Hugh Laurie in Paris: has ‘House’ jumped the shark?


These are some new and newish photos of Hugh Laurie, out and about in Paris this week. Hugh rarely gets pap’d, so I thought we’d mark the occasion. I have no idea why he’s in Paris, by the way. Perhaps he’s promoting House internationally? Or maybe Hop? Maybe his album (did you know he recorded an album?)? I don’t know. It’s funny, I only really think Hugh is sexy when he’s on House. These photos aren’t doing much for my biscuits, sexy-time-wise. But give me an episode of House where there’s a close-up of his grizzly face with those beautiful blue eyes… and my biscuits are feeling naughty.

Recently, Hugh was confirmed for one of the biggest parts he’s taken since House – he’s going to take the lead in the adaptation of Lloyd Jones’ Mister Pip! Here’s more from EW:

Poor Hugh Laurie. Here’s an actor so convincing in his performance every week on House, M.D., he’s often associated with being just as cranky and biting as the show’s titular character.

When it was reported by Deadline that Laurie was set to appear in director Andrew Adamson’s big screen adaptation of Lloyd Jones’ Mister Pip, nowhere in his character’s description do the words “snippy,” “mean-spirited” or “sarcastic” come up. In other words, Laurie, who is actually trained as a comedic actor, seems to be putting an end to any typecasting.

Alas, the Golden Globe-winning actor would be set to play the role of Mr. Watts, the last white man remaining on the war-torn island of Bougainville. After Watts opens a school on the island, he bonds with his young students over his favorite novel, Great Expectations. You’re hearing House-like quips in your head right now, aren’t you?

Still, it will be nice for the actor (nice being the operative word), who can currently be heard in Hop as the voice of Russell Brand’s fluffy patriarch, to show off his diverse range of acting skills with moviegoers. Although will House fans be willing to see him in a new light? Moreover, could this slightly hurt Laurie’s chances for snagging the still-vacant role of Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games? Thanks to the rough-around-the-edges demeanor he’s become almost synonymous with, Laurie’s name has been coming up quite a bit as a suggestion for someone who could play the boozy mentor.

But when it comes to an actor like Hugh Laurie, we’re willing to go in whatever direction he does.

[From Entertainment Weekly]

Aw, it sounds like a nice role for him. Considering one of my favorite movies of all time, Sense & Sensibility (the Emma Thompson-Kate Winslet version) has a younger, lovely Hugh Laurie in a smaller role, I am already willing to accept Hugh in non-House roles.

But, since we’re talking about House, can we talk about what’s been happening this season? This paragraph is full of SPOILERS for the current season, by the way. It’s my opinion that the episode where Cuddy gets “sick” and House takes some Vicodin and Cuddy dumps him – well, that episode was basically the end of House as we know it. It really made me sick that after all of these years, they finally got together and Cuddy dumps him over something so… I don’t know… something they easily could have gotten through. I’m still watching the show, of course, but it just feels WRONG. Maybe something interesting will happen towards the season finale. Fingers crossed.




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  1. hmmhmm says:

    its weird not seeing him with a cane…

  2. someone says:

    I love Hugh Laurie no matter what hes in, I have seen him in a couple movies, he even played Jennifer Anistons seat mate on a plane in an episode of Friends…hes very versatile…

  3. SHump says:

    Hugh Laurie is sex on a stick no matter what he’s doing. I find him sexiest when he’s being funny, myself.

  4. anti says:

    I loved him in A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Black Adder and JEEVES AND WOOSTER. I was so freaked out to see him as House that I didn’t watch it for a few years and had to catch up on DVD.

    He’s showing his range to the (American) audience.

  5. Janis says:

    @ anti Same here! It was so strange seeing Hugh with an American accent.

  6. BW says:

    Bertie Wooster forever! I cannot watch Hugh Laurie talk with an American accent. It weirds me out.

  7. LindaR says:

    I love that picture of him with his hand in his pocket. It looks like he has 3 arms.

    House has totally jumped the shark. I used to love this show, but now he sounds like he is just saying his lines and going through the motions. It’s a good thing there isn’t a live audience because it would get like Happy Days and ilk where everytime a character would show up for the scene, the audience would erupt in raucous applause and the actor would have to pause for a second. It might be time for House to go out on a high note (no pun intended).

  8. Roma says:

    I tried to get my friends to watch A Bit of Fry and Laurie for years but it never worked. One day I had a bbq at my house and someone may have brought brownies… lets just say thanks to Netflix all of my friends watched a serious marathon and loved it.

    I don’t get House this season at all. I’ve called a time out and I’ll catch up in the summer but I just couldn’t handle it week to week.

  9. TQB says:

    I love him whenever, whatever, however… I have this weakness for the English and English-looking dudes.

    But I agree – the end pf the Cuddy breakup episode just destroyed the show. The idea that Cuddy decides to start dating just-barely-sober House, and then dumps him a few months later because he had a slip? Garbage. If she’d dumped him for grown up reasons, like for being unable to be the man she needed him to be (which seemed to be what Wilson kept saying), I could live with that.

    But the stupidest part is HOW she dumped him – she goes to his house, post-surgery, and dumps him in the doorway? What is she, 16? Drama queen. You’re an adult and if you’ve made the decision that you can’t be with the person you love because of his drug issues, you DON’T dump him and leave him alone with a bottle of pills. Any reasonable medical professional (or human being) would have done their best to deliver that message and make sure he had support and didn’t just become a drug addict again.

    I mean – it’s not like she really had a right to be angry or even surprised. That’s why people are leery of dating recovering addicts – because they often slip up. You can either hang with that or you can’t – it’s fine, but could you maybe not destroy the guy’s life on your way out?

  10. stephanie says:

    house jumped the shark back in season 4. sad but true.

  11. Raven Sparrow says:

    Yeah he is in France to promote his new album because he’s going to give concerts here in France. He was invited on the 8pm french news on TF1 last night. He was great! :)

    His album is called “Let them talk” and it’s all blues songs. We got to hear a bit and I really liked it.

  12. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    love this man!!!! I would watch him, lick him and hit it…

    He’s the bomb.

  13. Ron says:

    I can’t believe shows like House go on for as long as they do. It’s the same story every week with a different character and disease name and then miraculously House has a revelation while eating a chinese chicken salad at Wendy’s and saves the day.

  14. Eleonor says:

    House has just jumped the shark, I stopped watching it when he had to choose the new crew.

  15. Danny says:

    Love the Laurie but House jumped the shark quite awhile back.

  16. Victoire says:

    Hugh is just HOT !

  17. olivia says:

    As for me, House ended long time ago, now I watch it just out of boredom when I paint my nails :)
    Hugh is hot, no doubt about that.

  18. Nudgie says:

    The ‘return of Thirteen’ episode was really great IMHO. A return to the great writing and acting we used to get every week on ‘House.’ If it has to end, put it to sleep – but remember, “IT’S NEVER LUPUS…”

  19. Jane Q. Doe says:

    I’d love to be able to hear him in person; such a ridiculously talented man! He acts, directs, writes, sings, plays umpteen instruments, gives an awesome interview, is by now filthy rich yet has been wearing the same belt for years, gracious, etc etc etc. And I could look into his eyes for ages…

    I think House would’ve been better if this season had been done in place of last season. House & Cuddy have fabulous chemistry (IMHO), but they dragged out the attraction too long. And as excited as I was to see their relationship become canon, I think the writers really wasted a great opportunity to do more than break them up (and in a stupid way). I have faint hope the season will end well, and who knows if we’ll even get a Season 8 to wrap it all up??

  20. TQB says:

    @Nudgie – Lupus is a boring diagnosis!!

  21. Lee says:

    The man is HOT…his wife is the luckiest woman in the world.

  22. Tiffany says:

    Has House jumped the shark. Yes. How to get back into my good graces, call Stephen Fry and I can easily forget. Someone needs to replace Robert Sean Leonard.

  23. Evy says:

    Yeah he’s in France right now to promote his new record “let them talk” which is quite good btw. He’s doing a concert in a few days in Paris (which sold out in a few days, of course). Nice to have him here :-)
    I agree that House’s last season is a bit boring but I’ve always been the faithful kind so I’ll keep watching !

  24. foozy says:

    love him!!! house rules!! the best character on TV. hope it goes on forever n ever….

  25. poodlemom says:

    Not only has “House” jumped the shark…but why did they get rid of Amber Tamblin??? She was so good on the show! I thought for sure that “House” was gonna have a creepy affair with her!

  26. Deven says:


  27. Ally says:

    I love Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard and sarcasm, so I should have been all over House, but I couldn’t get past the American accent either. I could just see him straining to wrap his mouth around every sentence; it was painful.

    Once the show was a hit, couldn’t House have had a stroke that made him speak in an English accent or something?

  28. Andie says:

    Hugh is great – the American accent was interesting after growing up watching Blackadder..he’s a very clever man, and doesn’t he look suave in that shirt with the blue and red checks? I am lucky to be married to a man with gorgeous blue eyes just like Hugh’ fab English accent though.

  29. House Fan says:

    House jumped the shark a while back when they had House committed to the insane asylum because he was seeing the ghost of Wilson’s dead girlfriend, Amber, aka Cutthroat Bitch. Still, the way they had Cuddy dump House was stupid and juvenile. Did she really expect a recently recovered drug addict to never fall off the wagon? Please.

    The House ratings are way down this year, too. But that has more to do with the thoroughly annoying character played by Amber Tamblyn – Masters. They completely shifted the focus of the show to this child prodigy character who assumed the role of past House moral compass Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison). Instead of being an interesting contrast Masters turned out to be an annoying know-it-all who everyone was supposed to be in awe of her intelligence. The character was one-note, tiring and flat. It didn’t help that Tamblyn has zero personality and absolutely no chemistry with any of the other actors. She certainly made me question why I was still watching the show. If I hadn’t known she was temporary I’d have chucked it in after her first episode.