January Jones’ baby-daddy possibilities: Adrien Brody, Jeremy Piven or Becks?!


I get that not everybody is as obsessed with figuring out January Jones’ baby-daddy secrets of doom, but I AM. I think this whole situation is rather fascinating, because I’ve long held a pretty low opinion of January as a person, and this “choice” that she’s making to withhold the name of the baby-daddy and become a single mother… well, it just feels like there’s something more to it. Something dirtier. Definitely something dirtier than just the easy explanation of her ex, Jason Sudeikis.

What surprises me is that the tabloids aren’t all over it – she’s a pretty actress, a red carpet Fashion Girl, in a hit TV show and she’s making her way into more and more films. Why are the tabloids not all over this? Some restrained sense of decency? Yeah, right. It’s more likely that they’re not all over this because no one is talking. January has this secret locked down! Which makes me respect her a little bit. Anyway, here’s one of the few stories I could find in this week’s tabloids:

Paging Maury Povich! January Jones has announced her pregnancy but has yet to reveal her baby’s daddy. According to a friend, January is in her second trimester, and says that odds are that SNL star Jason Sudeikis is the father, as the math adds up.

“They broke up in the beginning of the year, so unless January strayed, Jason is probably the dad,” the pal explains. But in the past year, she’s also dated Jeremy Piven, Adrien Brody and a mystery producer, says an insider.

Regardless, “January is keeping the baby with or without a man,” her friend adds. “She’s 33 and ready to be a mom.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Hm… Jason, Jeremy “Jailbait” Piven, Adrien “Douchestache” Brody, or Mystery Producer? What about Bobby Flay? What about her dear friend Jack Nicholson? What about some random married dude? The possibilities are endless! In my mind.

By the way, January recently went to a Lakers game (where JACK NICHOLSON regularly appears!), and photographers got some photos of January chatting with David Beckham. So, obviously, Becks in the baby-daddy mix too.




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  1. anoneemouse says:

    I bet it’s a Flay baby!

  2. talia says:

    the tabloids aren’t on it, cause she’s boring. She makes even potentially scandalous baby daddy issues boring.

  3. Liana says:

    she also could have been artifically inseminated, which might also jive with the Sudeikis story of him ending the relationship because she wanted kids.

    @anoneemouse: would that be a Flayby?

  4. Zelda says:

    Not to hijack this thread, but this is pregnancy related!

    Has anyone read this blind gossip item yet about a pregnant star who has yet to announce: http://blindgossip.com/?p=28397

    Anyone else think it could be Scarlett Johanson?
    I haven’t been as into the Penn-Johanson threads as everyone here, but that is my guess…
    It would be interesting.

  5. HotPockets says:

    I am thinking that whomever the baby daddy is, he is probably MARRIED, hence why no one has come forth.

  6. RHONYC says:

    Jeremy Piven? really?

    sh!t, she better hope the kid gets her looks or she’s gonna have to raise a lil ‘Mr. Potato Head’! :-(

  7. your mama says:

    Her and Becks would make the cutest baby! Heck, Becks + anyone would make the cutest baby!!!!!!!!!! :)
    (Whoops – a duplicate. Must have gotten excited over Beckham. LOL! There is no delete button so, sorry for the dup)

  8. brin says:

    Maybe it’s Swizz Beatz…lol!!!

  9. Rita says:

    Since the article is “paging” Maury Povich I can only assume he’s the baby-daddy.

    Morning @brin. I miss you too!!!

  10. TQB says:

    @Liana, “Flyby” ehehehehehe

    The logic of “they broke up in the beginning of the year so it’s probably Jason’s” seems a bit flawed to me… seems to me that getting knocked up by someone else is a pretty good reason to break up, no?

  11. arock says:

    @liana- flayby! hilarious.

  12. Lynne says:

    Zelda, Yes, I think it’s Scarlett Johanson. I saw a couple of pictures of her a few days ago and she had the look.

  13. Kaboom says:

    Mel Gibson, just for drama’s sake.

  14. Jackson says:

    I pretty much only know who this woman is from reading here. But…Jeremy Piven? I thought all women had higher standards than Piven?

  15. Eve says:

    Please, for the sake of gossip let this be Becks! *fingers crossed*

  16. Relli says:

    Definitely a flaby!

    Why well remember when she got in that bizarre car accident around Superbowl and acted strange. My theory is that she had been partying (and more with)Flay and the booze wasn’t going down so well, if you have ever tried to booze while pregnant (AND DIDN’T KNOW) its a weird feeling. She took a drugstore test came up positive, she FREAKED out (totally normal reaction)wrecked her car and called Flay. because right after that she was linked to all kinds of random dudes through gossip (Brody, sudeikis, piven)and then laid low for a few months. Then lo and behold a few months later she is pregnant and here we are guessing which guy it was that she was rumored to be with during that time.

    This is the kind of PR that only Food Network could buy, cant have Flay lose his nice guy image. And Jack might be her buddy because he can empathize with her situation, remember he got Rebecca Broussard pregnant while still with Angelica Houston.

  17. searching4grace says:

    Ugh. Looked at the blind item. Been pregnant. Had kid. Still creeped out by the little foot pressed through the skin. It’s going to be interesting when the baby daddy name finally comes out.

  18. Lucky Charm says:

    “She’s 33 and ready to be a mom.”

    That quote right there makes me think she decided to go the sperm-donor route and there is no “hidden” baby daddy, which is why no one is talking.

  19. really says:

    she is swinging low …… it’s a boy! ole Adrien Jr.!

  20. carrie says:

    or sperm donnor?

  21. Marjalane says:

    Crazy Ted over at E seems to think Scarlett is pregnant. I think J.J. is pregnant with someone who’s not thrilled about it. Red haired babies are so cute.

  22. Wastevine says:

    First of all, it totally doesn’t help JJ at all to know that I mistook her for Jessica Simpson in the header photo!

    That said, JJ always seems to me to be one of those, “I am trying so hard and really truly think that I am the best person in the room”. Everyone gives Goop a bad rap, but JJ, to me, has always reeked of “wanna be” and then also a slight stench of sanctimonious bitch.

    I would buy the donor bit if it weren’t for the fact that JJ made little effort to not get papped coming and leaving being with various men, in various locations, including that stellar picture that had “dirty stay out” all over it. I think she was traipsing around town, sampling the various leading man tapas, in addition to possibly wanting a child. But to think that a woman who clearly was personally laying down the pipes of her tracks to ensure she was on the right one would get pregnant on purpose, at the height of her career is fooling themselves!

    No way this pregnancy was planned, and she kept it a secret for as long as possible, waited until the ROYAL WEDDING to drop the announcement and clearly girl can’t hide the belly anymore, she’s so slight to begin with. I think it’s one of these men, but she didn’t tell anyone who, including the father, probably knowing they didn’t share her vision of baby thems running around. She just trolled along, keeping a low profile, planting seeds in her costars etc about how much she wanted to be a mom, which was probably true, but even more true because she was already with child.

    She might have wanted this baby (I think she did), but I think she also wanted the family photograph, and since she didn’t get it, I think she went stealth without anticipating the bye bye birdie phone conversations and whispers it would elicit.

  23. lrm says:

    i have no idea, but w/any of these potential dads, we will know soon enough. one cannot mistake a mini adrian or piven, right?!

    as for scarjo-i called back with the jogging photos with owen wilson and sean penn-she def. looked pregnant there, and with the new white house correspondant shots, she really looks it. wow, i am def. surprised about it, actually.
    but if the rumors of her sleeping her way to the top are true, then this makes sense. have a kid with a lifelong A lister, high profile, and you will always be in the limelight and have connections if you want them.

  24. Muttus says:

    What if the baby is her buddy Jack’s? I am sure he would’ve been more than happy to oblige.

  25. Jen34 says:

    What I find most baffling is how January Jones is so beautiful on Mad Men and so not beautiful in every photo I’ve seen of her. They must have some makeup wizards on that set.

  26. Kim says:

    Who cares. She will be D list soon. She doesnt have any talent- she got lucky with Mad Men. And after having a baby she will have even harder time finding work. LOVE her purse!

  27. Kim says:

    What about Bobby Flay? Werent they fooling around a few yrs ago?

  28. GQ says:

    I don’t get hate for her. Not the best actress out of here, but pretty, stylish and not attention whore(she doesn’t visit opening of every envelope and her privat life is mostly in mistery, so it is difficult to figure out who’s baby daddy)

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    It’s a Flayby. Definitely.

    Can’t wait to see the little ginger babe!

  30. Quest says:

    I had to do a double take when I saw Becks name mentioned….OMFG

  31. moonbeams says:

    I seriously doubt Becks, Nicholson or Piven have anything to dol with this one.

    I think it’s likely Sudeikis’ kid. and they had a huge falling out about it.

    Good for Januray. One thing I can’t help but notice. It is a cnstant with all celebrities too. Why do we always think we know who they’re friends with. Why do we act surprised and think the worst when we see a picture of her talking to Becks. it’s really kind of dumb.

  32. Lisa Turtle says:

    Just commenting to signify my approval of the continued coverage of Ms. Jones & her immaculate conception.

  33. Zoya says:


    I feel these baby-daddy guessing game posts are extremely sexist. I’m sure that’s not your intention but if you think about it, you’re basically bullying a woman to reveal private info regarding the father of her child by accusing her of being a whore… =/ that’s really is unfair.

  34. Kimberly says:

    Mystery producer?

    Well that explains her sudden film credits, since her acting chops aren’t top notch. JJ has always reeked of insecurity and neediness in every interview, it’s kinda sad.

  35. Tiffany says:

    @ Lisa Turtle. I don’t think Kaiser was going for sexism with this blog. She was talking about the fascination of who the father is, there was no bullying in what she wrote. @ Kaiser. I am with you, this one is tweeking my interest as well. Normally I’m all let them be because a child is coming who had no control over their parents. Now this baby daddy mystery is AWESOME. No drams, just mystery and its GREAT!!!

  36. Caz says:

    I don’t know who she or Sudeikis are. If she has had a mutual arrangement with a friend to have a baby but no relationship that’s Ok (my cousin did that). I’m not understanding her agent’s PR spin on this…are they trying to create interest in her by not talking or adressing it? Maybe she’s private and it’s nobody’s business who the father is.LOL at Becks being named as a possible baby daddy – can you imagine Posh’s reaction?

  37. Chris says:

    You think Becks slipped one past the goalie? :)

    I was gonna say Hugh Hefner, because she’s just his type, but then I realized at 33 she’s way too old.

  38. Alix says:

    @ searching4grace: The only way I can look at that baby-foot pic is to remind myself it’s a completely Photoshop fabrication. (And when you think about it — there’s a big ol’ uterine wall between tiny tootsies and mom’s epidermis.)

  39. Anon73 says:

    @Zelda — i am wondering if it’s Amanda Seyfried ??

    @Kaiser — btw what is up with Paris Hilton ?? any thoughts on her being pregnant ??

  40. mln76 says:

    Its obviously not Sudekises’s kid and I bet the Dad is someone behind the scenes monied and married since besides all the pap pics there is no speculation on the paternity… This also guarantees that as long as JJ stays quiet she’ll remain a working actress for at least the next 18 years

  41. flounder says:

    I love the mystery of this one!

  42. Newbie says:

    I don’t know why, but it just seems (to me) that all of this is to garner attention. Before now, very few people paid attention to her, other than to note she was “that girl in Mad Men”. *shrugs* Maybe I’m just being bitchy.

  43. dahlia1947 says:

    What? Some random married dude? I hope that Adrien’s the dad! That would be hot!

  44. c says:

    If she’s lucky enough to have friends that aren’t going to rat her out to the tabloids, then good for her. Pregnancy is hard enough without everyone sticking their noses in your business.

  45. Isa says:

    To be in her second trimester at 14 weeks she would’ve conceived at least by January 23rd. But I would say she’s further along than that…..hmmmmm.

  46. Patrice says:

    I’m slightly obsessed with this whole mess of a situation as well! (sooo Maury in its drama lol).

    The bottom line is, IF Miss Jones was intimate with more than one man within a certain period of time (using protection or not) there is NO WAY that she herself could possibly “know” who the father is. ALL men involved are/would be potential Dads.

    Just a side note to the whole random donor theory: The way things are looking, January concieved in January. Meaning that even IF she and Sudeikis broke up and she soem how miraculously went to a sperm bank in order to concieve a child in the month of her break up (seem highly unlikely) thenJason could still be the dad! It takes WEEKS for a pregnancy to show up on a hormonal/blood test so if this is the route that she chose to go, she could have already been very newly pregnant at the time of insemination unbeknownst to her or any potential doctor’s involved…

    Ergo, all of Hollywood’s C-List men should be afraid!

  47. Lisa Turtle says:

    Patrice – I kind of think it would be awesome if January was like “Yeah, I went to a sperm bank.”

    She’s in her thirties, she probably realized her track record with guys was not great and she wanted a baby. She has the money to hire an extra set of hands down the road when she needs help. More power to her.

  48. the original bellaluna says:

    To my fellow Flayby proponents – Where the heck were you when this news dropped, when “Flayby” was the first thought in my head?!?

    I don’t even know what a Jason Sudewhatever is! But I know JJ called Bobby (who is married to Stephanie March, of L&O SVU ADA fame) when she got in her “accident” (read: DUI incident) earlier this year after some sort of sports soiree. And that sh!t fits, now doesn’t it just?

    And Jeremy Piven? EEEWWWWW to the trillionth power. Not even with a 10 foot stick, covered in a condom or 3 and coated in birth control gel. How nasty!

  49. Jilly Bean says:

    keeping the mystery… its called working the press!!!

  50. 6 says:

    Isa- I think she looks further along also.

  51. Danie says:

    Adrian B was a very LONG time ago….almost two years.

  52. annie says:

    “But I know JJ called Bobby (who is married to Stephanie March, of L&O SVU ADA fame) when she got in her “accident” (read: DUI incident) earlier this year after some sort of sports soiree. And that sh!t fits, now doesn’t it just?”

    You “know” she called him earlier this, do you? That’s funny, since that incident actually happened in June last year.

  53. annie says:

    earlier this year, I meant. The Flay thing happened in june 2010.

  54. Isa says:

    Okay here’s what I wonder: Perhaps she got pregnant accidently and decided she was ready to be a mother and that Jason dude didn’t want anything to do with the baby.

  55. Lisa Turtle says:

    @ Isa

    They broke up in January. Which overlaps with when she concieved.

    This makes me think that they broke up before she knew she discovered she was pregnant. She probably found out shortly afterwards, and then either one of two this happened… 1.) She decieded for herself that she was ready to be a mother and that she was going to keep the baby and raise it alone, and because she was not “with” Jason, she did not feel the need to justify her decision to him. Instead she called her agent/publicist/manager and told him to contact Jason’s people to let them know she was going to be having a baby in the Fall. Evidence of this plan is that Jason knew January was pregnant, but didn’t know anything else about it.
    Option 2.) Is that January called Jason to feel out the situation. She told him that she was pregnant. He said something shitty like “Bad Timing” or “Whose the Daddy?” – or maybe he said that if it was up to him, he’s not ready to be a dad. January then decided that she was going to keep the baby and raise it alone. Evidence of this: If it was someone high profile there would be a custody settlement. Bobby Flay is worth $$$$; Jason Sudekis is not. Sudekis lives in NYC which is pricey as hell, plus he’s only an ensemble cast member of SNL, and hasn’t had any break out roles. January probably has a lot more money than Jason, and so sees no reason to acknowledge his paternity if he’s not bringing anything to the table.

  56. Isa says:

    Lisa Turtle- Those are good theories!

    I have also considered that she’s keeping the daddy a secret until she gives an exclusive interview…maybe with baby pictures?

    My bet is on Jason….
    Maybe they are in the process of negotiating on the custody agreement? The baby hasn’t been born yet.

    Or perhaps Jason wants confirmation that the kid is his and are waiting until the child arrives? I know if my baby daddy was doubting me I’d make him wait since the idea of a long needle going into my uterus freaks me out. Are there any non-invasive ways to test? Idk.

    I’m putting waaaay too much thought into this and am confusing myself!

  57. Zeddy says:

    From insiders source at X-Men: First Class location and re-shoot.

    One of these trios is the father.

    Guess who?

    James McAvoy – recently became a dad but grew close with Miss Jones during shooting in England. Jason was too busy to visit his girlfriend and James was there to ‘console’ the actress.

    Kevin Bacon – in full blown midlife crisis and loves blondes. Two Yanks in sea of Limeys tend to become close to each other. After all what would you do if you were invisible? How far would you go? Kyra was too trusting of the hubby and chose to stay back in New York.

    Michael Fassbender – ladies man. Has a reputation of shagging his co-stars. No different here. But did current flame Zoe was quick enough to insert between the duos before his frequent physical relationship with Miss Jones on the set erupts in long term consequences for poor Mike. He has a taste for exotic babes but nothing wrong going with ice-queens now and then.

    Two of them are ‘happily’ married. And we know chicks dig married men. Mike reminds her of Jon Hamm – someone she been attracted to for a long time.