Prince Harry snores, can’t wait to get Kate Middleton “under his wing”


These are even more new photos of Prince Harry training her ginger ass off on that freezing Swedish island, preparing to make his Arctic trek to the North Pole with Walking for the Wounded. Harry (and the charity) have done a good job of letting media outlets have access to the training site, and Harry has given several interviews on behalf of the cause. He’s fundraising! Good for him. Yesterday, the Today Show got the exclusive with Harry, but this morning it was Good Morning America. I actually enjoyed GMA’s interview with Harry so much more. He talked more, and I can see for the first time that he has a really dry, bitingly sarcastic sense of humor. JUST LIKE ME. OMG, we were so meant for each other. Here’s his full GMA interview:

It’s cute, right? He snores! And “something” happened in the tent. AND HIS VOICE, it’s so hot. It just adds so much to his sexiness, doesn’t it? And I love some of the quotes, especially when he’s talking about Will’s wedding: “It’s a big deal. It’s not just a normal wedding. It’s a really big decision for him to bring Kate into the family. We all thought that it was never going to happen for him. But it has happened and everyone is really proud of him. She’s a fantastic girl, she really is, my brother is very lucky. She’s very lucky to find my brother. The two of them are a classic match.” I also like that Harry cops to not really knowing Kate – she’s been hanging around for nine years, but she and Harry don’t really spend time together. But the way he laughs when he talks about “getting her under my wing” … it made me think that he would try to nail Waity! Damn, I hope Waity gets a piece of that.

Also – Harry wouldn’t admit to inviting Chelsy Davy, and he wouldn’t talk about the stag party either. Yeah, there were strippers. And porn. And somebody got pregnant with a ginger baby. I can just feel it.




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35 Responses to “Prince Harry snores, can’t wait to get Kate Middleton “under his wing””

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  1. EdithP says:

    I’ll get under his wing.

  2. ordinarygirl86 says:

    That headline made me think so many NC-17 things…..

    I’ll get under it, on top of it, 69 it, spank it and kiss it better- in other words :

    Call me Harry, we could do some things and I’d be cool if you decided to give Monica B an invite! Sorry if that was TMI

  3. brin says:

    Good thing Ginger is the “spare” cause he is one delicious scaliwag.

  4. Tina says:

    Isn’t he at Spitsbergen? Spitsbergen belongs to Norway, not Sweden.

  5. Photo JoJo says:

    Uh oh Kaiser, watch out – I feel Michael K’s wrath pointed at you. We all know Prince Hot Ginge is HIS! LOL

  6. notnormallyagingerbut says:

    Ohhhh I love him!!!! He is adorable, hot, sexy, smart, funny articulate, and rugged!!! Wowser. some girl is going to be a lucky lady…

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    Well, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed! (Hubs snores – I’m used to it!) ;)

  8. melinda says:

    I never really got his appeal until now. I’m finally on the strawberry bandwagon!

  9. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    We’ll snore together.. I want a piece of that!

  10. the other mel says:

    I ADORE him! I do think Bob Woodruff should have asked more about the trek he was on, out of respect for the Walking for the Wounded charity and the interview opportunity itself, but I guess that’s not what people want to hear about. Or maybe GMA edited that bit out. Good stuff, regardless. Harry is just so appealing. You Brits are lucky to call him (and William) one of your own.

  11. kiko says:

    wow hot HOT ginger man!!

  12. DeeDee says:

    He is just beautiful, and the new starring role in my fantasies ;)

    God, what a beautiful voice!

  13. Karrie says:

    I’m not going to watch this until I finish eleven to twelve more pages of work. It will be my reward and motivation.

  14. C-DUB says:

    Harry looks cold in those pics! I would love to warm him up a bit!

  15. ak138 says:

    He’s growing into his looks (unlike his poor brother). When Harry was younger, he still had a bit too much of the Scut Farkus about him.

  16. Lisa Turtle says:

    1.) That interviewer is terrible. One of the worst I have have ever seen. “How does your father feel, you know having his first child, first son, getting married?”

    2.) Why can Harry only stay for 5 days? He’s not really trekking to the North Pole… He is just training with them. That is kinda baloney, they’re trumping up his participation.

  17. Faye says:

    Hello Harry, did you know my 24th great-grandmother was Eleanor of Aquitaine? I’m royalty, so call me for tea time. ;)

  18. JennJenn says:

    When the princes were younger, I always thought William was gorgeous while Harry was rather plain. Harry has ripened to become rugged and masculine while Wills looks older than his years because of his sparse scalp and slouchy figure.

  19. Lina says:

    I can’t understand why anyone finds him attractive, Yeah he is a royal and he has a full head of hair That about it.. But if he was just a regular guy you wouldn’t look twice.

  20. sorrento says:

    James Hewitt must be so proud

  21. Rachael says:

    @Lisa Turtle:

    “1.) That interviewer is terrible. One of the worst I have have ever seen. ‘How does your father feel, you know having his first child, first son, getting married?’”

    I’m pretty sure that interviewer lost a decent chunk of his brain via a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2006. So if the way he talks sound a little weird … well, uhh, yeah. I would probably refrain from describing his interviewing style quite so harshly considering that it is a direct result of a major brain injury. I seriously doubt there are many of us out there who could go through a bomb blast to the head/brain and then do as well as he is doing now.

    From WebMD:

    “Woodruff also suffered from aphasia, the inability to find words. Aphasia is caused by damage to one or more brain areas that handle language. ‘I couldn’t come up with words and I didn’t have a lot of synonyms,’ he says. ‘It was hugely frustrating.’

    The effects of his injury are still apparent. Woodruff occasionally has difficulty finding words or synonyms. He is blind in the upper quarter of both of eyes, and he has lost 30% of his hearing in one ear and 10% in the other ear.”

  22. Anastasia says:

    I agree, that interviewer was HORRIBLE. First, he acted like he wanted to make out with Harry himself, and like he was about to. Secondly, what DUMB questions. So how does it feel when someone in your unit gets killed or injured? HOW DO YOU THINK IT FEELS, NUMBNUTS?

    Sheesh, I hate stupid ass questions like that.

  23. GimmeABreak says:

    @ Lina, that IS the point. He IS a royal and a nice change from all the other royal limp dish rags. And FYI, I’d wear his a$$ out even if he weren’t a royal and just simply rich as hell. LOL

  24. luls says:

    I didnt appreciate his nonchalance regarding killing people…. when he says “a job is a job”. At least he could attempt to feign some basic human remorse for potentially harming innocent people while serving his country.

    Once again, the British arrogance kills it for me.

  25. Chris says:

    He has a great personality too. He comes across as very down to earth and seems like he’d be fun to be around.

  26. Kristine says:

    Norwegian island, damnit. (Yup, I’m Norwegian)

    Also, he is hot.

  27. jape says:

    “Catherine” my ass, even he call´s her Kate

  28. texasmom says:

    There was a picture of him in my local paper swimming in arctic waters wearing some fancy survival suit. I swear he looked like he was dressed up as a giant, orange Gumby!

    Google “Prince Harry survival suit” and you can find video… definitely worth a laugh.

  29. Alaska says:

    Mmm love that accent. Call me, Harry! I’ll be your princess!

  30. Sandra says:

    … Buying ticket to Norway…
    … Take a cab to training camp …
    … Sneak in ginge’s cabin …

    Wait! Wachovia just charged me $5 for withdrawal, now I don’t have money for the cab to his training camp… Damn!

  31. Sandra says:

    @Texasmom lol! Saw the pic. He looks like Muno from yo Gabba Gabba!!

  32. guesty says:

    Firstly, kudos to Bob Woodruff for an outstanding recovery.

    Saving the best for last…PH!!! Even hotter when he talks!

  33. Amy says:

    So I think this link may become Kaiser’s new favorite website and I won’t be surprised if pictures from that website start popping all over Kate Middleton related posts lol.

    Knock yourself out:

  34. Faye says:

    @ Lina, I have a thing for red headed guys. No, he’s not extravagantly handsome, but he’s still good looking (to me.) If I met him in at school or something and he wasn’t royal, I’d still think he was yummy.

  35. Kitty says:

    He’s racist.