This is the Playboy Playmate of the year? (SFW)

Meet 22 year-old Canadian modeling agency owner and 2008 playmate of the year Jayde Nichole. The January, 2007 Playmate of the Month was named the choice of the year at a luncheon yesterday at the Playboy mansion. Nichole wore a hideous purple and pink short sleeveless dress adorned with roses and blue rhinestones. Her body is incredible, but she needs to remain naked with a fashion sense like this. I hate to knock a woman’s face, but what’s going on there? It looks like she’s had some work done recently and it hasn’t settled yet.

Maybe Holly and the girls convinced Hef to pick the playmate they considered the least competition.

Nichol took home $100k in prize money and a 2008 Cadillac CTS. She will appear in a 10 page nude pictorial in the June issue of Playboy, which is out tomorrow. Nichol has the word “respect” tattooed right above her pelvic bone. She is a reported 5’9″ tall and 117 pounds.

Photos thanks to WENN. Also shown is 2007′s playmate of the year, Sara Jean Underwood.

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  1. elisha says:

    There’s hope for Rumer Willis yet.

    I actually like her dress. Then again, my fashion sense was probably influenced by all those years of playing with 80s Barbies, Gem, and those other princess dolls that I don’t remember the name of.

    Also, I just looked at all those pics. Yikes. Hef is getting blind in his old age. Capital WON, capital KEY.

  2. Anna says:

    Goodness gracious, she’s so fugly! And that dress, jeez… it looks like My Little Pony exploded all over her.

  3. Syko says:

    Something really messed up around the eyes. And the mouth. And the closet.

    That has to be one of the ugliest dresses I have ever seen.

  4. AD says:

    Hef looks embalmed.

  5. AC says:

    that is a terrible dress. total barbie… blech. and yeah her face looks like someone much older trying to look young. Its strange for sure!

  6. Lesley says:

    I like the dress. It’s fun.
    As for her face….not so fun.

  7. headache says:

    Chick looks like Barbie and that dress isn’t helping matters.

    The one thing that really bothers me about plastic surgery is the uncertainty of how it will age. She looks good now but will she look like one of the Orange County housewives in 20 years?

  8. iheartlasagne says:

    I haven’t seen many really hot playmates in a while! Really the ‘girlfriends’ or whatever are not that hot, and I keep remembering a few years ago when Tiffany the singer was on the over! BLECH!

  9. bros says:

    she definitely has a saggy wonky eye, especially on the cover of playboy. our favorite friend perez has the cover shot on the site and holy mother of droopyness her eyes and side of her mouth are off kilter.

  10. Other Karen says:

    I like how her hair and dress match up–her hair is in a very romantic style. The hair also works for her high forehead. I like the dress from the waist up for her.

    At least she’s covered up semi-decently, unlike the 2007 Playmate of the year.

    She has a rounded jawline; it’s an interesting effect. And she doesn’t look like a carbon copy of everyone else out there.

  11. journey says:

    has hef entered his second childhood, and now he’s dreaming about purple cartoon fairies, instead of naked women? what’s up for next year, a singing purple dinosaur?

  12. McKenna says:

    at least she’s not platinum blond. But the face does look rough.

  13. JoGirl says:

    She looks a lot like some older women I’ve seen at LAX airport.

    On these older plasticky women, the body is skinny, the boobs are big, the hair is dyed and pouffed, the forehead is obviously botoxed, the mouth creases are obviously puffed up with filler… but the jawline, neck/jowels and chest skin are saggy and leathery.

    Don’t women realize that by having so much work done they’re just making themselves look weird, and not a whit younger? Even *college kids* normally have creases on their foreheads and between their eyes when they smile or frown.

    I can’t believe I’m seeing those same scary effects on a 22-year-old!

  14. Pixy says:

    She has a jaw like Rumor Willis.

  15. Diva says:

    I think she’s very pretty. Especially in the third pic where she’s being natural and not so pose-y.

    This is Playmate of the Year, anyway, not Beauty of the Year. There is a difference. I’m FAIRLY certain they look at a whole lot more than her face to give the title.

  16. snappyfish says:

    she looks like Barbie Benton. Hef’s old girlfriend.

    The dress is great if you are a four year old playing dress up.

  17. ADD says:


  18. Sasha says:

    She looks like one of those Real Girls sex dolls they sell in Japan.

  19. ayatolla_of_rocken_rolla says:

    fairytopia barbie….

  20. xiaoecho says:

    That Hef bloke out creeps Freddy Kruger……….ugh, how can they stand to be near him…..

    bet he smells of Depends

  21. lala says:

    she must have blackmailed hef somehow to take the title away from Spencer Scott, Miss October 2007, as PMOY. Miss Scott was the hands down fan favorite all year.

  22. Mezzro says:

    Beautiful girl. The dress was a bad choice, giving her an almost surreal anime look. Amazing legs, however. As far as Hefner is concerned, for better or worse there will always be working girls, and Hef’s the iconic king of pimp daddies.

  23. Hmm says:

    Playboy is so culturally irrelevant, today. Its time has definitely passed.
    I have to agree with the above poster who said she looks like Barbie Benton.
    Also, I think the tacky, over-the-top, plasticky dress is perfect for the occasion. I mean, come on folks–this is a Playboy party! Not the Chanel runway show, or some gala event at the MET. Therefore, My Little Pony style totally fits :)

  24. David says:

    Quite correctly, Spencer Scott was the favorite all year, until a Playboy exec woke up and realized she was 17 when she shot her pictorial, and has run around every 21-and-and-over-only bar on the planet doing promos at age 18. Sad, because her making PMOY was the only way we were going to see some more neked pics of her, but I think Playboy was smart to stear clear of this potential embarasment.

  25. bridget says:

    yall are probally really ugly if yall have to judge her. i think shes gorgeous

  26. wandablen says:


  27. wandablen says:

    she has ‘respect” tattooed at her entry?

  28. marie says:

    Sara underwood, the 2007 PMOY is sooo much more hotter than layde, uh, I mean Jayde. Jayde is so plain and skinny, ick! What a plain jane

  29. Lawn says:

    Are there more testimonials around the site?

  30. Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

  31. BeautyBunny says:

    haha wow Jayde Nicole Is sooo freakin BEAUTIFUL, i think you ppl are just actually jealous i bet if yall could be a playmate yall would, & Im going to try out to be a playmate this summer so get over it there are beautiful ppl in the world wether you think so or not

  32. BeautyBunny says:

    Jayde Nicole is freaking BEAUTIFUL!!! i seriously think you ppl are jealous, i bet if yall could be a playmate you would, Im trying out to be a playmate this summer!!!!!! & even if you dont think shes pretty get over cause LOTS of people do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!