Britney Spears talks about her love of Lady Gaga, Madonna & strawberry fraps


These are photos of Britney Spears taking her second son Jayden to his karate class. I apologize if that’s not Jayden – I honestly can’t tell the two boys apart, so I’m going with Fame Pictures’ identification. Whoever he is, he’s a little cutie, and it’s nice to think that Britney simply spending some time being a hands-on mom is so drama-free at this point. Thank God. Also: her hair is even looking clean-ish. I don’t see any rivets or rat’s nests, so that’s another plus. Good for Brit!

Yesterday Britney took part in a Q&A with her fans on her Twitter. And if you think Britney was actually sitting there and typing in her answers, God bless you. Here were some of my favorite Brit-Brit revelations:

What is your opinion on Global Warming? LOL jk xoxo. But seriously, Lady GaGa??
Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Lady Gaga. I think she’s a really interesting artist.

what is your fave movie of all time ?
I LOVE Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I love their Strawberry Frapuchino

What is one thing you have yet to achieve?
I’ve always wanted to do trapeze. LOL. And run with the lions…

what did you think about PEREZ HILTON?
@PerezHilton is a real firecracker! His site is a guilty pleasure

I would love to know what you think the biggest misconception about you is?
I’m really just a boring homebody who loves staying home with my kids and thats where i’m the happiest.

What do you think the comparison they make between you and Madonna?
It’s so flattering! I really LOVE Madonna and she has been a huge inspiration for me.

Would you like to do another movie? Crossroads completes 10 years :D
Yes. I love to act and would love to be in a Todd Philips or Judd Apatow movie.

[From Britney’s Twitter feed]

Beyond my concerns that Britney simply didn’t answer any of these questions herself, this wasn’t too bad. Whoever answered made the effort to sound like Britney, especially with the strawberry fraps and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Is that seriously her favorite movie? I guess it could be worse. She could have tried to impress us and said Citizen Kane. But my favorite was “Does anyone think global warming is a good thing?” I want to think Britney said that. But she didn’t.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. LesliPaige says:

    I love Brit!!

  2. WYIJM says:

    As far as her and Madonna are concerned – I finally got to watch the second season of Dirt yesterday, and I totally believe that that is what went down.

  3. S says:

    If Britney is holding one of her kids, then it’s always Jayden. I’m pretty sure she has some issue with SP – try finding a picture of the two of them. It’s quite sad actually.

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    both of her kids are adorable.

    I hope she gets (and keeps!) it together, if only for their sakes.

    I also wish she would cut off the weave and start over.

    EDIT: “I totally believe that that is what went down.”

    I only watched about half of the first season of Dirt…so…what “went down”? I’m so curious!!!

  5. renai(jrt) says:

    there you go…….. Brit weighs in on global warming……. need I say more about it…

    and her biggest hopes of achievements are trapeze…and to go to Africa I assume… i guess she just follows the herd of LA

    what a mess, and we call this talent….sad

  6. Hmmmm says:

    I am positive this is JJ because she does not do “mom” stuff with Sean P. Check old photos (past year)of her and her kids. A nanny is ALWAYS with Sean P. and Brit does the JJ holding. It’s like SP reminds her too much of K-Fed or something… Plus JJ looks a lot like her…

  7. LittleFATMe says:

    Uh, STRAWBERRY FRAPS – LOVE! It doesn’t fit in my new ‘healthy’ lifestyle – still I love them!

  8. Lori says:

    Run with Lions? What does that mean? I’ve heard of running with the bulls but Lions? Who does that?

  9. javagirl1 says:

    She looks great. Her son is adorable.

  10. DetRiotgirl says:

    You know, I feel really guilty admitting this, because I’m not typically a fan of her music… But, I kind of like her new song. It’s very danceable and reminds me of something you might hear while blitzed out of your mind at a really awesome club somewhere in Europe at around 3:00am. Unlike Lady Gaga’s new song, Britney’s is relatively fun.

    I do fully admit to being excited for her new video though. As a former dancer and gymnast, I have always greatly admired Brit’s dance skills. Her voice is like a chipmunk making love to an autotune machine. But, her dance skills are 100% legit impressive.

  11. pebbles says:

    I seem to remember a lot of Britney haters who would go on and on about her children having fetal alcohol syndrome. It was just awful to speculate like that. Now we can all see that they are just fine. Jayden is downright adorable!

  12. k says:

    Britney doesn’t write her songs, peeps.

    • George says:

      actually, she does. She’s written MANY songs throughout her career and is VERY underrated for her talent and vocal ability. “Someday (I Will Understand), Everytime, Baby Boy, Dramatic, And Then We Kiss, Breathe On Me, Touch Of My Hand, Scary, Everyday, Mmm Papi, Mannequin, My Baby, Mona Lisa, Before The Goodbye” all songs she wrote and composed. And more. Ha! Suckers.

  13. MoMo says:

    Lol we see her more often with the brown coloured fraps rather than any other ones.

  14. RHONYC says:

    holy moley!

    he is the SPITTING image of brit!

    i can see it now…13 yrs from now he’s gonna be making the lil girls scream on stage like justin beiber 2.0!

    watch. ;-)

  15. Novaraen says:

    That’s Sean Preston in the pics…not Jayden. :)

  16. HotPockets says:

    I’ve worked in coffee shops and let me tell you, if you want the worse possible drink, order a frapuchino. If you get one in the 16 ounce size with whipping cream, you’re looking at 700-1,000 calories, not to mention it is empty calories and HIGH in sugar, even the non fat versions still have a ton of calories. Poor Brit, Starbucks will get the best of you if your sanity doesn’t.

  17. Nanea says:

    @ # 10 – DetRiotgirl: I’m a former dancer myself and I agree with your assessment about her singing and dancing skills.

  18. Leticia says:

    She is still pretty and I’m glad that she is feeling better. But will someone please tell me what is going on with her hair? With her money, why can’t she get her hair in order? A hair intervention is needed in her life.

  19. meilamon says:

    Do her kids live with her?

  20. Bella Mosley says:

    Does anyone know the custody agreement?

  21. Amanda says:

    Hi is ADORABLE and looks just like her!

  22. Jezi says:

    @Novaraen actually that is Jayden she’s holding. Sean P is older and has darker hair.

  23. Lana says:

    That little cutie is autistic, that’s why BS was hanging out w/ Jenny McCarthy back when JM was promoting public awareness of autism, JM was helping BS to cope and handle that little bundle of joy.

  24. mimi says:

    I’m a special ed teacher, and that last picture is definitely not a pic of an autistic boy. There is expression and recognition in his face. Where do you people come from with these posts???

  25. whitedaisy says:

    @S and @Hmmmm

    I have noticed that she only carries and closely interacts with Jayden, also.
    I wonder what the deal is. There is no excuse–but it is so sad.

  26. CB Rawks says:

    I would also like to see her run with the lions.

  27. truthzbetta says:

    She has done trapeze before in concert. Her ghost twitterer doesn’t know her very well but we would NOT want to read her twittering.

    Her eyes look dead and sad, her hair’s a mess for a millionaire. I like her music a lot, she hires a good singer, the hottest beat makers, and a whole team of great writers to pantomime some great stuff for.

    She needs someone to be her out in public now though, and perhaps on stage. Let’s play this farce out to it’s logical conclusion.

  28. nisha says:

    Run with the lions??? She will end up drowning in their tummy..

  29. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Check out those close ups. She has the neck of a body builder.

  30. d says:

    ” last picture is definitely not a pic of an autistic boy. There is expression and recognition in his face.”

    I know a little boy who IS autistic and he’s perfectly capable of smiling, and of showing all kinds of emotions!

    There is a sliding scale of how autism affects children.

    But more than anything, I think it’s terrible how people speculate about children, who can’t defend themselves or anything. Leave them alone, they’re KIDS!

  31. mimi says:

    d – yes, autism is a spectrum. But if a child is smiling and showing all kinds of emotions…including focusing his eyes on a photographer trailing him, then the definition of “autism” becomes debatable.

  32. Conando says:

    her linebacker neck is freaky

  33. Laura says:

    The puppy top knot has never looked good on her.

  34. Shannon says:

    Mimi is right, autistic children have problems with expressing and recognizing emotion through facial expression. Of course there’s a scale to this – some very autistic children don’t appear to be aware of the world around them at all and are completely nonverbal, while some do interact. But even high functioning autistic children generally still have issues with the facial emotion stuff. Of course it’s silly to diagnose anyone with anything based on a picture, but I think it’s safe to say that Jayden does not have autism.

  35. JenJen says:

    Autism? Favoritism? Give her and her kids a break, looking for issues is sad, she has enough of them.

  36. Kevin says:

    Britney is typing it herself, both manager, labels and other artists are saying thet Britney is one of few artists that is NOT using a twitter assistant. how hard is it too type on twitter?

  37. Colleen says:


    I have two close friends + relatives with autism &/or aspergers syndrome and they are all capable of the full range of expressions as well as eye contact.

    Your tone, implying people are being ridiculous for suggesting an autistic child could have an expression/recognition is somewhat offensive, especially coming from someone who works with autistic kids. There are many traits that those with autism can have but they don’t necessarily have all of those traits.

  38. mimi says:


    Sorry to offend you – however, society’s need to label everyone who does not fit into a neat little box as autistic is particularly offensive to me — as a special educator. What used to be described as quirky or offbeat is now being labeled as a disability. Read up on Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. Both were “different” in school yet were not given a “label” thank God. Autism is now being so stretched as to define everyone who does not fit the narrow definition of “normal” as defined by…..who? Who is defining this now?
    And I take offense to YOUR tone…who are you to judge me? Do you know how I do my job? Teachers are scrutinized and judged in this country to the near level of persecution. I can express an opinion while still being a competent professional. Just as you or any other person working can.

    Asberger’s and autistics, as defined as being hindered by their disability, cannot glance behind them focus in on a stranger and smile as Britney’s son is doing. This would have to have occured in a matter of seconds — thus being a “natural” reaction. If your “close friends and relatives” are capable of this as well yet are still being labeled as having a social/cognitive/emotional disorder by you, I would advise them to limit their time with you.

  39. Colleen says:

    Mimi, I didn’t mean to offend you either, or imply that you are not competent at your job. However, being incapable of turning around, focusing, and smiling (all at once) is not in the DSM for autism spectrum. It’s true that many autistic people often don’t make eye contact, however many do regularly and others will at certain times.

    The people in my life with autism were most certainly not labeled this way by me and have been diagnosed by professionals over the course of their lifetime. For you to say that because they are capable of focusing in, etc, means they don’t have a condition is ridiculous. Those with aspergers are typically higher functioning than those who are classically autistic and will share any number of traits associated with the condition. They don’t need to share all of those traits and of course it varies greatly from person to person.

    If you knew my friend, it would be clear that he has aspergers syndrome and there are things he has to work harder at/have
    clarified, however he is very social, is comfortable speaking in front of people and is on a PHD track at university.

  40. mimi says:

    Aspberger’s and very social??? He has to work harder at things? Is on track for a Ph D? Not exactly what I would call a disability — sorry, don’t care what the DSM book says. Again, people are being over-labeled.

    The Asberger’s student I have worked with cannot socialize with the other students – granted this is elementary but I find it hard to believe that within a few years he would become very social. Just a trip to the bathroom (where other students would be goofing around) would cause anxiety and confusion for him. THIS is a a disability. The fact that there are “people” in your life with autism saddens me..unless you work with them on a professional basis.

  41. Emily says:

    @mimi, I have a friend with Asperger’s who’s pretty social when she wants to be. She told me when she was younger she used to study other people interacting so that she could learn how to, so how can you just say that people with Asperger’s are never social?

  42. CB Rawks says:

    Why is she now styling her hair like Gary Oldman in that Dracula movie?

  43. Colleen says:

    Mimi just because my friend is different than the child in your class doesn’t mean he does not suffer from aspergers. it’s true that many people with autism aren’t very social, but they are not all the same. Believe me, he has his struggles, and while he has friends who are fond of him there are many who think he’s weird, and it’s not easy for him to hold down a job.

    I’m not sure why you are sad there are people in my life with autism, yes it is hard for my nephew’s parents but I enjoy my friends company.

    You are right that autism is now a trendy, over diagnosed condition but my friends diagnosis isn’t controversial.

  44. mimi says:

    all right, enough with the diagnosing over the internet and with one picture…everybody have a wonderful night.

  45. sammib says:

    WYIJM – there is a SECOND SEASON OF DIRT????? OMG! It never flew over here in NZ but I LOVED it – yeah, I’m a fan of shit tv LOL! I have to find it somewhere!!

  46. Zelda says:

    @ mimi
    My cousin very definitely has aspergers. And he loves socialising. Loves it. This was not always the case–the older he gets the better it is. As a young child, he avoided other kids or always played with kids much younger than himself. This did change with time.
    Sometimes he does or says things that are just NOT the social norm, that much is true, but he is very sociable nonetheless. In fact, he’s such a pleasant guy that his social quirks are generally endearing rather than awkward.
    Autistics are not antisocial as a rule. If that were the case, I’d be labelled autistic before he would.