Jason Patric bashes Lady Gaga & Ashley Judd


I came across some of these hilariously bitchy (and true!) quotes from Jason Patric, 44, in the latest issue of OK! Magazine. (The one with the Bachelor split on the cover. Let me know if any of you care enough to have us report on that at some point.) These quotes are in an interview from over a week ago, but they’re new to me and are so good I just couldn’t pass them up. Patric, who you might remember from Lost Boys, is working on Broadway now and he really dished to NY Magazine’s Vulture blog. He ripped on how manufactured Lady Gaga is, called Ashley Judd a “lazy and arrogant actress” and talked about his relationship with Julia Roberts after she broke up with his buddy Kiefer Sutherland and the tabloids. There were a ton of good quotes in there, and he even brought up the Brangelina crap.

On how he supposedly decided against being a big star
I chose not to become a movie star for movie star’s sake at a time when there weren’t a lot of movie stars and that opportunity was presented to me. After the success of something like Lost Boys with Kiefer, I didn’t choose to keep making those movies. I mean, I made Rush when I was 24 years old. Shocks me when I look back it. I mean, 24 … kids are still in high school these days. Before I did Narc, I hadn’t worked in three years. I just didn’t find things I wanted to do. I had just produced Your Friends and Neighbors, which was exhausting and good, and I didn’t find anything worth working on for three years. That’s suicide in this business because you have to remain in the forefront of people’s minds and certainly onscreen, but I didn’t care about that. Early, the movies I was interested in, people’s work is what propelled their career. That has changed vastly, immeasurably. It started to change when I started and now it absolutely makes no sense of difference whatsoever. Doesn’t matter if you have talent. Doesn’t matter what you’ve done before and, frankly, the people with a lot of talent don’t give a shit if they make crappy movies for money because it’s actually more respected than their better movies.

On working with Ashley Judd on Broadway in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
I said I wasn’t coming back to Broadway unless I had more input and creative control. Look, you get to do Tennessee Williams on Broadway every twenty years of your life. And I loved playing the role and I loved the majority of my cast, but I had issues with the producers, I had issues with the director. I loved saying the words and working with most of the people every night. I didn’t like my leading lady. Ashley is just a lazy and arrogant actress. Let’s just leave it at that.

On Lady Gaga
This Lady Gaga is absolutely preposterous. This is, what? You take a shit in a Cuisinart and put some pasties and get Auto-Tuned and look who I am. Well nothing, you’ve been marketed, that’s all. If I was a musician maybe I’d get angry about it, but it’s just like, what? Again, just turn the page.

On his friendship with Kiefer Sutherland
I had not seen him in over twenty years, and about a year ago he called me and we had some drinks because he wanted to talk … he had just finished a show and he said I want to do some good stuff, I want to do some different stuff, good stuff that pushes me. He just wanted to talk to me because he said you always make unique choices. That made me laugh. And he wanted to talk about theater. We had a night talking, drinks, and I said yeah, well, if something comes up I’ll let you know, and eight months later I was like, You know what? Kiefer might be good in this thing. This year it will be like 25 years; we haven’t worked together in 25 years.

On the tabloids
Q: What about your mutual tabloid fame. You dated Julia Roberts right after he did, just after she was supposed to marry him, and then you two took off for Ireland.
All that stuff is made up, if you even go back there to all the archives you’re never gonna see any comment by me. It’s not like today, where Jennifer Aniston says this happens and Angelina says that and people give quotes. I don’t give quotes about anything. And everything that happened was all fake and bullshit and let them give quotes about whatever they want. Obviously people are gonna ask. They had a relationship that ended and I was with her for a little while and it ended. They’ve both been subsequently married several times and I think they’re fine. But we never had any issue, even back then.

Q: Do you guys ever goof about it now?
Oh yeah, we look at it is as a goof because we know all the bullshit of the tabloids and how all this is created and people Do. Not. Care. About it. The truth is, I don’t know these editors of these magazine, so they honestly think we care about Brangelina? We don’t. Not just me, nobody cares. No. Body. Cares.

[From NY Mag]

People care about Brangelina, just not the people in his circle in New York city. Patric said that he’s still single and might settle down at some point, but that he never really wanted to because he was so focused on his career. At least that’s how I interpreted his comments. He talks so much smack that it’s hard to know exactly what he means. Some commenters on this story are noting that he sounds bitter as hell, and I get that too. Maybe he’s always been like this though, which would explain why his career never quite took off. That would also explain why he’s trying to portray it as some sort of noble personal choice that makes him superior to the actors who “sold out” and are living the easy life. I’ll say something nice – It must be a bitch to deal with all the phonies and leaches in Hollywood, even for people who aren’t curmudgeons and try and be team players.



Jason Patric is shown on 3/6/11 and 1/18/11. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Anti-icon says:

    This is an awesome interview, because guy hetero actors don’t bitch tattle like this. How utterly refreshing. Join in the conversation Jason, because you have become suddenly hot.

    Got that. Jason Patrick, with his “diva” attitude is now hot.

  2. GraciexDoes says:

    Goober. Yes. He. Is.

  3. silken_floss says:

    Sounds like sour grapes to me :/

  4. b626 says:

    Yes I also skip over the Brangelina crap but always look for track marks in her pics…Jason was great in The Losers, playing himself?

  5. I don’t care about Brangelina. and I generally like what he says.

  6. Moe says:

    “I chose not to become a movie star for movie star’s sake at a time when there weren’t a lot of movie stars…”
    Was this 1919? What is he talking about??

    “I mean, 24 … kids are still in high school these days.”
    I don’t think you can find one 24-year-old in high school, dude. Quit patting yourself on the back for some kind of imagined specialness.

    “The people with a lot of talent don’t give a shit if they make crappy movies for money because it’s actually more respected than their better movies.”
    No, no it isn’t. There are tons of people who manage to make quality films and keep working. See: Cate Blanchett; Daniel Day Lewis, Dustin Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Javier Bardem, Lily Taylor… I could go on and on.

    Throws everything he’s saying into question. He’s an ass.

  7. lisas says:

    When I was 13 he was sooooo beautiful. If only he was funny. And didn’t have that chip on his shoulder.

  8. Riley says:

    He sounds like a dick. He sounds really insecure. He sounds like somebody who is trying to overcompensate for the fact that when people mention the name Jason Patrick most people respond by saying “Who?” Oh, and he looks like Donnie Osmond and any soap opera star working today.

  9. pansy says:

    For someone who don’t care, he sure knows a lot about Brangelina. He may be the biggest tabloid reader after all, turning down work my ass. He is just like any other loser name droping to get attention. Now he is jealous of lady GaGa.

  10. boo says:

    I don’t know, his mouth bothers me it’s all puckery in a weird way, ok, that’s it.

  11. the_blonde_one says:

    I would have to do some digging but I distinctly remember him many many years ago discussing wanting quality not quantity. he’s always come off as kind of a prick but not a bitter one.

  12. Danny says:

    We should play “caption this” for that last picture.

    Wow, Keifer Sutherland cleans up nice.

  13. mec says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that Speed 2 should be considered a work of art.

  14. Ron says:

    MMMM HMMMM… he chose not to be a movie star. Talk about a steaming pile in a Cuisinart.

  15. Marjalane says:

    I didn’t think he sounded like a dick. I thought he sounded like a truth teller. I’m sure Ashley Judd is a raging bitch on wheels! Hollywood is a hypocritical Disneyland where even the worst of the worst get a pass because of their “stardom”. This forgiving attitude is how we get Mel Gibsons and Paris Hiltons.

  16. gabs says:

    He sounds like a dick and just bitter.I dont get why he bashes gaga out of nowhere as if shes the only manufactured singer. I dont get it. And she isnt overly autotuned and can actually sing so he should have used kesha instead. Also, he CHOSE not to be a movie star? Bitch please.

  17. maggiegrace says:

    His hair was receeding 15 years ago – that’s got to be a rug.

  18. the_blonde_one says:

    I think that was many years ago, not many many

  19. Mei says:

    He’s a jerk, but I like him. I’d probably be bitter and bitchy in Hollywood, too. I find it refreshing to hear someone–anyone!–rant.

  20. amanda says:

    Ashley Judd is lazy? At least I recognize her name… This guy has an inflated ego and I hope he fades back into obscurity soon. Name dropping and bad mouthing famous acquaintances is just sad and pathetic in one so old. The JA/AJ/BP stuff may be nonsense but it hasn’t stopped any of the 3 from achieving far more success than this dude ever will.

  21. Riley says:

    @MEC: Good one.

  22. lucy2 says:

    I enjoy a good-natured dishing, but he sounds bitter and pretentious. And awfully knowledgeable about tabloids and pop culture for someone who wants to paint himself as above it all! He was a really good looking guy back in his prime though.

    Given that he and Keifer didn’t talk for 20 years, I don’t think things were as OK as he’s claiming back then.

  23. Chelsey says:

    He does the Ed Westwick pouty pucker mouth too!

  24. JULIE says:

    Nice wig….

  25. YAY says:

    I wonder how long he had to wait to use that lame Cuisinart joke.

  26. Justaposter says:

    I haven’t even read the article,but WTF happened to Micheal, hot older vampire brother of Sam?!

    Oh Jason, I am getting a serious Lyle Lovett vibe from you. (looks wise)

    Uuuuuuuuuuuugh just read it. *headshake*

  27. Violet says:

    God what a dick. I’m sure a lot of people he meets seem lazy and arrogant. i’ll bet that’s his go to excuse when someone just doesn’t like his attitude.

  28. cara says:

    I’M IN LOVE!!!!!!

    anyone else remember how HOT he was in RUSH? (he’s still gorgeous)

    and he’s right about gaga and judd.

  29. OXA says:

    Sounds like a man who has never gotten over his circumcision.

  30. curmudgeon says:

    I don’t know about everything else he said, but Ashley Judd is an arrogant bitch. She used to spend alot of time at my old job. We’ll leave it at that. She likes to use big words and she often uses them wrong. Which is hillarious. I don’t want to type anecdotes, so take my word for it or don’t. All I can say is I know more than a few people giggling at her being taken down in public.
    Her sister is the bomb though so I always feel a little bad talking smack.

  31. garvels says:

    I think he sounds more frustrated at what the industry has become when people like the Kardashians are treated like Hollywood stars. They get the prime magazine covers and offered all types of projects verses a struggling talented up and coming actress who may not be supported by a mass marketing machine like E! and Ryan Seacrest.

  32. DiMi says:

    Did anybody read the source article? He addresses the issue of bitterness, and I find his explanation very reasonable. He says:

    “People think, Oh, Jason, he’s dark or he’s bitter about the business. I’m not; if I was, it would be hidden like all the other guys are hiding it, trying to fucking step on each other’s heads. Those are the people who are really that way as they’re smiling. As opposed to someone saying it like it is.”

  33. lucy2 says:

    @garvels – if he’d said it in that way, I’d have agreed with him. But what he said read differently to me. There are plenty of useless celebs, Kardashians being a prime example, but love her or hate her, Lady Gaga does have singing ability and does at least create something beyond just publicity.

  34. kg says:


  35. the original bellaluna says:

    Not for nothing, but there’s probably a reason Ashley Judd disappeared from H-Wood (for good?) after she married her race-car driver. She is one of the actresses (SJP is the other) I’ve heard/read is a total pill.

    *disclaimer: I don’t consider Jell-O an actress

  36. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Loved the movie Rush.

    Hate the attitude.

  37. marisa says:

    Umm, he replaced Keanu in speed 2, did he forget that?

  38. LBeees says:

    this is what we call a hoot fool.

  39. Ramirez says:

    He hates brangelina because they adopted everyone but him. He has ‘lastboyleft@orphanage syndrome’

  40. Ramirez says:

    And that forehead? What’s with the forehead? Isn’t the Antichrist supposed to arrive this year? His forehead has plenty of room for the mark of the beast..hmmmm I think I’ve solved the mystery of return of Christ and rise of the Antichrist – who are my followers now? Haha

  41. Cleo says:

    I just want dvd of only his scenes in Neil LaBute’s Friends and Neighbors. I don’t know why he claims it was exhausting. The most energetic thing I remember was his chucking Amy Brenneman’s crappy vintage nonworking watch to the corner of the room. He also plays a hilarious meter maid in some indy film. I would pass on the dog fighting movie. I suspect he plays someone stupid and loserish in that.

  42. Rose says:

    He looks like the drawing of Frasier that the old lady in the restuarant did.

  43. CoffeeTalk says:

    Some people are not really into that business and he seems like he was fed up with it before he started.

    I do think he has a big fat chip on his shoulder and is kind of an ass about the “art” and probably did want to be a leading man but it just didn’t work out.

    I don’t think he’s bitter though, I think he’s being very honest. They asked him about tabloid fame and who are the two women who have been in the tabloids most the last few years-Angelina and Jennifer. And they both have given quotes and interviews. And you don’t need to read the tabloids to know it.

  44. hmm(the original) says:

    Damn, I was all set to believe him then Mec mentioned Speed 2 and his credibility about fame and his career flew out of the window.

  45. Bodhi says:

    All that stuff is made up? Really? So he didn’t take up with his best friend’s finance RIGHT AFTER she left him at the altar? Really? I wonder if Keifer remember that not happening.

    What. A. Dick.

  46. cprincess says:

    I loved Rush but as much for Jennifer Jason Leigh and Greg Allman who played the big dope dealer( he basically played himself because he was a big ol dope fiend back then!) in it but he’s always struck me a a pain in the ass-OK so he made the choice not to be a movie star and its all about ‘the work’ bla bla- look dear you only an actor-your not doing something really important in the world….

  47. latam2012 says:

    he might have some valid point but he sounds like a bitter has been.

    and I admit despite that fact that I mainly like pretentious indie folk music. I think lady gaga is talented.

  48. caramia says:

    He’s a man ahead of his time, my new hero…freedom from bullsh*(! Never happen, I’m sure

  49. lola lola3 says:

    Hilarious! This guy is like an ugly version of Julian McMahon. Except less talented and with delusions of grandeur.

  50. Overit says:

    What’s with the Zoolander mouth? Guess someone peed in his Shreddies this morning…

  51. Daysma says:

    What’s with the pursed lips? And you know he left the -K off the end of his last name to be “different”-with that being said I still like him.

  52. Liana says:

    I don’t know about everything else he said, but Ashley Judd is an arrogant bitch.


    Cosign this BIG time. Genuinely pretentious and unpleasant.

  53. Majosha says:

    Why is he sucking his cheeks in like that? He looks ridiculous.

  54. Ashlie says:

    @20 Amanda- I so agree with you.. Who the hell is Jason Patric? I don’t even know who he is. So why is he bashing Lady Gaga and Ashley Judd??? At least people know who they are and actually like them. I highly doubt Ashley is lazy and arrogant. I don’t care what he says or anyone else, I still like her.

  55. Kim says:

    He needs an ego check asap! He CHOSE not to be famous-hahahaha! More like you arent a good actor hence why no roles and not famous. Bitter much?!

  56. TG says:

    I think Lainey had a blind item about Ashley Judd and this other website almost everyone was guessing it was Ashley. It was less than 2 weeks ago and it was about how she is lazy and her handlers have to shower and dress her and practically do everything for her to get her to an interview.

    That being said, I have always thought she has classical movie star good looks. I had know idea she was crazy. Too bad, I have always liked her and in my fantasy world would have wanted to manage her career, since she picks crappy movies and could do better.

  57. NoFrank says:

    I’m kind of giggling that he bashed Ashley Judd because I’ve never liked her, but his Snooki duckface is a little disturbing.

  58. Kelly says:

    Little bit of sour grapes, little bit of no shit dude. Does anyone really get into the entertainment business thinking it’s going to be wall to wall talent, integrity and camaraderie? You’d have to be a bit of dick to start off with, wouldn’t you?

  59. Audrey says:

    @ TG – I read that blind too, but I thought it was Sharon Stone. Anyway, I think he’s cute but I always got a gay vibe from him.

  60. Runs with Scissors says:

    I read something recently about Ashley Judd handing out “mute stones” (what the crew started calling them) to people on set that she didn’t feel like speaking to. They apparently weren’t allowed to speak (just to her?) until she came to them and collected the stone…

    If this is true, it’s totally disappointing, but I hope it isn’t true.

    edited to add this link: http://www.blinditemsexposed.com/2007/11/laineys-blind-item-111207.html

    I wonder if this article was edited to make him seem worse?

  61. Flan says:

    I’ve been familiar with his name, but never knew what he’s famous for. Now I know it’s because he dated Julia Roberts:

    clear case of sour grapes.

  62. rheba says:

    Maybe his career would have been bigger and better if he had ridden his grandfather’s coattails..Jackie Gleason was his granddaddy!!!..he obviously didn’t get his sense of humor or timing.

  63. ? says:

    Are you people for real? Jason Patric is extremely talented. His bitchy attitude and Lady Gaga comments are spot on. Is she over yet? Her tracks are starting to sound the same.

  64. Truthzbetta says:

    I agree about the Brangelina thing. It is dull and played out already. There’s gotta be something better going on.

  65. Confuzzle says:

    Nice eighthead. Totally gives off the self hating repressed gay vibe.

  66. Ruffian9 says:

    Bitter and pretentious, you got that right, Lucy2.

    I love this: “I chose not to become a movie star for movie star’s sake at a time when there weren’t a lot of movie stars and that opportunity was presented to me.” BITCH, PLEASE.

    Jason Patric.

  67. WillyNilly says:

    Total shades of James Franco in 15 years.

  68. Pow! says:

    I love that he said he never gives quotes…hahaha! How about the whole damn article is filled with quotes about everyone?! And I love that he’s got the Miley Cyrus pout down :)

  69. Fuzzy Cat says:

    He’s a fun interview, I’d like to see him in a role on the show Brothers and Sisters.

  70. di butler says:


    I have stories about Ashley Judd, too. A relative worked on two of her movies, and she is a raging nutjob. The people walk around her with kid gloves because she goes off on rants, thinks she knows everything, and in reality is as dumb as a box of rocks. I won’t say what the movies were, but the relative says everyone adores Morgan Freeman.

  71. Angel says:

    God forbid he say what we all say in these comments, eh? How dare he. He must just be bitter! This of course, is no reflection on us :)

    In the 1980′s just after Lost Boys it was a very different thing to be a ‘star’ indeed.There were very few of them and it was hard to break in — no one was quite certain if this whole ‘big movie thing’ was a wise investment, and they tended to go with the same old players, i.e. actors who had already been in hit movies. They weren’t churning them out left and right for any menial thing as they do now.He could have easily made it big then, and instead he took smaller roles and went to Broadway. I think the attitude that he is being a blowhard is based on assumption only;if you know anything you see it for what it is. And if you do not know who this man is and are above 24, you need to do your research. He’s hardly ‘obscure’.

  72. aggielena says:

    isn’t he related to jackie gleason?

  73. Feebee says:

    He makes for entertaining reading if nothing else.

    I’m not a Lady Gaga fan but she can sing and play piano and writes her own stuff. Yes, OTT in presentation but there are much less talented around.

    I kinda agree about Brangelina. CB you say people do care (I’ll give you the Brangeloonies) but if there wasn’t a story on the Jolie-Pitts for a whole year would the majority of even gossip watchers really care? I don’t think so. I enjoy this site and others like it but it’s all just a bit of fun, right?

  74. Zvonk says:

    I’ve worked with actors like him before. Proclaiming a co-actor as being a nightmare to work with, when it is more likely him that is the pain in the arse. Don’t know much about Ashley Judd. What he says may well be true. But, being able to openly bitch about a multitude of people in an interview leaves me in no doubt that he’d be an equally bitchy drama queen to work with.

  75. lisa says:

    I’m a big Jolie-Pitt fan. And the fans Or loonies (doesn’t offend me at all hahah) don’t buy the tabloids. So not exactly sure who they are writing the stories for. It must be the None fans that scream they don’t care.

    he made a tiny comment
    Oh yeah, we look at it is as a goof because we know all the bullshit of the tabloids and how all this is created and people Do. Not. Care..

    And even as a fan.. I don’t care about the nasty created drama. If I want to learn about this couple and what they are doing I read legit interviews. NOT the rags. But the thing is as much as people scream “I don’t care, I’m sick of them.. well someone is responding to the stories and buying the rags..

    I will say the fans don’t buy rags about this couple. Maybe the people that don’t care should stop doing so.

    I don’t know much about him or his career. But I never understand why some actors have to act as if their choices or lack there of make them somehow better than others. Living in New York doesn’t make him the Shit either.

  76. mln76 says:

    I used to have the hots for him back in the day. I think he is bitter he was a much bigger star now he isn’t… but so what he’s still really hot.

  77. piedlourde says:

    Hey Jason, remember Speed 2: Cruise Control? That’s right. Take this box of crayons, sit down with the rest of the class and draw a pretty picture. How ’bout a bunny rabbit, or a unicorn?

  78. Moops says:

    Every gossip story, every interview I’ve ever read about Ashley Judd confirms what Jason says. She is insufferable – the trifecta of arrogant, pretentious, and stupid. @Curmudgeon: I totally concur re: her vocabularly. She reminds me of a highschool kid practicing her vocabulary notebook, misusing at least half the words, but the people she hangs around with are either too stupid to notice or too fame-struck to tell her. But unlike the high-school student, Ashley is an insufferable braggart about her fabulous skills. Anyone else heard the story about her and Kevin Kline smugly smirking about how they’re the only 2 people they know who pronounce “forte” correctly? (As an aside: They’re both wrong, as the the common pronunciation – ‘for-tay’ – is perfectly acceptable) Anyone heard her brag about how she decided to take the road less traveled and pursue higher education… as in her undergrad degree from KY that she got handed to her after she became famous? There’s so many stories out there about her diva, anti-social antics. None of the rules ever apply to Ashley. Just look her in the pits when watching her husband. Every other spouse has to follow the pit rules – long sleeves and long pants (flame-retardant stuff) – but Ashley flits about in Sunday sundresses like she’s Belle of the ball. I just despise her. Jason may be the biggest schmuck out there, but at least you can credit him with good taste in his enemies.

  79. JenJen says:

    He’s got nerve saying that about Ashley, what has this loser done since Lost Boys? He’s FUG too.

  80. ADS says:

    He’s got a touch of the Ryan Philippe about him. Good looking with an arrogrance that outweighs actual talent. They both think they’re above Hollywood BS but they would love the attention and adoration a box office hit would bring. Matthew ‘I’m a leading man’ Fox is the same. Jason comes across as a complete fool in this very attention seeking interview.

  81. Cel says:

    Over the weekend James Brown (famous UK hairdresser, best known for doing Kate Moss’ hair) was on television in the UK. He was asked about difficult celebrities – he said the only one he had ever walked out on was Ashley Judd.

    It would appear she really is a bitch.

  82. anonymus says:

    when he says “the boys of 24 years are in school these days” I think they should refer more to the high school to university. And if that should be, well, let’s see, in Spain there is a course that used to go to university over 25 years (I say this because I do not know if United States also made ​​this course) I did, now I have 35 years and took 5 working because I graduated at age 30. It is possible that this relates?

  83. Eliza says:

    Too bad ashley judd is such a bitch (and i’ve been hearing that for years). She really is an amazing actress…phenomenal in bug.

  84. Sakyiwaa says:

    Ok, Sour Grapes!

    …and i care A WHOLE LOT about Brangelina and their kids :)

  85. gg says:

    I have to agree with Moe and boo. I also hate the poochy mouth thing. He’s a diva.

  86. Tia C says:

    “Totally gives off the self hating repressed gay vibe.”

    Confuzzle, that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking while I was reading his bitchy comments. That is precisely what he sounds like – a bitter, frustrated, over-the-hill repressed queen.

    And who does he think he is, anyway – Laurence Olivier? What notable films has he done since “Lost Boys” other than “Speed 2″? I enjoyed “LB” at the time, but let’s be honest, it was a so-so movie at best, and “S2″ is universally considered one of the biggest bombs of all time. Sure, he’s been in a couple others, but his imdb rap sheet is not very long, considering he’s been in the business since the early 80s. Clearly he’s not in demand.

  87. Midknight says:

    I know he doesnt fit in,in Hollywood. He is the exact opposite of what Hollywood is all about.He tells it like he sees it and he doesnt go around kissing ass because “they wont like me”.It’s good to see there are people like him who are not afraid to speak their mind. It’s obvious he is his own man who thinks for himself and doesnt care if you dislike him because he wont tell you what you want to hear.I think he is just a very independent MAN.

  88. anonymus says:

    Tia C. You should look at some of his films that are more good that you’ve named because Jason Patric has made a few more like Denial (my favorite), The Legend of the Alamo, My Sister’s Keeper, Rush, Narc ….. And some more that are still to be shown as Keyhole (Isabella Rossellini). Jason is a great actor and has shown, but is also an intelligent person who is not involved in anything to appear on the screen and choose their projects carefully. Only interested in those scripts that tell you something (it also says something very positive and courageous in my country we say “have the balls like a bull” lol). That’s why it spends long periods without rolling and preferred to wait a role he likes. Is a person who says things like think and is very private and reserved, has proven you wrong though, his attitude during these years. When I pass it to Julia and Kiefer much dust rose and he never spoke a word chosen by discretion (much different than Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston). I do not believe that to be true all that talk in the tabloids had been acting these months with Kiefer Sutherland, right? Everyone talking and he never opened his mouth and I could have said much. Jason well.

  89. anonymus says:

    No, he’s not single, father of a child is already running, and your year will …… If not married but if you have family.

  90. buck says:

    I always liked Jason. He keeps it real. But this picture of him doing the Derek Zoolander “Blue Steel” look is funny as shit

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  92. anngirl says:

    I love Jason Patric and think that if you don’t know who he is you’re either too young and don’t really know anything about what a good movie is to have an opinion about him or you’re too wrapped up in todays trash and lack of talented actors. He didn’t sell out, he went to broadway. He didn’t like the fact that so many useless untalented people get away with so much and continue terrible careers. Its ridiculous. We all have opinions about actors, singers, and movies. Why bash someone who actually has first hand experience with other celebrities and actually knows what he talks about. He’s still a heartthrob to me!