Matt Damon, plastic surgery victims come out to ‘His Way’ premiere

There’s a new TV documentary out about Oceans creator Jerry Weintraub called His Way. It premieres on HBO April 4, and if it includes candid footage with celebrities I’m there! Some of the stars of the popular disjointed buddy crime caper series came out for the premiere last night, and there were plenty of other celebrities there to show support. Matt Damon was looking grumpy hot and flying solo and there were so many other big names there it’s hard to do justice to them all. As Kaiser pointed out to me, George Clooney and Brad Pitt were noticeably absent. We still have plenty of other people to talk about though.

James and Scott Caan, intergenerational hotness.


Don Cheadle – ditch the bowling shoes and vary your wardrobe a little!

Ellen Barkin looks like ET

Mariel Hemingway looks like Ellen Barkin’s too tight sister. It’s a shame.

Kelly Lynch. Holy Botox! She’s 52 though, can you believe it?

Cindy Crawford. This is what good work (+ good genes) look like.

Anne Heche. Crazy bitch. I can’t believe she’s still with this guy she cheated with.


Sharon Stone. Ditto on the crazy bitch part.

Joan Collins. Fabulous coat.

Elliot Gould. He just makes me smile. I love that he’s listening to his iPod on the red carpet.

Bruce Willis and his young bride Emma Hemming. I can’t believe she’s not knocked up yet. Bruce Willis for HGF!


Emile Hirsh – HGF candidate? He’s cute!

Damon again before he roughly pushes me up against the wall, letting me mess up his hair for hours before we finally leave the house to get something to eat and go to the damn barber already. (While I spend the day at the spa.) I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.*sigh*



And here’s Jerry Weintraub with Ellen Barkin.

photo credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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46 Responses to “Matt Damon, plastic surgery victims come out to ‘His Way’ premiere”

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  1. sapphire says:

    Any of the walls, any time. Sigh.

    What is Ellen doing these days? She was red hot for like 1 year then faded.

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    scott caan wants to be his dad so bad that it’s embarrassing. racist douche. Scott, dear, you will NEVER be Sonny Corleone, no matter how hard you try to act like it.

    I used to think Willis was so hot, but as he’s aging, he gotten thinner, and now that he fully shaves his head…well…he resembles my brother, so now I don’t see him as hot anymore!

  3. Photo JoJo says:

    That photo of Emile Hersch is HUGE!! Never mind – it’s fixed now. :)

  4. lola lola3 says:

    Sorry but I think all the chicks here look amazing. No scary Joan Rivers-types in the bunch!

  5. Waldemar says:


    The picture above this text “Damon again before he roughly pushes me up against the wall, letting me mess up his hair for hours before we finally leave the house to get a bite to eat and go to the damn barber already.” is HUGE. Something went wrong. – NEVER MIND it is gone.

    Sidenote: Sounds like you had a lot of fun with this post : )

  6. Bubbling says:

    it would be interesting to see this Emil dude on HGF, Bruce tho is giving me too much of a gampy vibe

  7. Kaiser says:

    I actually think Cindy Crawford looks a little freaky. She’s had something done, and it’s not good.

  8. Rita says:


    Damon “roughly pushes me up against the wall” and then….you spend a couple hours playing with his hair before getting a bite to eat??? WTF!!! For all we know he was looking for the watch you stole. Fill in the blanks for God’s sake….and mine.

  9. JuJuBee says:

    Damn that Matt Damon is hot looking right now. I agree Kaiser, Cindy has been looking a bit freaky. I swear she looks more masculine nowadays.

  10. Megan says:

    To bad Emile Hirsh is such a huge douche! Typical short man syndrome with that guy!

  11. silken_floss says:

    Matt Damon can do no wrong in my eyes.

    That is all

  12. Canuck says:

    Yeah, Willis for HGF. If you haven’t seen Red with him, Helen Mirren and Malkovich, do.

    Also, and I know this has nothing to do with Matt Damon, but I was out for lunch yesterday, had a table next to the window and about half way through, David Gandy went jogging by. Looks in person exactly as he does in photos.

  13. Marina says:

    Cindy Crawford is starting to look like Janice Dickinson.

  14. jen34 says:

    Holy Sh*t! That is one scary parade of women. I guess I can’t say you didn’t warn us with the headline, though.

  15. cprincess says:

    Kelly Lynch looks 52 for christ sake-she needs more make up on and gain a little weight-you make it sound like she looks amazing and that being 52 is like 80!

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    Bruce for HGF? Yes, please!

    Emile for HGF? That’d be a no.

  17. k says:

    I hate Scott Caan’s hairstyle. It doesn’t make you look taller, boy.

  18. Ari says:

    Bruce Willis and Matt Damon pushing me against a wall and floor and dining room table and china cabinet and sofa AND I COULD GO ON

  19. Someone Else says:

    @Marina –

    Oh my God, you’re right! That’s downright frightening.

  20. lilred says:

    Lol.@ Rita-calm down CB is new to the fantasy writing, Kaiser has spoiled us.

  21. Nanz says:

    Can Matt Damon just be in EVERY HGF?

  22. That last picture of Ellen Barkin smiling–eek! The skin has been pulled too much.

  23. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Matt Damon=yummy delicious. And is it wishful thinking on my part or he sporting quite a nice bulge in the 3rd to last pic? Very nice…

  24. Sassy says:

    Ditto Kaiser and Marina abt Cindy Crawford. Yes, she’s a NATURAL BEAUTY, & can definitely get away w/out having to do ANYTHING to her face until she’s like, 60 yrs old..ya know? Also, did anyone notice all the superflous hair growing at both sides of her forehead? Maybe when she modeled, however long ago that was..they must have done some type of hair removal to “tame” her hairline to make it less scraggly/wooly. I also agree w/the comparisons of Scott Caan to his father. It’ll never happen, and Scott should “lighten up” and smile or laugh when his pics are taken…he definitely comes across as a megalomaniac who takes himself WAY TOO SERIOUSLY! The second pic of him is WAY more flattering when he is “disarmed” while smiling or laughing.

  25. casey says:

    Praise, why do you say that Scott is a racist? Did he say or do something racist?

  26. Az says:

    Ellen Barkin was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (who calls her “Barkin”) and one of the Jersey housewives last year. She loathes that Danielle Staub person. I don’t know if Ellen Barkin had been drinking or not but she was excellent on the show: very witty and hilarious.

  27. nikki says:

    Puleeeeze use Emile Hirsch for HGF, he is on the tippity top of my to do list

  28. Rachel says:

    @Megan – How do you know this?? Because my friend is cousins with Emile Hirsch & I spent some time with him one weekend. He was really nice. We talked about True Blood and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and other random stuff. He was down to earth and not at all douchey. And as I’m 5’10″, I have pretty good radar for little man syndrome and he didn’t even ping.

  29. nina says:

    I’m kind of loving Anne Heche’s dress.

  30. Praise St. Angie! says:

    though I can’t find it now, I do recall a quote where he made some racial slur.

    also, he called someone the derogatory term for homosexual (the “F” word).

    he’s a little punk bitch who thinks he’s a tough guy because of who his father is.

    sorry I don’t have a link, but I DO remember it quite clearly.

  31. Harley says:

    Matt Damon for HGF EVERY Friday! He’s so hot that I can totally overlook the Red Sox angle (go Yankees! LOL). Love him – he has a smile that makes me melt. And he sounds so charming in his interviews too.

    Joan Collins looks fabulous.

    Ditto Sharon Stone.

    And Kelly Lynch is 52? Seriously? Damn. Whatever she’s doing, she need to keep doing. She looks great.

  32. TeeTee says:

    yuck, Matt’s nose is huge, it just comes at he 6 ft??

    yeah, yall can have that one but I love his acting, he’s at the top of my list.

  33. EllenM says:

    Kelly Lynch looks great for 52! But … I don’t think Cindy looks natural. Not that she looks bad, but she’s got that ‘puffy’ look that comes with too many fillers and leads to giving people an entirely different face and lip shape than they’ve ever had before.

    I’ve realized why botox and fillers generally look so bad after too much use. People change certain areas of their face while not others, so everything is mismatched (ex. eyes are getting a bit droopier due to age, but cheeks and lips are pumped full of fillers) – so, people just end up looking like really weird, unnatural versions of themselves.

    That type of “fullness” isn’t normal on a face – even 20-somethings have normal contours and fine lines – lord, even babies have that! Yet, somehow, we now think it looks good to have people in their 40s and 50s with waxy, fat faces that have absolutely no contours or lines – SO CREEPY!!

  34. Zelda says:

    Bruce Willis’ wife is really hot.

  35. Mouse says:

    Oo, yes please put Emile on HGF!

    @Megan, #10: Why is he a douche??

  36. Bodhi says:

    I know that Lainey thinks that Emile is a douchebag, but I think that is the only place I’ve read it. But lainey can be a really big bitch about certain people, so I always take her opinions with a huge grain of salt.

    I think he would be a blast to hang out with, lucky you, Rachel!

  37. Kim says:

    I think the women all look great. They arent too joker faced – except for Joan Rivers but she looks good.

  38. lolas says:

    She might be batshit crazy, but I think Sharon Stone looks really good. She has some lines, but she’s still a hot woman, perhaps a route Madonna should have taken…?

  39. lucy2 says:

    Love Matt, all around good guy.
    Ellen Barkin’s face looks painful. Physically painful.
    Cindy looks a little different, but anything done was subtle, I think. Pretty obvious George Clooney did a casting call to find his own Cindy though, huh?
    Don Cheadle is awesome and can wear whatever shoes he wants.
    Didn’t know that about Scott, but I really like him on H50.

  40. CatT says:

    WTF happened to Ellen Barkin’s nose? She looks like a boxer! Too many ’rounds’ with the surgeon.

  41. Becky says:

    Anne Heche’s boyfriend is hot! He used to be on that show “Mercy”…the show was pretty mediocre but I liked him.

  42. ctkat1 says:

    Too bad that Pitt and Clooney are out of town filming, because I love when Pitt, Clooney and Damon are all together- it makes me happy.

    The women look a little tight and nipped, but since they were/are all amazingly beautiful women to begin with, the overall impression is good looking ladies.

    With the advent of HD cameras, we’re all suddenly aware of facial hair, fine lines, large pores, etc. On the one hand it is jarring to see all of the flaws up close, and on the other it is comforting to realize that Stars! They’re just like us!

  43. natural woman says:

    I saw Kelly Lynch at a grocery store in LA last week – in real life she looks 35 and her face looks totally untouched – as in it moves! ie; no fillers botox etc. also she had a crazy body (was in gym clothes) I thought my BF was gonna die! the rest of those ladies look a bit weird tho… just sayin’

  44. Weeble says:

    Scott Caan looks awful. There is no way he can be credibly described as hot. What in the world?

  45. LittleDeadGirl says:

    This is probably old news, and I love Bruce Willis, but holy crap he looks creepy standing next to that CHILD! I don’t mind age differences but come on, is she still in highschool!?

  46. Amy says:

    GTFO. I think Mariel Hemingway looks pretty fantastic.