something about it.

    Totally not fan of Goop tho. Personally I would’ve b**ch slapped her right back. :D

  77. kasper says:

    I think Goopy had heard of good natured ribbing between friends (may have seen it on “Friends”) and was trying it out on Ross. Only Goopy has no friends. And it wasn’t good natured. What can I say? The chick is more socially awkward than an asperger on amphetamines.

  78. blc says:

    i love this site but i think this particular post is pretty ridiculous. nowhere in reality did anything happen that would indicate that gwyneth hates fat people. Do you think she hates her friend Ross? I don’t see anything wrong with a friend telling a friend that they have let themselves go and should get in shape. It would be different if she went up to random strangers and told them they were fat, but she didn’t. I for one would tell a friend if they were getting too heavy and I would appreciate if a friend told me the same. You may have other legitimate reasons for not liking gwyneth, but I don’t see how this story is one of them.

  79. Kitty_Cal says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow… I feel like throttling you every time I hear about you but… I loved The Royal Tenenbaums and Shakespeare in Love. Why do you have to be such a vain, stuck up, and just plain rude ass bitch?

  80. LadyJane says:

    Pure Kaiser gold. God bless you. Definitely one of the best posts ever.

  81. OtherChris says:

    Hahaha. She looks so old and mean in that bottom picture.

  82. Reality says:

    I would totally tell a friend if they porked up! I would be a bit more delicate, sure, but I’m a straight forward person- it’s not like she walked up to a stranger on the street and snatched a cookie out of their hand. At least she said it to his face, and it seems to have had a positive impact.

  83. Lucy says:

    OKAY! I’ve had enough! It could be a lack of sleep due to studying and working but I’ve had enough. I LOVE this website, and I start every morning with a bit of gossip.

    I also can not stand this woman for the life of me.

    BUT (here comes my rant)

    As women, we need to stop making superficial, snarky f*cking comments about each others body shapes. I don’t think Paltrow is healthy (from what I’ve heard about her diet/exercise regime) but this comes from my bias as a weight lifter.

    I am 5’2 and 100-105 pounds with very little in the way of hips and just a handful of boob. I am naturally petite. The women in my family, are all naturally petite. I am not anorexic/bulemic, I also do not have a drug problem. I’m not chronically ill, I do not suffer from anemia or whatever the hell else that makes me “too thin”. On a review from a customer at work, she gave a description of me and including “thin, almost too thin”. I HAVE RED HAIR AND WHITE GLASSES! I am not hard to miss from those two characteristics alone.

    Also, I get my fair share of men who prefer the fact that I’m athletic and fit.

    So shove it. I wish women would stop bashing each other for their NATURAL body shape.

    End of rant. Sorry, I just get fed up over this junk.

  84. S_____ says:

    meh. meanness is the easiest form of humor.

  85. Moops says:

    @Reality – WHY would you “totally tell a friend if they porked up”? I just don’t get it… Do you think they don’t know, that you would be informing them somehow? Believe me, they know.

    Or do you really mean to say, “I would totally tell my friend who had porked up that she needed to lose weight.” Because they don’t need to hear it from someone who is supposed to be accepting of them, no matter what.

    I really hate it when people crow about being “straight-forward” or “honest” when they are really just mean.

  86. Holly:) says:

    Everyone is just taking it out of context and does this situation even matter now, he has lost the weight and Gwyneth said what she said, its in the past now forgive and forget. Jeez. This is coming from a fifteen year old, stop making your hatred for someone such a big matter of ‘concern.’ :-)

  87. mimi says:

    I love this”

    “Yeah, I have been eating too much fried chicken lately. I‘m starting to look like the chick your boyfriend is boning behind your back. That must suck, to feel like you’re too skinny and flat-chested to keep a man interested.”

    Ima fatty and I want to kick her ass!!!

  88. Reality says:

    @ Moop, actually it’s quite possible that they don’t know. Just like Kirsty Ally thinks she’s a size 6, many women see their bodies completely differently that everyone else.

    Here’s a useful article on a study conducted about this form of reverse body dysmorphic syndrome-

    A friend of mine told me last year that I had gained a few pounds, (which I knew about but thought I could get away with) and it was just the kick up the ass I needed to get my bum to the gym.

    I don’t know why people get so defensive about weight gain. If you have ever criticized someone on any superficial level, (too fat, too skinny, too pale, too hairy) then I’m afraid you’re just being a hypocrite.

  89. MarenGermany says:

    point at her biscuits and say “What’s going on here? Nothing? No one wants to be around it, especially your husband? I hate you. Get it together.”


  90. TeeTee says:

    awww, I remember him!

    Well Kaiser, you said it all for me.
    I came in here ready to spit fire at Ms. Lifeless but you put it in the bag.

    well said

  91. fizXgirl314 says:

    OMG BEAUTIFUL POST!!! love it… back when I was a little chunky in my early 20′s one of my friends thought it was her duty to point it out to me… guess what, I don’t talk to the bitch anymore…. I just can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate that… also, I hate how this guy makes it sound like it was such a wonderful thing for him…

  92. Elizabeth says:

    There was a time when my little beagle was overweight. A stranger who was easily 50 lbs overweight said to me as I walked past “your dog is fat!”. I had been raised better than she had and said nothing in reply (i.e. “my dog is proportionally less fat than you”). Its not easy to discuss someone else’s weight gain in a constructive way. And yes, fat people know they are fat – you are not enlightening them! If it was easy to lose weight, everyone would do it and no one would struggle with it.

  93. bub says:

    It’s a lot easier to loose weight than it its to magically grow or buy a pair of boobs when you have none.

  94. Danny says:


    She is a REAL treasure to mankind. Not only does she have the right view about homosexuality and bigotry but she also is concerned about fat people.

    Oh that I could learn from her to be a better person.

  95. Bobbie says:

    @Lucy. Wow, you certainly think a lot of yourself for being thin. Great! You’re thin and your “rant” is just really bragging. I know, I know. You’re going to call me fat. HA! I’m not going to tell you my body weight. But if you wanted to defend your bragging by calling me fat, then guess what it shows about the quality of your character?

  96. HotLatino says:

    He’s gay if he hadn’t lose weight he would be invisible for gay men. Gay men are so superficial, I thank God everyday that I was born hot and naturally thin hahaha gays are shallow, hate fat people and are ageist. So Gwyneth actually made him a favor.

  97. liz says:

    Gwyneth would do better to worry about her nonexistent career. Just so you know Gwyneth people who are fat know they are fat to bad people who are mean spirited don’t recognize themselves.

  98. Violet says:

    Clearly, Goopy has a lot in common with her grandmother.

  99. Lucy says:

    Bobbie, I do not care what size you are. I did not intend to come across as bragging. I’m just trying to point out, women of all sizes and shapes are criticized. Be skinny, be fat, have boobs, don’t have boobs – someone is going to have something to say about it.

    That saddens me.

    Sidenote: Am I not allowed to be offended that I’m not considered a “real” woman because I don’t have curves? I applaud women like Christina Hendricks, she’s gorgeous. I didn’t know she was more of a woman than me though.

  100. Marianne says:

    I don’t mean to sound like I’m defending the goopster….but if she was really good friends with him, I don’t see that exchange so badly. Friends will give each other tough love. So will family. However, if she doesn’t know him THAT WELL….then yeah…kind of bitchy.

  101. Bobbie says:

    I am not missing the point. Being overweight is uniquely stigmatized in our society in a way that being considered “too thin” or “not curvy” just is not. Again, without revealing my own size, I can tell you that even if you think you have a real point, you do not compared to the many, many women who struggle with their weight. Think of it like this- someone whose kid has the flue, even if it isn’t pleasant, probably better not complain to someone whose child is severely disabled about the difficulty of having a not healthy kid. Yes, its hyperbole, but seriously, literally no one wants to hear about the difficulty of being too thin. Trying to make the point only sounds like bragging no matter even if (big IF) you don’t intend it that way.

  102. kasper says:

    I believe Goopy has found herself yet another new career: motivational speaker to the stars. “Ross Mathews, you’re too fat. Lose weight.” “Charlie Sheen, you’re too crazy. Stop with the drugs.” “Angelina, you’re too thin… just kidding you can never be too thin or too rich as my dearest mother, Emmy Award Winning Actress and world renowned environmentalist Blythe Danner always told me.”

  103. futureperfect says:

    “I barely know who he is … high pitched voice… friend of Gwyneth…”

    Nah, no judgment there at all. Might as well poke him in the belly and say, “IS there a celeb in there Dame Goop deigns to speak to?”

  104. Liana says:

    NO ONE should be judged based on their body. NO ONE. People come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It would indeed be a boring world if we all looked the same.

  105. Lia says:

    Paltrow has one of the most obese egos in all of Hollywood, if not the whole world. She’s just a fathead who believes her own hype. Such a pitiful creature……

  106. wtf? says:

    i hope some chubby just goes and sits on her and shuts her up permanently………what a heartless twit.

  107. Crash2GO2 says:

    So Bobby, am I reading this right? If you don’t have fatal cancer don’t expect any sympathy even if you’re hurting? Because – you know – you’ll live?

    Pretty effed up logic you got going on there.

    I’ve had comments on my weight going both ways through the years, and I can tell you that whether someone is telling you that you are porking out, or that you look anorexic, it is still hurtful in EXACTLY the same way. In fact, to be accused of anorexia is to be accused of having a mental illness, so it’s even worse.

  108. Micki says:

    1. Not a GOOPY fan

    2.I have to say she has a point.

    Like it or not there is a certain border of being overwight when loosing weight is still feasible. After it everything turnts into nightmare.
    I have a “very dear” friend, who is severely obese. She’s in her early 40′, has to take daily 5-7 pills and is TRYING LIKE HELL to lose weight. Apart from the physical pain her joints give her the frustration that ammounts after months of trying is killing her.
    I am sure that if she’d started when only overweight her aim would be easier to acheve AND maintain.

    3.Being obese and too skinny is equally unhealthy.But why noone talks about NORMAL weight? Is it a kind of crime to have it/wish it for?

    4.Personally I’m often “rude” to my friends.They know me by now and take literally what I say and not as a mean offence.If I’m overly polite, prim and proper with someone then for sure I can’t stand him/her(or that’s my boss). Just a personal flow, which GOOPY has apparently too.

  109. RocketMerry says:

    That’s a very insensitive and dumb thing to say, even for a straigh-tfoward person.
    People have developed eating disorders for much less!
    Good for him for being healthy and for losing those extra pounds, but really, Gwin should just learn to love people FOR REAL, not for their weight.

  110. Traxie says:

    Well, that’s first – for once Gwyneth is being namedropped, instead of namedropping. I can’t think of any other celebrity (C list or otherwise) who bothers working her into their interviews. We should be relieved that by trying to show he has A list friends, Ross outed her inner bitch – it validates the collective contempt for her.

    As for her actual comment about his weight, it’s pretty risible given how badly anorexia suits her. Check out the photo of her in yellow … she’s heading into Maria “Skeletor” Shriver territory there.

  111. Shay says:

    What I would do to Gwyneth:

    I would knock on her forehead and say: “What’s going on here? Hello? Anyone home? Nothing going on here…”

    She is such a ditz, she makes Paris Hilton look intelligent.

    @ Micki, sure it’s not healthy to be overweight, but do you seriously think that fat people don’t have mirrors or they don’t have a perception of their weight when they occupy more than a seat on a bus? Of course they do. But the way the Goopy head makes out, that it’s all so simple.
    It’s not, but who the hell is she to be a cow about it?

    Sorry, but this fat discrimination and verbal attacks under the guise of ‘advice’, is just prejudice that is disguised as altruism.

  112. Micki says:

    Shay (114) I never said obese don’t have mirrors! If you take the trouble to follow my posts you’ll see I very rarely comment on body issues, body shape ets.
    Few years ago there was a TV programm about an obese girl that managed to lose about 100kg.Now her skin is hanging all over and her medical insurance refused to pay a “beauty operation” to correct it.While I get her anger part of me was thinking “did she need help when she fed herself to near death?”
    Sorry if this is discrimination for you but I (as only slightly overweight) feel discriminated myself when:

    1.I have to pay the same price for flight ticket and overprice for my luggage and another one carries about 4 times more flesh+bags and insisnt to spread himself over my seat just because he feels discriminated.Why not buy a double ticket if he’s aware how much space he occupies?

    2.Have to pay the same price for cataloue clothes even when they are several sizes smaller

    3.Have to continuously pay more for my medical insurance because maintaining the whole system would collapse otherwise.

    I’m not bashing people like Ross Mathews.My only point was one should not have to wait till he/she is so obese there’s no turning back.

  113. Micki says:

    Oh, yes I don’t think I have an altruistic streak.
    And for the prejudice:don’t think so, sorry, I have skinny, notmal, fat and obese friends and their BMI is surely not the criteria for me being friend with them

  114. Wilz says:

    @ littlemissnaughty: I understand your point about reacting to women who do terrible things, but in this case, I don’t think she did anything bad at all. She talked to her friend in confidence, expressing her concern for his weight (in her own way). She didn’t sleep with his boyfriend. And yes, she does put herself out there and sometimes makes ridiculous comments, but again, in this case, it was a private comment and Ross chose to share it. Do we all deserve to be judged for comments we make to our friends? NO.

    And I stand by my original comment that women’s words are more harshly judged on gossip sites, such as this, than males’. I mean, just look at the title of this post. “Gwyneth hates fat people and will tell so to their fat faces?” I mean, come on. And from reading a few other posts, I’m not the only one who’s noticed this trend.

  115. poopie says:

    i cannot STAND this ‘wash your hair with rainwater, grow your own herbs,make your own baby food, yoga 40 times a day, macrobiotic idiot egg yolk dress wearin’ DIVA’ !! STFU . you DO NOT ‘CARE’ about the little people !

  116. Shay says:

    Micki I get what you’re saying. BTW, I didn’t refer to you as the Goopy head but Gwyneth.

    These actresses, they don’t even know what obese means. To them, a tiny fold is a catastrophe. That’s what I mean. Today, I don’t even know if the word obese means that same thing as it did years ago.

    All I’m saying is that I don’t even know if she has a point, because if she said what she said, the way she said it, then that’s not cool.

    As for the girl who was refused the surgery, still I think that’s wrong to be refused that. Who knows when her eating started. What many people don’t realise is that in many cases, being fat or a compulsive eater isn’t necessarily about liking food. Sure some people say they like food, but that is a mask for other psychological stuff underneath. Anyway, in the US, a lot of people are refused many health services for silly reasons. let’s not bring the health system into it, because it’s one of the worst health systems in the world – no offense, but when it is statistically compared to other countries, the US doesn’t fare well on health.

    I’m not skinny. I’m in the process of losing weight, it’s taken me a year to lose around 20 pounds, but I’m not what you’d classify biggest loser material, but I still find that people have this generalised view of overweight people.

    I think weight is a serious issue, not just the external, but there will never be any improvement on weight issues unless those overweight people understand what is happening in their heads – and that is not an overnight process but in our commercial worlds, everything is marketed as a quick fix. Sorry, but as long as quick fixes are the focuses, there will be no fast solution to obesity.

  117. Micki says:

    No hard feelings Shay!
    I thougth I trod on a sore spot which wasn’t my intention.I live in Germany so I can’t comment how is your health system functioning.Here many small insurance companies colapse because they can’t cover the health costs of their patients.More are expected to do si in the comming 5 years.Theoretically you have the right to change and be accepted elsewhere but guess what…there are queues of (mostly old) people waiting for admition, which apparently noone wants to give them because they are too “expensive”. It doesn’t matter that they HAVE PAYED their insurances for years!
    I know it’s not fair.It’s actually criminal but this is the reality and we have to deal with it.It becomes more and more PRIVATE issue to maintain relatively good health.

    I’m still 14 kg extra 4 years after my first child. Now I’m in 32 week and it becomes not an aesthetic problem but a health one as there is “pregnancy diabetis”(1) combined with low Hb (2)and what I should not eat to avoid 1 is what I should eat to maintain 2 so it’s a mess. And I think I could have avoided it if I was a bit more focused these 4 years.

    And I will never qualify anyone that is still up and fighting as a “loser material”

  118. FakeJohnLocke says:

    >>WHY would you “totally tell a friend if they porked up”? I just don’t get it

    Because being overweight is bad for you in lots of ways. It is a health risk for serious problems, it is bad for self esteem, and it compromises your quality of life because there are things you can’t do or can’t do as well due to being overweight.

    I know, because I need to lose some weight. Being honest here. It does not feel good when someone points out something less than ideal about one’s self. But neither is it good to live in a cocoon of denial and avoidance about something you CAN change that essentially diminishes your life every single day.

    If you can relate to the situation and are honest, I don’t know how a person speaking the truth is the bad guy. If nothing else, use it for motivation.

    That’s my story, ymmv.

  119. Boat says:

    Wow. Thanks for letting me know my husband is going to leave me because I don’t have boobs.

  120. Sakyiwaa says:

    WHAT A FUNNY POST! couldn’t stop laughing and got ma big sis angry….

  121. j says:

    What someone like Paltrow doesn’t understand is that most people don’t have millions to spend on her healthy lifestyle. Most of us can’t eat 100% organic from a pricey boutique supermarket. Most of us work jobs, have children and lives that require our attention…we can’t spend 2 hours a day working out. We have stress that keeps us from sleeping and saps our energy. And, how many of you have a personal chef? She should shut up and go volunteer at a homeless shelter…or live at one for a month because that might be the only way she could learn empathy.

  122. FakeJohnLocke says:

    >>What someone like Paltrow doesn’t understand is that most people don’t have millions to spend on her healthy lifestyle. Most of us can’t eat 100% organic from a pricey boutique supermarket

    Come now. Are you saying that it is not possible to be healthy without benefit of a personal chef, lots of money, lots of free time, etc.? Because that’s crap. I know a lot of people with none of those things who are in great shape.

    Like I’ve said, I need to lose weight. I blame no one but myself and I have no excuses for letting it get out of hand. Have a glass of water instead of a diet coke. Have some grapes instead of Pringles. Have a salad instead of a plate of nachos. Choices.

    None of this is to say that there’s any correlation between weight/body and worth. People should not be discriminated against or ridiculed because of appearance or any other personal attribute. Nor is there some “ideal” to shoot for. The ideal is to do the best you can and to be proud of it.

    But anybody who is being honest would admit that they would dearly love to lose weight if they need to. And that ultimately it is their responsibility. In my experience, that is where the real punch-in-the-nose comes from. You want to lose weight, you know you really need to lose weight, but you don’t and you know it’s your fault you need to and aren’t. Just removing that self-loathing is a huge lift to one’s self-esteem.

    I can only speak for myself. I was in great shape for most of my life and after gaining too much weight, subsequently lost most of it. Only to gain it back. I don’t need GOOP’s money or resources to do it again. If I die prematurely or have a stroke or whatever, that’s gonna hurt a lot more than somebody’s overly frank comment.

  123. wondertrash says:

    Priceless – Gwennie needs to add an advice column to GOOP, and keep on insisting that she doesn’t know why people hate her.

  124. fizXgirl314 says:

    Bobbie, I’m with you… I can never understand the audacity it must take to whine about being thin. It’d be the equivalent of whining about being rich or being white or any other socially accepted, highly privileged trait. People who do so must either be 1. bragging or 2. are completely ignorant about what fat people must go through.

    In either case, I’ve said it before… If you’re lucky (and by lucky I mean whether you worked for it or were born that way… either way, before anyone picks it apart) enough to go through life thin then count your blessing and STFU!

  125. Mary Jane says:

    “Yeah, I have been eating too much fried chicken lately. I‘m starting to look like the chick your boyfriend is boning behind your back. That must suck, to feel like you’re too skinny and flat-chested to keep a man interested.”


  126. XIOnce says:

    I refuse to read anything on her anymore. Her face offends me.

  127. Judy says:

    I HATE this Bitch. And, Goop, your face caved in while you were sleeping.

  128. Holly1996:) says:

    Your all leaving hatred comments and saying you’d ‘bash’ Gwyneth, but maybe some of you need to look back at the times when you’ve walked down a street and seen a slighty overweight person, I bet at least 75% of you have thought that he/she must lose weight and that I bet 60% of you have called someone ‘fat’ or another name that insults their weight. You can’t go giving hate just because she is a celebrity that maybe not all of you like and maybe not all of you agree with the things she comes out with. I’m sure you’d like to be told that your putting weight on, I certainly would and I do get told. So I do something about it like you’s most probably would. – just think before you start running your mouth, justsayin’.

  129. JoGirl310 says:

    Not to go off on too much of a tangent here, but I’d just like to respond to folks above who mentioned the abysmally low success rate of most diet and exercise plans. I just got through reading “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It,” by Gary Taubs. He’s the same guy who wrote “Good Calories, Bad Calories.”

    Taubs’ thesis is that it actually is relatively easy to lose fat and stay lean, but the problem is that we’ve been given horrible advice on the subject since the 1950′s, and especially since the 1970′s, when the U.S. medical community became convinced that dietary fat was a leading cause of heart disease, and that a low-fat, high-carb diet was “heart-healthy.” Taubs cites study after study that prove that people don’t get fat from eating too much or exercising too little; in fact, it’s all about what they eat. Fat accumulation is not about burning fewer calories than you consume, no matter how logical that sounds. According to more than a century of obesity research, the quickest and most effective way to shed body fat is to eat as much fatty meat as you want, and no carbs – especially simple carbs that are easy to digest. Even fruit falls into this category, and should be avoided by people who tend to accumulate fat. Exercise is all well and good, but studies prove that on average, it won’t make you lose weight.

    I’m not saying that I’ve bought into Taubs’ thesis hook like and sinker, but if you consider just how much the above advice runs conter to “conventional wisdom” on obesity from the FDA, nutritionists and the medical community, it becomes clear why our obesity epidemic started when it did (last 50 years), and why it continues to get worse every year.

    Fat people aren’t lazy and they don’t need to eat less or exercise more. They just need to start eating the right things and stop eating the wrong ones, and getting educated on the reality of what causes fat accumulation is the first step.

  130. Starflower says:

    The problem I have with how Gwyneth approached this is it seems like she was too quick to see his weight and not the person. Pointing at his stomach, the hit-and-run nature of the ‘advice’, rather than waiting to have a more substantial discussion of it, and the advice basically being ‘you’re fat, stop it’, which gives away that she has a simplistic idea of weight gain/loss – these factors all make it seem like she has an unhealthy reaction to fatness. Coupled with the fact her BMI is likely too low – which I wouldn’t point fingers at either if not for all the indicators she deliberately keeps it that way, for example talking about needing to lose extra pounds after the holidays – then it’s hard not to conclude she has some fatphobia.

    What makes me sad is that Ross seems very sweet and like he would be very excited to have a superstar friend. So even though we could conclude this is constructive criticism from a friend he doesn’t mind brutal honesty from, I suspect the way it motivated him is more problematic than that. He wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by or want to displease a friend he feels lucky to have, and probably wouldn’t even let himself be mad at her, instead rationalising that she’s only trying to help. I think in her own misguided way she is trying to help, but that doesn’t mean she’s also not being extremely judgmental, tactless, insensitive and projecting her body image problems. Embarrassment is not a good motivator long-term, so I don’t believe her approach here is constructive at all.

  131. Pat C. says:

    You know, everybody will accept remarks from a friend or relative that they wouldn’t accept from a total stranger. Does Ross consider Gwyneth a friend? Only he can answer that, not us.

    Maybe she just reinforced something he’d been thinking about anyway.

    I’m about 25 pounds over my ideal weight, and I often, but idly, consider exercising and improving my diet. But I rarely do anything about it. Maybe a friend pointing at me and saying “Come on, Pat, get it together” would do the trick.

  132. Zelda says:

    Yeah, I’m a size 4 with a bcup.
    My men leave me all the time because of it. Thin girls without big boobs. So gross.

    Jesus, why such body snarking kaiser? Hate her because she’s annoying. Don’t mock the size of her body and breasts.

  133. arock says:

    omg. i would have shoved a 1,200 dollar shoe up her cooch and face pushed her down the stairs.
    kaiser, amen…

  134. Anna says:

    Ms. Goop thinks we are what we look like. We are what we eat. We are what we wear.

    Very shallow and a very sad way to exist. Unless you are perfectly clean healthy washed and trim, you have no place in her world.

  135. Nat says:

    Good for her! I never was a fan of hers but this makes me like her a tiny bit more. I wouldn’t say what she said but I can appreciate that she did, especially because he took it in a positive way and bettered himself with it. Who are we to call her mean when maybe she knew this guy better than we thought and said it with kindness at heart instead of snarkiness. And AMEN FakeJohnLocke!

  136. Megan says:

    Lucy, I’m with you. If everyone is so intent on banding together as women and accepting each other for who we are, isn’t it the height of hypocrisy to imply my husband is going to cheat on me because I have a flat chest? Because that’s not something I can help, unless I feel like forking over thousands of dollars for surgery. No, I don’t know what it’s like to be overweight. Sorry, guess I can’t join the club. But try having a naturally boyish and flat-chested figure and see the staggering number of people who have something snide to say about it. Have men literally say to your face, “Sorry, but you have to be at least a C-cup to interest me.”
    It just disturbs me that my body type is as natural a body type as any, and we have so many women cheering the author on for bashing it.
    Oh, and the concept of not having the right to complain because someone somewhere in the world has a worse problem? Bull. I guess all of us should be keeping our traps shut then because here we are, obviously with the luxury of internet access at least for the moment, with time to complain about how victimized we feel by our body size, when there are people who really don’t know if/when they’ll get a meal.

  137. Ally says:

    She called her kid ‘Apple’ so I will never have any sympathy for her!!
    She is so smug… SLAP!

  138. Madison34 says:

    I really hope this is not true.

  139. realtalk says:

    this must be where fat people come to hang out to feel better about themselves.

  140. Kirsten says:

    I don’t know why ANYONE’S weight is ok to comment on. Fat, thin, so what? Just stfu either way!!!!!!!

    I’ve never been able to stand GP. I don’t get the hype about her. She’s a shitty actress with only 2 facial expressions, and can muster about as much enthusiasm as a garden slug. I have not seen anything she’s one that I actually enjoyed.

    Don’t get me started on her looks. I don’t know how it’s possible to have saggy tits when you actually have NONE at all, but she pulls it off. And that was before she harvested Apple (a child who looked like a wall eyed salmon last mag photo I saw of her……..ugh, what an ugly kid) Remember when the satin slip dresses were all the rage? Paltrow was with Pitt at the time, and she prance around with her two empty balloons just hanging there, it was like looking at the chest of an 90 year old minus the wrinkles.

    And those effing buck teeth…….Gd, she could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence.

    Yummy mummy my ass.

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  143. kat says:

    I say all the more power to Paltrow. Weight is a sensitive subject in society and wrongly so. Being fat is unhealthy and all these fat sympathizers are just kidding themselves. Paltrow just called it for what it is and honestly, if more people were willing to address the elephant in the room (pun intended lulz), then obese America would no longer be an issue.

  144. Sunny says:

    I’m a bit confused. Why is it okay for you to call Gwyneth a skinny bitch with no tits, but it’s not okay for her to say that Ross Matthews (who is her friend) gained a little weight?

    Gwyneth is beautiful. Look at her…. she’s absolutely gorgeous. Jealousy won’t get you anywhere, my friend – especially jealousy of celebrities.

  145. MG says:

    Saying skinny girls are flat chested and without curves is okay, but telling a good friend they need to lose a few pounds is wicked and evil? Oh please. Don’t delude yourself that being fat makes you more attractive rather than less. Some men are too intimidated by a pretty, skinny girl to approach her, while others go for girls with low self-esteem because they’re easier, that’s all. You’re obviously just a jealous fatty who hates the truth.

    Good for Gwen. I’d prefer a friend to be honest with me.

  146. TA says:


  147. CatFace says:

    if ross doesn’t get upset over it, why you get all upset over it? It is not like Gwenyth tell a person to shed excessive weight or clinically anorexic person to lose weight. The truth is that there is always a functional weight for everyone, so people go more plump, so people run more thin, but having a weight (too much or too little) that will cripple your health is certainly not a blessing. And building muscle are always going to help you in a long away.

  148. Enjoy your shortened life expectancy says:

    This post is mob mentality pandering at best.

    Stop telling people it’s OK to be overweight. It’s not. Aside from smoking, obesity leads to more deadly diseases then essentially any other single condition. This sort of thinking sends a message that is just as negative and dangerous as publications saying people should be rail thin.

    Stop affirming unhealthy lifestyles.

    That aside, your quip about men screwing around behind their girlfriend’s back with overweight women is absolutely ridiculous. I’m 26, a full time graduate student, own my own company, and do very well for myself. I would never think of cheating on my ~125lb, D-cup model girlfriend with an overweight woman. Why would I wanna screw a 2 when I’ve got a 10 at home? Sorry, but firm and taut beats collagen and fat rolls any day of the week. The men you know who screw around would have done it anyway, regardless of the weight of the GF/girl they were cheating with. I’ve never seen a successful AND attractive younger man with an overweight woman before.

    And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with telling a friend that their weight is getting out of hand. When a good friend is 6’5” 450lb and a heart attack waiting to happen, only a bad friend would keep it to themselves. Sometimes it takes tough love to produce results. I’ve done it, he lost almost 250lb, and thanked me. We’re still friends, meet at the dog park to walk twice a week, and occasionally spot each other at the gym. Grow a thicker skin.

    Please, stop kowtowing to your overweight readers for article clicks, and stop promoting unhealthy lifestyles.

  149. btmarsh says:

    Whether it inspired him to lose weight or not, I guarantee it hurt his feelings. Why is it okay to tell a person you think they are fat? I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. I am constantly trying to lose weight. Just today, someone I have gone out of my way to help, and who I have cared for my whole life, told me how I had “gained my weight back” (as if I didn’t know that and didn’t hate myself for it). Maybe he, too, thought he was helping me, but all I took from it was that my weight is my defining characteristic as far as he is concerned. Not the night I spent in the ER with him, not the times I’ve helped him, not the kindness I’ve shown him….my weight. And yes, it hurts.

  150. iza says:

    Haha, i love how your being a bitch in this interview and at the same time so afraid of people saying something to you? you are wrong, you are overweight. and yep, muscles do weigh more than fat but thats not mucles hanging out from your stomach. you should just lose weight, becuase lets face the truth we both know.

  151. eliza says:

    wow. xia xue must have really made this post popular. also, i think xia xue is right about whoever wrote this…

  152. Cam says:

    Sorryyy…but…this is ridiculous. At the end of the day she helped a guy who wasn’t happyn in himself feel better. That sounds to me like doing some good. Also, your saying she see’s people as ‘pesants’; like shes above them? and yet in this article you attack women with small boobs saying they can’t keep men interested? Well…i have small boobs, and im very hurt by that and it wasnt even directed at me! which leads me to the conclusion thatt; your a total hypocrite. adn yes; a total bitch. In regards to your writing; Whats going on here? get it together.

  153. kk says:

    To be honest Princess Goop needs to pull her idiot head in.