Johnny Weir is magnificent: “I have a mullet, and I own it and love it”


Forgive me, I just saw these photos of Johnny Weir wandering around New York during Fashion Week, and I just had the urge to publish them. Damn, he is fabulous. And I don’t mean that in a patronizing way at all. There are very few men who could pull off this “elderly New York old-money scion goes to lunch with her dear friend, Gloria Vanderbilt” look. And somehow, Johnny makes it look fresh. I love that he has a Birkin. I love the color of it. I love the fur-trimmed coat. But most of all, I love the women’s trousers and the beaded slippers. Some might see Grey Gardens, but all I all see is fabulous.

Johnny has given some interviews during Fashion Week too! Oh, let me savor them.

Johnny Weir isn’t afraid to let his fur flag fly—in fact, he’s flaunting his love for the controversial covering.

The ice-skating champ—dressed in a cream-colored fur jacket—told us today at the Dennis Basso fashion show at Lincoln Center that he’s received everything from attitude to death threats over his fashion choice.

“Today I’m wearing Ekatarina, one of the oldest Russian furriers,” he said. “I’m all about the fur.”

And what about those threats on his life? First Weir had a message for PETA, telling the animal-rights group to stop harassing those who wear the real thing.

“Don’t be terrorists, let us live our lives,” he said.

But it was a less public group that had threatened Weir last year before he was set to skate in the Olympics, and it was so frightening he reported it to authorities.

“I literally had a price put on my head before the Olympics,” he explained. “I had to go to the Olympics with the FBI because somebody wanted to kill me [over] fur. It wasn’t PETA but someone different.”

Death threats aside, Weir was joined in the front row by Kelly Rutherford, Star Jones and Hoda Kotb. All gave the designer a standing ovation when the show ended.

As for the outrageous fashionisto’s best fashion tip?

“Never be afraid and know your body,” he said.

[From E! News]

I love him. If you’d like to hear more of about Johnny during Fashion Week, the Wall Street Journal has an interview with him here – he talks about his mullet!!! He says: “I have a mullet, and I own it and love it.” ZOMG, I never realized he had a Missouri Compromise! Oh, and The Fug Girls talked to him too! MORE WEIR.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Saskia says:

    I kind of agree with Johnny about fur, just as I agree with Johnny about many things (although we shall forever be divided on the mullet issue).

    There are many very good reasons to strictly regulate the fur trade, the main one of course being concern for animal welfare, but I don’t see the problem with manufacturing items from the fur of animals which are already being slaughtered for food or legally hunted or culled. It certainly makes more sense than just wasting the resource based on overly zealous and slightly misguided principles. And PETA can suck a dick, because they almost never do anything constructive for animal welfare. They’re all about publicity and advertising and harassment, with zero substance behind any of it. They’re media whores.

    Then again, I come from Russian and Swedish stock, and we have different views on fur. We’re more logical about it, which some people see as being mercenary.

  2. TQB says:

    Yes, more Weir! More Weir! Although silly me, I’d like to see him skate more… He is a brilliant artist.

  3. Laura says:

    I don’t agree with wearing fur so much, however I love Johnny and his mullet. So fabulous!

  4. Brittney says:

    They shouldn’t be terrorists, no. Their tactics detract from a very good cause, and they do more harm than good.

    But follow your own logic, Johnny. Let the animals live *their* lives. I’m sure you can find something to wear without skinning dozens of living, breathing beings.

    (And I bet you my life he’s not wearing the skin of an animal that would’ve died anyway. Have you actually seen the footage of how these animals die? It might sound unbelievable to you, but there are occasions when they’re still alive when it happens. And that’s nothing compared to the way they’re bred and kept in horrible conditions for years. There’s nothing that can excuse that. Absolutely nothing.)

  5. devilgirl says:


    Also, I don’t get why he is excused for wearing fur but if someone else does it, they are vile human beings.

  6. Jaden says:

    Love him.

  7. Dana says:

    I love his Birkin! Hermes should grateful since the only ones I’ve seen lately are on Katface and Hohan arms.

  8. aenflex says:

    It’s ‘situations’ like this that compound my theory that Fashion is Utter Bullshit.

  9. Riley says:

    Johnny seems like he would be a great best friend. I bet he is really loyall to the people he is loyall to and I bet underneath all that pomp and fur, is a very vulnerable, insightful man. That said, it seems that dressing like that may turn the dudes off. I could be totally wrong but I imagine that undressing Johnny Weir would be like undressing a grandmother.

  10. Mercy says:

    Johnny is indeed fabulous! PETA and similar groups have proven themselves to be nothing more than terrorist thugs. I love Johnny’s self confidence and unapologetic attitude.

  11. Jackson says:

    Brittney & devilgirl: I completely agree!!!!!!

  12. di butler says:

    BRC mullet-bad, Johnny Weir mullet-good? I am so confused. But, actually, neither of the haircuts they presently have is considered a true mullet. These veer more into rat tail territory.

  13. Hautie says:

    Where does one purchase those leopard spot, gold studded bedazzled loafers?

    I bet he had those customized with those gold studs.

    But I tend to agree with him about PETA. They are terrorists. And offer nothing positive to humane treatment of animals.

    Plus PETA donates very little/next to nothing, of the cash they bring in, to any legit shelter. So I don’t trust them.

    I donate financially to three different local no kill shelters. And I have inquired with them about PETA and they just laugh.

    Their response is that PETA only cares about them self.

  14. hellen says:

    Johnny plus Birkin 35 in etoupe (taupe) Togo leather with palladium hardware equals faboo. But he really ought to tuck that lock up into the clochette (lock cover) so it won’t scratch the front of his bag.

    (Bedazzled shoes? Fur? I hadn’t noticed!)

  15. Kiska says:

    I adore Johnny Weir. He is fabulous and he makes no apologies for who is his.

  16. Bodhi says:

    I would never wear a “new” fur, but I have a vintage ankle length beaver coat that my mom picked up at a consignment shop that I LOVE. If some asshole threw paint on me I’d chace them down & smack the snot out of them.

    I understand & an appriciate PETA”s position, but not their methods. They are horrible & I could never support them.

    And Johnny really is fabulous!

  17. Ron says:

    I just love that he has the guts to carry this off. I love fur too, believe me once you have raccoons in your attic, you will look at the little creatures as rodents. And I think those shoes are Rock and Republic from a couple fo years ago. I have a similar pair in black with silver. The Birkin is tired now, it’s a classic and everything, but it’s so overexposed. Like another poster said, when Lindsay and Kim are sporting them it’s time to look at another bag.

  18. LunaT says:

    Boo on wearing fur, but he’s adorable anyway. Love him.

  19. Zenya says:

    The loafters are Christian Loubitans (of course) He has them in pony too.

  20. Brittany says:

    If I were JW, I would have lunch with Gloria Vanderbilt so she could hook me up with her son, Anderson Cooper! Yum!!!

  21. Trillion says:

    Gorgeous skin. I really do love him.

  22. RHONYC says:

    i don’t know who this kid is exactly…but he has inspired me to put that taupe birkin on my ultimate wishlist!

    it’s gorgeous.

    i remember victoria becks was photo’d with one with a match top & white jeans years ago.

    to die. ;-)

  23. Lolo says:

    He’s such a pretty pretty boy. Love the slippers.