Hugh Hefner confirms the details of his arrangement with paid ‘Girlfriends’

Hugh Hefner
The Daily Beast has a new interview with Hugh Hefner, in which they ask him about the details about life at the mansion in that Bunny Tales book that was written by his former girlfriend Izabella St. James and came out a few years ago. Hef tries to discredit St. James by questioning her motives and saying she was kicked out the house for not getting along with the other girls. He pretty much confirms everything she said about him though: that he pays the girls $1,000 a week, makes them come home at 9pm, and doesn’t bother to wear a condom while having sex with them all. He defends himself by saying that they do STD testing and that most of the other women he paid for their company speak highly of him. That’s probably because they still earn good money to show up at his parties. Here’s part of the Daily Beast’s interview, with more at the source.

Hef’s responses to St. James/Kasprzyk’s claims are variously dismissive and indifferent:

* On the charge that he paid each his girlfriends, out of safe in his bedroom, $1,000 a week in cash: “That part is true. If you write it and make it sound sleazy, that’s easy to do. But the girls got a clothing allowance.”

*On the claim that he imposed a strict 9 p.m. curfew, by which time all his girlfriends had to be at home or else: “That was also true—and widely publicized. It wasn’t a big secret.” Why the curfew? Hef laughs: “So they wouldn’t be running around on me!”

*On St. James/Kasprzyk’s allegation that he handed out Quaaludes as aphrodisiacs: “If she was taking Quaaludes, she was taking them on her own. I wasn’t supplying drugs to the girls.”

*On her account of Hef’s downing Viagra at a nightclub and then consulting his watch so he’d be ready with the girls when it finally kicked in: “The description of the Viagra thing is a fantasy that reflects an ignorance in terms of the use of Viagra. Once you take Viagra, you don’t have to be looking at a watch. Viagra takes about an hour to kick in, but lasts for about half a day… It simply permits normal sexual activity.”

*On the charge that nobody was medically tested for safe sex: “Nobody in the group had sexually transmitted diseases. I was very careful and very concerned about taking care of everybody in terms of sexually transmitted disease. Absolutely there was testing. One of the things that can be pointed out is that over all the years of extensive sexual activity, nobody ever got pregnant, and nobody was having any serious problems with diseases. The only time anybody ever got pregnant in a relationship with me was the two times I was married.”

*On the claim that he refused to wear a condom: “I think one of the ways that you resolve that problem is to have sex with people who don’t have sexually transmitted diseases.” That claim, in other words, appears to be true.

According to Hef, “her self-serving, clearly fabricated stories in the book give the impression that they are somehow reflective of former girlfriends. The reality is the opposite of that. My former girlfriends, as I’m sure you know, speak highly about the relationship with me, they speak with great love. One of the things that sets my relationships apart from many others is the fact that I have managed to remain close to many of my former girlfriends, including my former wives, because I’m a decent human being. And I treat women very well. I take pride in that.”

Hef argues that the book’s description of life at the mansion is wildly at odds with generally accepted reality. “The point is we’re not talking about some place in Transylvania—some place that nobody has visited,” Hef says.

As for being a jealous lover, “Kendra’s wedding was held here,” Hef says. ”She and Hank, her husband, are very close friends. As a matter of, I got a very sweet Twitter, or tweet, from Kendra a week ago congratulating me on the marriage.”

[From The Daily Beast via Gawker, Fark]

Hef has a point. He’s not a nasty pimp, and his requirements of his paid companions are rather tame compared to life on the streets, or even in some sultan’s harem. (Although there’s probably more jewelry and cash involved when you’re screwing an oil heir and his buddies.) He’s just a very old dude in a mansion with 70s decor who surrounds himself with beautiful surgically enhanced women and pays them with the cash he makes from featuring them in his magazine. It’s technically legal probably, but that doesn’t make it much different from prostitution, whether he’s a nice guy about it or not.

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Hugh M. Hefner, Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris

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  1. brin says:

    In other news…cocaine is addictive.

  2. Mari says:

    Man, was he ever attractive????

  3. Hautie says:

    I am still skeeved out, by hearing about a 83/84? year old man talking about his sex life.

    Yet, I find it amusing that he thinks making his adult girlfriends, live with a 9pm curfew will stop them from screwing around. Priceless.

    Does anyone else think he had a vasectomy years ago?

  4. Stronzilla says:

    Hey Mr. Howell, Lovey’s doing it with the skipper and Gilligan while Mary Ann and the professor watch!

  5. BrandyMc says:

    ewwwwww! just gross!

  6. Allie says:

    I read the “Bunny Tales” book and (that’s not her real name) “Isabella St. James” came across as the bitch from hell. She was an opportunist in the worst way. I truly believed the 3 former GF, really cared about Hef and had geniune feelings him. This girl, just wanted as much as she could get from him.

  7. Shannon says:

    I think it’s ultimately important to remember that these women CHOOSE to do this. He’s not forcing them into anything without explaining it beforehand, and they’re free to leave.

    The same cannot be said for your run of the mill street prostitute. An actual pimp will beat you if you try to leave. I find the comparisons to street prostitution inaccurate. I think that the Hefner setup is a lot more like the brothel prostitution of Nevada, which is much safer for the actual prostitutes. That also involves testing, salaries, and a home to live in.

  8. Laura says:

    When will this disgusting old fart just kick the bucket already? Seriously.

  9. Roxanne75 says:

    Wow all it takes is money and women will sell themselves to the highest bidder…any bidder really.

  10. Whatever! says:

    I still think if he was going to marry anyone it should have been Holly. This Crystal chick well she just isn’t Holly.

  11. Samigirl says:

    The fact of the matter is, these women know exactly what they are doing and getting themselves into when they decide they want to be a girlfriend. I don’t feel sorry for this St. James gal one bit.

  12. SoulLovah says:

    EXACTLY, Shannon. These girls CHOSE this lifestyle, so if this Izabella girl has any problems, she brought it on herself….as Hef said, HE kicked HER out. She didn’t leave! And probably wouldn’t have as long as she kept getting paid and put in magazines and let in to parties. I bet she wasn’t complaining at all while she was there. Honestly, Hef is so old, rich, and easily able to get the kind of girls he wants, so I doubt he is thinking twice about this mess.

    Prostitution–not quite; more like Shannon said, a brothel-like atmosphere.

  13. Anna says:

    Whether or not Hef’s behaviour is morally wrong or even akin to paying prostitutes is irrelevant in my opinion. The fact of the matter is that no one forced these girls to stay there and be with him. So if they didn’t like the mansion’s interior decorating, the humiliating payments or any of the other stuff, they could’ve just walked away. I feel like they have no right to complain when the choice was entirely theirs. Silly geese, the lot of them.

  14. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Just EWWWWWWW… I just cant get past the having sex with him. EWWWW EWWWW EWWWW…

    ***shudder, shudder, gag****

  15. Ferguson. says:

    @Roxanne75 …and fame.

  16. MrsOdie2 says:

    Just to be clear: a brothel is a place where prostitutes work.

    What a loser. He has to pay women just to hang out with him. No one would spit on him if he were on fire if he didn’t pay them.

    And brilliant idea about the 9 p.m. curfew, Hef! It’s a well-known fact that no one can have sex before 9 p.m. at night!

  17. Anti-icon says:

    I have to STRONGLY disagree with your statement that his “treatment” is better than life on the streets. If a person REMOVES your own personal safety by insisting on sex without a condom, while said person is sleeping with others — that is advice that should be answered by the Surgeon General in this country. That is a recipe for Modern-Age sexual suicide.

    I am glad HH decided to address these claims. And he is honest (generally) when he gives interviews. But to suggest that PREGNANCY is the issue that he is so careful about; and NOT safe sex… what baffles me about this interview.

  18. lili says:

    So he IS the sugar daddy, oh wait sugar granddaddy, and those women are hooker, as of STD, since they are just playing with each other for as a show for his pleasure (doubt he can do it), nobody really gets in trouble anyway.

  19. hellen says:

    Yeah, he’s a disgusting old goat but those girls were not prisoners or slaves. Whatever consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes is their business and no one else’s.

    And now, I need a brain-bleach session…

  20. JRenee says:

    Ick Nast! taking advantage of women with low self-esteem. Sex w/o condoms due to regular testing…& what about the incubation period of some diseases and the periods bet testing…in this day and age-eewwkk.

    He seems less concerned with it because he’s about to ride into the sunset, 22,23,24 year olds that SHOULD know better, uh not so much. Really smh!

  21. whitedaisy says:

    Whether they choose to live there or not, I feel very sorry for these women. Their self-esteem must be in the gutter.
    And Hefner is on par with Joe Francis for his misogynistic perspective.

  22. JuliaGuglia says:

    @Roxanne 75 Not all women. Just some.

  23. rudy5 says:

    Wasnt kendra just some random girl when she had sex with him at that orgy.. I doubt she was tested for STDs

  24. Roma says:

    I’ll say it. I bet these girls would have stayed around the house even without the 1k a week.

    They get to meet rich, famous men. How many former playboy bunnies married musicians, actors, etc? It’s a stepping stone for them. I wouldn’t call it prostitution at all but I would call it fame whoring.

  25. LolaBella says:

    Any how you slice it, these women are prostitutes.

    They are ‘very lucky, well cared for, well paid, well looked after and in a secure environment, screwing one John’ PROSTITUTES.

    ETA: Also, ITA that Hef must have had a vasectomy or maybe birth control shots are part of the deal and are personally administered by the Mansion’s physician.

  26. Louise says:

    “nobody was having any serious problems with diseases”. So does that mean they had minor problems with diseases? As perverted as Hef is, the women a 1000 times worse for willingly do this.

  27. Justaposter says:

    WOW they never showed any of this on the E! channel LOL

  28. The_Porscha says:

    Dear Lord. I would feel worse for this St. James woman if she hadn’t chosen to remain in this lifestyle, or if the other women hadn’t remained. Honestly, the difference between Hefner and most pimps is that with the latter you usually don’t have a choice. These women did not sign lengthy contracts. All they had to do was skip curfew a few weeks in a row or opt out and they wouldn’t be held there against their will; they’d subsequently be replaced by a girl even more willing to give in to those standards. I’m not justifying the mansion’s lifestyle, but again, it’s not these girls were trafficked into the unknown here.

  29. fizXgirl314 says:

    I don’t think the girl should be getting sympathy because, indeed it was her choice… but I am glad she wrote this book because it sheds light on how gross he is… actually, now that I know I kind of wish I could remove the image from my head :-X

  30. wonderful says:

    Oldman: While I firmly disagree with your first sentence, I agree completely with your last sentence.

  31. Blaze says:

    I don’t understand why people assume she wants sympathy because of what she wrote in this book. To me, it just seems like she had an interesting story to tell, and decided she could get more fame/money/attention/whatever out of it. It’s not as if Hef or any other woman who has been his girlfriend isn’t opportunistic….

  32. Blaze says:

    I’m also confused by the whole “we never used condoms but it’s all good cuz there were never any pregnancies or std’s” business.

    He must not get down as much as he claims or he made someone get an abortion at one point, because that just dosen’t add up

  33. beth says:

    vomits all over this page.

    *wipes trail of yuck
    uh, sorry.

  34. Heather says:

    I literally can’t stand seeing Hef’s disgusting face on posts anymore. He’s Just gross. Whatever excuses he gives for not wearing a condom, just further show how much of a selfish-out of touch jerk he really is!

  35. Crash2GO2 says:

    I just can’t with this guy and his life style. It’s just too morally corrupt. It’s like he’s sold his soul to the Devil.

  36. Kim says:

    Knowing a past girlfriend she said there were NEVER tests for sexually transmitted diseases, he didnt wear condoms, she thought his kids must be in vitro/not his otherwise he would be getting many girls preggers. But she knew many girls were made to get birth control shots before sleeping with him. He did time after he took his Vaigra for his bed parties and didnt treat the girls as anything but a number. But she did say she didnt see drugs at the mansion and felt Hugh didnt like girls who did drugs. He wasnt even big into drinking.

    The curfew comment just proves he knows these girls sleep with him for fame/money not because they love him or he would have no worries of them cheating on him after curfew.

    How can he say he treats women with respect when he pays them a “clothing allowance” cough cough to sleep with him and he gives them a curfew of 9 pm! 10 yr olkd are up later than that!

    At least he knows the deal and knows none of these girls, Crystal included, love him. They are in love with the opportunities it brings them period.

  37. Runs with Scissors says:

    These women aren’t sex slaves.

    They are prostitutes. By choice. And he is a pimp. There are no two ways about it.

    That being said, these women have SERIOUS psychological issues to be doing this. If you look into their childhoods, I’ll bet that a huge percent have been abused or molested by men when they were children. Not all women who were abused as children choose to whore themselves, but many do, and this sick old fuck knows it and exploits them (and their pain) even further to make money off of them, while calling himself a ‘good person.’ The least this son-of-a-bitch can do is exploit them for money but NOT have sex with them. But no, they all have to hop on his withered dick one after the next if they don’t want to be kicked out.

    I can’t believe this whole thing has been legitimized with it own television show. People talk about these “girls” like they’re people to look up to. Nothing like supporting the idea that women are only good for making men money with their asses, and they should be PROUD doing it. Very strange. And sad.

  38. beth says:

    actually, i think hugh has every right to live the way he wants to – we’re all adults, right?

    it’s just that i immediately think of him having sex with the girls… think of the EXTREME PHYSICAL AGE-RELATED contrasts, and i gag.
    i dont have much morality issues with his choice of lifestyle.
    its not like hes corrupting girls (of legal age) who aren’t all ready asking for it. its all just a business transaction.

    i just object to my brain being raped by being flashed by images of his youknowwhat doing youknowwhat……….

    it. just. won’t. stop.

  39. Kim says:

    Runs with scissors – EXACTLY! The women arent prisoners per say BUT he completely takes advantage of them considering 99% had bad childhhoods – mostly absent or molesting fathers.

    Hugh is well Aware of the fact that he takes advantage of these girls. He has zero respect for women. They are a number to him.

  40. beth says:

    i guess i just revealed myself to be for legalised prostitution.

    while i wish these girls did something else, im not going to make assumptions as to the underlying factors that led them here.

  41. MaiGirl says:

    ITA with the above poster who mentioned that Izabella isn’t asking for sympathy, she’s just giving an insider perspective that we haven’t heard as much from women formerly on the “payroll”. She’s just trying to keep making money from ho’ing, but this time from past ho’ing, rather than present :D No sympathy asked for, none required.

    How Hef could confirm any of those details without being horrendously embarrassed is beyond me. Does he think paying a bunch of young, emotionally damaged, surgically enhanced “beauties” with low self-esteem to bob on his knob for 30-seconds each is admirable, or attractive? He talks about how his former girlfriends have “great love” for him, so he must think that’s actually true, right? At the most, they may feel a sort of paternal affection, like one has for an especially generous grandfather, BUT, that is entirely dependent upon whether the women see themselves as commodities. Some women are totally comfortable selling out to be a member of a pampered harem. Other women, the ones I like best, are not for sale, at any price.

  42. beth says:

    @”Other women, the ones I like best, are not for sale, at any price.”
    everyone has a price – it is not always in the form of a currency.

  43. MrsOdie2 says:

    I don’t agree that Hef is a pimp. He’s a John. He doesn’t whore the girls out. He pays them to have sex with him. I also think that most men, given the means, would happily have a stable of 20-30 year-olds available for their sexual pleasure whenever they wanted. Rich, powerful men are virtually never faithful to their wives. And men are interested in women who are fertile (read: YOUNG) and that never changes, no matter how old they get. A thirteen year-old boy thinks a 24 year old-woman is hot, so does a 24 year-old man, and a 44 year-old man and so does an 84 year-old man. It’s biology. No escaping it. You’ll never see a porn website advertising “Successful, confident 45 year-old women!” It’s always “hot teens” and “naughty co-eds” and “barely legal girls.” And it isn’t just sons looking at these sites. It’s husbands, dads, and yes, grandpas (assuming they know what those dang blasted “interwebs” are).

    But a real man isn’t just a slave to his base nature. He makes choices. He marries a woman, has children, and serves as a proper role model to them by keeping his wedding vows, living with honor and dignity while guiding his children through life. He loves his wife, even when she is no longer a bouncy, nubile, juicy young sex toy.

    Hef isn’t doing anything “wrong,” but I still think he’s a vile, low specimen of man. A real scumbag.

  44. kelly says:

    Oh please, everyone’s so precious about old people having sex like their own fucky times are choreographed by fairies and covered in glitter.



    How is any of this news? The only part I don’t believe is that Hef-funded terminations weren’t on the menu back in the day. Come on. Biology and greed.

  45. bubbles says:

    Hugh gives new meaning to The Corpse’s Bride. is her father going to “give her away”? and for what price? 1000$ a week is pretty cheap if you ask me. most street prostitutes make more than that.

  46. Hakura says:

    No. He’s not forcing them to do anything, and that’s what I find so discouraging.

    That they’d allow themselves, grown women, to be objectified, treated like children with curfews & allowance… & used for sex & nude photo spreads. The ‘naughty teenager‘ lifestyle & ‘daddy‘ thing really disgusts me.

    It’s just sickening. Both how he runs his life/business, & how these women allow themselves to be used. There’s not enough money on the planet for me to do that. My mom & I were talking about it… she said ONLY if she had a sick child, & that was the only option for money. Otherwise, she’d rather live in a shoebox than that mansion.

  47. Tiffany says:

    >>But a real man isn’t just a slave to his base nature. He makes choices. He marries a woman, has children, and serves as a proper role model to them by keeping his wedding vows, living with honor and dignity while guiding his children through life. He loves his wife, even when she is no longer a bouncy, nubile, juicy young sex toy<<

    I thought I was going to lose it reading your post until I got to that statement. Good men and good women live by those rules, and THAT is how you stay married and happy. I also subscribe to Kevin Bacon’s quote, “2eep the fights clean, and the sex dirty”.

    One other thing, men DO stare at 40+ year old women. A lot. Just depends on what you look like-some women Do get better with age.
    Girls, marry a good man, and hopefully he will love you big, skinny, preggo, sick, etc. Just as you would do for him. And be a great Father, which is so important for young girls. If your Dad is a good man, you learn you are worthy of the love of a good man. That my friends is a good relationship, not getting paid a grand a week to hop on and off a merry go round.
    All I can think of in that first pic is…Joel Mchale on The Soup.
    “I’m a boat Captain!”

  48. beth says:

    men who really love their wives (or husbands, if they’re gay), will try their damnest to abstain/surrender a chance at casual sex if fidelity meant something to the ones they profess to love. women who really love will do the same for their men, too. real men, and women will TRY, but sometimes they will stumble, too.

    with the exception of open relationships, in which case these rules no longer apply. it doesnt make their love for each other less real, nor does it make them less real a man or a woman – people are different – it’s how you meet your loved one’s needs, that count most of all.

  49. piedlourde says:

    I can’t look at a photo of Hefner in that hat without picturing Joel McHale doing his “I’m a boat captain!” bit on The Soup. [giggles]

  50. dweeb says:

    i think he made a fine choice

  51. misskittyfantastico says:

    hmmm. a kind man, who looks at you and admires you and is attracted to you; a seperate apartment where you can live with other girls as friends and have fun; an awesome house to hang out in and swim; guaranteed sex once a week; not having to work a stupid job for crap pay? I would take it! – in a cold minute! I would feel like less of a whore than I do working at my “honest job” at a gas station, where I have to smile and be servile and ask people how there day is going and generally be insincere. And, by the way, I am not a uneducated, nor was I abused or a slut. I just think the lifestyle sounds lovely and the man seems nice. I am too old now (36, cute, and happily married) but I certainly don’t judge the man OR the girls. It is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one. So stop being sour and judgemental. Get over yourselves and your envy ladies and gentleman. x

  52. misskittyfantastico says:

    also, some people go on about how you love your partner for the commitment, and the sensibility and what’s inside; and then, in the same breath, go “eeeewww! omg! yucky old man sex! spew!” so which one is it? do you love the kindness? or the sexy body? because if it’s the second one you have just re-inforced what you judge Mr Hefner for…

  53. Truthzbetta says:

    That chick above me is either on drugs, or Hugh Hefner knows what a computer is and how to pretend to be a dummy.

  54. misskittyfantastico says:

    oops! you caught me…

  55. Maggie says:

    He’s a sad old man. If calling his hookers “girlfriends” makes him feel better about himself, so be it. They’re big girls and choose to live in the Playboy mansion, spend his money and wait for a possible career to happen. What the heck do they expect? They will come and go, at his wish, and live as they are told until he is done with them. Then one “girlfriend” leaves and a new, fresher model moves in….

  56. Vidalia says:

    He is an old creep. Sexual “liberation” is a psy-op to some degree. Religion creates one extreme and “sexual liberation” the other end of the spectrum.

    American women have been deceived into believing they are in power when in fact they are being exploited.

    Surely there is a happy medium which will allow marriage to survive amongst the assault it is currently experiencing?

    Marriage isn’t for everyone, but no one wants a “whore” (ie well used car of a person) for life.

    That goes for both sexes equally.

  57. Idalia says:

    I told my granmdohter how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”