Are Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson already engaged?


These are some new photos of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson out and about last night. Okay, I know I’ve been calling Eric a loser, and maybe he is, but I do like that he’s affectionate with Jess and I also kind of like that he’s not scared by her public declarations of love. Jess has had a string of boyfriends who didn’t even want to be seen in public with her, so Eric must be a nice change, and for that, I’m happy for her.

Meanwhile, Eric’s divorce was recently finalized, and so there have been lots of rumors going around that Jessica and Eric are already engaged, or about to be engaged. Gossip Cop shot that down:

“Jess’ guy is buying a ring!” exclaims a headline in the latest In Touch Weekly.

The tab claims that Eric Johnson, who has just finalized his divorce from his first wife, is “getting ready to pop the question” to Jessica Simpson.

According to a so-called friend of Johnson, the former NFL player has “started shopping for an engagement ring, since he’s going to propose over Christmas – if he can wait that long.”

The friend adds Simpson and Johnson have begun premarital counseling at a local Christian church, and are “meeting with their minister as the next step.”

So, is the pop singer ready to settle down again? Not quite.

A source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop that the couple is very happy, but “there is no counseling going on,” and “they are not rushing into anything.”

[From Gossip Cop]

Well… I’ll buy that they aren’t engaged… for now. But I think it will happen. I think Eric is “the one” – meaning he isn’t embarrassed to be seen with her, he seems fine with her being the one who works, and he doesn’t have enough of a personality to really be bothered by Jessica’s intellectual limitations. The One! I see a Christmas engagement.



Photos courtesy of Fame & Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Samigirl says:

    I bet she will buy herself an amazing ring too!

  2. Kitten says:

    It is amazing to me how easily people marry/divorce. It always comes across as if it’s all so inconsequential to them. Strange….
    Also, now that Paves has been booted, who will be her Maid of Honor? :)

  3. Lway says:

    Good for them. I hope he is “the one” and marries her real soon. Then we can all stop hearing about her and the “I am such a victim, nobody likes me, everyone says my bum is fat” bullshit games

  4. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Hope she does get engaged. She deserves to be happy, we all do..

    Good for you Jess..

  5. guesty says:

    maybe this time she’s ready for the whole marriage thing. even tho newlyweds was so fab. loved that show.

  6. aggie says:

    Ugh, he looks exactly like her dad.

  7. brin says:

    Did Papa Joe give the ok? It will only happen when he does.

  8. hatuh says:

    I love her jacket. Oh, and she’ll never find another guy like Nick.

  9. NayNay says:

    I hope it works out for her, if in fact, she is engaged. However, with her track record, and her desperation, I’m not too positive. Especially, if papa Joe continues butting his head into everything.

  10. happymom says:

    What does he do, exactly? He was a pro football player, and then he supposedly dropped out of business school to be her boyfriend. Hmmmmmm. Good luck to Jess!

  11. TeeTee says:

    I know she’ll be engaged for xmas, smdh–that’s why her relationships don’t work–she is too frantic and damn desperate. sooo cliche and corny.

    I forgot what happened btw her and Nick?? we’ll never know I guess.

    she needs to get away from that damn daddy of hers. I like Jess, its like she’s still a lil girl or something. smh

  12. Bailey says:

    so desperate

  13. Diana says:

    Lainey Gossip says they ran into Nick Lachey and Vanessa Mannilo at that restaurant and that Eric was extra affectionate w/ Jessica cuz he knew it would be akward for her. Kinda liking that about him. So maybe he’s not a super achiever, but this one actually cares about her feelings?

  14. cici says:

    ew, Aggie – he DOES look like PAPA JOE!

  15. as says:

    of course he’s the one! He doesn’t have a job, money, etc so of course he isn’t shying away from her eager declarations of love. Please the guy is a loser. He would kiss a pig if that pig had $1 MIL dollar income.

  16. Cruisin Through says:

    Between her and Jennifer Love Hewitt, I don’t understand why they have to be engaged to every guy they date.

    Both need to relax………..

  17. Jeri says:

    Wish they’d elope so we wouldn’t have to hear all the drawn-out details from over-sharing Jessica.

  18. bagladey says:

    If Jessica is going to support some man, she may as well have supported Nick, because Nick is everything that all the insipid flakes that she’s been with since are not: Nick is good-looking (hot), charming, a genuinely nice guy, likes to work, has family values etc. I love Nick. Dumping Nick was the one biggest mistake in Jessica’s life so far.

  19. Jessica says:

    IF they do end up getting married, She’ll just get divorced again. Everyone knows how Papa Joe LOVES to be involved with Jessica’s professional and private life 24/7.

    Until she cuts Daddy out of the picture she’ll never find a man willing to settle down with her and whoever does is F’ing STUPID STUPID STUPID.

  20. Lacy says:

    She’s ready for babies so yes, there will be a wedding probably sooner rather than later. The babies will be cute, look at the cleft chin on both of them….

  21. Kate says:

    I hope he gets his ass a job and buys the ring himself.

  22. Poodlemom says:

    I think Jessica has had her share of douchebags! Good for her that she found this guy. Hey- wasn’t Nick Lachey on the family payroll? She should have a little happiness. And since all of his money is going to child support…she may well have to buy her own ring!

  23. lisa says:

    Jessica has been divorced a long time. She has always struck me as a person out of her element. She should be a MOMMY having babies and doing the Car pool. Hollywood seems not her thing at all. And she just always looks like a fish out of water. I hope he is the right someone and she gets married again and has babies.. continue designing and selling her stuff.. she seems way more confident in that arena then in TV, Movies or even Music.

  24. alejandro says:

    There’s something creepy Joe Simpson like about this guy. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she settled down with this one, he doesn’t mind playing the part, gets a free ride and fame.

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