Project Runway’s final three designers revealed: A Rant With Spoilers



Jesus Christ, did you watch the final elimination on Project Runway last night? What. The. F-ck. It was all kinds of wrong what happened to Michael! Okay, let me recap: on last week’s episode, they rejected WhatsIt, the young girl who was stuck in a rut designing every. Single. Piece. Like it was lingerie. So she needed to go, but I was really, really, REALLY hoping that Gretchen would go home too, but I was forced to wait until this week to really PRAY TO GOD that Gretchen would get sent home. She is one of the WORST designers to ever make it this far. And yes, I know she made a couple of cute pieces early in the season, and those pieces were somehow good enough to carry her through several challenges where she failed spectacularly.

So yes, I was just watching PR at this point just because I wanted Gretchen to fail, just as I watched and waited to see that nasty little bitch Ivy fail. I wanted Gretchen to get sent home even more though – she’s such a cold little psychopath, trash-talking every other designer all the way through the competition. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if she actually had the goods to back up her sizable ego – but she doesn’t. She’s a horrible f-cking designer. Her clothes always look so, so cheap, she has absolutely no eye for color or for pattern, and her basic design skills blow. She needs a new profession. But instead of getting one, she has her sh-tty, cheap designs applauded by Heidi Klum (and it seems like Heidi is the only one who really likes them at this point). Also: I hated how Gretchen emotionally unloaded on Tim Gunn when he came to visit her, like her life was in chaos because she’s such a noble struggling artist. She’s struggling because people are tired of dealing with her, because she’s a horrible designer and a really evil, unprofessional bitch. The whole interlude with Tim was her design to play on his (and our) heartstrings, and it was bullsh-t.

And so the final show happened… and it was disappointing overall. I like both Mondo and Andy, and I think one of them is going to win, and I’ve felt that way for weeks. So it was pretty much down to Gretchen or Michael, and I had hopes that Michael would deliver. Now, the judges seemed to hate Michael’s clothes, and I don’t know why, really. The feather skirt wasn’t great, but I loved the silk dress, and I thought his pants-and-shredded blouse were really beautiful, like vintage Escada. Yes, he was working in a very narrow color palette – so what? If he was only working with black, I bet there would have been no complaints. Beyond Michael’s stuff, Gretchen’s outfits were THE WORST. Worse than Andy’s cheesy little bikini. Worse than Mondo’s bizarre turquoise top with pink piping. Gretchen’s three looks were HIDEOUS. They looked like sh-t you would find in a Santa Fe flea market, or worse, Wal-Mart. They were cheap. They were unflattering. They were ugly.

And Gretchen got to move ahead to the final three. And Michael was cut!!! Such bullsh-t. And Michael was absolutely devastated too, sobbing and having a breakdown, so much so that I was sobbing and Mondo was crying and Andy was crying and Gretchen… sat there with that smug little look on her f-cked up face. Bitch. Team Michael.

So basically, I just have to watch the finale now just because at long last, Gretchen needs to have her smug, unprofessional, nasty ass handed to her. Nina Garcia needs to start trying to pull some rank on Heidi. This is ridiculous. If Gretchen WINS, I will no longer watch Project Runway. I swear.


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  1. aang says:

    ugh. glad i read this so now i don’t have to watch.
    hate, hate, hate gretchen. love, love love michael. and what the h*** is heidi wearing?

  2. MSat says:

    Mondo will win. He is the only one left with any kind of unique point of view. I did feel bad for Michael, but he blew it by presenting three looks in the exact same color scheme. Also, that feather dress was not flattering to the model’s body – it made her look flat, broad-shouldered and dumpy.

    I am mystified about Andy’s looks. Bikini, shorts, and a too-short cocktail dress. I can’t believe no one called him out on the length of that green dress. The model was tugging at it on the runway and nearly flashed cheek.

    I loved Mondo’s looks. I would have worn any one of them, especially the polka-dot dress. I never would have thought that polka-dots would be flattering but that dress was just va-va-VOOM.

    I’m not a fan of Gretchen’s granola style but I do think she deserved to be there more than Andy.

  3. mln says:

    Didn’t read the article because I will watch eventually but they really never should have left Bravo, Lifetime doesn’t show enough re-runs and the show hasn’t been the same since.

  4. NayNay says:

    I cannot stand Gretchen, and her “I deserve to win” attitude. I do not think she has any talent. Last week, she should have gone home instead of April. And, the same thing this week, Gretchen should have gone home instead of Michael. This season, this show is bullshit.

  5. jen says:

    Just watched it this morning. I do not understand the judging. They liked some of Michael’s presented pieces, didn’t like Gretchen’s, then sent Michael home? The heck? Gretchen and Andy were IDIOTS for not putting out their “best” pieces (whatever that could possibly be). If you’re trying to get selected to show at Fashion Week you present the best you can do so they choose you. I hate Gretchen’s clothes, they are drab and ugly. You could’ve carried your purse in that extra swath of fabric pulled up in the back of her final challenge piece. Just blech.
    I’m tired of Mondo, it all looks the same. Andy bores me, but maybe he has something in his yet to be revealed collection. Gretchen: blech again. This was my first season watching this show. Have they always been (the designers) this bad?

  6. Mia says:

    I swear those three judges are high on something; some of the decisions they make just defy any kind of understanding.

    That said, this was the worst PR season I have ever seen. The prior season with Seth Anthony, you saw some really original and creative stuff going down the runway. Mondo, and occasionally Andy, came closet this season.

  7. wendy says:

    Project Runway is no longer about choosing the best designer, it’s about ratings. The judges had to pick the designer who gives the best soundbites in order to get everyone talking about the show. That’s the only reason Retch was chosen for the final three.
    It sucks for Michael C but he can rest assured that he is a MUCH better designer than Retch will ever be.

    Go Mondo!

  8. Cirque28 says:

    Yeah, Gretchen’s clothes… what was that Southwestern jumpsuit-y thing with a capri length pant? Who would that flatter?? And the judges were so right about her jewelry.

    Speaking of, I can’t believe Nina Garcia didn’t pull Jessica Simpson aside to say, “That dress is the WORST possible choice for your body type, you little linebacker. CHANGE AT ONCE.”

  9. Pearl says:

    I agree with every word. Gretchen is a smug bitch with ugly clothes. Ugh.

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea Lifetime pretty much spoiled who would be the final 3 because they couldn’t wait the unnecessary hour and 30 mins running time to show a promo for next week’s episode.

    I like Andy and I wanted him at Fashion week and I am glad he made it, I don’t think he should have been in the bottom 2 whats so ever. It was like jeez I can’t believe they picked Gretchen’s fugly ass clothes. They were so boring and drab. I really think her stuff was bad. I liked Micheal’s collection much better. I wouldn’t wear Gretchen’s clothes but I do know chicks who dress like that but I wouldn’t. They looked terrible to me. I was heartbroken for Micheal C. Devastated for him.

    I do KNOW that Gretchen won’t win and last night I kinda felt bad for Gretchen. She was dumped and broke but based purely on her clothes I didn’t want her in the finale. I am gonna watch the finale because I like both Andy and Mondo its their competition to lose. I am rooting for them.

  11. Samigirl says:

    I agree. I hated Gretchen’s line SO MUCH. And I will boycott the show if Gretchen wins. I dislike her so much!

  12. Sandy says:

    Actually liked what Retch was wearing. Wonder if she designed it? Her clothes looked like granny fair to me. And watching Michael was absolutely heartbreaking. I wanted to yell at Heidi Klum. Seriously. Someone tell that boy that It Gets Better.

  13. Relli says:

    I totally agree with MSat. But the one thing i keep reading is that everyone is slamming Lifetime’s production of this show but i think its really important to point out that they are not with the same production team that they were with at Bravo, Magic Elves. Yes it sucks that you have to watch a million commercials for the worst made for TV movies ever but its just another cable channel. I think when Bunim/Murray aka the REAL WORLD producers took over is when we started to see more emo contestants that were more about “their” life stories and less about the clothes which what we all tune in to see.

    But yes i am so tired of Gretchens feelings and her nee to discuss them ALL THE TIME. TEAM MONDO!

  14. RHONYC says:

    jessica simpson looks as fashionable as a chicken pot pie. :-(

  15. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Is it bad of me to think that Gretchen played the whole, “I’m broke and dumped and homeless” thing just for sympathy? Like, if we knew she’d sacrificed ‘everything’ then we’d really be convinced that she’s a dedicated designer and therefore deserves to be there (even tho her clothes look cheap, unoriginal and downright fugly)? That jumpsuit was HIDEOUS. Like, hideous doesn’t even begin to cover how f’in gross that outfit was. And the cheap looking jacket and diaper?? wth??

    Michael was my favorite pretty much the entire season–I HATED how much the one b*tch was so nasty to him, and loved how Mondo kinda became the Michael champion. I thought his evening gown last night was GORGEOUS–my fave garment out of all 12.

    This season has been the worst, and I’m a die-hard ‘watched every episode from the beginning’ fan. Some of the judges eliminations and some of the stuff they’ve liked have shocked the heck out of me. I’ve had way too many wtf moments this season. I also didn’t really like the extra 1/2hr of catty behind-the-scenes b*tching about each other. 90min is a little too long, especially toward the end of the seaon when there’s only a few designers left.

  16. Ron says:

    I have watched every episode of Project Runway since the beginning and i have absolutely no idea what they have been thinking this year. When Gretched wasn’t eliminated last night I think they really jumped the shark unfortuately. Who is actually going to want to wear granny panties under a short sleeved leather jacket with a hat? Seriously? I totally get fashion and editorial work, I still dress people, but her stuff was a disaster. I would not consider putting it in store let alone showing that dreck to a client. Ff they want that look they should go get the Jungle Judy collection at Chico’s.

    Micheal C was robbed. you could put so many women in that gorgeous beige silk dress he made for the challenge and the pant outfit was great. Go to under the fashion banner and rtw shows 2011 and you can look at all 10 that collections that walked the runway.

    Very disappointing. Very.

  17. Cheyenne says:

    Is that Gretchen wench related to Heidi Klum or what? She’s a no-talent bitch who couldn’t design her way out of a paper bag. If she wins you can kiss the show goodbye.

    I kind of like Andy’s clothes; they’re interesting and he’s not afraid to take risks. I thought poor Michael was going to have to be hospitalized after that meltdown he had last night. Sounds like the guy has some bad family issues.

  18. Chrissy says:

    Loved your interpretation of the episode b/c I feel the SAME EXACT WAY regarding everything you said. And Gretchen’s clothes are terrible!!! The jewelry she had made looked like crap. I just DON’T understand why the judges chose her over Michael.

  19. Kate says:

    I laughed out loud when, before the decision, Gretchen said she thought it was still even at this point. They HAMMERED her, way more than any other designer. They obviously kept her because she’s good tv. I have no idea what Nina was thinking, saying she “kind of” liked the jacket/diaper thing.

    I will say though, Michael C’s breakdown did not endear him to me. WAAAY too much. Very unprofessional. I know it was devastating, but buck up for 10 minutes, then go in the back, off camera and sob your eyes out.

    I thought his looks were better than Gretchen’s, but man, if you can’t handle rejection, you don’t have much hope in the fashion industry or any industry for that matter.

  20. Megan says:

    Why does Jessica Simpson insist on wearing things that make her look bigger than she really is?

  21. KC says:

    What is heck are they wearing? Wasn’t it Heidi who, “matchy matchy” is out….all of their shoes are too matchy! Totally don’t care for Gretchen’s style but Michael isn’t the strongest stylist or designer… Totally Team Mondo!

  22. dj says:

    I said verbatim your rant last night. Gretchen did not deserve to get to the final three. I even thought she tried to borrow from Mondo’s patterns in the crap drab fabric she had with all the unattractive patterns because the designers seem to like that. Poor Michael C. Tim soothed him well though.

  23. Bella Bella says:

    I love Michael C. It was sooooo wrong that he was sent home.

  24. original kate says:

    good lord, what a bland,joyless, fugly-ass bunch of clothes. and what was with the weird headgear everyone employed? i think you could throw a dart on the street and hit someone who could put together a more interesting collection than these 4.

    gretchen’s collection looked like she raided joan collins’ closet. even the hat was very “dynasty.” and wow, an urban safari look…how, ummmm, original. if she makes her own clothes she needs to expand into a line – the orange velvet top she wore last night was adorable. her attitude sucks, her ego is monumental but with no talent to back it up she is just laughable. christian serriano has a massive ego, too, but that bitch can design! his was still my favorite collection, along with chris march. anyone remember chris’s amazing safety pin skirt? i loved that season. *sigh*

    i think michael lucked into a couple of pretty pieces but i don’t think he has the experience to compete.

    mondo is all over the place. some of his looks i love but some i thought were hideous. i am scared of all circus related things so that didn’t work for me.

    andy has alot of crafting skill. those pleated silk pieces were beautiful, but then he ruins the green outift by pairing it with a micro-mini. how great would that top have looked with a pair of sleek cigarette pants? and that bikini was just…ugh.

    all in all i’m mystified and underwhelmed by all of them. i actually don’t care who wins.

  25. Kristin says:

    I was so disgusted, I just turned off the tv. Andy’s clothes are so weird looking. That bathing suit was awful. Gretchen style is like plain oatmeal. And she really thinks she is clever. Mike C. made the best clothes and was sent home. I am not even going to watch the finale.

  26. Fire says:

    Agree with most posters. HATE Gretchen and her hobo crap and the fact that she was trying to play the sympathy card when she’s been a bitch all season. CANNOT believe any of them held back better pieces – this was it, dumbasses! Go strong or go home!! Not sure why they picked Gretchen over Michael when they had more negative to say about her pieces than positive. Felt so bad for Michael – he does obviously have family issues. Be proud of your kids, people, no matter what their sexual orientation! Encourage them to be the best at what they love and support them in their dreams. I think he has a true talent, just wish he had picked pieces that were different colors. LOVED his last look. I also noticed Andy’s model was pulling down her green dress. VERY surprised the judges didn’t say anything about that.

    Oh, and yeah, WTF is JSimpleton wearing?? She looks super heavy in that. AND Heidi?!? My eyes are burning!

  27. Fire says:

    hey guys – even though we feel bad for Michael C., I just read online that he and Mondo have a pilot in production called Growing Roots, so it looks like he’ll be fine!

  28. benny says:

    The producers, for whatever reason, have been protecting Gretchen from the start. I don’t know if she’s friends with someone, or related, or they just think she’s good for ratings. But she has designed some of the ugliest clothes ever seen on this show and has been praised for it. The judges even liked her hideous kaftan outfit several weeks ago — the one that looked like Mrs. Roper from “Threes Company” would have worn 35 years ago. “WTF” certainly applies.

  29. poo says:

    You guys obviously have no idea what’s going on with fashion right now. Gretchen is right on the money —- she in line with Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, etc. Casual clothes with a twist …I’m sure her stuff wouldn’t have looked cheap if she maybe had more than 100$ to make a friggin outfit.
    Michael is outdated, has nothing new to say, and his colour choices were consistently hideous. He may not have deserved to be piled on like he was, but there’s a reason why EVERYONE, without exception, disliked him immediately. He’s an obsequious no-talent hack. Vintage Escada? Barf
    And btw Gretchen did not sit back and watch him cry ..she was the first to jump up and comfort him when he was punching the wall like an idiot.

  30. Stephy D says:

    I really like watching Project Runway but after last nights episode, I am APPALLED by the judges decision!! It was VERY CLEAR to me that after last weeks episode, the 3 men should have been the one’s to show at fashion week. Gretchen’s close were CLEARLY ugly!! Clothes that I could find at a flea market and sold for $1. As a matter of fact, NOTHING she made had a wow factor to it.

    Michael C’s close were all SO beautiful!! I would wear his creations, (can’t say the same for the other designers) and he DESERVED to go!! This just upsets me! It’s silly but it does. I will no longer be watching this show. I’ve watched since season one, and now, I’m done.

  31. Stephy D says:

    Every one’s comments about Gretchen not designing pretty clothes are exactly right. Michael C’s clothes are staples that will never go out of style. Hideous granola creations will never be in style. Bohemian shieck, yes, but hideous cheap granola no. Also, just because she didn’t have a lot of money to work with is no excuse for her, the other designers ALSO had to work with very little money and they put expensive looking clothes down the runway.

  32. jm says:

    Sorry, Kaiser, you are wrong!

    Michael C. did seem nicer, but how much was real? There must be SOME reason all of the other designers hated him so much. And yes some hated Gretchen at the beginning but I didn’t hear those complaints later on (after Tim gave it to her). Methinks there was a bit of creative editing here, to set up a hero vs. villain. And admit it, she was the first to comfort him when he broke down.

    Gretchen’s stuff is pretty cool. I like how she herself is dressed, and that’s what her designs look like. I’d love to wear her stuff. Most of it isn’t showy enough for the runway but doesn’t mean it sucks.

    What you said about Gretchen goes for Andy, too, IMO. He designed some great stuff but also some real clunkers. So why only single her out? It’s the personality and not the designs you’re stuck on.

    To be honest, I was underwhelmed by ALL of their collections. Even Mondo’s left me pretty unimpressed.

  33. poo says:

    @ Stephy D …. in terms of money, it’s A LOT harder to make casual clothes look expensive without the proper budget, actually. It’s easier to trick the eye into thinking something is expensive by using shiny fabrics, beading, or by just churning out sad little cocktail dress after sad little cocktail dress. YAWN
    And for everyone who thinks Michael makes timeless, beautiful clothes — i’m speechless. Really. At best he’s a costume designer, at worst he’s a copycat.

  34. jm says:

    BTW for fashion judges they all look horrible! I’ll give Nina a pass b/c she’s preggers but the rest – UGH!!

    Michael Kors only ever wears one look, Heidi’s red catastrophe gives me a migraine, and Jessica S. looks like a dumpy sack of potatoes.

  35. Stephy D says:

    Maybe I’m not the best to judge about the designs of the designers because I am seeing the designs through the television and not in person, but even the judges are quick to point out when the designers create something that is expensive looking and when something does not look expensive.

    I feel that Gretchen did not deserve to go to fashion week, (not because of her personality, because this is a show about fashion, not personalities) but because she made ugly cheap looking clothes. I really like Bohemian sheik. I think it’s beautiful, but nothing from what Gretchen put down the runway in last night’s episode showed that she deserved to go to fashion week. I did however, like what she was wearing.

  36. Allie says:

    ITA! I was SHOCKED that Gretchen made it and Michael got cut! That shouldn’t have happened. Michael at least, has an eye of what’s flattering on a woman, and he has taste. The draped gown was beautiful, and I loved the other look too with the funky pants and top. His choice of color, seemed to be the main thing the judges didn’t like. All of Gretchen’s 3 “looks” were just garbage. This was a complete injustice. It seemed to me, Heidi was the only judge backing Gretchen. MK and Nina seemed to be more behind picking Michael. So what the hell happened? Because Heidi’s a producer her opinion oversaw the other 2 judges? And YES! Heidi does wear the “Matchy Matchy” colors. So WTF?
    I agree, Gretchen comes off, as such a cold bitch. I cannot stand her arrogance, and how she acts like she knows everything!

  37. MSat says:

    I really doubt that Gretchen’s personal life had any sway with the judges. I mean, come on- when it comes to hard lives, I think Mondo has them all beat, and you don’t see the judges giving him any slack because he has HIV.

    I think the reason Gretchen has lasted so long in this is that her clothes are the most commercial. I’m not saying I agree or that I like them, but they are things people could wear, off the rack.

    Mondo is going to win.

  38. right??

    ftr, i actually liked andy’s bikini. maybe not to go to the beach in … but it was kind of awesome.

  39. di butler says:

    What? No mention of Wretchen’s female mullet? I cringed the first time I saw her granola ass, and the fact she stayed all season? NOOOOOO! I would have loved it if someone else, (anyone but Ivy), had of made it instead. I went to her website. It was just as bad as you would imagine. And while her big, baggy in the ass and hips stuff works ok on 90 lb 6 ft models, no real person wants to look like a burro with side bags.

  40. Xx says:

    My heart broke for Michael. After all the torture and nonesense they put him through. Gretchen is such a smug obnoxious horrible person and even when Michael was sobbing she had something nasty to say. She should be hit by a house so that just her two striped socks are sticking out from underneath it. Grrrrrr!

  41. Lindsay says:

    mln- The changes in the show were probably lead by the people who produce the show. And who cares if they don’t have tons of reruns – every network TV show is like that. Also, Lifetime puts them up on-line the day after and has pretty good extras on their site.

    poo – I agree to a point. She isn’t off on the type of look, except that it isn’t really runway stuff. Like the told her “That handbag is making the model look more real. This is the runway. You don’t want reality.” Plus, they each got $9,000 for 10 looks and an additional $300 for the last one – so it is not a matter of money. It is talent and taste, other people can and have make luxe with less.

    Kate – I really don’t think it was an inability to face rejection. He has been dealing with rejection and harsh criticism all season, he is not the best at it but not horrible by any means. I think it was two main things 1. He worked his butt off for six weeks building a collection that won’t be considered. 2. He is scared of going home to his family, which is heartbreaking. He thought he could prove his worth to them through the show but instead got so so close and be shot down. He obviously desperately wants his family to support him for who he is, not who they think he should be. (I don’t think it really would have made a difference. If he won they would still wish he was straight and doing a “manly” job. Plus, with all the crap he went through while remaining stoic finally rose to the surface and he probably felt like he went through that rough experience alone and gave up time with his son for nothing. I was surprised he was gay. Maybe the kid threw me off.

    The last thing is why did Andy almost sabotage himself for underwhelming fabrics. He spent more time waiting for them than he did creating. I personally didn’t think the fabric was so amazing that it was worth the inherent risk of giving up 4 out of six weeks.

    Fire – That’s great news

    Original Kate – “I don’t think he has the experience to compete.” Apparently he did. Making it on the show is a feet in itself, making the final four proves he deserved to be there. He beat out people way more experience then him.

    Also, I like Christian Serriano too but hated him as a judge. With the obvious ego about the significance of his opinion and the fact he seemed to just argue the opposite of everyone else, he was annoying.

  42. Twez says:

    I hate Gretchen, but she is in no way a worse designer than Wendy Pepper from season one.

  43. Amelia says:

    I watched this morning and the only reason I can see that that B*tch was in and Michael was out is the producers wanted the drama. Which means this show isn’t all about talent. I immediately took “Finale Part 2″ off my DVR. It will be Mondo who wins hopefully, but I have no interest in watching another episode with her on it. Where’s the karma man. I thought Michael’s designs as a whole were beautiful. It’s not fair. Why watch the show if they aren’t going to judge on talent?

  44. stanhope says:

    Last night’s PR was awful. That Gretchen chick should have gone home ages ago but that diaper thing she designed? A hot mess. I also agree with the earlier post that PR should still be where it was. It is far to hard to find now.

  45. Anna says:

    Don’t forget that the totally tasteless nugget Jessica Simpson is one of the people choosing the winner.

  46. Lem says:

    I am granola. Retched’s stuff is not granola or Bohemian or eclectic.
    It is 80′s southwest retirement home!
    I am offended by the reference. Like Kors didn’t have another word so he played off homely hippie hopeless and he kept saying “crunchy” so therefore… granola
    It is 80′s southwest retirement home! WTF was that orange jumpsuit catastrophe? my goodness that was possibly one of the single worst outfits to walk the runway from ANY season

    She IS awful as a designer. Her personality is just the sour on the puss.
    GO MONDO! (but I miss the color)

  47. Lem says:

    The reason so many of the designers started as anti Micheal C was BECAUSE Gretchen unleashed on him from the very first day. When everyone is very impressionable she let them know she was the one to beat and Mike C was beneath them.
    Go back and re-watch (if you’re bored) she was brutal- aimed at him- at a stage where it was agree with her or face her wrath. it’s easier to agree with a crazy Biatch on your first day than let her drama rule you

  48. benny says:

    Allie: “Heidi was the only judge backing Gretchen”

    She’s a producer. They are the REAL judges making the decisions (read the disclaimer in the end credits). The people you see sitting in the judges’ chairs are just for show.

  49. Juice in LA says:

    The fact that Gretchen made it past the 7th week killed it for me, if it weren’t for Mondo, my undying allegiance to Tim Gunn and the fact that they gave me hope by booting Ivy, I would have stopped watching because I cannot take her Maude Loungewear asthetic anymore than I want to wear crocs….

    Her final three were atrocious, just like the rest of her hideous collection. And she looked like a GIANT TRANNY ELF in that stupid outfit.

  50. birdgherl says:

    I went online and watched all of the designers who had shows in this year (to throw viewers off track) and Michael’s final collection was far and away the best. Even Casanova’s was better than Gretchen’s. He was robbed. Period. If you want to see the shows, go here:

  51. Vicky Corday says:

    Look at the photo of the judges. Look at what they are wearing. Does any one of them look like they are qualified to judge fashion? Nope.

    Gretchen is interesting but not couture.

  52. truthzbetta says:

    Why. God. Why is Jessica Simpleton on a fashion show?

    I have seen her plastic bags and miss piggy wigs so please tell me who she’s shagging for credibility this week. No one deserves the shame of being judged by her.

  53. Kiska says:

    I was always a fan of Michael and found he to be such a warm-hearted soul. I also found his designs next to Mondo’s to be my favourite. I’m saddened by the judges decision to go with Gretchen. Her designs lacked sophistication and looked very cheap and dull.

    The final thing: Why was everyone so hard on Michael in the first place? Was it artful edited in his favour? Because all I saw was a kind, giving man who was trying to fulfill his dream.

    So sad. I hope Michael moves on from this and continues to design.

  54. Bopa says:

    I love Project Runway but Heidi’s nastiness this year totally ticked me off. I think she has horrible fashion sense which makes it odd to see her making fun of designers creations. Lady you’re a glorified coat hanger with bad taste. The judging this season was way off almost every week starting with the first person who was kicked off.

  55. Bopa says:

    I forgot to give my take on Gretchen. I think she was way over hyped. Personally I think she and Ivy spent so much time knocking Micheal C to hide their own design issues. Neither one of them (Ivy and Gretchen) have a original design bone in their body. Think back to one of the first shows where they showed Gretchen sketching while looking at a magazine ad. She should have gone home early on because of that. It’s beyond me that no one noticed that everything she did including the brides maid dress challenge has already been done.

  56. heathen says:

    I’ve watched every single episode since PR began & this is the most jacked up season yet. Even Tim Gunn has publicly said that this year the “judges were on crack” and he didn’t understand a lot of their decisions. That’s an actual quote!
    I knew Michael C. was going last week –when he obviously made the BEST dress of the challenge (NYC inspiration) — I would wear that dress in a NY minute (if I actually had somewhere to go where that dress would be appropriate, but you know what I mean) — and Gretchen made something a crackwh#re would wear when she had to show up at court. If things were actually fair, that episode should have ended with Mondo, Michael C. & Andy going to fashion week and April (who really only made goth-hooker clothing & should have gone before this) & Gretchen should have gone home. But the judges WANTED Gretchen in the finals so they unfairly did this “do over” to see who the final 3 would be. No matter what Gretchen showed, she was going to fashion week, and, in truth, no matter what Michael C. showed, he wasn’t. The judges wanted Mondo, Andy & Gretchen final 3 and by hook or by crook, they got it. It is such utter b.s. that I want to scream.
    IMO, there is NO WAY Mondo can lose this thing because he is the ONLY designer there with a unique POV and his clothes are so special — weird & chic at the same time. He really is wonderful. Plus, he is so darn cute!! I heart Mondo! If he does lose, however, PR will lose all credibility.
    Oh, and fyi re: Jessica Simpson’s horrid grey dress — Michael Kors designed it & dressed her! Can you believe that sh!t!!! Good lord, he needs to STFU next time he starts going off on one of the contestant’s styling!

  57. Sara says:

    I liked Micheal C’s clothes the best. Some of his stuff was ugly but when it was good, it was really good.

    And I totally agree, I’ve been waiting for Gretchen to get cut because I think she’s smug and I hate her earthy brown ugly clothes. I hate the way she dresses and how she tells everyone else what to do.

  58. Mandy says:

    Those judges have been eating big bowls of Crazyflakes all season.

  59. Bopa says:

    I think Lifetime and Bunim/Murray have turned the show into just a reality show. Project Runway used to have some sort of credibility (even with Heidi’s horrible fashion sense). It used to tick people off that they would let good designers have a pass on their bad weeks but other than that they made sure the better designers were there at the end. This year it just seemed like they kept and picked people just to toy with others and keep drama going. Gretchen made some of the ugliest things and won. Micheal C won on challenges he shouldn’t have won even though I think he’s a pretty good designer. Andy lost some challenges that made no sense like for the bathing suit he made. Valerie’s stuff looked hobby home made from the beginning and they went from raving on her to tearing her down in short time. Same situation for April who made the same crap every week that the judges raved over only to have them turn against her during the last regular challenge. Her Heidi line challenge outfits were worse than Chris’s. The judging came off as insane and calculating not for the purpose of deciding for fashions sake.

  60. ab says:

    Thank goodness other people feel like I do! I had thought someone had spiked my kraft dinner with some of Whitney Houston’s crack this season! The designers were awful and the judges did seem like they ate “crazy flakes” before each judging. Uhg, and I usually like Heidi, but when she was so smug over her own ugly line that one week, I seriously thought I was going Frankenberry Mad! Jeezus. This season was really, really poor. I pretty much don’t even care who wins for talent reasons, all the clothes are fugly. If I have to pick, Mondo or Andy, they both seem nice. Otherwise, puke clown college.

  61. Trillion says:

    Micheal’s reaction was one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen on PR. I couldn’t wait for the cameras to move away from his cringe-inducing performance. Micheal C’s clothes were so older lady/Palm Springs queen. Nothing new or exciting. But certainly much prettier than Gretchen’s sad little bit of strip-mall fashion. Andy’s background story was the most intriguing and inspiring and I’d be happy if either he or Mondo took first prize.

  62. Bopa says:

    Has anyone read the rumors about Andy South stealing designs?

  63. big feet bunny says:

    perhaps project runway thought us viewers on board the michael c. hate train but i certainly wasn’t. i hate it when reality stars gang up on person they are jealous of. it’s pathetic. i was stunned that michael c wasn’t the second one chosen. i thought either andy or gretchen would be gone. andy’s bathing suit was horrid and gretchen’s clothes were not runway worthy or street worthy. she has the biggest ego in the world. poor michael. i wanted to see his collection so much!

  64. jrt says:

    I think from day one Gretchen was considered the better designer over Michael because his confidence was lacking her hers was way over the top. I think she redeemed herself with the judges and they like to think the they changed her…….makes them feel so good dont you think…….and Michael they just used for ratings because he was so genuine and I think a great cast member. I agree that Micheal’s designs while the fabric was not flattering at all were not that bad and Gretchen wasn’t that good. I agree with your assessment but Im not surprised with the outcome. I would have liked to see Michael go over Andy. I personally never liked anything Andy did.

  65. jrt says:

    I agree that Andy’s backround and that hut that his mother lives in is the reason he won. If you think about it Michael C. was the most well off of all the designers so maybe this is a charity contest after all.

  66. jrt says:

    Who knows maybe Tim who is the only one that sees the entire collection tells the judges which is best since they want their fashion show to go off well.I dont recall them doing it like this were Tim sees the looks this way and only certain ones get picked. I know they have had the eliminations but I dont recall that the lines were complete at this elimination

  67. jrt says:

    What I thought was odd was that Gretchen plays this story about this person that she has had a break with and yet I dont recall ever hearing her talk about someone else. Was is a girl or a boy?? She didnt mention anyone on the show and yet because of this person she is broke?? odd story.

  68. snappyfish says:

    What makes no sense to me is that the critical comments about Michael’s single color palette. Last year’s winner sent an ALL BLACK collection down the runway.

    Last year the single color palette won and this year it lacks worth. His dress was gorgeous and well made. The pants were great and the skirt was kinda cute. The point I am making is this….he showed a collection. A gown, a skirt and pants.

    The others were no nearly as impressive and all this said, I never really liked Michael but he was royally screwed.

  69. Dog's country says:

    I will be miffed if Andy wins because he cheated: he copied designs directly from the Japanese pattern books called Pattern Magic. This is being discussed at Project Rungay and

  70. Az says:

    Didn’t Christian Siriano win with an all-black collection? Then again, Mr. Costello is no Christian Siriano when it comes to design talent. Nor is anyone else who has been on that show since Christian Siriano won, for that matter.

  71. Az says:

    @ Dog’s country: Would this be what Heidi was talking about in that clip where she says,”What he did was wrong”? That would make sense. Although, I thought using pattern books was grounds or immediate expulsion which they already did once before.

  72. Bopa says:

    @Az. Any other season I would have assumes that but this year they played with the editing in teasers to make things seem one way when it was something else entirely. They allowed Andy to show his collection with the other designers.

  73. SoulLovah says:

    I feel like the judges were much more influenced by the producers when making decisions. The move to Lifetime may have made them panic about keeping their fan-base while attracting Lifetime regulars. Hence all the extra drama…

    And that’s another thing. I was completely thrilled about the extra 30 minutes, thinking we get to see more in-depth commentary from designers ABOUT THEIR DESIGNS and more time seeing their 1-on-1s with Tim. Sadly, it was just time used to blow up the silliest conflicts. And I think that’s why Michael’s elimination angered so many people–we got too much insight to his personal life and the (real and created) drama surrounding him…the truth was he needed more experience and time to grow, but since everyone knew of his struggles they felt angered that his dreams were crushed like that. Sigh.

    Also, Heidi had waaaaaaaaay too much to say this season, seriously, there was one episode where Nina and Michael Kors both gave each other a look like “Wtf is she talking about” before saying they disagreed with why she liked something (I think it was Mondo’s bright tye-dye swimsuit disaster). Heidi is very lucky she got to be so involved in this show because she is not even a fashion icon.

    I definitely think the only one who deserves to be there is Mondo, and maybe Andy. Michael C. honestly should’ve gone a while ago (glad they gave him second chances though because he came out with really gorgeous stuff) and Gretchen should’ve been gone on that huge group challenge. Andy has always been hit or miss to me.

    Sorry this is so long, but I, too, am saddened by the direction the show is going and the potential reasons why it’s going downhill.

  74. Martinigirl says:

    I have to agree. Gretchen should have been kicked off weeks ago. Her granola clothes are hideous. Michael C has been ahead of her so many times even though people kept trying to throw him under the bus and drag him down. If Gretchen wins I am done with the show too.

  75. John says:

    Yes, I saw that Andy’s first piece with the Chines lantern sleeve, and finale runway piece with the cross plaited front were both stolen from the Japanese Patern Magic book. Seriously, is anyone surprised by this? We’re talking about Andy, the guy who ripped off the lululemon design elements for his winning Heidi wear – that had to be changed because of his design theft. Andy is a nice thief, hack, phony.

    I think Mondo had the most interesting pieces of the season, but I am disappointed that his finale runway collection lacks the joy and color that made his earlier work so memorable. I hate his hair adornments, they were a terrible style accessory and detracted from, instead of added to, his overall look.

    I have read on the forums many say that if Gretchen’s Walmart designs win, you will never watch again.

    Gretchen has an earthier color palette, more southwest. Gretchen is not a couture designer, but here in northern California where a comfortable yet attractive Hippie design is looked at in a positive light, I have heard many women say they would wear her clothing first if offered choices from each of the designers.

    Many on the fashion forums don’t seem to like Gretchen’s design or style aesthetic, but, in spite of the show’s location in New York, most people do not wear anything like Mondo’s gorgeous, or Andy’s hideous (that horrible ill fitting bikini top with odd mesh cape – ugh), clothing. Gretchen may be Walmart, Kmart, Target (I think she is better than that); but in saying that, you are saying that she makes clothes people buy and wear.

    Go girl!

  76. Susan Woods says:

    MK designed and styled Judge J?
    Oh dear Aqua Buddha, no. No?

  77. djspring says:

    Well, it’s official….Gretchen won (just as I guessed she would) OMG !!!!

    Gretchen’s hippy-west-cost designs can’t hold a candle to the gorgeous clothes Seth Arron or Christian Siriano created in past seasons.

    Argh – I’m so disgusted.


  78. lutherprice says:

    what happened here? so you are telling woman to shop at Chicos now ……this time you realy lost the mark …. gave it to The Gretch…….what a camel toe poop shoot …….shame on you guys …..luther price

  79. lutherprice says:

    you got rid of Mike Costello for for his copper look but i thought he could have been there …….so he gave no story ……his cloths told a story … his life too ……i realy felt his sadness when that was taken from him….no one gave him tha time of day and he over came all that with handsome grace ….. love that guy … he is one great man….and so full of forgiveness…..

  80. lutherprice says:

    Dear Sweet Mondo……you are so sweet and cute……and so full of what life should be … was always so exciting to see your work … are bigger than life…..on the show , i can see you used all the grace you learned from your life an family……you were so sad and alone ine the first screenings……but we all got to see the super Mondo that you are…..i respect you so much for all you have done…….you realy have become a hero .

  81. lutherprice says:

    I loved Andys story and i can’t believe how fast he worked……waiting for his fabric……and two weeks to make it work ….and i love his farm but ……i must agree with the judges…..too soft for him …..lost his street cred……hooker dresses…..pants right up tha butt……he went matalic , like mike but grey…..and everyone loved the green ……I think micheal had alot more to say….with his line and we never got to see it … instead you allow unwearable diapers ……which eary on was a no …no ….to walk down the runway by THE GRETCH…..of all poeple and thats ok……she spent $50 on that horrable rust print…and you know it…….ARe we realy getting ready for 2012?……would woman want to be caught dead wearing THE GRETCH?