Prince William & Catherine’s honeymoon delayed, royal portraits released


Haha, it’s just funny at this point. Just when I think “Oh, now THAT is the end of the royal wedding coverage,” something else happens. These are the newly-released OFFICIAL wedding portraits. There are three (that I know of): one of just William and Kate, one of William, Kate and the children who served as bridesmaids and groomsmen/footmen (or whatever), and one with the whole “wedding party.” The whole wedding party one is the one that I find odd – Prince Harry is placed in close proximity to his brother, while Kate’s sister Pippa is pretty much pushed to the side.


And no, I’m not going to say absolutely anything about the children. Why would you think I would say anything? This? Or this? Yeah, I’ve already said enough. But check out the little blonde boy behind Kate in this portrait:


Little pimp! He’s all “I could have any one of these bitches.” A little Prince Harry in the making, right? Let me see if I can find out who he is…he’s Master Tom Pettifer, the son of Tiggy Legge-Bourke, who was William and Harry’s nanny/friend. Interesting side note about Tiggy: Prince Charles hired her during the divorce to Diana, and Diana was PISSED about the hire. Diana thought that Charles had no business hiring a nanny for the boys, considering William was entering his teen years, and Harry… well, God knows. The boys loved their Tiggy, though, and that just upset Diana even more. Diana thought Charles and Tiggy were lovers too – and she said so, to Tiggy’s face. Sigh… there never will be another one like Diana. She really knew how to bring the dramz.

In other royal news (just let me knock this all out at once):

*Prince Harry’s Best Man toast was “brilliant” according to sources. Apparently, he kept it nice rather than “Hey, dude, remember that time we were boning those hookers…last year?”

*You can see some photos of William and Catherine (must remember to start using “Catherine” by the way) the day after their wedding (today) here. She’s wearing a cute blue dress, a black jacket and the same pre-wedding wedge heels that she was wearing the day before. William isn’t wearing a tie and he looks naked! To me at least.

*The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delaying their honeymoon! Boo! They are currently in the midst of a special “private weekend” in the UK (somewhere), and then William is going back to work (as a search and rescue pilot) this coming week. Here’s the statement from the palace spokesperson: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen not to depart for a honeymoon immediately. Instead, after spending the weekend privately in the United Kingdom, The Duke will return to work as a Search and Rescue pilot next week. The locations of both their private weekend before The Duke returns to work and their future honeymoon, which will be overseas, will not be disclosed in advance. The Couple have asked that their privacy be respected during the coming weekend and during their honeymoon.” It’s weird, right? I mean, I’ll understand if it’s the kind of thing where William was needed and it was all unexpected, but it also sounds very unromantic. Isn’t the honeymoon the best part of all of this wedding stuff? The honeymoon and the cake. And the biscuits, of course. But I guess William has been getting the same biscuits for nine years, and the biscuit in a different location really isn’t all that exciting?

Some additional wedding-day photos that recently came in:






Royal portraits courtesy of Fame.

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  1. theotheryael says:

    don’t quote me on this, but as a member of the military isn’t he only granted a certain amount of leave over the year? i don’t know if it’s anything different when you’re a royal, though.

    maybe he’s delaying for now so that he won’t use up all his leave right away, when there’s still 8 months left in the year?

    also, literally snorted at kate’s face in the carriage waving pic.

  2. JennJenn says:

    Kate’s face looks a little photoshopped in the official portraits. I think her fake tan was lightened, givng her face that pixelated look.

  3. Franny says:

    That close up of Kate’s face is the first time I noticed the lower eyeliner. I think it looks a little strange there, but otherwise it looked good from far away – I think it helped define her eyes. She is just so pretty.

  4. viper says:

    Don’t you people DARE come to the Middle East. I swear to God if it’s just a rumor I’m getting all my friends at uni and everybody we know and everybody they know to go and throw shoes at them. Hell I already have friends who live by the sea and Petra so we’ll know. There is no way in hell they are coming here when just miles away people are being slaughtered by their ‘friends’ NONE. I promise we are not going to have them enjoy a privilege our own don’t get to experience.

    They can go anywhere else I don’t care, but the Middle East is OUT OF BOUNDS TO ALL ROYALS. They have the entire common wealth they can sloth to.

  5. Hautie says:

    “Kate’s face looks a little photoshopped in the official portraits.”

    Oh yea… they messed with her face. Which was not necessary.

    But not his.

    Interesting. Cause he could have used a little more hair.

    And I never really notice how short Charles was till now.

  6. lisa says:

    She looks great. and if it is true that she did her own makeup..Well wonderful.

    I think it is a great idea to postpone the honeymoon. One reason is kind of gives the world time to calm down. They can sneak away and actually enjoy their time at a later date. I’m sure there are some disappointed paps that were preparing to hound them day and night. Cuts that craziness down big time.

    Smart move I say.

  7. Eleonor says:

    Camilla’s hat is crazy! I love it!

  8. KO says:

    my guess is they moved P to the very end to balance out the white. If she were right next to her, attention wouldn’t focus solely on here whereas the children are smaller and don’t distract.

  9. dea says:

    The little boy was a character. I noticed during the ceremony and at the balcony he did some hilarious faces/gestures. He will grow up to be a ladies man for sure. All these photos are beautiful.

  10. MoMo says:

    Yeah I agree that putting Pippa at that spot balances the white out a bit more throughout the pic

  11. EdithP says:

    I think Charles is shrinking! I do love the picture with all the little ones.

  12. bernadette says:

    Please,Please,Please Stop the negative speculation and Realize this is Protocal AND A STATEMENT LIKE KATES TIARA !!!!!

    Harry is next in line after William, this is a blatant statement ( along with all the other nuances) that after the diamond jubilee, the Queen will pass the throne to Will and Kate, bypassing Charles completly. As for Kate’s side we are being given her ORIGIN, Her bloodline, Her existance as it matters HISTORICALY, not as a wedding album photo.
    As a European I can assure you, EVERYTHING is calculatted and in this case, by the queen !! For future historians.

  13. Esmom says:

    In that close up profile shot Kate…er Catherine…resembles a younger Liz Hurley. And I think they whitened William’s teeth a bit for the official shots.

  14. Nanea says:

    Usually the parents stand on each side of bride and groom, father next to the bride, mother next to the groom.

    As to Wills’ parents… I guess they didn’t want the Rottweiler next to him, so they put Harry there. And by pushing Philippa to the end, they made sure people can fawn over the dress again.

    Those little flower girls and pageboys are too cute, all of them.

  15. StrawberryGirl says:

    I read that Kate and William’s first dance was to “Your Song” an Elton John song, which was also Princess Diana’s favorite song.

    In Harry’s speech he said that he see’s so much of their Mother in William.

  16. Dena says:

    The pictures are very pretty. I especially like the one where they are surrounded by the children. The family portrait is nice too. However, the official photo of HRH Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge (couldn’t resist) and the Duke of Cambridge looks positively Victorian.

    Re: Lady Louise’s wonky eye (I said it), I think I read in the Daily Mail (a while ago) that the family had or has considered surgery for her. There aren’t many public photos of her. She is Prince Edward’s daughter.

  17. Mairead says:

    Ordinarily, I’d think Bernadette was right and the photograph was arranged along iconographic lines.

    However, since the photographs are awful, I’m not inclined to think that much thought went into it. Seriously, the white balance is out, they’re over contrasted, over saturated and out of blinking focus. And don’t get me started on the awful photoshopping, William’s teeth look terrifying! Seriously, what is with this couple and bad photography – all of the Testino ones of them have been just plain bad and these aren’t much better.

  18. Janna says:

    It doesn’t even look like her in the first three photos. She looks 35 in it.

  19. Isa says:

    Can I just say that the hats wore to this wedding were like Easter Sunday and the Kentucky Derby all rolled into one! Wow.

  20. Jaxx says:

    Why did Diana get to be called Princess but not Kate?

  21. TG says:

    Can somebody tell me why they are going by the Duke and Duchess title? He is still a prince so why wouldn’t they want to go by Prince and Princess of Whales? And is Charles also the prince of whales? If I had schemed for 9 years to marry a prince nothing less than princess would do for me.

  22. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    The little blond boy is also William’s godson and the little brunette guy looks like a young “Mr. Bean.”

    @Dena I feel a tad bit daft for asking, but is Lady Louise the little girl on the far left (behind William) in the bridal party portrait?

  23. Hmmm says:

    Kate has a tan. Big mistake. If she wants to look older than her years, she’s going about it the right way. Her face looks really sharp and harsh in these pics.

    I must say, I will be so happy when Wills and Waity fade into semi-oblivion.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    I can’t stand Philip, but I have to admit, he looks damn good for a 90 year old guy.

  25. McMe says:

    I don’t want to seem negative, but why do they look so stiff? I know they must have been very nervous, but every picture or film of a public appearance seems very stiff to me. Not like two young people madly in love.

  26. You don't say says:

    The photo needed color balance, height balance (putting Prince Charles next to his tall son would make him look like a dwarf)and comfort to a small child–the youngest bride’s maid needed to be close to her grandmother to hold her hand, so Camila could not be directly behind the Queen, as she would have been if they had put Charles and Camila next to Prince William. As the Queen and Duke were seated, you needed the smaller bridesmaids on that side to they would not look so tiny. It is all about composition.

  27. Anastasia says:

    1. That bouquet really is too small.

    2. William doesn’t so much smile as show his teeth.

    3. I read somewhere why Catherine does not have the Princess title. She was not born to the sovereign, nor is she married to the first in line (as Princess Diana was). The Queen *could* grant her the title, but she’ll be a Princess soon enough, I’m sure. 15 years or fewer, depending. I doubt she’s worried about it.

  28. Anastasia says:

    Oh and while I’m at it, the Dutchess of Cambridge needs to stop fake baking and put on 5-10 pounds and she’d look less like a 35 year old.

  29. Chrissy says:

    I’m shocked at the first pic. It seems sooo formal and … I don’t know … regal. Which is great for a royal family’s wedding! :o ) The way her dress is arranged bugs me in that pic. Given the beautiful design on the front of the skirt, why is it in pleats?

    I’m loving all the Royal coverage!!!

  30. Vesper says:

    Delaying the honeymoon…how romantic. Considering Kate waited 8 years u would think William could at least take her on a short honeymoon. Follows the pattern though.

    They never really struck me as a couple in love, as in passionate love, they seem more like good friends, especially on his end.

    Re. Kate’s title, I read that she does not get the princess title because she is not of royal blood.

    @ Nanea – “the Rottweiler.” Too funny!!!!

  31. Dena says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader. Yes, that’s Lady Louise. I looked at the photo again and realized that she seems disconnected from the shoot. Everyone is piled on top of each other in a nice, fun, and playful way and she seems disconnected—through no fault of her own, just the placement.

  32. hairball says:

    I really wish well for them. I have a soft spot for William and Harry because of Princess Diana. Marriage is wonderful but is hard enough without such a public spotlight.

    I hope they married because they were ready and really loved each other. I hope they can stay grounded and remember what is important and block out everyone else’s opinions.

  33. Megan says:

    My mom read somewhere that Kate “0ccassionally smokes.” so I guess we know the secret to the skinny.

  34. beanie says:

    The only thing missing is Princess Diana..I thought of her and how it would be if she were here to watch her baby get married. The bride looked perfect and I wish for them many years of happiness.

  35. Dena says:

    I wonder if the jets at Heathrow were backed-up. Can you imagine having to cool your heels because you have to wait for the jet in front of you to take off?

    Also, if you can find her picture, I thought Princess Victoria of Sweden looked nice.

  36. junipergreen says:

    TG– She is technically the Princess William of Wales (not whales–those are mammals in the ocean), since she was not born a royal. But the title of Duke and Duchess is considered a higher honor than prince or princess alone, so they will go by that. Plus, her being known as Princess William just sounds bad, right? William has quite a few titles, actually. He is still very much the Prince of Wales, though. In order to be a Duke or Duchess you must also be prince or princess.

  37. Lushus L. says:

    @Dena, What? I missed Princess Victoria of Sweden? She is my royal role model for the perfect bride! That said, I loved Kate’s dress and I’m very happy for England.;)

  38. lrm says:

    wow i think she looks really beautiful, happy, and although somewhat nervous, william also looks happy.
    they seem in love to me-and in fact most weddings i’ve attended, including my own, were like this. you scarcely can think straight as a bride or groom, so of course you may seem stiff, tense or out of it, or disconnected from each other, even.
    It’s a show; and theirs is the biggest show of them all!

    They definitely seem connected to me-like they have an actual relationship. perhaps not as much in these photos, but in general, i dont get why people say it’s all fake.

    Plus, guys often are nervous about growing up and marriage is one symbol of maturing.
    Add to this his needing to step into future king role more seriosly as he gets older, and yea,i can see his reserve.

  39. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    @TG HRH Prince William of Wales has several titles, this is the newest one the queen bestowed upon him, mostly so that his new bride would have a title as well.

    If the Queen hadn’t conferred any titles on Prince William, Catherine would have become Princess William of Wales.

    Now William has been made Duke of Cambridge (in England), Earl of Strathearn (in Scotland), and Baron Carrickfergus (in Northern Ireland). That makes Catherine a Duchess, a Countess, and a Baroness, but it doesn’t make her a Princess.

    The Queen managed save us from the cumbersome Princess William of Wales address while at the same time not upstaging either Prince Charles or Camilla. Conferring the title Princess on Catherine would have done exactly that.

  40. KateNonymous says:

    I suspect that Pippa is far away to make it less obvious that Camilla is, too.

    Charles was taller in his youth, but everyone shrinks when they get older. Why, someday even James Cromwell will be down to 6’5″ or so.

  41. Nan says:

    I don’t believe the returning to work bit. Princess Di was the mistress of both using and losing the paparazzi and I think they’ve thrown up a smokescreen. Catherine looked far too happy as they took that helicopter ride. I just don’t believe he suddenly said (after arranging leave) “Hey, Kate, I’d rather go back to work than honeymoon with you, thank you very much”. And you can just bet it’s none of the places they’ve hinted at, but somewhere that’s never appeared on any list of possibilities.

  42. Girafe99 says:

    I think she will be pregnant within a year. I saw the highlights of the wedding last night and she did not look nervous at all unlike him. She looked composed and very much like the cat that got the cream, good for her! She has the best posture, very straight and tall

  43. Jacq says:

    Omg, you can totally see William’s bald spot in the second to last photo!! LOL!!!! (and I’m making a joke about how William looks like an old fart next to Kate Middleton, before anyone corrects me)

  44. Sam says:

    Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden was so beautifully dressed! She should lend her style advisers to Eugenie and Beatrice!

  45. Dingles says:

    I think Kate and her eyeliner is the real love story here. ;)

  46. kiko says:

    wow the guy that took the pics is no pro!!so many mistakes!!the kids are the true stars in the third pic lol

  47. Maritza says:

    Pure perfection, I love the photos everyone looks really good. They are a beautiful family. I wish them happiness.

  48. Helen says:

    Perfect couple..Best wishes to both of you!!

  49. bros says:

    kaiser-any shots of the shoes she was wearing with either wedding dress? Im dying to see them, but there are no shoe shots!

  50. Kaiser says:

    Bros – I haven’t seen any shots of her shoes yet either! I suspect that she was wearing some kind of heel, just because she looked so tall standing next to William.

  51. teehee says:

    Its purported that she wore heels, and that they had lace embroidery to match her dress.
    “It is said that, to make the lace, workers washed their hands every thirty minutes to keep the lace and threads pristine with the needles being renewed every three hours to keep them sharp and clean. Wow!”
    Type in lace covered satin pumps in google and you will get a McQueen design, which is likely very similar to what she wore.

  52. lin234 says:

    lol I don’t think a honeymoon is as big of a deal to them considering it’s been rumored they take so many that’s why Kate had to be a stand-by and not have an official job. Her real job was vacationing with Wills. So a honeymoon to them is definitely not as special as it is with the average person.

    Wills and Kate are using the title of the duke and duchess because Camille isn’t using the Princess title given the pr nightmare it would be with hardcore Diana fans. It wouldn’t look right if Kate was called something higher than Camille.

  53. JulieM says:

    Bottom line: There is only one Prince of Wales at a time. That person is Charles. William will become Prince of Wales when his father becomes King and gives his elder son the title. Charles WILL NOT be passed over for William when the “Chair” becomes vacant. Other royal houses abdicate, the Windsors do not. Kate will become Princess Kate when the sovereign gives her the title. Usually it takes years, even decades of royal service to be given the title of Princess in your own right, unless, like Princess Anne, you are born with it. And since Kate, at 29, hasn’t worked yet, I think it will be a little bit of a wait for her. Diana was never given the title of Princess in her own right, although as wife of the Prince of Wales, she had the title of Princess of Wales. It does get a bit confusing, I admit. But, technically, Diana should have never been called Princess Diana.

  54. badrockandroll says:

    Good job in straightening that out Julie! I have vague memories of watching Charles’ “coronation” as Prince of Wales when i was wee. It was an incredible ceremony. I read more recently that most of it was made up, no real traditions exist. But I hope Charles chooses to do the same for William when that title is free. And by the way, it would take an Act of Parliament for Charles to be bypassed as King (ain’t gonna happen) or he would have to abdicate/relinquish (ain’t gonna happen). So William, like his father and his bride, will be a “Waity” too. I just hope taht he won’t talk to plants.

  55. Zambi says:

    Wishing them the best and God’s blessing

  56. Luke22Wales says:

    Kate is technically a Princess, Princess William of Wales just like Princess Michael of Kent’s wife has always been known as Princess Michael of Kent, when somebody marries into the oyal family (a female) she takes the female equivelant of all her husbands titles, as for the title Duchess the heir and spair are usually granted Dukedoms at some point (E.G Prince Chales, Duke of Cornwall and Prince Andew, Duke of York) and younger sons are given Earldoms (Pince Edward Earl of Wessex, although they say when Pince Phillip dies he’ll be made Duke of Edinborough. There can only be one Pince of Wales at a time (the heir) and yes Dianna’s title was HRH The Pincess of Wales and then after divorce Diana, Princess of Wales just like fegie was HRH the Duchess of York and is now, Sarah, Duchess of york.

    A royal Duke/duchess is ranked higher than just a prince/princess besides the prince/princess of Wales.

    Just like Camilla is technically a Princess too, Pincess of Wales but chooses to be known by her lessor title Duchess of Cornwall and Lady Louise Windsor (the little brdesmade with the wonky eye, which is due to a medical condition btw) is technically Princess Louise of Wessex but her parents wanted her to be known as Lady Louise and her Bother as Viscount Seven though he is a Prince too.

    haha soy if i confused you, basically Kate is a Princess but a Royal Duchess is better than being just a princess.

  57. Luke22Wales says:

    P.S sory for my spelling, i’m on my cousins compute and the keyboard is weird lol

  58. Crash2GO2 says:

    Harry is royalty, and Pippa is not. Hence the placement.

    I have ‘prince’ envy. *sigh*

  59. jingles says:

    Thanks for that explanation, Luke22Wales! By the way, I think there is something under your cousin’s “r” button haha

    Can someone explain this to me, The Queen’s uncle had to abdicate because he wanted to marry Wallis Simpson, who was a divorcee which you aren’t allowed to do as Monarch. Camilla is also a divorcee, so what does that mean for Charles? Does it not matter because they are already married?

  60. jill says:

    there is no offense in Pippa’s placement in the official photos. she is not a member of the royal family. she’s certainly the breakout star of this wedding tho! i thoroughly enjoyed this event from start to finish. i am a sucker for royalty. and these two seem to be genuinely in love and friendship with each other.

  61. badrockandroll says:

    re: the whole divorce thing:

    England in the thirties was a totally different place than it is now. There was no “no fault” divorce then; you could only get divorced because of adultery or a high threshold thus hard to prove mental cruelty – really ugly court cases in either. Thus, the public philosophy back then: Edward couldn’t possibly be king because he was affiliated with an immoral loose divorcee.

    Twenty years later, Queen Liz’s sister couldn’t marry the one she should have married because of his divorce – it would’ve tainted Liz as Defender of the Faith, head of church etc.

    Flash forward to the 21st century: 3/4 of the Queen’s children are divorced (no comment as to nature of the remaining original marriage; no comment that that the Windsor percentage is actually higher than the national dicorce rate).

    And let’s remember that not just Camilla, but Charles is “tainted” by divorce. That’s twice as bad as Edward (and Wallis’s divorce was likely just a scapegoat for his basic unsuitablity for any position of influence – the man was thick and probably a Nazi). Charles is not going to lose the throne because of his divorce, or because of his wife’s divorce, or even because he will likely be of the age most people retire when he is called for duty.

    Don’t you just love it!

  62. orion70 says:

    jingles I think the Queen gave some special permission or there was some vote in government. It’s also a different time, and Wallis Simpson appeared to have a lot more controversy surrounding her than Camilla aside from the divorces (she’d had two), no one would agree to allow it.

  63. wifeyskarsgard says:

    All I have to say is Prince Harry is looking mighty fine behind Catherine in that picture.

  64. JulieM says:

    No, Kate is not a princess, Princess William is not Princess Kate. Diana was Princess of Wales but not a Princess of the United Kingdom, etc., like Princess Anne, for instance. Diana’s title was derived from her husband, not her own title in her own right because she was born royal. And Prince is a higher ranking than a Duke. All the royal Dukes (Edinburgh, York, Cornwall, Gloucester, Kent, Cambridge) were all Princes first because they were born to it. They only received their Duke title when they were given it by the sovereign or inherited it from their fathers. Princess Michael is not Princess Marie Christine. Prince Richard of Gloucester was Prince Richard before he was Duke of Gloucester.

    Badrockandroll: Agree completely. Double standard, different time. I also agree with you that The Duke of Windsor would have made a lousy king. His brother was the right man for the job at a critical moment in history. Funny how things work out.

  65. liv says:

    re: the edward and wallis simpson thing….

    - the 30s was a different time. divorcees were not accepted in court. when edward brought wallis, who was his mistress at the time, to a party at buckingham the king and queen were outraged. even after the duke and duchess were married, his family never formally received her. she was also denied using the hrh title.
    - edward was the Supreme Governor of the Church of England – which at the time, and until 2002, did not allow remarriage of divorced people with living ex-spouses. At the time, Wallis’ first divorce (filed in the United States under emotional incompatibility) was not recognized under English law who only permitted divorce on the grounds of adultery. So her second and third marriage would have been invalid.
    - the bristish and dominion governments told edward that the governments would resign if he went forward with the proposed marriage, causing a constitutional crisis
    - and don’t forget the nationalistic aspect. wallis was american and the brits were unwilling to have an american queen. at the time, there was strained tension between the us and uk. moreover, the british aristocracy looked down on americans.
    - and then there’s the nazi aspect. one of the reasons that the governments were so against wallis was that they believed she was an german agent. both edward and wallis were nazi sympathizers. they even toured nazi germany. during the visit, the duke even gave full nazi salutes. there’s also intelligence that shows wallis and edward leaked information to the nazis. when the nazi occupied france, german troops complied with the duke’s request to place guards at his homes in paris and the french riveria. the duke and duchess were later sent to the bahamas, where the duke was made governor (which he hated, he called the bahamas a third class british colony) to minimize their opportunities to act on the nazi sympathies.

  66. Caz says:

    Thanks for showing the photo of Catherine meeting Julia Gillard, our Aus prime minister. There’s rumours starting to do the rounds that they were going to honeymoon in Jordan but they were tipped off by the US that something big was going to happen and advised not to go…and now Bin Laden has been killed. What do you think?

  67. Micki says:

    I wonder what the real reason behind the postponed honeymoon is. It is the Royal family after all!Their appointments are planned 6 months in advance! I’ve never heard of anyone, who so spontaneously decided not to go somewhere. Just think for a moment about what logistic and security nightmare it is to everyone else involved! I’d be mightily pissed if my future queen and king so lighthandedly throw away weeks of work of how many people?
    If this goes on the Brits will be the first to complain how “common” Catherine is after all.

  68. Ferocity says:

    My boyfriend claims that WIll sets off his gaydar. I doubt it, but I’m just putting it out there.

  69. crazydaisy says:

    I think the bin Laden hit might have something to do with why they postponed the honeymoon. Travel alerts and all…they just maybe had a head’s up.

  70. Ashley says:

    Ferocity- I get that too, which is odd because he has had lots of girlfriends. I don’t know, he just seems kind of asexual. Maybe it’s because he’s so shy? I don’t buy passion between these two, never have. I know he’s Royal so affection is not their thing, but eh he might also be gay and that’s the reason for the lack of passion?

  71. Karina says:

    She looks so beautiful!