Now Bristol Palin is in a music video too

Remember how Bristol Palin broke up with Levi for the second time – after declaring her undying love and re-engagement – because he starred in a (terrible) music video that was a kind of parody of their relationship and her disapproving mother? Bristol saidThe final straw was him flying to Hollywood for what he told me was to see some hunting show but come to find out it was that music video mocking my family. He’s just obsessed with the limelight and I got played.” Then Bristol went on Dancing with The Stars because they asked her and all. Well fast forward a whole two months and Bristol is in a music video too. Now who’s obsessed with the limelight again?

Bristol stars in a video for an Alaskan hard rock band called Static Cycle in what she says is a “mother nature” role. She’s wearing a mink hat and mink coat while clutching a rose under glass. ET Online has segments from the video and some comments from Bristol. Here’s more:

Just days after Levi Johnston’s provocative music video appearance hit the web, ET has an inside look into his ex fiance Bristol Palin’s hard rock cameo.

“I think my role is like a mother nature role,” Bristol, daughter to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, told ET. “I wore a mink coat. … My eyebrows were all iced and my eyelashes were all iced.”

The video was for Alaskan rock band Static Cycle and was filmed in Chena, Alaska, predominantly set in an ice hotel.

[From ET Online via Celebuzz]

I hope PETA puts her in their crosshairs for that fur getup. I usually root for Bristol, and she seems to be genuinely trying on DWTS, but she just bashed Levi for cashing in on “the limelight” and she’s been doing the exact same thing. Maybe she thinks it doesn’t count in her case, or that she was helping out a local band, but I bet she got paid for this, just like she got paid $14k to speak at a pro-life event recently. It’s easy to bash an ex for seeking publicity, but it’s easier to sit back and take the money when you get offered a cushy gig.

She may be dancing her way toward a hot new body, but Bristol Palin still satisfies her fast food cravings. The Dancing with the Stars contestant took a friend for lunch at McDonald s Wednesday afternoon in LA, where she devoured a delicious, though questionably nutritious, salad from the fast food eatery. Despite her increasing celebrity and new Hollywood lifestyle, it looks like Palin still longs for the comforts of her simple life in Alaska, where McDonalds was most likely a cornerstone of her rural life.  Fame Pictures, Inc

She may be dancing her way toward a hot new body, but Bristol Palin still satisfies her fast food cravings. The Dancing with the Stars contestant took a friend for lunch at McDonald s Wednesday afternoon in LA, where she devoured a delicious, though questionably nutritious, salad from the fast food eatery. Despite her increasing celebrity and new Hollywood lifestyle, it looks like Palin still longs for the comforts of her simple life in Alaska, where McDonalds was most likely a cornerstone of her rural life.  Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. Katie says:

    That’s my issue with her, that she blasts others for being publicity seekers when she is one herself. And I don’t blame her for taking the paid gigs she’s offered. She should capitalize on her fame while she has it and put money aside for her kid. But don’t blast Levi for trying to make money and then go do it yourself.

  2. e-non says:

    ah, the mini-grifter has learned well from her grizzly momma.

  3. Me1st says:

    they showed a clip of her speaking at one of those paid gigs on Dancing with the Stars and is it just me or is the girl dull and can’t look up from the paper? She gets paid how much to do this because???? oh, that’s right, her mommy was in bed with Alaskans LOL

  4. LittleFATMe says:

    I thought it wasn’t the video it was the fact that the video made fun of them and her family. Anywho, I like her, I think. She seems like she is okay, like would KILL me if I was forced to be near her.
    Also, mother nature in mink fur – well, um, okay.

  5. guesty says:

    just an observation…but most ultra conservatives are hypocritical to the core.

  6. Squirtle says:

    Kay well she’s only 19…it’s not like she’s the first 19 yr old to change her mind, break up and get back with her boyfriend over stupid issues and then talk shit about him to everyone she can…Meh, I really don’t think it’s a big deal. Levi is trash and he does seem to be obsessed with the spotlight, I don’t really see her as being like that I think she’s just taking gigs where she can get them…that being said the music video she’s in looks pretty stupid.

  7. Ron says:

    SHE’S NOT A CELEBRITY! This has to be one of the signs for the apocalypse.

  8. whatever says:

    Alaska’s version of Paris Hilton.

  9. D says:

    She’s not the first 19-year-old to be hypocritical. Let her get cushy gigs while she can to support her son. It’s not her fault her mom’s an a$$.

  10. kim says:

    Oh no. lol. What is wrong with this chick?

  11. Nadia says:

    She’s a chip off the old hypocrite.

  12. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I think her issue with him was more that he:
    1) Flew to LA to do a video that would be aired nationally (not just locally)

    2) The video was a mockery of her family & their relationship.

    3) Lied to her about where/why he was going.

    I think he agreeing to appear in a video that prolly won’t make it out of Alaska, has nothing to do with her family, relationship, etc. and she didn’t lie to anyone about doing is a TOTALLY different story.

    PS I’m not a fan of hers (I do think he’s a sleazebag, tho).

  13. SamSam says:

    Scarlet Vixen: Bands don’t make music videos, especially ones with a Bristol Palin cameo, for local consumption.

    Also, I too hope that PETA puts this hypocrite in their crosshairs and fires hard at her. Also.

  14. Shanzy says:

    as a general rule, pro-lifers give me the creeps.

  15. PJ says:

    Like mother, like daughter. It’s easy money. Sarah Palin made a $14 million fortune in her first year after quitting the governorship, giving speeches in which she misleadingly claims to be an “average American.” In fact she’s the front man for the ultra-rich who are trying to avoid paying trillions in taxes.

    Following in her mother’s footsteps would be very tempting for Bristol, since probably her only other job prospects would pay minimum wage. She’d have to work half a year or more to get the $14,000 she got for one single speech. In my opinion she should go for a third alternative — get herself a good education and have a real career.

  16. Shaz says:

    Um, I think there is a difference between a music video, and a music video designed to humiliate you and your family. I respect that she stood up for her family. There seems to be more of a story there than ” the limelight”.

    And have you looked at what PETA really is people? They kill the animals they rescue. It is a horror show organization hiding behind words and supposed good will. Do your own research.

  17. Atticus says:

    I don’t think Bristol doing DWTS is at all in the same league as Levi posing nude for Playgirl. Not a fair comparison.

  18. BethL says:

    Both Bristol and Sarah are hypocrites for criticizing Levi chasing celebrity when they are doing the same thing. Sarah’s reality show is coming soon. For somebody who wants to be president, she sure is going lowbrow. Also I don’t see how doing Playgirl is different from DWTS. Bottomline they’re doing things for money and celebrity. What the actual stunt is irrelevent.

  19. Samantha says:

    I think the glass rose scene is fitting…she is very much a beast.

  20. hmm says:

    She looks way older than 19.

  21. Annabelle says:

    UMM maybe its because his music video was mocking her family! and he lied about it to her… OBVIOUSLY that’s why she was upset about that, not because he was in the limelight. Reading comprehension is hard right?

  22. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @SamSam: My ex was in a metal band for years and years. They made videos all the time–none of which left the state of MI (or even West Michigan for that matter). So yeah, it’s quite possible that the video will never be seen out of the isolated state of Alaska. Know any nationally known bands from AK? Ya, me neither.

  23. Atticus says:

    Don’t disagree that bottom line, all of them are chasing celebrity. Difference is, Bristol can be seen on primetime TV and Levi is soft core porn. If you don’t see the difference, I don’t know what to tell you.

  24. SamSam says:

    Scarlet Vixen: A bit of reading comprehension will do you well. With all of the press that Bristol brings upon herself, and the fact that she is on DWTS (I think she still is, I only watched the first episode), do you really think having her in a video, and it magically being highlighted on ET, that they (or she) didn’t know what they were doing?

    Shaz: Please educate yourself a bit more on rescuing animals, not all of it is about taking them away from harmful situations, only to be cleaned up and sent to a forever home. At times there are despicable acts done to animals that make them incapable of finding homes, or even living in sanctuaries. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who cares about and loves animals as much as I do, but we also have to be realistic. There are too many homeless, abused, starving, unwanted animals, and sadly there aren’t enough shelters or funds to keep them cared for, for a long period of time. It breaks my heart that any animal is euthanised, but at times it is unavoidable. While I think PETA is off their rocker 99% of the time, I do enjoy the fact that they have enough loose screws to go after celebrities for fur so viciously.

    If you want less animals to be euthanised, volunteer more, if you don’t already, or talk to friends about adopting rather than going to a breeder. Convince a family member that is dying for a cute fuzzy puppy that a shelter dog who may be 6mos-1yr + old, is also a good choice.

  25. di butler says:

    Man, some of ya’ll aren’t just bitchy about a teen, you’re downright c*nty. Why wouldn’t she deserve to do whatever she wants? And posing in a peen mag is way diff from DWTS. A video making fun of your ex’s family vs. just some lame local video. Why she’s on DWTS still, I dunno. Poor thing has the personality of a wet paper bag, but she has every right to take whatever spotlight she’s been given and do with it as she pleases.

  26. jan says:

    Wow – what’s this girl ever done to anyone?

  27. Liana says:

    I think she’s harmless.

  28. sarah says:

    she’s just a kid. stop being so negative all the time!! I think she’s a wonderful, NORMAL person- so good for her! And I dont think shes a fame whore like levi. He’s PIMPING himself out and shes taking a few paid jobs. geez

  29. Diva says:

    Reading comprehension lesson: “He’s just obsessed with the limelight…” Bristol Palin
    Nothing to do with “he’s just obsessed with mocking my family” or “he’s just obsessed with lying”… her quote was that he’s obsessed with the limelight.

    Oh, and it doesn’t matter what state you’re from, when you put Bristol Palin in your music video, it’s going national, and you know it.

    My negativity towards her comes wholly from listening to her say one thing and do another, and get over-paid for it! Had I known getting knocked up as a teenager could be so lucrative I’d have looked into it a little closer.

  30. REALIST says:

    Young and dumb, that’s all. Maybe someday she’ll get far enough away from her mother (who is dumb as a fox-I saw the money train coming when she left office) to have her own opinions and her own life. Anyone who was raised in a household with wingnut Sarah has to be a bit off.
    Like the wild and free animals of Alaska (who are so wild and free they still get shot at), Bristol needs to go off into the world on her own. (Okay, not the greatest comparison, but I tried…)

  31. truthzbetta says:

    I think the limelight comment was to go easy on the way she let it be known she wasn’t happy with the father of her child being courted by a lot of folks who enjoyed making her family look bad. And his betrayal.

    Why would pro-lifers give anyone the creeps esp when they’re living the life. I’m pro-choice and won’t support losing my rights at all, not one bit at all, but choice means it is OK to have the kid too.

    Having the kid is also a good choice. Hypocritical for me is being pro-choice and angry with people who choose life which I see a lot. That is a courageous decision she made and if she wants to be an example of it, she is living it. I honestly hope her and her child the best.

  32. mc says:

    All u haters are just envious children!!!! sour grapes to all of you!!
    can’t run ur own life worth while, but u have plenty of advice for someone else!!!!