Jessica Simpson warns Jennifer Aniston to stay away from John Mayer

Jessica Simpson has dialed up the crazy. Or dialed it down, depending on your perspective and who you believe. According to several sources, Simpson has warned Jennifer Aniston to stay away from former boyfriend John Mayer. But Simpson’s friends claim it’s not what you think – Jess is just super concerned for Jennifer. What a way to spin it.

Jessica Simpson is trying to warn Jennifer Aniston to be careful with new man John Mayer, because he is a notorious “ladies man”.

The wannabe country singer, who is currently dating American football star Tony Romo, was said to be jealous that her ex-boyfriend Mayer is dating the Friends star, but sources claim the green-eyed monster people are seeing is actually just concern.

A source says via Transworld News: “Jessica wants Jen to be aware of what she’s letting herself get into with John. She doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes. John is a ladies man.”

Others are also letting the rocker’s true colours be known, with a friend of Mayer adding: “He’ll spend every waking minute talking to someone and spending time with them and then move on to the next girl,” said the friend.

[From Entertainmentwise]

Okay, a couple things here. To be fair, what was supposedly said is consistent with John Mayer’s general reputation. However if they ever had a battle of the I.Q.s, I’d put my money on Jennifer Aniston. My point being I’m pretty sure she knows John Mayer’s reputation. Either Aniston is just looking for a good time right now, or she thinks she can change him. But after Brad Pitt and her other love debacles, I’m guessing Jen is smart enough to know that’s a waste of time.

Jessica Simpson letting Jennifer Aniston know that John Mayer is a player is like her calling Jen up to remind her that she has hair on her head. It’s just a major “duh” statement. Which makes me think either Simpson’s people are trying to spin some rumor to her benefit… or Jessica Simpson is just as dumb as we all thought. And to think, Papa Joe once infamously claimed to Vanity Fair that Jess had an I.Q. of 160…

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  1. Devilgirl says:

    People involved in potentially toxic relationships, NEVER WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH! Simple as that. I speak from experience. If the story is even true, Simpson is wasting her time. Women, no matter how smart, always assume that they will be the ones to change a bad boy. He is such a tool, I can’t understand the appeal.

  2. Kaiser says:

    It’s like a battle of wills between three of the most PR-addicted, vapid, talentless idiots in the world.

    Methinks a threesome is in the works. :)

  3. Codzilla says:

    I agree with Devilgirl. Especially in regards to John Mayer being a complete tool.

  4. alex says:

    I agree with devilgirl’s wise words.
    First you need to experience the situation yourself and then when you go “D’uh, what was I thinking???” you know you’ve been healed from this love bug.

    Sooo many women fall for bad boys and then you’ve got to mop up their tears…maybe it has something to do with wanting to come out as the winner, as in …Look at me, I tamed him! I made him monogamic!

  5. Kelly says:

    Give Aniston the benefit of the doubt and just assume that she’s out to have a good time. Why are people automatically jumping to conclusions that “good” girl Aniston wants to change “bad” boy Mayer. She could just be out for the sex too. And if so, good for her.

  6. Jaime says:

    When you put those two pictures together Jessica is 100x better looking.
    I agree Jen thinks she will tame him. Desperation rule for Jen she wants a man bigger than life because she is trying to out do Brad. So she think Mayer is that guy. I think Jen will lose in the end. Somehow I think Jen deserve it. So hush Jessica and let her get cut.

  7. Jaime says:

    And another thing. If I were Jessica I would just hush because anything she say will be go down as she being jealous. I think Jessica is to dumb to know that because she does have a low IQ. She should have dumped John Mayer when he started ignoring her. Her problem is when guys want to leave her she hold on the their ankls untill they are draging her. I think she is doing that to Tony.

  8. mmkey says:

    for some reason jessica seems waaayyy smarter than jennifer aniston.

  9. Pamela says:

    Jessica is trying to be kind and fore-warn Jennifer. That John Mayer is a snake that preys on women.

  10. chill says:

    chillax people. jennifer’s not really dating pee boy.

  11. lola says:

    I prefer her last man. Sculfor or whatever his name. Now that was a dish. I still believe this relationship is PR for him after those Perez Hilton stories which no one paid attention to any way. As a star you don’t leave anything to chance.

  12. Predatory Cougar says:

    Stay away from John Mayers music too, it sucks? Has he even done anything recently?

  13. someone says:

    I don’t think Jennifer is out to change anyone, or is trying to outdo Brad…I think shes just having fun, and Im not so sure that its not over already! I think Jen is a smart cookie, and will not just randomly think she can change Mayer.

  14. Starla says:

    Here we go. Maybe-just maybe-Jessica is really concerned with Jen’s future with John given his dating record. But I can’t help but think part of Jess’s “ploy” is out of jealousy about John & Jen’s relationship. Wasn’t Jess brokenhearted about their relationship to the point Tony was sick of hearing about it?(duh) I don’t trust Jess’s motives in this one. She’s an insecure child & attention whore. I love Jen & hopefully she can settle John down. I realize it’s a leap, but finding the right person & love changed Nicole & Ashton. Here’s hoping for the best for Jen. I agree that she is a smart & stong cookie & is enjoying their time together.

  15. vdantev says:

    A little late Jess, they already seem a bit cozy.

  16. JustHuman says:

    “Lady’s men” are men who have low self esteem and have to leave a woman hurting with a break up over and over again with different women so they feel superior. They also tend to really hate the women they are victimizing while they are courting them. Eventhough they treat them wonderfully during the relationship and will never speak an ill word afterwards, they love how their breaking off of the relationship crushes the recent prey. Notice once he’s in a break-up stage he’s very “high” to the press and intoxicated with his freedom (recent victimization of another girlfriend). He shows all the patterns. He really needs some professional help.

  17. JustHuman says:

    Oh, one more point. His music seems more to me of songs that lead women into his little spider’s web, than true from the heart love and admiration songs.
    I change the station as soon as his predatorial lyrics come on my radio.

  18. elisha says:

    I don’t know if I believe this story. That last quote about[Others are also letting the rocker’s true colours be known, with a friend of Mayer adding: “He’ll spend every waking minute talking to someone and spending time with them and then move on to the next girl,” said the friend.] is regurgitated from another story.

    Also C|B once posted a story about Mayer being obsessed with his “future wife.” i think these two work together.

  19. Ribbit Ribbit says:

    Unless Jessica Simpson is friends with Aniston, contacting her makes JS a nutjob wackadoo psycho, or, in lay-terms, Joe Simpson’s oft-molested elder daughter.

  20. Jaundice Machine says:

    It’d be one thing if Jess and Jen were pals, or even casual acquaintances – you could rationalize a hushed, “buyer beware” between girlfriends. I mean, it’d still come off as kinda catty, and more than a little obsessive, but her PR mouthpiece could write it off as a “friendly gesture”.

    But this is just downright unhealthy.

    In reality, Jess was probably just shouting at a ‘Friends’ rerun during happy hour. Poor dear didn’t understand that Aniston can’t hear her through the TV, so she decided to shout louder until the whole bar could hear her.

  21. Nonny says:

    Jessica’s IQ does have those numbers in it…just not in that order! :lol:

  22. ff says:

    Jessica being dumb or not, you only have to note the number of high profile ‘relationships’ Mayer’s been in in the last six months to know that you have a tremendous slut on your hands.

    Who knows, maybe Aniston likes that sort of thing?

  23. Lindsay says:

    mmkey – She seems much smarter, secure, and tough than Jess will ever be. She has been through a lot and she doesn’t seem to keep repeating her mistakes (a la Jessica.)

    Jamie – Wishing someone heartache for any reason is mean spirited. You don’t know her and you don’t even know why you think she deserves it. The poor girl has been through enough – divorce and her lonely desperate portrayal in the media

    There was a rumor that Jessica called Jennifer to commiserate during their divorces, both parties denied it. Jessica admitted she didn’t even her. Unless they have become good friend since then, at best Jessica may think she is helping her but subconsciously wants to tear them apart. I don’t think they have become buddies, there is no media reports that say other wise but who knows? If that’s the case she wants to seem helpful but is purely doing this out of jealousy.

    She changed a lot to please John and was clearly crushed when it ended. It was evident through reports of her drinking and binge eating. Tony Romo may have been a distraction and she thought she could have a fairytale ending with him. I think she had feelings for John throughout the relationship (they may have been stifled as she imagined her happily-ever-after with Tony.) She probably felt terribly hurt from being rejected. She also may have improved her self-esteem through her relationship with Tony. She felt wanted again and was reassured men would interested in her. Now that things with Tony are on the rocks the same hurt of rejection is returning and without Tony to focus on, she may try to get John back.

    I think the girl needs professional help she really seems to suffocate men. She also expects a fairytale ending which I think she pressures guys for way too quickly. Almost anyone would know calling your boyfriend of four months “my future husband” and “I want him to be the father of my children,” would freak him out. If you are engaged it would maybe be ok; but as a girlfriend no way. It would be bad enough to say around friends, I can’t even imagine what it is like to have the whole world know. She needs to establish and identity of her own and be able to stand on her own two feet. She seems like the type of girl that hops from one serious relationship to another. That may be hiding a deeper issue but at the very least without some reflection on what when wrong, you don’t learn anything, truly deal with the pain, and grow from the experience.

    Wow! That was long. Sorry. :mrgreen:

  24. How come everytime the media talks about Jennifer’s dating life or (single) status they make her either seem like an old maid ,desperate, missing Brad or if she does start dating anyone they are already dooming it to fail?

    Two things, just because it didn’t work out with Jessica doesn’t mean it won’t work out for other women who date John Mayer. I think Jennifer knows exactly what type of man John Mayer is rumored to be, if the public knows, SHE knows, but maybe she is at a point in her life where she is just having fun and enjoying the company of a younger man, with a much bigger dick than Brad. Why can’t she have it all like George Clooney who is 45, dates younger women only, and never commits or settle down with anyone? Does George get this kind of abuse for being single and unmarried? Does anyone dare call him lonely? Of course not.

    If John ends up being a jerk, so what? I am sure she is getting her brains f**ked out every night by a huge one and enjoys every second of it. Just lay off the drama, it’s a non issue.

    If there is anyone you should pity, it should be Brad, he has a tiny one ( unlike John), and is a father of 6 screaming young children all in under 3 years! Think about it.

  25. K says:

    John Mayer is creepy! Aren’t these women worried about contracting some STD? ewwww

  26. Mojo says:

    Johnny boy does seem to be a bit of a douche bag; but I’d totally hit it. Anniston is having fun and living her life. Why should she take advice from a ditz like Simpson? Simpson should be worrying about tryna keep her man who according to tabloids breaks up with her on the hour.

  27. Kat says:

    This is a stupid story.

  28. drm says:

    Who cares who Aniston dates or bonks? What interests me is this conception that Jess Simpson is stupid. I have never thought she was…uneducated, sheltered (by her dad) and incredibly naive but stupid? Nope…she knows how to play her image to her advantage AND she has the bucks to prove that it has worked…

  29. jo-ann says:

    this is for jamie, do you know either of them?? let them be.. they can do whatever they want.