Bar Refaeli in clingy Roberto Cavalli: busted or beautiful?


Yesterday was The Day Leonardo DiCaprio Officially Moved On. We were gifted with two Leo gems – the first was a report from Page Six regarding a Leo sighting with Blake Lively, in Cannes. Then, hours later, Leo and Blake (Lake? Bleo?) made their official pap-friendly debut as a couple. All of this made me wonder: how does Single White Female extraordinaire Bar Refaeli feel about all of this? Bar is in Cannes as well, and she’s been party-hopping and premiering for several days. These photos are from last night’s premiere of The Beaver. Bar wore this clingy, navy Roberto Cavalli (with jewelry by Chopard). Now… I’ve never been a big fan of Bar, as a person or as a model. Her personality seems at best, non-existent and at worst, snotty. As a model, she’s definitely lacking. She has a girl-next-door prettiness but I’ve never seen a photo of her that I would call “fierce” or “gorgeous” or “stunning”. Her body is great, sure. But she’s only a known quantity as a model because she was boning Leo. Does this Cavalli look good on her figure? Sure. But the face! The face is so meh. She even looks busted here.



If you’re going to get all hot for a model, why can’t it be Doutzen Kroes? I love her. I love her face. I love her build. I love everything about her. She’s my model crush. I don’t know who did the dress. It’s not important what or who she’s wearing when she’s got that face.



And finally, because for some reason The Beaver red carpet was the hot ticket for models, we have Naomi Campbell and her Russian. She wore Azzedine Alaia and a wig with bangs. I have to admit, she’s one of the few women who can really work the bangs (trauma).


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Blank says:

    You need to update, there are photos of Blake Lively kissing Lucas.

    Edit: look at this

    Sorry, but you were wrong.

  2. CIdee says:

    Bar looks to me like she’s puffy from crying. Seriously. I feel sorry for her.

  3. neelyo says:

    She should change her name to Bags Refaeli. Get some sleep honey!

  4. brin says:

    She looks like she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep (dark circles),but she still looks good.

  5. tapioca says:

    Oh dear, Bar – please do your roots before you attempt another Croydon facelift! I do think these aren’t her best photos, but she can look absolutely stunning and I would taser a kitten in the face for her body (which – if we’re going to compare – is far better than Gisele’s latest boob-free, waist-free scrawny incarnation). Doutzen always looks fab, especially only a few months after having her baby – and she’s been far more tolerable about snapping back into shape than Miranda Kerr! Naomi should be studied for scientific research, ‘cos bitch just doesn’t age…

  6. tracking says:

    How can a woman with such a phenomenal figure choose an unflattering dress (from the front, back view looks great). Perplexing.

  7. Zelda says:

    Yep-up close, her face looks puffy and uneven–not enough sleep, to much drink/drug/crying–some combination of that. Obviously she’s still gorgeous, but…the skin never lies…
    Really like the dress, though.

  8. N.D. says:

    I like Naomi’s dress the best

  9. honeychurch says:

    many great models do not have interesting faces. it is not their job. their job is to sell clothes – to make sure the clothes get noticed. that’s what bar does so well. i think she’s generically pretty which is fine – but the main part of her talent as a model is to display clothes and she does that really well.

    still not sold on the blake & leo story. it’s too obvious.

  10. foobie says:

    She looks miserable.

  11. Samigirl says:

    I cosign with those who said she looked like she was puffy from crying. As for Blake kissing Lucas, who cares? I kiss my guy and girl friends like that. If they were full on frenching, it would be one thing, but to me, it looks like a friendly kiss good bye. Nothing more.

  12. mln76 says:

    Bar looks terrible in those pics but maybe she’s been crying? I swear she looks like Rachel Zoe in that second pic. Give me Adriana Lima anyday over her or Gisele.

    @Blank the photo of her kissing Lucas looks like kissing on the cheek to me.

  13. Annaloo says:

    I agree with CiDee… she may be puffy with bags under her eyes from crying.. let’s be human and cut her some slack.

  14. guesty says:


  15. tori says:

    She is not wearing an unflattering dress. It’s her who is unflattering for any dress she wears.
    This Cavalli would have been great on any other model, only not on her.
    And yes, she has a great body, but only for lingerie. When she dresses up she cheapens every outfit.
    I never understood why, I just gave myself this answer: she doesn’t have personality, she never comes out as a classy person, she doesn’t have the necessary quality or hotness in her movements, her poses and looks are boring, and she doesn’t have any fashion sense.

  16. azurea says:

    God I LOVE Naomi’s dress! She looks fantastic in it, too.

  17. snappyfish says:

    She has a fantastic body but I have never thought she had a pretty face.

  18. shockedandappalled says:

    That kiss between Blake and Lucas looks like the two cheeked French greeting thingy, not a romantic kiss. However, I’m not 100% sold on Blake and Leo, yet… My smutty senses are tingling, but I’m not yet sold.

  19. Darlene says:

    She looks amazing. Definitely beautiful.

  20. Isa says:

    Hasn’t Hilark Swank wore the dress before? Sure seems like it.

  21. normades says:

    pfff…like Blake would settle for Lukas. She’s “holding out” for Leo like she “held out” for Chanel.

    As for Bar, she can only hope some rich dude will want Leo’s sloppy seconds.

  22. MeriJaan says:

    She definitely has crying eyes..I feel so sorry for her. I always thought she was beautiful. Leo sucks!

  23. Kaye says:

    They all look gorgeous. Bar is wearing the heck out of that navy dress.

  24. ViktoryGin says:

    @ honeychurch,

    It depends on what kind of modelling a model does. Is Bar a haute coutour model?

    Either way, I never got her appeal. There’s something really mundane about her. She’s neither exceptionall pretty nor is she “unconventionally interesting”.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Doutzen Kroes. I think that she’s incredibly underrated as a model. But that’s right: she’s tragically a size 4. Damned cow. *Side eye*

    WTF is up with Naomi’s cheek bones lately?

    Not sure if I believe the Blake/Leo thing. She’s much too high profile, and I don’t think that his ego is having it. He probably did tap that, though.

  25. Ari says:

    I love that Naomi has a russian sugar daddy (they arent married yet right?) its like the classic rich supermodel who finds her hot piece of uber rich businessman in a suit and they grapple each other at a swanky party after making eyes across the room the whole night and clothes fly around and heaving bosoms…and *cough…* ill stop now lol

  26. DGO says:

    I never found Bar attractive. She looks more thick than curvy, and I don’t find full faces with little eyes appealing. My two cents.

  27. Larissa says:

    Doutzen looks like about 80% of dutch women I know, she has a very dutch face!!!!! Which I think is really pretty, but not special.

  28. NoFrank says:

    Bar looks weepy. She also looks like she really needs to do her roots. The dress is fabulous, she’s got a beautiful body, but she’s sad and her roots are showing and that kind of torpedoes the whole look.

    Naomi Campbell is pretty but she’s such a raving bitch that I have trouble seeing her that way. Pretty is as pretty does.

  29. jacq says:

    Naomi has no choice but to pull off the bangs trauma, if you pull off the wig altogether she has five-alarm, twelve-head trauma. Have you ever seen it? You could totally pitch a tent and camp on the banks of her hairline.

  30. really says:

    Barrrrr looks like a hag, skank and incredibly boring!

  31. ladybert62 says:

    (1) I like Bar’s dress – she is not very pretty in the face.
    (2) The second model is stunning
    (3) I do not like Naomi Campbell regardless of what she is wearing.

  32. RHONYC says:

    ditto on Doutzen.

    super hot in the way Cindy’s body was more voluptuous than her contemporaries back in the day.

    Doutzen’s body even got hotter after she had her baby.

    bodies are back bitchez!!! ;-)

  33. Sally says:

    I’ve never liked Bar.. I do quite like Doutzen though!

  34. Eve says:

    Refaeli’s a beautiful girl with a great body (also, she has probably the nicest looking natural boobs in the business). She has bags under her eyes but it could be from the lack of sleep or, like some people suggested here, crying.

    Oh, and she has a beautiful face too — not striking, but beautiful: small nose, full lips and blue eyes.

    EDIT: Kroes’s dress is H I D E O U S!

  35. Franny says:

    I think its a combo of having bags under her eyes (possibly from crying) and using lip liner. On a side note, that second model is very beautiful, and I know its very American to have super white teeth, but her teeth do need to be whitened a bit…

  36. Sumodo1 says:

    The reason Naomi has to wear a wig with bangs? To cover the obvious baldness on her temples, where she had extensions tugging for years.

  37. Blue says:

    Lmao @ jacq I laughed so hard my daughter was looking at me like I was crazy. Anywhooo Bar has a nice body. But that other model has the total package. Also the dress Bar is wearing is not flattering from the side. But looks good from the back

  38. Blank says:

    Samigirl: Um she hugs Leo and kisses Lucas but for some reason she’s dating Leo and friends with Lucas???????

    Seriously. Your logic makes no sense. Based on the info we have from the photos (which is pretty much the only evidence) she’s probably only friends with Leo.

  39. Oh the Humanity says:

    poor thing had to go and put on a brave face. unfortunate she cannot enjoy her time there :(

  40. sally says:

    She doesn’t have bags from crying, she always has them. Look at any picture.

  41. serena says:

    I think of Bar as a beautiful nice woman, not snotty and if you see some of her photoshoot you’ll realize she HAS the face (and the hot body).
    Unlike Gisele, she has something else.

    Anyway I love Doutzen too..sigh*

  42. Jeannified says:

    I feel sorry for Bar, although I never really felt that Leo was truly in love with her. She must feel awful, beng in Cannes with Leo AND Blake being there, too! Leo is not interested in settling down in the least! I can’t understand what people see in Blake Lively AT ALL!

  43. Victoire says:

    Naomi looks like a queen, beautiful, love her dress =)

    I see that Bar moved on. She sure loves to party =)

  44. Sunday says:

    Halleluja! Somebody finally shares my opinion on Bar, I´ve never gotten her “beauty”. To me shes just, meh…

  45. Solveig says:

    Three models who walked thousands of catwalks and none of them can find a decent dress to wear on a red carpet.
    The most beautiful is Naomi, hands down, but she looks like a plastic doll lately.

  46. coco says:

    Ok this girl’s body is like from a different planet! I mean it can’t be real. Great face too but that body…whstttttt!!

  47. Kim says:

    Beautiful. She is a beautiful girl.

  48. Camille says:

    “It’s not important what or who she’s wearing when she’s got that face.”

    @Kaiser I HATE to sound like a loon (I’m most definitely not), however you could have said that exact same thing about the Jolie and her red carpet appearance the other day. ;) :lol:

    I also completely agree with you about Bar. Her bags have bags there. Yikes. It looks like all of that party hopping is catching up with her. I don’t think she will age well. She isn’t ugly, but she’s not amazing looking either in my honest opinion. I find her completely forgettable as well. I only came to know who she was because of who she used to date.

  49. riri says:

    Her face is “meh”? She is absolutely beautiful.

    That Doutzen Kroes, looks like she had a nose job. She is pretty too. I don’t see why it must be one pitted against the other.

    While most models today are either not pretty and man-face- like Gisele, or very plain (face-wise) like Alesandra or whatever her name is, Bar is one of the few that actually got a beautiful face.

    I think she is a fame-who&re. I think she is looking for famous men and will do things most of us wouldn’t for fame, but she is stunning.

    As for her body- it’s probably considered the best in the world today. I don’t know of anyone nowadays that have a better body.

    Sorry. You can not like a girl, but still appreciate her beauty.

  50. Newbie says:

    Kroes chick reminds me of Denise Richards. I know, I know. A pox on me.

  51. Nikki Girl says:

    I think Bar is absolutely gorgeous, and I think her dress is beautiful. I’ve never gotten any kind of snotty vibe from her, she rarely talks to the press, she seems kind of quiet and laid-back, and I’ve seen her in dumpy outfits when she’s out and about, which I love. She just seems normal, except she’s a model. She’s a lot better than Gisele, who is definitely a snot and has no curves- at least Bar has hips and a butt and thighs. Blake is pretty, not gorgeous, but she has an amazing body. And Bar’s definitely got bags under her eyes in the pictures, it makes me feel bad for her. :(

    Naomi and that Dutch model bore me.

  52. Jag says:

    Bar looks emotionally exhausted; love the dress and the look on her, other than the dark circles under her eyes.

    DK is beautiful, but her dress looks like it’s the wrong size with the way the seam seems to be stretching along her body. Sure, it’s made that way, but it looks odd to me.

  53. Nibbi says:

    bar’s body is *off the hook*.

    doutzen’s face is transcendentally beautiful. her personality seems really sweet, too.

  54. Eve says:

    @ Newbie:

    A pox on me too, because I happen to think the same thing.

    As for those who complimented Kroes’s figure and said Refaeli’s “thick”…sorry, it’s pretty much the other way around (even though Kroes has just had a baby and that could be a little baby weight left, she has always had a thick midsection). Bar Refaeli has a truly curvaceous body and it baffles me to see people suggesting she’s “fat” (good grief!) but, in many other occasions, complaining (in the past and very likely in the future too) about the fashion industry’s almost impossible, unhealthy standards for women everywhere. I don’t get it. Supermodels in the 1990s looked something like Refaeli — they had curves, boobs and ass (and they were high fashion models). She may not have talent for posing, but as far as appearance goes, she’d make a beautiful model anywhere…unfortunately for her though, not any time.

    I remember reading somewhere a young model (nowadays) saying — upon seeing the pictures/videos of models Cindy Crawford, Karen Mulder, Linda Evangelista and other super famous ones: “Why were the models in the 1990s so fat?”.


  55. honeyv says:

    I find myself commenting on every post that has to do with Bar, Leo or Blake. I don’t know why but shall I finish what I’ve started. I’ve never found Bar beautiful. Like, really, she looks 10 years older, she has wrinkles and stuff, and I think she now looks even unhappier than usual.