Star Jones calls the women of The View “hateful”

Star Jones has decided to let it out about how she feels she was treated by her former co-hosts on The View. Star abruptly left the show in 2006, surprising even Barbara Walters with her announcement. Jones has previously said she felt betrayed by Walters, but her words now are about all the women she worked with on the show.

Star Jones is speaking out about how she was treated during her departure from The View in 2006.

“Those girls were hateful,” Jones says of her former co-hosts.


In a hateful little statement of her own, when asked about her former husband, Al Reynolds’ YouTube videos telling the world that he is still in love with her, all Ms. Jones had to say was “I’m not in love with him.”

She says she’s ready to be in love, though. Star was recently seen kissing chef Herb Wilson in the stands at the U.S. Open so we may be able to look forward to another lavish, corporate sponsored wedding in the future. It really was an ingenious plan. Maybe not too classy, but commercially ingenious.

In a new interview in the November issue of Essence magazine, Jones also opens up about “falling into a depression” after losing her self-titled Court TV show last year; her ongoing dispute with Barbara Walters (“Barbara set me up”); and her divorce from Al Reynolds, which was finalized in September.


While I wouldn’t wish depression on anyone, Star Jones just doesn’t recognize that she’s not a beloved or trusted personality. To fall into a depression after her most recent stab at television was cancelled means that she honestly thought people wanted to listen to her in the first place and was disappointed they didn’t. People don’t forget when you lie and take them for fools and Star blatantly told her core audience on The View that she lost over 160 pounds by exercising and eating right, insinuating she was better than the gastric surgery she was speculated to have had. She then thought everyone would respect and empathize with her when she admitted to the surgery. The course of her career since then shows that people didn’t do either. Jones is in talks again to return to unscripted TV, so she still hasn’t gotten the point.

Star Jones is shown at The Clinton Global Initiative afterparty at the MOMA on 9/24/08. Credit:
Michael Carpenter / WENN

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  1. Julie says:

    The author is so right that Star totally destroyed her own credibility with her ”I didn’t have surgery” BS. I believe everyone, even celebrities, have a right to privacy, absolutely, but either tell a lie and stick to it, or don’t lie. You can’t do both, and expect people to take you seriously. And the huckstering she did for her wedding, to begin with, was so crass and materialistic that her credibility shot down to negatives right there. I have zero interest in what Star thinks about anything of an important nature, and I doubt there’s a whole lot of people who ARE interested.

  2. Darlene says:

    For me, she destroyed her credibility with her over-the-top behavior regarding her wedding to Al Reynolds. She was so diva-like in her demands for free items, so cock-sure about their marriage, their love, how “no way could it ever fail” and look where we are, just a few years later. :( I do feel sorry for her, but she made this bed herself. Barbara and the girls may have fluffed her pillow, but Star made the bed.

  3. Julie says:

    I guess I only feel sorry for her in the way of her being too stupid to realize she is evidently her own worst enemy. I did think it was a mistake the way she carried on about her idyllic relationship if it should happen that they split up. I hope this doesn’t make me ”hateful” lololol. But seriously, Star should listen, she IS her own worst enemy. Scripted, unscripted, doesn’t matter, I put no weight to anything she thinks or says other than her own opinions. I really liked her when she first came in to the public eye, but SHE has punctured her own image, for me.

  4. vdantev says:

    Best job she’ll ever have or deserve and she f*cked it up all on her own hubris.

  5. lola lola says:

    Her ego has been out of control for years. Lying about the gastric was the final straw. I, also, wouldn’t wish depression on anyone but if thats what it takes for reality and Ms. Jones to meet, so be it.

  6. RReedy says:

    Stars’ basic problem is this: she really believes she is IMPORTANT and she is SO NOT important in any way. Period. She is one of those self promoters whose motives always leave a stink.She also has NO CLASS whatsoever..the kind money can’t buy and she and her fat friend OPRAH can’t obtain. EVER.

  7. Jody says:

    Did her depression lead to that self fondling in the header pic? Star Jones is a sad individual.

  8. cara says:

    Those women/beasts on the view are horrid. That pig Joy Baher, I’d love for her to be dosed with some LSD and then have that televised. She thinks she is so smart and she is an idiot. Baba Wawa…wtf is she even saying, isn’t there a crypt somewhere with her name on it? And the others, they don’t even exist in my reality.

    Give Star some credit and put yourself in her shoes. She used to be so fat that she got winded from just talking and she lost a lot of weight (regardless of how….myself, I’d blurt out the truth, but she IS a lawyer!!!) and she probably felt good for the first time ever in her life. And yes, I do think people who are that overwieght DO feel like crap no matter what they say. So, I’ll cut the girl some slack. But the things from The View….I abhor them. (Meredith was hot though and smart enough to leave) And are any of the people on the telly important?

  9. Julie says:

    I gotta agree with you, Cara, the women on The View are horrendous, pretty much overall!!! I have never watched the show, I have seen Star everywhere BUT on the View cause I couldn’t stand the coffee-klatsch nonsense and the arrogance of the presumption that the show MATTERS lololololol. And yes, as an overweight person who has lost 90 pounds so far, yeah, heavy people DO feel like crap. I had decided if I hit 300 pounds, I’d get gastric bypass even though I’m dead set against. That was 90 lbs. ago. :-)

  10. Diva says:

    Ummmm…. Julie?

    How do you know all the women on The View are horrendous if you’ve never watched it?

    Congrats on the 90 lbs, though. That’s not easy and it takes guts to say it on here where people can anonymously bash you for what you were. I think it’s an awesome achievement!

  11. brista says:

    Wait, did she divorce the guy that she had a big huge frou frou wedding to?

  12. Jeanne says:

    What kind of bra or undergarment is she wearing to hold those floppy old titties in? It looks like a shelf.

  13. Monalicious says:

    Watched ‘The View” once. Realized after looking at these clucking hens why TV is called “the idiot box”. How has this show stayed on for so long? All I hear about happening on it is someone arguing about something with someone. That’s why I like to watch wrestling. At least when they argue, they fight it out and settle it once and for all. Maybe we should let the ladies of The View box or wrestle over their issues!!! I’d watch it then!!

  14. Jamie C. says:

    Ya Know, Truth be told—-so many people are jealous and quite intimidated by Star Jones’ level of intelligence and wit. I cant help but guess—she is judged as such— due to her “dark skin” and much less unduly absence of any form of a zealous or pleasant personality—which tends to appeal to the masses across racial lines.

  15. Kat says:

    Looks like she’s putting on weight again. The chef must be feeding her well.

  16. Julie says:

    Fair question!! I have seen enough clips, and maybe flipped it on once or twice, lololol, and honestly could not stand the ”vibes” I got from whoever was in the group at that moment of just ”WE ARE speaking for all women!”. Uggghhh nooo you are not, you privileged ladies who lunch lololol.

    It was always my impression from the beginning that Star DOES have a keen mind but I never have seen her put into action for anything outside of herself.

    And thank you so much for the encouragement on my weight loss! Yes, I hate to admit I weighed a lot more when I’m not skinny now, lololol, but I am so glad I proved that even I, laziness personified, can lose weight the best way of all, less food, more action — blech!!!! :lol:

    Oh yes, I also want to say that I LIKED STAR!!!! I did, I was so pleased to have a smart, not-cast-from-a-mold woman on a show that a lot of people DO watch. I admired her, and wanted her to do so well, and I feel like she made a fool of me! Waaaaa lololol, guess that’s behind my disillusionment, she let me down!

  17. Miguel Baquero says:

    I have so much to say in response to some of the comments posted that I don’t know where to begin. Firstly, I believe that there is a way of getting a point across without being so hateful towards other people. That being said, Julie, I have been a “sort-of” fan of Star Jones since her days at The View, because I think she’s a smart, intellectual woman. Quite frankly, I always thought she was a beautiful woman regardless of her weight. Do I think she acted inappropriately in regards to her wedding or how she handled responses to her weight-loss? Perhaps. However, in her defense (and because you actually use quotation marks to quote her as saying “I did not have surgery”), she never publicly said she did not have surgery. The words “I did not have surgery” were not spoken by her. She did evade the question by saying every time she was asked the question that she lost the weight in part through diet and exercise and attributed it also to a medical intervention, though not specifying what type of intervention. This is not completely a false statement. Gastric Bypass is definitely a medical intervention. Also, she does claim to have exercised after her surgery. I also believe that not being able to eat large quantities of food (whatever the reason might be, in this case because her stomach was now the size of a fist) restricts caloric intake, thus making it a diet. So technically speaking, she was not lying. She did however manipulate the truth. Some people may take offense to this. How many of us don’t do this on a daily basis in order to protect our privacy? However, being someone who has lost 100 lbs recently (NOT THROUGH GASTRIC BYPASS but through diet, exercise, and appetite suppressants LOL) I can empathize with Star Jones. The weight battle is a very personal one that is accompanied many times by shame and anxiety, especially for those who are morbidly obese. Unless you’ve walked in the shoes of someone who is 100 lbs or more overweight, you wouldn’t completely understand. It’s a different world from where we’re standing. The world treats you differently and the new attention you get after the weight-loss is a psychological journey that many are not properly equipped to handle.

    Also, I think some of you (Rreedy, specifically) are incorrect in assuming that Star Jones is not important or has anything important to say or share. We all have a perspective of life that varies depending on our experiences that is equally as important. Star Jones is a very accomplished woman who is human and makes mistakes just as we all do. The only difference is that she makes hers in the public eye. All I ask of people is to stop being so self-righteous and before pointing the finger, reflect on the mistakes in your lives and think “would you be so unforgiving of yourself?”.

    One last thing… how can you make an assessment of the women on The View if you claim to never have watched the show?

    Miguel in Miami, FL