Is Petra Nemcova Bulimic?

When I first saw these pictures of Petra Nemcova at the VMAs I thought, “Wow, is she on Prednisone?” Her cheeks are huge and her face looks all swollen, so I assumed she might be on some kind of harsh steroid for a medical condition. I consulted the Wiki (phrase stollen from Bastardly) and did a half-assed Google search, and there’s no mention of any medical condition associated with Nemcova.

Steroids are usually taken for autoimmune conditions, inflammatory diseases, and kidney problems. It’s possible that Nemcova has something like Chron’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or even asthma, is taking steroids for it and has not publically acknowledged her condition. It’s possible that her face is naturally huge like this or that she’s gained a little weight and it went straight to her face. I’ve included an older candid of Nemcova from about eight weeks ago, and her face was puffy then but not as bad. (It’s hard to tell from that angle, but she looks a bit better there.)

When a thin woman, especially a model, has a puffy face it’s suggestive of bulimia:

Physical signs of bulimia
These are the most obvious indicators of bulimia and usually become more and more difficult to disguise:

fluctuations in weight, often going from one extreme to the other (underweight to overweight)
dental cavities caused by stomach acid during vomiting
fatigue and dizziness
constipation and abdominal pains
swelling of the salivary glands (leading to “chipmunk cheeks” – enlarged cheeks or jowls)
menstruation ceases or is irregular

Hidden physical dangers
These are less obvious, but extremely dangerous, physical dangers associated with bulimia:

stomach ulceration
bowel damage
inflammation, and occasionally tearing, of the esophagus
laxative addiction
tingling in the hands and feet
electrolyte imbalances, which can lead to heart failure

Now, when you can diet and exercise to get the same effect, is all that trouble really worth it? Bulimia is a psychological condition, though, and reasoning with someone is not going to get them to stop.

I’m sorry for speculating about Nemcova, she seems like a lovely person, (albeit totally delusional if she’s dating Blunt, which would also explain the bulimia) and it’s not fair to label her with an eating disorder just because her face is all puffed up. It’s pretty suspicious, though, and she’s looking really worn down. Somethings wrong with Nemcova, and if it’s bulimia she needs to get treatment for it.

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  1. Angelika says:

    To me, she looks the same as always and her make up might just be a bit different than usually. Her cheeks always look a bit swollen, nothing unusual to me.. And even if there’s something wrong, if she takes steroids or anything else, it’s not our business!

  2. S says:

    Maybe she just has fat cheeks.

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Her face looks distored, and these photos are not doctored in any way. (At least that I can tell. Plus there’s so many from different angles that show the same thing.)

  4. jaz says:

    what are you talking about??!?? she looks beautiful..I think you’re dreaming things up now…Bulimic? Maybe..who knows? but it’s not showing…stop fabricating these things…sheeesh…one thing to bitch about a celebrity but to go to the length of quoting some medical material balh blah…please just report the gossip

  5. millie says:

    she’s always had big cheeks, that’s just the way she is if she gains a bit of weight. Dating this troll is the real issue here. WTF is she seeing in him? Other than that blister on her side and the weird outfit she’s wearing, she looks lovely.

  6. A Rowan says:

    Nemcova admitted in an interview in People Magazine (which may have been an excerpt from her book) that she was overly dependant on laxatives early in her modeling career and didn’t cease taking them till after the tsunami changed her life. It is my understanding that mis-use of laxatives and eating disorders (ie. bulima) usually go hand in hand. I wouldn’t doubt it.

  7. No way says:

    Are you kidding me? Petra is bulimic? I don’t buy this story it at all. She just gained some weight, ok? It’s nothing wrong with that! She still looks great no matter you say. She is also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in your life [if you're that lucky!]

    If she’s a little skinny then you would say “Is Petra Nemcova Anorexic?” right? Geez, leave the girl alone. And give James Blunt a break! They are happy together and be happy for them!

  8. Claire says:

    i think that she gained some weight after the hospital from the tsunami tragedy. people tend to put on some weight after the fluids and such. petra looks absolutely stunning always. james blunt aint bad afterall ‘cuz he won 2 VMAs!

  9. shimmy says:

    hmmm… me thinks petra isnt the one who needs to check herself CELEBITCHY.. im just sayin