George Clooney celebrates his 50th b-day with Elisabetta


George Clooney’s salt-and-pepper ass is 50 YEARS OLD today. Can you believe it? Can you believe that we haven’t read his “he died tragically during a herpes outbreak that came out of nowhere” obituary at some point? The Clooney: Survivor! So how did the man who has everything celebrate his pre-birthday last night? He went out to dinner… with his (still) girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. And I seriously cannot believe that they’ve lasted so long!

Looking for birthday boy George Clooney? On Thursday night all you had to do was follow Kirstie Alley on Twitter – or have a reservation at Mr. Chow.

The actor – who turns 50 on Friday – had a early celebration and dinner at the Beverly Hills hotspot with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis … and a ton of other celebrities.

Current Dancing with the Stars contestant Kirstie Alley and author Jackie Collins both caught Clooney in action – and live Tweeted his birthday dinner. Wrote Alley: “Jeez… I’m having dinner and I swear this is the most star studded restaurant I’ve ever been in!!… Impressive!!!”

Collins was equally impressed with her famous fellow diners. “Fun dinner at CHOWS. with Kathy Griffin. Spotted George Clooney & beautiful gf Elizabetta. Also Kirsti Alley looking major svelte,” she posted.

“Kirsti was with Kelly Preston, & wandering around were Ray Romano & Brad Garret. Quite a star studded night.”

Replied Alley: “u a bad ass Jackie… Great seeing u tonight.. Were we surrounded by beautiful men or what?? Mr. Chows it is every nite xxo.”

And Alley didn’t leave the restaurant empty-handed. “Happy birthday George Clooney,” she later Tweeted. “Great to see u.. Better to hug u.”

[From People]

So… everybody was at Mr. Chows, rollin’ with Xenu, and they caught sight of George with Elisabetta. I would love to see photos of Clooney and Kristie Alley hanging out. Just in general, I imagine the photos would be hysterical.

But seriously – Elisabetta certainly has this thing nailed down, doesn’t she? We’re coming up on two whole years together. Two years, and I’m still not convinced they’ve ever had a real conversation. Listen to her speak - while it could be “charming” for a few days, how do you put up with that voice for two years? Maybe because the voice comes with a great ass and an Adam’s apple? Just sayin’.

Happy birthday, George! Here’s one of my all-time favorite photos of him:






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    That’s the secret of this relationship (AH!) he can’t understand her. I can and believe me it’s better he doesn’t.

  2. Rita says:

    Something tells me that in semi-private/private-group, or whatev, these two are as kinky as they come.

  3. TeeTee says:

    Happy Friday!

    She has the face of a young boy, yup, I said it.

    50 wow–gray looks good on old G

  4. Wastevine says:

    These two totally bore me too. The only slightly interesting that ever happened (beyond the fact that they are still boning one another) is when EC re-tweeted the comment about Jen Aniston, and the internet went into a very mild fire over water spread until she felt the need to apologize in both italian and english? (Ok, I made that last part up). Well, that is the only remotely interesting thing about either one of them. Everything else about the two of them is so Clooney Cookie Cutter, fitting the mold of every other brunette he’s dated. Blah. Love Clooney, but man oh man, B.O.R.I.N.G choice in women. I want to see him with Juliette Lewis, or Lisa Bonet.

  5. Lucy says:

    @Kaiser: You are unbelievable! hahahaha

    “Can you believe that we haven’t read his “he died tragically during a herpes outbreak that came out of nowhere” obituary at some point?”

    Thumbs up!!!

  6. Reality says:

    Bet she dined on fresh puppy hearts and draped her ugly, manly body in persian kitten pelts, that heartless, hypocritical bitch….

  7. Slim Charles says:

    Isn’t her expiration date coming up soon? How long did the other ones last?

  8. WhiteNoise says:

    @Wastevine – “I want to see him with Juliette Lewis…”

    If only! He would never have the guts to date a woman like her.

    I like him but I think he’s an egotistical ass when it comes to women and really don’t understand why so many people see him as a catch.

  9. Aqua says:

    I wonder if she payed the bill since this is supposedly the “Surprise 50th birthday party” that was accidentally leaked to the tabloids back in February.

    As for these two lasting for two years well maybe she’s right up his alley. You could take that any way you want too.Could it also be that it is rather unattractive for a man of a certain age to be girl hopping all the time?

  10. Aqua says:

    @ Reality Wow! I’m secretly laughing and cringing at the same time!

  11. candy says:

    She is his Cindy Crawford. Everyone knows he has a crush on CC but can’t have her. So he found a new and improved version.

  12. Leek says:

    He and Elisabetta are both a couple of good looking dudes.

  13. anon says:

    Well he found a “different version”. I wouldn’t say that she was “improved”.

  14. Lucy says:

    @Reality: awesome, hahaha!
    @Aqua: agree! Some people might not take his commitment to issues like Sudan based on how he conducts his personal life

  15. Praise St. Angie! says:

    anon…totally agree. “new” – yes, “different” – yes…but “improved”?

    not a chance. Canalis looks like a manly version of Crawford. or, as some might say, a “poor man’s” Crawford.

    I agree, I think he’s got a thing for the real Crawford and this is the best he can do.

  16. observer says:

    It didn’t happen. A couple of months ago, Canalis and her publicist sent out a widely published press release which said that Canalis was going to throw George a big “surprise” birthday party with all of his friends. Then, a couple of weeks ago, George released a statement, via a close friend, stating that he did not want any kind of birthday celebration. Hence, today we get another bogus press release from Canalis and her publicist claiming that George spent yesterday evening celebrating his birthday with Canalis. The fact is that Canalis hasn’t been near George since December, when he ended their publicity agreement. She’s just contining the famewhoring, including incredible, shameless lies, for as long as she can. She’s pathological. She thought nothing of ruining George’s birthday in her pursuit of famewhoring, because in her mind, everything is about her.

  17. janna says:

    @observer, interesting.

  18. LunaT says:

    @TeeTee— I agree. Everytime I see a pic of her, I see a fem man in his early 20s. It’s not quite that I think she’s really good at drag or that she had a sex change, but she just doesn’t look like a chick all the way (yes, before anyone jumps on me, I am aware there are all types of feminine beauty, not everyone is dainty, etc, etc). I would totally buy that George is kinky and would not be surprised if Elisabetta is bringing some kink of which not every woman is capable.

    @Observer—How do you know all of that? Either you’re George, a stalker, or his publicist ;)

  19. Nanea says:

    I think it’s strange there are no pics of either of them at Mr Chow’s yesterday, when the agencies have photos e.g. of Jackie Collins and Kathy Griffin.

    Unless they came and went through the kitchen, which I don’t think they did, because the only reason of eating at Mr Chow’s is to be seen/papped. The food is better elsewhere.

  20. This is stupid says:

    What a joke! George is suppose to be in love with some woman and he is hiding her. Yeah right! This is a line of pig crap if I ever seen it. Where is the pics? Sounds like George thinks he is making someone upset and jealous by having his publicist post this or whatever. I am so disgusted by this nonsense!

    I use to respect Clooney. I think this is a sham. So this is how you spend your birthday playing games? Now that is a new one.

  21. This is stupid says:

    You know what? I have been reading all over how people are calling Canalis a w.h.o.r.e and etc and George spends his birthday with her.

    What does that say about him?

  22. Trashaddict says:

    I refuse to believe that man is a year YOUNGER than me. Where can I find his birth certificate? I sense at least a few years have been shaved off.

  23. Kloops says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: they are perfect for one another. S/he is EXACTLY what he wants in a partner. She’s not going anywhere. The only way that will happen is if she tries to renegotiate something serious (like a wedding but not kids bc I dont believe George is fertile), or she decides to have kids with someone else. But I highly doubt it. The only possible end this relationship is if he trades her in for a younger model. Literally and figuratively.

  24. Cora says:

    Why are we assuming this was Clooney’s “birthday dinner”?

    Clooney’s 50th birthday is today, May 6. They went out to dinner yesterday. What am I missing?

    It sounds to me like George and EC were having a regular dinner date. George and his gf’s go out to dinner in LA all the time. It’s routine for George. They were probably going out because it was Thursday and they were hungry, not because it was his birthday the next day.

  25. Office for the Dead says:

    I’m sure Canalis made nude naked ugly photos not with an aim to discredit George and make him an unpleasant surprise to the birthday, and not because he refuses to do photo ops that she wants to.. but simply because in two months there will be no interest for her from anyone so she tries to earn more money and more attention by any means.

  26. Truth will set you free says:

    @This is stupid: You know perfectly well that he has a real girlfriend and Canalis is present exactly because of such like you and you alike not be saying that she is a younger hooker, that’s why he goes out with an old Canalis.

  27. Crisis says:

    @ Office for the Dead:
    Never saw a dead horse that stands up for the living dogs.

  28. spotchecker says:

    actually, looking at that top photo [not recent], i realize that her profile is the best thing @ her.

    if we could just see her from the sideview from now on, a grateful nation will thank you, george.

  29. Newbie says:

    He sure likes ‘em stupid.

  30. Reality says:

    Beginning to think George’s fans outdo the Brangeloonies for hardcore crazy.

  31. galaxy.girl says:

    Ew, Just not seeing it.

  32. Lorenzo says:

    Congratulations to Canalis for becoming most photoshopped worldwide famous hooker.
    What I do not understand is, who are the persons who want to see her naked? Yuck!
    Oh, and why should Clooney hide another woman and try to make her jealous with his press releases? Ridiculous. He should rather do something to be taken for serious. If I was a woman, I would just run away from him, because I would think this man drank too much bongwater.
    50 years old and still no sign he could become an adult, what a misery.

  33. Scarlett says:

    Lots of articles on his 5oth birthday, in all of them they write he was dining out with Canalis but, strangely, no photos of the two together…. Only old photos.

    Has anybody seen pics of this dinner at Mr Chow’s?

  34. Scarlett says:

    Lots of coverage on Clooney’s birthday,
    innumerable articles ALL showing old photos of the two. ALL articles report that he dined out with Canalis at Mr Chow’s, but there isn’t a single pic of them. Strange. Let’s wait and see.
    But it’s starting to remind me of Canalis’s GHOST visit in Kentucky where she was supposedly shown around his birthplace, dined out with “her in-laws”, visited the Rosemary Clooney foundation, but since then (mid Febr.) not a pic of this event has ever posted on the net.

  35. Barkley says:

    Maybe because George loves a girl, it is obviously seen that he is in love, but she maybe dates someone else so he tries to show that he also dates someone. Or let’s assume another version that he wants open relationship because tired from all these rumors but she for some reason wants to leave it private.

  36. Let’s reflect says:

    Let’s imagine that George’s real girl comes of a good family and she cannot allow herself to look like one of the hookers in the eyes of publicly. Or she might also have a serious job.. We can imagine that this kind of talks would have been about her as well and how it could affect her career and other items.. This is a direct response to this question, but the situation might be even more complicated..
    The fact that Elisabetta is a contract escort was clear to everyone long ago and two years contract comes to an end. So now she tries to write stories and makes photoshopped Photoshop to stay afloat as long as possible and make some more money.

  37. Lorenzo says:

    What a nice fairy tale.
    I would buy it, if he would sell the story, ahahaha.
    Poor woman, she should date as many other men as she can and enjoy life without him, because he is definitly not “THE ONE”.

  38. Katiedot from clooneysopenhouse dot com says:

    I think the press are going a bit overboard on this whole “he celebrated his birthday at Mr Chow” thing.

    I think this was a nice dinner the day before his birthday. There’s no law against eating out more than once in a week and he has been seen there before.

    I’d doubt that Elisabetta was there alone with George as he has a tendency to go out en masse with friends who rarely get reported because they’re not famous so no one knows who they are.

    As for the food at Mr Chow not being good, maybe or maybe not. Ever considered that perhaps George likes it?

  39. Katy says:

    @Lorenzo and do you know this story? Tell us more, what do you know about this girl?

  40. Point says:

    In fact none can give advises to this girl what she should do or not. And if she does something she has her reasons. She has enough of intelligence and money not to get under someone’s manipulation. Yes, they have an age difference but one standard of intellect. And maybe they were trying to be separately, but being together is still probably better for them.

  41. jill says:

    “Maybe because the voice comes with a great ass and an Adam’s apple? Just sayin’.” LOL!!

    Canalis indeed looks like a 45 year old man.

  42. horse-face says:

    I think this is a fake relation-ship and Elisacessa Cagnalis’s trying to make much money as possible with this!
    can’t GC say to media that he has broke with her???
    Her square and emaciated horse-face is really ugly! the cokewo.hre reallylooks like a man!

  43. Lucy says:

    #23: I agree with you! I stated before here in one past thread that I don’t think he is fertile.

    Anyway, I never bought the PR theory about their relationship. I think they are together. I also think he likes her, but he knows she does not sell a good image to his audience and he does not want this to take the focus from his humanitarian efforts. If she did have a great image, I assumed he would had brought her to the dinner with President Obama last April.
    At the same time, he gets privacy by putting her on the spotlight, he is trying to help her launch her career in US by doing jobs not associated with his image, which we all know it has not worked yet (since she likes to be the girlfriend of___ and lack of talent in pretty much everything she has tried to do).
    I also find interesting that TMZ used to have photos of every opportunity she showed her butt and now they never report anything about her (not even the”outrageous” dance moves at SanRemo Festival). But the moment GC’s name was linked to Berlusconi’s trial, TMZ was the first vehicle to publish GC’s opinion about being called to testify…

    ps: Either way, thanks GC for keeping your private life private, at last…

  44. Kiska says:

    Never ever found this man even remotely attractive or talented. As for his trick, she does have strong features but she is beautiful when she lightens up the make-up. Too much and she looks like a tranny.

  45. Be real! says:

    George has never helped Canalis to make a career in US. In this engaged the group that sponsors Leverage. George duty was periodically to appear with her on the photos, that’s all. There are many witnesses who can confirm that these two are not just do not like each other, they cannot stand each other at all. And now, when George does not give her opportunity to PR herself, she is trying to defame him and made Peta promo on the eve of his birthday.
    If we follow your theory, then why Canalis PR makes fake photos and disseminates information about her meetings with George which had never actually happened! All what you have written is absurd, Lucy!
    And just so you know in contract there is a point according to which they are not eligible to become pregnant, ie with other words Canalis and her bf Davide R now cannot conceive children until the end of the contract.

  46. Be real! says:

    #23: yes, George has never seen his mother, he grew up an orphan without a father. And so he never had any guidance in life and felt in love with Canalis??!! Oh please! Be realistic!

  47. This is stupid says:

    @Truth will set you free- I know nothing except all this is insane. Good try Goofy!

  48. poof says:

    Love Clooney. He looks like my guy so off course I think he is gorgeous.

  49. spotchecker says:

    @ ec, her pr team

    no pictures, no glory.

    @ several posts

    re: this mystery woman [busty brunette?] is she even aware that she’s on the cloons radar? that she’s-the-one? sort of thread running through these posts? he’s not exactly the sort of celebrity who can just run around in public, and go up to every woman he has feelings for and say “Let’s do this!”.

    this thread is getting dumber than canalis. so i’m going to play a little game of ’6 degrees of kevin bacon’ w/ myself.
    1. on 1 of the entertainment shows, kirstie allie was said to have been exiting from mr.chow’s after having dinner w/ kelly preston.
    2. kelly preston, now mrs. john travolta, used to live w/ george clooney.
    3. kelly preston gave gc max, his vietnamese pot belly pig.
    4. the present head of the world health organization, or the last one, i can’t quite remember now, was from, vietnam. gc has probably met or dealt w/ the WHO in the course of his work w/ sudan.

    i know, world health organization.. bor-ing. but in my universe, it makes total sense.

  50. Grandma Party says:

    @spotchecker: So in your universe, Kelly Preston and Canalis are his ex. And Kristie Alley is his pig’s ex? Too many exes in one place. He could spend the time and more pleasant. This story Mr Chow is a full trash as well as a trash all those who were attached to this.

  51. Truth will set you free says:

    @ This is stupid: It is not insane but commerce. I said as it is. Time will tell more!

  52. Annebigsmile says:

    Two days after the birthday NO pics
    of the pre birthday dinner at Mr Chow’s.
    Very suspicious….
    And the mega party supposedly planned, organized, paid by Canalis about which the press has been talking for months??
    NO George, NO Party.
    Not a single word about it, then there was no party.
    The two haven’t been spotted together since last Christmas. Either he has dumped her or the contract has really ended. One thing is sure: he’s not in love with her, he doesn’t give a s… about that tranny. He wouldn’t let MONTHS go by without being with her.

  53. Lorenzo says:

    @ Katy
    Well it is the most romantic story I ever heard.
    They know each other for 4 years now and they talk on the phone for hours about music, art, movies, politics and love.
    There must be some invisible bond between them, because he is always with her every day and whatever she does, she knows, he is there, watching her. And whatever he did, she always took him back, because she cannot live without her heart which he had stolen from her.
    He is a very strong powerful man known all over this planet, but she is fragile and tries to hide from the world.
    That does not go together.
    So, now I talked, I think this comment will be my ticket to mental hospital, good bye :)

  54. spotchecker says:

    @ #45 Be reall:

    thought the contract was already o-ver..

    @ # 50 Grandma Party

    1. i was merely pointing to an entertainment show debunking ec’s pr team’s lie to people mag @ kirstie allies’ tweet. the tv report was @ how kirstie allie had just had dinner w/ kelly preston [present mrs. john travolta, ex-gc gf, pet pig gifter] @ mr.chows, and that was all. no party. they would have said something if something had happened, at least in this case. no pictures, no glory. ec has nothing.

    2. i was in-no-way, equating ms. allie w/ a pig, any pig, including the former & beloved max, whom we all miss dearly. [he was a good pig.]

    i was merely suggesting, again, by way of a game, that as time moves only forward in the space-time continuum, so should this conversation

    re: the unknown lady he’s supposedly in love with. those lines were in order, and you went backwards. [cease and desist! s'il vous plait!]

    this is all on a similar level of speculation w/ me as w/ alien abductions. in fact, i would greatly appreciate, if said aliens would abduct ec, as she seems like the kind of gal who’s really into anal probes.

    @ #52 Truth will set you free

    she should be paying him at this point. although hits on these pages may be paying both of them, and this was a bday present for gc as well.

  55. Balmoral says:

    How about everyone gets a life and assumes that
    George obviously knows what he is doing and it works for him ! If it didn’t he would change his ways he has the money the looks the power to do whatever the fck
    he wants to do so … let the stunning 50 year old do his thing and as his audience or fans we should just enjoy the ride ! I happen to think Elisabetta is quite
    beautiful in her own way and I do not care if she is
    the real deal or not. However it would be great if old George hooked up with his equal a fantastic woman !

  56. harfang says:

    Of course Clooney has a fundamental right to be a closet case and have a beard, and the beard is a grown woman who can make her own decisions. It’s not flat-out wrong. But that doesn’t mean it sits right. :/

  57. Camille says:

    Having seen EC on E News the other night, I found her kind of cute and charming to be honest *shrugs*. Certainly nothing to hate on.

    Its obvious she has a bit of a tough time with English so sometimes things can get lost in translation I guess, but her accent/voice wasn’t horrible or irritating to me.

    I just don’t get the hate with this chick at all. She seems pretty harmless to me.
    Do people ‘hate’ her because she is with Clooney? I’m not a Clooney fan so I don’t give a hoot who he bangs, I guess that is why she doesn’t bother me. *shrugs*

  58. observer says:

    Once again, it didn’t happen.

    Mr. and Mrs. Chow claim to have joined George for his birthday dinner along with the handful of C- and D-listers:
    “Clooney, who turned 50 yesterday, dined with restaurateur Michael Chow and wife Eva”
    It was just another restaurant seeking free advertising by using George’s name, as many other restaurants have done. It was a publicity ploy for Mr. Chow’s, a publicity ploy for the C- and D-listers, and possibly free dinners at Mr. Chow’s for a year for all the twits involved. Nothing says intimate birthday celebration like going out the night before your actual birthday to a paparazzi-hounded restaurant with mediocre food and eating with people you barely know or have never met and a famewhore past publicity contract escort, and somehow managing to do all of this without getting papped or otherwise photographed. Also, I think that a lot of C- and D-listers and/or their publicists search Twitter for tweets about wherever they happen to be or think maybe an A-lister could possibly be, and when such a search turns up an A-lister allegedly at such a location, they then post a tweet using the A-lister’s name because people searching for that A-lister’s name will then happen upon C-listers’s tweet, giving C-lister publicity by association.

  59. Betsy says:

    Observer is a well known delusional Clooney stalker who constantly comments on various internet sites re: George. Ignore her as she is likely posting under several different names in this thread.

    @Camille – I saw that E! News segment and it WAS funny. Giuliana makes such an a$$ out of herself on the red carpet when it comes to Clooney and I loved how Canalis was teasing her by bringing a gift for her husband Bill and blowing kisses to Bill through the camera. EC seems to have a good sense of humor, at least.

    Observer will now accuse me of being on Canalis’s PR team. Wait for it…

  60. observer says:

    @”Betsy,” more defamation attempts towards anyone who criticizes Canalis? Is that all you got? You should come up with something original.

    The ONLY nickname I use to post on Celebitchy is Observer. My IP addresses all resolve to real IPs in the same city. There are some different IPs due to the fact that I don’t always post from home, but they are all real IPs and all in the same city. Fact.

    Instead of attacking anyone who criticizes Canalis, i.e. posts the facts, why don’t you actually address the content of such posts and dispute them if you can? Oh, that’s right, because you can’t dispute the truth, and all you can do is defame and try to intimidate anyone who posts the truth.

  61. About G-girl says:

    @ Lorenzo 37# HAAAAAA hAA hA no one will handle her! Her you can take not with quantity but only with quality! He must be mature and very smart.

  62. Teddy says:

    George wins in front of any other guys! Definitely!

  63. This is stupid says:

    Guys all this sounds like a load of ca ca. This nonsense needs to stop, it really do.

  64. Todsy says:

    So Betsy, is this (follow the link) who “Observer” really is?

  65. observer says:

    @”Todsy,” is that who you really are? Gee, more defamation and intimidation attempts in an effort to whitewash the trashy skanknalis. George ended the publicity agreement with skanknalis in December. He will be doing nothing more to help her get publicity. She’s ungrateful, pure trash. It’s over and has been for several months. Deal with it.