Kim Cattrall drunkenly berates a NY Post reporter


I’ve been somewhat surprised that Kim Cattrall has had career longevity beyond Sex and the City. I know people have opinions about the character of Samantha, but I thought Cattrall was the deftest and most talented comedienne on the show, and I enjoy seeing her work beyond the Sam character. She popped up in a small role in the completely underrated Polanski film, The Ghost Writer (I know, it’s Polanski, but it’s also one of Pierce Brosnan’s best performances ever, plus EWAN!). And my mother keeps telling me I should watch My Boy Jack, where she plays the wife of Rudyard Kipling. Anyway, my point is that I like her, and that she’s still working.

Her latest project is Meet Monica Velour. Kim plays an aging porn star/single mother, and I keep seeing interviews with Kim where she’s talking about how she gained weight for the role. Unfortunately, Kim doesn’t stick to her talking points in every interview. Page Six reports this morning that when they sat down to interview Kim for the film, she was a mess. Like, she was yelling at the reporter. And she might have been drunk too. Yikes.

Cranky Kim Cattrall grumped about Hollywood’s bias against older women after the premiere of “Meet Monica Velour” — and told us to get a “respectable” job.

The “Sex and the City” star, who has criticized Hollywood’s obsession with the young and the beautiful, denying talented older actresses plum roles, told us, “Ask me about being a woman. Do you know what it’s like to be 54 and marginalized? It doesn’t get easier as you get older.”

But Cattrall — who put on 20 pounds for her “Monica Velour” movie role as an aging former porn star living in a rural Indiana trailer park and stripping to make ends meet — had even tougher words to say about working for a gossip column.

When we tried to break the ice with Cattrall, mentioning a ridiculous tip we’d gotten earlier in the day about her getting a bikini wax — a well-tackled subject on “SATC” — she snapped, “That’s a stupid question. You’re a smart girl. How could you want to write that?”

She then turned her anger on gossip columns, specifically Page Six, despite our being big fans of hers. “It’ll chew you up and spit you out,” she said, leaning in and adding that being a gossip reporter just isn’t a “respectable job.”

Cattrall asked, “Why don’t you work at — what’s that news agency — Roybers?” When we corrected her, “Reuters,” she conceded, “Yeah, sorry, I’ve been drinking.”

But she didn’t stop there, ranting, “What about writing for a blog? Then you can write about what you want [or] care about.”

Cattrall, holding court at the after-party at the Pamella Roland-sponsored bash at downtown Hotel Chantelle’s rooftop, seemed peeved that because of our deadlines, we hadn’t arrived in time to see her movie — in which her gritty role is a dramatic change from her glamorous and famously oversexed “Sex and the City” character, Samantha Jones.

“You didn’t see my film,” she spat. “Why are you even here?”

[From Page Six]

Maybe Kim was just having a bad night. Maybe she was drunk. Maybe the Page Six girl was really rude. I don’t know. How bad is this? If it was a younger, greener celebrity, it would probably be worse, wouldn’t it? Considering Kim is usually a professional, I think maybe people will give her a pass, if they pay attention at all. I don’t know, it’s not like Kim just told the woman to “F- off” – Kim made the effort to give an argument for why she was berating the woman.

By the way, did anyone watch Kim’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? That junk was crazy! Like, she’s one generation away from a bigamist!



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  1. clorismetchum says:

    awww. love her. samantha was seriously an icon for me. still is!
    also, if she was drunk, more power to her. i know there were a lot of mornings when i was still raising my kids where i’d have to throw back a cocktail or two before i woke them up just so i could DEAL, ya know? but obviously, i couldn’t do that EVERY morning because i still had to drive them to school. now that they’re finally out of the house? most mornings you’d think i was running a bar!

  2. PrettyTarheel says:

    She’s starting to look like JigSaw. I’ve never seen the SATC movies (or SAW for that matter), but have her cheekbones/chin always had that difficult of a relationship?

  3. DetRiotgirl says:

    Well… In her defense, she was speaking to someone from the post.

  4. Just U says:

    Good for her!! The reporter doesn’t even bother to see the movie she’s writing about, but Kim is seen as rude for calling her on it??? I like her. She’s a real woman.

  5. Bellabumbum says:

    Kim gets a pass. She’s been doing some OUTSTANDING work on BBC Masterpiece.

    The Page 6 reporter is an idiot. Kim played a character on STC, Samantha. No reporter would ask Meryl Streep about a bikini wax while interviewing her about a new movie. It’s off topic and completely inappropriate.

    Kim is the most underappreciated actress, she has great range and timing. Unlike most actresses, when Kim plays a part, I lose all sight of her as a private person…she’s that engrossing in character roles.

  6. Sherri says:

    Who ever said that just b/c you are a working actress/actor – that you are no longer aloud to be human . . .to state your opinions to have foul moods . . .I like her, I like her for being ‘real’ – and not concerning herself with whom she may or may not be alienating – it’s refreshing to say the least . . .

  7. liz says:

    i always liked her even after the S&TC thing was killed in the theaters. eh, I like her…

  8. brin says:

    “Roybers”? Lol…sounds like she did have one too many. She probably thought the girl wrote for “Page Nine”.

  9. TXCinderella says:

    Maybe she’s just grumpy because now she has to play aging roles instead of the hot, young thing.

  10. SHump says:

    She comes off a a bit pompous and judge-y, but, meh. I can’t hate her for it. She’s been around FOREVER, and she’s got a point about how few good roles are out there for women of a certain age. We’ve got Helen Mirren and Glenn Close and Diane Keaton, so everyone else gets the scraps they don’t want, basically. I bet she she woke up the next day with a pounding headache and feeling like a bit of an ass, and really, who hasn’t been there?

  11. CubaLibre says:

    Good for her. I like her, she seems like an intelligence, gracious woman. She was also brilliant in Any Human Heart on channel 4 in the UK.

  12. Quest says:

    I’m not drunk and I say F_ck-off all the time.

    F_ck-off; F_ck-off; F_ck-off especially when there is something more to the story.

  13. Hollowdoll says:

    I’ve seen some interviews where the person asking questions is a jerk and the questions are stupid. I don’t see the interview as a big deal. I think it’s funny. ;-)

  14. motheroftheyear says:

    Whatever, good for her. I like people who call it like they see it-liquid courage or not.

  15. Roma says:

    I’d be ticked too if someone came to interview me about my work and instead asked about my bikini wax. That’s not breaking the ice, that’s treating Kim like she’s Samantha. But what else was the reporter to say? She didn’t watch the movie.

    Team Kim all the way.

    (p.s. Can I please come out of automatic moderation? I promise to stop dropping F bombs on Chris Brown posts.)

  16. Iggles says:

    Omg! I gotta see her episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?”! Thanks for the heads up! I forgot she was gonna be on it this season.

    Anyway, I’ll forever heart Kim Cattrall. I loved her as Samantha! She was perfect! And she played a Vulcan! Whoever can go from a Vulcan to a sophisticated NYC cougar, definitely has range! (Although Sam didn’t discriminate on age :)

  17. heylee says:

    I love her, I did see that episode of Who Do You Think You Are, and she was so beautiful and classy in it. Tracking down that information about her grandfather, who abandoned her mother at a young age… was really touching. She has also written some great books about relationships and I will forever love her because of her ICONIC role in Mannequin. Best 80′s movie ever! Why doesn’t she start a production company that makes movies with good meaty roles for older women?

  18. Ell says:

    I like Kim, I thought she was so lovely on Who Do You Think You Are. She’s often over her in the UK, guests on chat shows for fun and chat, not to promote something.

    At her age maybe she’s passed caring and says what she thinks. The pic of her in the purple hat seems apt and reminds me of the Jenny Joseph poem ‘Warning’.

  19. lucy2 says:

    She may have been grumpy/drunk, but I can’t say I disagree with anything she said to or about the reporter.

  20. RobN says:

    Those pictures make me think of Wayland Flowers and Madam.

  21. Isabel says:

    You know, actually, I get it. These people are human. Why COULDN’T the columnist go and actually see the film and ask about something other than a friggin bikini wax? Why would ANYBODY care about a bikini wax?

    It has to be so tiring dealing with these people. Especially those of the Page Six variety. And so what if she had been drinking. Stupid Post.

  22. Hautie says:

    It is time for Kim to do the mini-lift.

    Or stop harping about the lack of roles. As long she ages naturally she will not be getting the hot girl roles.

    I am, by no means, believe that aging is a bad thing. Nor do I want to see Miss Cattrall with a cat face.

    But she is aging. She looks 54.

    And that is the nail in the coffin for an actress trying desperately to get the roles for a 40 year old hottie.

    But she gets a pass on her little melt down.

    If you are a reporter and your job is to write about a movie premiere. Maybe you should have watch the dang movie.

    Before getting mouthy with the lead actress.

  23. Jayna says:

    Why ask her how a twenty something handled kissing her. LOL I mean, do they ask that question of Jack Nicolson, Clint Eastwood, George Clooney when paired with much young women? She’s beautiful. Insulting question but typical in a man’s world.

  24. TG says:

    @clorismetchum – You are too funny about the drinking and kids. My sister (a mom of 3) who lives in the suburbs said if you see a mom walking around outside with a coffee mug you can guarantee that’s not coffee in there!

    @Bellabumbum – I am not as familiar with Kim’s work as you are, but I do agree with you about just watching her character and not her. She had very good timing in the SATC series, unlike SJP (whom I adore regardless), who had very cheesy lines. Her character was more a caricature of Carrie, whereas Kim was Sam all the way.

  25. Hmmm says:

    AWESOME! And so refreshing! Nothing she said wasn’t the truth.

  26. citysuede says:

    you should watch ‘my boy jack’ it’s good.

  27. nikki says:

    I think you’re absolutely right, if she was younger and newer in the industry people would call her an entitled bitch but she’s “paid her dues” and had to answer plenty of stupid questions so I think it’s cool that she just didn’t have the energy for this

  28. Melanie says:

    I want to go to Cloris’s bar! Kim is a hero too.

  29. katielouisiana says:

    I love Kim Cattrall. She looks stunning in these pictures. F$%k that reporter and anyone who asks about your vagina grooming.

  30. LadyBert62 says:

    Sorry Kim – quit your whining. Perhaps you have landed in a stereotype with your horrible Sex and the City franchise – look at Helen Mirren who is 10 years old than you and has no trouble getting intelligent and interesting parts – but then she didnt sell herself as a sex queen and pen a book with pictures about her private parts like you did. I think you have reaped what you have sown – quite crying and complaining about it.

  31. Katie says:

    The Ghost Writer was an excellent film. I have mixed feelings about the Polanski thing, as far as, should I boycott his fims? I mean, it makes no difference ultimately if I do, but of course if many people did it would hurt his career. That was a great movie though.

  32. Sassy says:

    Rent Bonfire of the Vanities – she plays Tom Hanks spoiled wife. Was a brunette then, quite young and stunning.

  33. Riley says:

    The Ghost Writer movie sucked. I didn’t even know it was Polanski until now. I got it on direct tv a few months ago and couldn’t get through it. It is about as bad as The American. Not quite, but almost.

  34. someone says:

    Good for her, I have always liked her, and those reporters do ask some really stupid and embarassing questions..give em hell..

  35. Zelda says:


    Seriously, though, if someone I’d never met–someone who is supposed to discuss work with me– asked me about waxing my genitals, I’d say they lost their right to being taken seriously.

  36. ordinarygirl86 says:

    ” You didn’t see my film. Why are you even here?”

    LOVES IT!!!! A tad bitchy but I prefer someone with grit and personality then someone bland and boring (ahem Amanda Seyfried and Blake Lively) .

  37. Ron says:

    I love Kim. And I love that she just spilled it, and mentioned she had been drinking. Yeah for her. So many time people ask actors/directors/writers questions about a film they have not seen. Take the time, do your job as a reporter and see the film already. i just saw the SATC episode this morning where Samantha returns the vibrator, I mean if an actress can deliver the line “that one will burn you clit off” with conviction, she’s a freind of mine for life. So so funny.

  38. Sassy says:

    I’d be pissed, too, if asked about my bikini wax. I mean, seriously? And the reporter didn’t bother to see the film, which, um, would have been beneficial to the interview? Dumb.

    Team Kim. I like her.

  39. clorismetchum says:

    @TG: she was definitely right! i definitely wasn’t the only one doing it!

  40. harfang says:

    She’ll get a pass, and she deserves it. For one thing, while SATC was still current, she did a respectable (if annoyingly jacketed) sex book. She’s a very sex-positive person, and that’s worth a lot more than many people realize.

  41. Madison says:

    Good for her, the reporter got what she deserved. Kim’s not promoting SATC so the bikini wax question is stupid and then for the reporter to turn up and not even have seen the movie as Kim said “why are you even here”.

  42. Amanda G says:

    I don’t care what she does, she is fabulous. Her episode of Who Do You Think You was definitely the best one.

  43. HotLatino says:

    I only saw The Ghost Writer because of her, I love her so much, I’m gay and I’m 20 lol but I still think she’s one of the hottest women ever!!!

  44. HotLatino says:

    I really liked the Ghost Writer tho, I also like Ewan a lot and loved Kim on Who Do You Think You Are? She’s so classy!

  45. Someone Else says:

    Love her!

    My Boy Jack is quite well done. (Truthfully, I didn’t recognize her at first.) It’s quite refreshing to see her & Daniel Radcliffe out of their comfort zone but handling it superbly.

  46. Catherine says:

    She didn’t say anything bitchy in my opinion. She made valid points.

  47. Bellabumbum says:

    I highly recommend My Boy Jack and Any Human Heart. Kim was fantastic in both. She really deserves a GG or Emmy nomination for those films.

    In this day and age, movies fail to deliver, “Suspension of disbelief.” Kim’s acting in those films takes me to a different place and time. I love her. She’s an overlooked actor, genius in comedy and drama.

    People are too stupid to separate Samantha, a character she played, from the real woman, Kim, an actress. She’s feisty, intelligent and talented. She’s a dame, in the best possible way. Why is it ok for Liz Taylor to speak her mind, but it’s not ok for Kim? She’s a real woman and talented like Liz was. Love the sass.

  48. jenn says:

    She is absolutely beautiful, but beyond that — I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. I think she was just being spunky and opinionated. Drunk or not. Sometimes opinions are pointed, but at least she tells it how she feels. Reporters do ask some ballsy questions. If you are asked a ballsy question I don’t see what’s wrong with giving a ballsy answer. I’d love to see her and other older ladies regularly getting as many roles as younger actresses. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen til we get more producers that are women, and willing to lead and help create a new consensus. If older women are consistently portrayed as the leads in films, public attitude will slowly shift toward accepting/respecting older women as just as valid as older males.

  49. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol she makes really good points about everything… that “reporter” is embarrassing herself…

  50. truetalk says:

    LOVE KIM! She was the best in SATC.

  51. louise says:

    I don’t think there’s that much wrong with the interview. The reporter was ridiculous in asking about a bikini wax and not bothering to see the movie. Why was she there for the interview when she couldn’t even talk about the main subject.

  52. sorrento says:

    A female with a brain is always a big threat to the press

  53. Chris says:

    I’m always up for criticism of anyone associated with SATC. I thought the way it promoted the lifestyles of the self indulgent and vacuous was disgraceful. But then again I have no problem with Entourage. I better go away and think about that.

  54. Crash2GO2 says:

    Well, wtf? Why were they asking about a wax?? Wouldn’t that offend any actor who took their work halfway seriously? Imagine asking Daniel Day Lewis such a question. It would never happen.

  55. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I think you mean, ‘Kim Cattrall rightfully berates a NY Post reporter’.

  56. Flounder says:

    Team kim.

  57. rottenkitty says:

    She was also hilarious in “Big Trouble in Little China.” Definitely underappreciated.