Rachel Uchitel, celebrity hooker, shills a reality show about her new “career”

Rachel Uchitel, the chick who got a $10 million payoff from Tiger Woods for being one of the first mistresses to wise up and cash in, is trying to pitch a reality show. The “docuseries” will chronicle her new career as a private investigator, which she’s apparently really good at since she has firsthand experience with cheating husbands and blackmailing. Radar Online has this news, and apparently Rachel has convinced a production company to work with her and they’re pitching the show to networks now. I hope that it doesn’t get picked up.

The reality show will focus on Uchitel embarking her new career as a private investigator, after graduating with honors from a training program, as well as her newest personal and business relationships.

“I look forward to working with the amazing team at Atlas Media to develop a smart docu-series that will showcase the exciting world of private investigators – a world that has been my primary focus for some time now,” Rachel said in a statement.

“Rachel is smart, engaging, and has a unique and colorful background,” Bruce Klein, President of Atlas Media told RadarOnline.com. “But – surprise – she has a serious talent for private investigation, and is handling real-life cases as we speak.”

The series is being pitched to networks beginning on May 19th, 2011, and doesn’t yet have a title.

[From Radar]

I forgot to mention that this creature was on Celebrity Rehab for an addiction to boning married men, and that she’s claimed that she is “trying to focus on normalcy in my life.” She also lost a fiance in one of the twin towers on 9/11 and said that if that never happened she would never have been so opportunistic or have gotten so much plastic surgery. (Ok, I’m interpreting her comments, the bitch said if 9/11 never happened she would be “fat and happy with kids.” True story.) Oh and she was also with married serial cheater David Boreanaz and claimed that she knew he was married but was “deeply in love” with him and “knew the kind of relationship that David was in.” One where he gives you the old “my wife doesn’t understand me” line and you fall for it. This woman is going to be a good detective. She’s a better grifter, liar and cheater than the people she’ll be investigating.

Rachel is shown out on 3/7/11 with White House party crasher Tareq Salahi. That was apparently about his bid to be on celebrity rehab. Credit: Fame




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12 Responses to “Rachel Uchitel, celebrity hooker, shills a reality show about her new “career””

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  1. snappyfish says:

    Who the hell would watch anything about this chick?

  2. brin says:

    Maybe she should try and find her morals, that would involve a lot of investigating, don’t think there would be enough interest for a reality show, though.

  3. azurea says:

    Doesn’t being a private investigator require one to have a low-key persona?

  4. Rose says:

    I feel sorry for her actually. A terrible thing happend to her and she didn’t get the life she had planned out and now it just looks like she’s spiralling without caring much about anything or anyone, least of all her self. God, she’s like an old fashioned cautionary tale or something!

  5. Delta Juliet says:

    A lot of people didn’t get the life they planned out. It’s no reason to destroy other people’s lives (and get rich off it)

    An if this is the kind of person she is, chances are pretty good she wouldn’t have stuck with the hubby for long.

  6. thinkaboutit says:

    I can never get over what garbage this chick is. If she possessed even an ounce of dignity, she would just go away and enjoy the money she “earned” on her back, and the backs of married men’s families.

  7. sapphire says:

    What part of her face is original?

  8. Beth says:

    What’s up with the pic with Tareq Salahi in the background? Not sure what I think of her.

  9. kazoo says:

    @rose, yeah i kinda felt that way about her too, until i read some things her would-be father in law said about her. like delta juliet mentioned, apparently there was indication that this is how she was all along.

  10. MeriJaan says:

    Me thinks she would more successful with a show on the playboy channel illustrating how to give B!owjobs.

  11. Kim says:

    She is unattractive, unintelligent & just plain boring. What is with those hideous lips?! She will not be able to hold a reality show on her own.

  12. Chris says:

    Agh put her to work in coal mine. As for Tiger, the news keeps getting worse, next week he’s no longer going to be ranked among the world’s top ten golfers for the first time in 14 or 16 years (can’t remember which).