Mary-Louise Parker on Bill O’Reilly: “He sounds like an idiot. Who is he again?”


Vanity Fair just put up an excellent interview with Mary-Louise Parker, who is once again nominated for an Emmy for her performance in Weeds. The interview was conducted by Eric Spitznagel, who is totally boy-crushing on MLP because she’s so f-cking hardcore and “not America‘s sweetheart.” He tells a story about MLP from several years ago, when she was participating in an Emmy roundtable with members of the press, discussing her character on The West Wing. She admitted that West Wing fans didn’t care for her, but dismissed the fans saying, “They probably have to f-ck with the lights off.” Crude! And funny. The full VF piece is here, and here are the best parts (there‘s a long conversation about marijuana lollipops that I found boring, so I took it out):

Eric Spitznagel: You know how sometimes watching a TV show about food can make you hungry? Whenever I watch Weeds, it always makes me feel like I need to get stoned immediately.
Mary-Louise Parker: Yeah, so many people tell me that.

Does the same thing happen for you? When you finish shooting an episode, do you feel an urge to light up a joint?
I don’t do drugs, but I’m really suggestible. So I imagine if I did, that’s exactly what would happen. I’d be smoking all day long.

Wait, you don’t smoke marijuana, or you’ve never smoked it?
I’ve never smoked it.

Wow. That’s like finding out Tommy Chong never touched the stuff. I feel so betrayed.
I guess if it was going to happen, it would’ve happened when I was younger. But that was never an effective or interesting form of rebellion for me. Because everybody did it. Marijuana was just a social thing. It wasn’t dangerous or frowned upon. If I’d been popular in high school, I’m sure I would have wanted to do it. But I wasn’t.

So you didn’t smoke pot because nobody was offering it to you?
Oh no, it was definitely offered to me. All the time. I was hanging around a lot of musicians, so I definitely had access to drugs. It just never appealed to me. Everybody was doing it, and I didn’t want to be part of the crowd. There was no part of me that wanted to fit in.

You should do a P.S.A. You’ve almost convinced me that pot is boring.
Yeah, probably. But I’m not saying pot is a bad thing. I know plenty of people who should be smoking pot. I’m just not one of those people. I don’t think it would be the best drug for me. What am I going to do, start doing drugs at my age? It’s a little late. I’m a mother of two. It’s probably not the best idea for me to start getting into it now.

Well, I know a few mothers who still partake.
Yeah, I do too. They just wait until their kids are asleep. I don’t know, I guess marijuana just wasn’t made for me.

Over the last few seasons of Weeds, we’ve learned that Nancy likes her sex a little freaky. She wants a lover who isn’t shy with the slapping and the spanking. Is that something you can relate to at all?
I think for her, sexuality is something that she wields. And she needs sex to be somewhat punitive. You know what I mean?

It has to feel like punishment?
Yeah, in a way. I think a lot of people have so much guilt wrapped up in sex, so they almost can’t tell the difference. There’s a scene we did for this season that gets pretty explicit. It was just supposed to be sex in a bar, but I really wanted it to be almost abusive. Because I think she needs it that way. And that’s really informative. If you just see two people f-cking on screen, it’s not necessarily revealing about those characters. But if it’s coming from a particular point of view, that’s when I think it gets interesting.

You’ve been called a “thinking man’s sex symbol.” Does that mean dumb people don’t find you sexy?
I guess so. Dumb people don’t want to f-ck me. (Laughs.) I really don’t know what to say. “Thinking man’s sex symbol.” What do you suppose that means?

I’m not sure. When you get approached by male fans, are they usually neurosurgeons or college professors?
Not really, no. And thank god. I couldn’t even have a conversation with a neurosurgeon. I wouldn’t know what to say. I think that’s probably not an accurate way to describe me. Plenty of dumb people want to f-ck me. Oh god, that’s not going to play well in print, is it?

I think it’s great. What are you worried about, offending dumb people?
Yeah, I could be alienating the dumb people who want to f-ck me. I’m just happy that anybody considers me a sex symbol at all. It does not cause me any amount of grief to be objectified in any way. I welcome it.

If your fans can’t be categorized in terms of intelligence, how would you describe them? Are they a certain age or social class or demographic? When you’re approached in the street, what’s the common denominator?
I never know why people come up to me. I think a lot of them just get super-excited because they recognize me from TV but they don’t remember where. It’s not like they’re necessarily happy to see me, you know?

You’re just the lady from the talking picture box.
Yeah, exactly. I think it’s a little dangerous if you overvalue that kind of attention. My son has recently started to notice it. One time a lady came running up to me in the street and said, “I love you! I love you so much!” And my son asked me later, “Why did that stranger say she loved you?” That’s a very hard question to answer.

How do you explain it? “The world is full of lonely freaks?”
I just said, “She was being hyperbolic, honey. Sometimes when people see someone from television, they feel like that person has come to life and they’re not just inside the TV box. They get very excited and don’t understand personal boundaries.”

And sometimes they like to give mommy pot brownies.
Precisely. But thankfully, they haven’t really done that in view of my children. Although my kids have started to hear about it. They know that my character on Weeds does something with drugs. So now I get questions like, “What are drugs?” And I’m like, “Well, it’s something that … people do.” It’s so hard! Sometimes it’s just easier to say, “She does things that are really, really naughty.” Kids love to hear that. “Oooh, like what?”

Well, like sometimes she has unprotected sex with Mexican mobsters and ends up having their baby.
That’s right. And sometimes men spank her in the back of limousines.

Jennifer Aniston got some flack recently from Bill O’Reilly because she said it’s O.K. to be a single mother. O’Reilly went so far as to call her opinions “destructive to society.” I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but as a single mother who plays a single mother on TV, do you disagree?
I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Why is being a single mother destructive?

I’m not sure I follow his argument. Something about the nuclear family and fathers being disrespected.
Give me a break. He sounds like an idiot. Who is he again?

He’s got a show on Fox News.
That’s the right-wing channel? Well, there you go. Maybe he’s right, I don’t know. I don’t think you necessarily have to be part of a traditional nuclear family to be a good mother. A lot of children from traditional nuclear families have really unhappy childhoods, and they have dysfunctional, distant parents who don’t pay attention to them. Also, some people don’t plan on being single parents. It’s not like you’re sitting at home and thinking, “Wow, I’d really like to do this by myself. I’d love to wake up six times a night and change diapers and have nobody to help me. That’d be great!” I certainly didn’t do that.

So you’re not buying O’Reilly’s theory that single mothers are destroying the fabric of society?
I think that opinion is pretty narrow-minded. People like him—and I don’t even know who he is, so this is just a guess—they usually just say sh-t like that for attention. He probably comes from a nuclear family and didn’t get enough attention as a child.

[From Vanity Fair]

Oh, snap. I love her, and yes, she is hardcore, and no, she’s not interested in being America’s Sweetheart, and isn’t that refreshing? I also love this: “Also, some people don’t plan on being single parents. It’s not like you’re sitting at home and thinking, ‘Wow, I’d really like to do this by myself. I’d love to wake up six times a night and change diapers and have nobody to help me. That’d be great!’ I certainly didn’t do that.” THIS. This is the closest she’s ever come to bitching about Billy Crudup ever, I think. He left her when she was eight months pregnant, so being a single mom wasn’t her plan, but she embraced it and had fun with it and never played the “I’m so wronged, love me!” card. And that is why MLP is the Queen.

One last thing: this is the photo VF used… how crazy is this? I realize she has a killer figure, but the ’Shopping must stop.


VF photo courtesy of VF online. Header photo courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jean says:

    *fangirl mode on* I liked her character on the West Wing, just not with Josh. *fangirl mode off*
    I love Weeds and hope she’ll get that Emmy come Sunday.

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    she’s very pretty, but she has a bit of the “crazy eyes” in that first pic.

    yeah, I also admire the way she handled her break up with Crudup. very classy.

  3. Bob says:

    She sounds like an idiot. Who is she again?

  4. aenflex says:

    Kaiser I was just thinking the same thing about the photoshopping. I honestly think that it’s really more damaging than alot of people realize. Gisele isn’t even as perfect as MLP in that bottom photo.

  5. emu says:

    She’s gorgeous, funny and her brain would enthrall a neurosurgeon. More of that please?

  6. bite me says:

    love her, can cb start covering her more often… she was great in ass. of jesse james

  7. di butler says:

    Well, actually quite a many people do plan on being single mothers. And study after study shows kids of single mothers have a higher prison rate. Other than that, love her acting. Weeds is great. She looks fabulous for her age, doesn’t she?

  8. Kitten says:

    “He probably comes from a nuclear family and didn’t get enough attention as a child.”

  9. Rex says:

    And who is she again?

  10. meme says:

    whoever she is is an idiot if she doesn’t know who bill o’reilly is. EVERYONE knows who he is.

    and that photo has been ‘shopped to ridiculousness.

  11. mln says:

    I think she is awesome & smart and I love Weeds

  12. Praise St. Angie! says:

    bite me, I’m laughing at your abbreviation there.

    the “ass” of Jesse James. I know what you meant, of course, but it still made me laugh.

    reminds me of my old office; someone had addressed something to our Assistant Manager and abbreviated it “Ass Manager”.

    we laughed about that for months.

  13. Kitten says:

    I WISH I didn’t know who Bill O’Reilly is.

  14. TG says:

    Never seen her show but I like her spunk.

  15. MightyMouse says:

    Kaiser, in this interview MLP advocates casual drug use (but not for herself) and the only thing you fixated on was the O’Reilly comment?

    OK, I got it: You don’t like O’Reilly. Single mothers should never be criticized.

    Can we move on now? As much as Julia Roberts annoys me, she had a point with the “just shut up and act” statement.

  16. lucy2 says:

    I like her, she’s no BS. But wow, photoshopped for sure.
    I like Weeds, but last season kinda sucked. This one looks to be a lot better, and she is really good in the show.

  17. Samigirl says:

    LOVE her. She doesn’t give a frick what anyone else says. She is true to herself, and the snap against Bill O’Reilly made me HAPPY!

  18. buckley says:

    Totally hot!

  19. Kaiser says:

    MightyMouse – Chill out. I often look for the best quotes to use for a headline. I thought that was the best quote.

  20. xxodettexx says:

    @kitten: i was about to say the same thing @ meme, i freaking WISH i didnt know who BO was!

    that being said, and with the knowledge that i am a secular/atheist liberal, i agree with M-LP, esp: “A lot of children from traditional nuclear families have really unhappy childhoods, and they have dysfunctional, distant parents who don’t pay attention to them.” that can easily describe 60% of my closest friends’ family lives… a lot of them came from the “traditional” family set up and were then DESTROYED by their uncaring, distant parents OR where psychologically bashed until they broke mentally…

    anyway, love her and love weeds

  21. Eileen says:

    I adore her! I have since her character in Fried Green Tomatoes. Just typing that movie name makes me teary eyed!

  22. xxodettexx says:

    @MightyMouse, Kaiser is right, you need to chill… what kind of headline did you want kaiser to put?? “M-LP CONDONES DRUG USE ALWAYS AND HATES CONSERVATIVE VALUES AND FOX NEWS!!” she wasnt advocating casual “drug” use, she was advocating casual marijuana use [something a lot of people have contradicting views on but which i personally have witnessed help some people with long term pain issues]


  23. MightyMouse says:

    Kaiser, fair enough. Even though I think the “I know plenty of people who should be smoking pot” quote fits the persona of her character.

  24. pookie says:

    LOVE HER. I wanna be her when I grow up.

  25. WHY says:


    I’m mean seriously…

  26. pookie says:

    @di butler: Well, actually quite a many people do plan on being single mothers. And study after study shows kids of single mothers have a higher prison rate.

    Correlation does not equal causality. Study after study shows that most studies are not conclusive fact but interesting correlations.

    And I would venture to say that most of those studies you refer to are done on single mothers of impoverished areas with little to no education or support system. And the fathers probably have five kids with five other women. That is a rather large difference from a professional woman with outside support, education and means to raise a child on her own.

  27. marie says:

    who’s is she??? I guess she is a loser that is using the name of Bill O’reilly to create some sort of controversy.

  28. LindyLou says:

    I love MLP! She sounds like the kind of person I’d like to hang out with. And she’s bang on about O’Reilly – that guy is an idiotic attention-seeker.

  29. Eileen says:

    I didn’t get the impression she was advocating anything in the article. She doesn’t do drugs and isn’t going to judge anyone who does. Just because she didn’t say “DRUGS ARE BAD” that doesn’t mean she’s on board with them. She wasn’t advocating single parenting either. She IS a single parent and mentioned it was a struggle. O’Reilly took a quote and turned it into a big ordeal because its JA and he knows he’ll get media attention from it.

  30. Eileen says:

    Marie: are you kidding me? Someone asked her a question about him and she answered it bluntly. How does that make her a loser??
    When are people going to get it through their heads that in interviews, people get asked a question and they answer? She’s not bringing his name up-the interviewer is. #headpunchheadpunch

  31. ! says:

    Wow, are there people actually in here all butt hurt because she dissed O’Reilly? The man is a joke! Through and through!

  32. Katie says:

    The interesting thing about her is that she got hotter as she aged. If you look at her in earlier films, like The Client, she’s not really pretty. I don’t know if she just grew into her face or had work done or what, but she wasn’t really pretty before Weeds.

    Too bad Weeds has gone so dramatically downhill. The first 2 seasons rocked.

  33. Jules says:

    In other news…commentator Bill O’Reilly announces that the sky is blue. Left wing in an uproar.

  34. TQB says:

    This was awesome, but I agree, my first reaction to the pic at the end was whoa, easy on the shop guys.

    and this was a much more thoughtful, honest response to what O’Reilly said that Aniston’s response to it.

    @WHY, it’s pretty crappy to criticize any family just based on its composition. Or in the reverse, to believe in one construction as automatically superior to any other. It just isn’t true. Plenty of well-balanced adults were raised by a single parent and plenty of screwed up ones were raised by Wally and June Cleaver.

  35. Bodhi says:

    Oh Cheebus Crackers. Get over yourselves people. MLP is not advocating single parenthood. She is not using O’Reily for headlines. She is not advocating drug use. She is answering the questions put to her by the interviewer. If you don’t know who MLP is you obviously haven’t been paying attention to movies or television for the past 15 or more years.

    Get your heads out of your asses & quit looking for controversy where there is none.** steps off soapbox**

    Anyfreakinghoo – I LOVE MLP!!

  36. meme says:

    You can wish you never heard of Bill O’Reilly but only an idiot would pretend not to know who he is. And Fox news is not a ‘right wing channel.’ It’s actually news broadcasts are excellent and impartial, it’s their COMMENTATORS who are conservatives. You can’t get ANY unbiased news at MSNBC and just a bit at CNN.

  37. Roma says:

    @Mighty Mouse: I don’t think she was exactly advocating it, just being open minded. Not for her, but some people do use it.

  38. jen says:

    Billy Crudup must be smarter than I thought.

  39. Kitten says:

    lol @ the view of Fox News as being “excellent and impartial”. Please tell me you’re kidding, meme.

    “Fox’s founder and president, Roger Ailes, was for decades one of the savviest and most pugnacious Republican political operatives in Washington, a veteran of the Nixon and Reagan campaigns. Ailes is most famous for his role in crafting the elder Bush’s media strategy in the bruising 1988 presidential race.”

    If you care to educate yourself you can find a pretty thorough outline of how “fair” and “balanced” FoxNews is right here:

  40. xxodettexx says:


    “And Fox news is not a ‘right wing channel.’ It’s actually news broadcasts are excellent and impartial, it’s their COMMENTATORS who are conservatives.”

    oh the chuckles in that statement!! aside from the glaring grammatical issues, the idea that Fox News is not right wing and is impartial has to be the funniest thing i have heard in a long long time… so Fox News is impartial, its “only” the people that speak the words daily [aka commentators] on Fox News that are “conservatives” and [clearly] partial and biased, right? *wink wink* hahahahahahaha

    and for the record, i have no extra hate for Fox, no more than my hate for CNN and MSNBC, i can concede they ALL have issues with being biased in their delivery of the news

  41. Bodhi says:

    Actually, meme, I’m sure there are people who don’t know who he is. There are some people (unlike myself, of course) who don’t pay a bit of attention to blow hards of any stripe.

  42. GrnMtGirl says:

    I just started watching Weeds and am in the middle of the second season. It is such an entertaining show…I can’t believe I put off watching it for so long.

    And, I think MLP is very cool…I’ve liked her ever since Fried Green Tomatoes. Her views about smoking pot are very open-minded and I think she has done an awesome job of keeping her private life private (i.e. the Billy Crudup crap).

    Bill O’Reilly sucks A$$ and needs to go away!!

  43. MightyMouse says:

    @ Roma, Your point is well taken, and I believe that MLP was trying to joke about it to a certain extent. Unfortunately, in my line of work, there are no jokes about drug use (NICU nurse). Seeing the effect any drug has on newborns tends to make me a hard ass about this type of thing. Even though, of all the [illicit] drugs out there, marijuana actually hasn’t been implicated in any type of birth defect or fetal growth restriction. Interesting, huh?

    There will no further disruptions from the back of the class.

  44. annaloo says:


    I’m mean seriously… ”

    No one ever said it was sin for there to be both a MOM and a DAD in a family. That’s ridiculous. It’s when those narrow-minded individuals who are ONLY PRO-MOM-&-DAD go on the attack against other non-traditional families (eg. single parents, same sex parents) is when anger gets stirred up.

    After that, how in the world can you not expect people to defend their families when judgmental and invalidating insults (like the one from O’Reilly) are thrown at them and theirs?

  45. nan says:

    What an idiot. Who is SHE??? I sincerely don’t know who she is besides having a sewer mouth. I watch the O’Reilly factor every evening. I like his blunt honesty.

  46. Canucklehead says:

    I’m smart and I totally want to f–k her.

    She’s pretty hot.

  47. TaylorB says:

    While the second photo is shopped to death, she looks lovely in the first photo.

    I agree with others, I really liked Weeds the first and second season, then it kinda fell apart for me.

  48. hellen says:

    In that second photo she looks like Bondage Barbie. That’s just hideous. Pretty soon everyone is going to look like an anime character.

  49. original kate says:

    “And study after study shows kids of single mothers have a higher prison rate.”

    @ di butler: i guess this is another way of saying kids with absent fathers have a higher prison rate. see how that works? now the onus is on the fathers. same studies, just worded differently.

  50. wonderwoman21 says:

    I don’t like Weeds, but I love this interview. She comes off as smart, snarky, and funny. Most celebrities (like John Mayer) come off as douchey. Not this lady.

  51. meme says:

    @kitten – I suggest you watch the NEWSCASTS on Fox with Shep Smith and Bret Hume. I was not referring to the Hannitys and O’Reillys (reading is your friend). It doesn’t matter who the founder of the station is. And is it any better that the major news networks are so obviously liberals? The news is supposed to impartial – the NEWS, not commentary.

    @Bodhi – you don’t have to watch someone’s show to know who they are.

  52. CourtneyH says:

    @MightyMouse Let me get this straight… you pitch a fit about MLP “advocating” casual marijuana use, and then admit that marijuana has never been found to cause any birth defects or fetal growth restrictions, and thus is not dangerous in and of itself.

    Alright. Just checking.

  53. SammyHammy says:

    “Correlation does not equal causality. Study after study shows that most studies are not conclusive fact but interesting correlations.”

    True, but there are so very many studies that point to the same thing-single mothers generally earn less money, have higher stress levels, are unable to give their children the attention they need, and so on. It just is a plain, simple fact that children thrive better in a two parent home. That’s not bashing single parents; it’s just stating a fact.

  54. SammyHammy says:

    Oh, and she seems to be a rather foul-mouthed, vulgar person. I don’t get why people would refer to her as the “thinking man’s” anything. She comes across, to me, as someone who is trying very, very hard to pretend they don’t care what other people think.

  55. Wif says:


    I totally believe in a tight family unit. And if mom and dad are both on board, that’s wonderful. But tight families can be had in a number of different configurations. It’s the love and attention that’s important, not the chromosomes.

  56. Me says:

    Meme, you frighten me. Let me guess, Obama is a Muslim?

  57. Kitten says:

    @meme-NOT Just the founder is a conservative Republican (READING is YOUR friend as in READ THE LINK) the news anchors, the commentators, AND the various talking heads. Probably even the effin’ interns.
    Here’s a quote from Scott Norvell (I’m sure you’ll know that he’s the NE Bureau chief for FoxNEws):

    “Even we at Fox News manage to get some lefties on the air occasionally, and often let them finish their sentences before we club them to death and feed the scraps to Karl Rove and Bill O’Reilly.”

    Um, yeah you’re right, meme. Totally UNbiased. *eye roll*

    ‘And is it any better that the major news networks are so obviously liberals?’

    Well, I wouldn’t know as I don’t have cable television and I choose to get my information from a myriad of sources-you know, to AVOID bias. You should try it.

  58. Praise St. Angie! says:

    meme, I have watched the “news” on that channel (FoxNews), and it is definitely biased.

    WHAT they choose to cover, HOW they cover it…biased in both ways.

    and I agree that the other channels are biased too, which is why I don’t watch any of them.

  59. NJMDPS says:

    I agree with 55. What is wrong with a traditional family unit? I have nothing against single parents. I was one even though I was married to a jerk. However, it would have been much easier on everyone involved (kids especially) to have a harmonious family unit with two parents present and participating.

    I don’t think O’Reilly is an idiot. He has a different political view than most of Hollywood.

    Who appointed these Hollywood types to spew their thoughts all over and expect everyone to agree with them.

    And yes……who the heck is this one? Some chick that pushes drugs being sold through the mother figure of a family. Real nice?

    Ask yourself……would you really want that for your child? NO. So she should shut up.

  60. meme says:

    @Kitten – I love that you have such extensive comments on programs you don’t watch. Just because one watches various cable news channels doesn’t mean one doesn’t read the newspaper. The NYT, NYP, NYDN and WSJ are on my desk and yes, I’ve read them.

    @Me – You’re frightened of someone who thinks that Fox Network News has 1 hour of fair news coverage out of every 23? I’m the one who should be frightened. No Obama isn’t a Muslim and yes, he’s a US citizen. I’M BUYING SHRIMP

    FYI -from Forbes magazines.

  61. princecastillo says:

    I think she was being sarcastic when she said who is he again about Bill OReilly who lets face it IS a total idiot…
    I think shes awesome….

  62. Kitten says:

    @Meme-I don’t need to watch Fox News to know that it’s a conservative news network. It’s really not a secret. I actually recommend that you research the source from which you get your news information instead of just blindly buying into the garbage that Fox News churns out, you might actually learn something.

  63. princecastillo says:

    Ive got news for you -nick name for Fox is “Fox the Facists”…
    I find your views quite worrying.
    Everyone is entitled to their own political views and if yours are conservative then I suggest that you at least get your news from a reliable source which Fox definitly isnt….

  64. MightyMouse says:

    Courtney, didn’t “pitch a fit” about anything but Kaiser’s choice of quote. Obviously, however, I have struck a nerve with you, much like Kaiser struck one with me. That’s the problem with written correspondence. It’s very difficult to gauge tone of voice or nonverbal cues.

    About marijuana use during pregnancy, it was an interesting fact, which is exactly what I said it was. And marijuana use causes behavioral (not deformity or growth restriction) problems in newborns only if mom is REALLY hitting it (upwards of several pounds smoked a week). This level of use is unrealistic, however. The study that quoted that is not reliable, IMO, so I didn’t cite it. It’s nothing more or less than that.

    However, I stand by my assertion that stating publicly that “I know people who should be [using drugs]” is not responsible (even if it is a humorous observation between friends).

  65. Jules says:

    “Meme, you frighten me. Let me guess, Obama is a Muslim?”

    What I want to know is why people desperately assert that he’s not a Muslim. Exactly how do you know what he is? You might assume what he is, but you don’t know. He doesn’t attend any church any more since he was forced to quit Jeremiah Wright’s out of embarrassment. I think he is whatever is convenient for him at the time. Jeremiah Wright said so himself when he got thrown under the bus after 20 years. His real father was a Muslim. His parents registered him in school as a Muslim while he lived in Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro. These are simply facts. He had many Muslim family influences. And then he went to Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years here. So maybe he is a Muslim turned Black Liberation Theologist? Actually, my own impression is that he is an atheist or agnostic with Muslim sympathies. But then, I guess we can all just project what we think onto him because no one knows, and he lies constantly.

  66. original kate says:

    according to a recent study by the stanford u. hoover insitute by jennifer rorbach:

    “A family history of mental illness, perhaps, or maybe a history of child abuse by the parent toward the children may surface as contributing factors. And indeed, many of the most gruesome crimes are committed not by fatherless children in single-mother households, but by motherless boys, growing up in a father-only household. Some, such as John Lee Malvo, had essentially no household at all. But these confounding factors should not distract us from the overwhelming evidence linking single parents or absent parents to the propensity to commit crimes.”

    it isn’t just children of single mothers that commit crimes – i wish people would remember that when they start spouting studies. also, children with incarcerated fathers are way more likely to go to jail themselves. obviously a two parent, stable homelife is ideal, but not that common in our society. maybe if those who are so concerned with single mothers and the future criminals they are raising would be for things like universal daycare, universal healthcare, equal pay for women, and nutritious school lunches we could prevent some of this. these are all factors, too, although blaming single mothers is so much more convenient and makes for better soundbites.

  67. Kitten says:

    Wait is “an atheist with Muslim sympathies” supposed to be bad?????

    Anyway, thread derailed again. Look what you did, Mary-Louise Parker with your contoversial comments about weed and parenthood!

  68. DetRiotgirl says:

    About Weeds, I haven’t seen it in a couple years since I no longer have cable. But, I always thought it was well written and entertaining in the past.

    About Bill O’Reily, I have never seen his show and don’t plan to. I’m with MLP here, who is he? I don’t think it makes myself or ms. Parker “idiots” that we don’t care to spend our time watching Bill O’Reily pontificate about current events. There are many sources for news and opinions out there. I don’t have to pay attention to all of them.

    As for MLP, she’s beautiful and seems like an awesome woman. I like her.

    But, what I really wanted to comment on is that last picture. WTF?!? She looks like an alien! Is it even humanly possible to look like that without photoshop? Where would her organs go? I honestly think this picture is the biggest story on this page. Why do magazines insist on pretending that women look like this? MLP is has a sexy build for sure, but not like the figment of the stretch tool’s imagination presented to us here!

  69. meme says:

    @princecastillo, worry away. i get my news from all sources but if you read my post, you’d know that. gee, i feel like the Christopher Hitchens (though nowhere near as smart) of celebitchy. how grand! Hitch, get well soon! (yeah, i know he doesn’t read gossip blogs).

    Jules did not say or imply that being “an atheist with Muslim sympathies” was bad. He said Obama lies, which he does. Which ALL politicians do.

    Am I grammatically correct? Where’s the English teacher?

  70. MightyMouse says:

    Kitten, you brought a smile to my face. MLP is indeed diabolical :)

    The photo-shopping in the second picture is pretty bad with the skin texture. But if that really is the shape of her butt, it looks phenomenal!

  71. meme says:

    @kitten – You read or heard somewhere about Fox Network News but you’ve never seen it for yourself. Is this correct? Just curious. Guess you didn’t see the link to an actual study done about all the cable news coverage of obama.

  72. Leticia says:

    Mighty Mouse, hang in there.

    I spent the first 10 years of my life in a ghetto with tons of single mothers, and people it is awful, you cannot imagine how horrific it is and how hard it was to escape. The ignorance and physical abuse is mind-boggling.

    Rich single women who adopt probably do fine with their kids, but my heart breaks for the children of the poor single teenage girls who think it is cool to have a baby. You can’t imagine how bad it is to be the child of a teenage mom in the ghetto.

  73. Jules says:

    I said atheist OR agnostic…agnostic meaning that you just don’t know, or think the truth about a higher power is unknowable. I just don’t see Obama praying to anyone or anything…sorry, but I don’t. So I don’t really believe he is a practicing Muslim and definitely not a Christian of any variety. But his outward actions show a lot more sympathy toward Muslims than to Christians or Jews for example.

    And as for this: “Wait is “an atheist with Muslim sympathies” supposed to be bad?????”…it is bad to the extent that someone shows sympathy and favoritism to one group of people over another.

  74. xxodettexx says:

    @Jules: i find your conclusion about obama’s religion a tad odd, in that i tend to find that most atheists have NO religious sympathies… at least the ones that feel all religion does is poison world in hate, superstition and fear but i definitely agree that ALL politicians lie! :)

    @kitten, i too cannot believe the AUDACITY of M-LP to respond to an interviewers’ question to her, a single devil-loving/hellbound WOMAN, about a comment made by a “righteous” MAN who chose to disparage single parent households!! how dare she?? she should only ever talk about her shows/movies and never, ever, ever have a opinion!!! [i hope people can read the sarcasm]

    @original kate, i co-sign all you said

  75. princecastillo says:

    Meme-if you consider that Fox( the facists) are ‘fair and impartial’ I somehow seriously doubt that you get your news from anywhere but them…
    Your assertations are laughable and I really suggest that you DO get your news from all sources or at least a conservative news source that is reliable…
    Yeah yeah -I know-every other news organisation EXCEPT Fox has a liberal bias and are out to get the Republicans with their vast left wing conspiracy… blah blah blah…

  76. meme says:

    @Jules – Neutrality is rare. One side/group is always favored and/or considered more sympathetic. Personally, I don’t think Obama gives a rat’s ass about anything but vacations, BB games, golf, fine dining etc. For some who “will not rest” (google the quote and ye shall find) until the economy improves, everyone has a job, the mess in the GOM is fixed, he’s doing an awful lot of it.

    @princecastillo – worry and laugh away. i never said all other news organizations were out to get Republicans and i don’t believe in a vast left wing conspiracy. what’s laughable is your stereotype of who you think i am.

  77. Kitten says:

    @MightyMouse: :) Just typical Celebitchy right?

    @ Meme-I’ve unwillingly seen FoxNews at the gym in my hometown where they refuse to show anything else and yeah I laughed my ass off at how biased it was.
    I will admit that Shep is a respectable journalist but again, he had death threats made to his family based on the fact that the conservative FoxNews viewership found him to be an inadequate representation of Fox News. Why? Because he made a couple off-the-cuff remarks that didn’t adhere to the right wing agenda.
    Yes I know this because I read the news and it was a big deal when it happened so don’t start with the “how do you know so much about something you don’t watch” diversion tactic, pleaseandthankyou.

  78. Kitten says:

    “I just don’t see Obama praying to anyone or anything”

    Personally, I’m ok with this.

    “it is bad to the extent that someone shows sympathy and favoritism to one group of people over another”

    Actually allegiance to any religion is allegiance to ‘one group of people’.

    @xxodettexx- “that i tend to find that most atheists have NO religious sympathies… at least the ones that feel all religion does is poison world in hate, superstition and fear but i definitely agree that ALL politicians lie”
    Um yup! Atheism=rejection of the belief in deities. So yup, that would be ALL religions. No special treatment because no deity is no deity, folks.

  79. meme says:

    @kitten – “I will admit that Shep is a respectable journalist.” I rest my case. It is best not to believe everything you read or hear. First hand observance (when possible) and judging for oneself is always best. Now I need to catch a train to the Hamptons, that summer mecca for fascist right wing intolerant teabaggers like me (just ask princecastillo) LOL You all have a nice weekend.

  80. wonderful says:

    meme- sure, the news is supposed to be impartial, but it ISNT, for starters they have to continually please their own sponsors. Christopher Hitchens would laugh for days at your assertion Fox news is not biased. If you think you actually know anything about the world by reading and watching the news, you are a complete idiot. I suggest you get into some Noam Chompsky. “Reading is your friend.”
    On the topic of causing harm to a fetus through marijuana use – this isnt exactly someone would always admit, is it? Much like alchohol or any other drug while pregnant, making data on the subject pretty unreliable. Not to mention, the effects of mind-altering subtances/cigarettes etc arent fully known due to the fact that testing would be COMPLETELY UNETHICAL. Just to be clear, I am in no way insinuating that these substances arent harmful to a growing fetus, I am saying that to think marijuana use doesnt appear to cause birth defects is completely irresponsible for the above reasons – we simply dont know, and as of yet, there is no way TO know, much less call it “fact”.
    on the OTHER topic – if Obama were atheist or agnostic, how would he be unable to be impartial? If he were Christian, how could he POSSIBLY be AT ALL impartial???????

  81. annaloo says:

    Marijuana to MUSLIMS?!!! Damn this comment thread has been JACKED.

    IT’s friday afternoon– we should all just have a joint and call it a day.

  82. Bullett says:

    If someone gave me the chance to choose any actress in the world to hang out with for one night it would be MLP. I adore her beyond words!

    As for that VF pic, it looks like an old Vargas cartoon from Playboy with her head pasted on. Ridiculous. They should leave her alone, she’s quite beautiful as is.

    Oh…. did I mention I’m a fan :)

  83. Jules says:

    xxodettexx–to me personally, atheism just means that you don’t believe, not that you’re actively against religion. However, if I follow through on your reasoning about sympathies, then maybe I should just call him a lapsed Muslim. In his own words from his book “‘I will stand with Muslims should political winds shift in an ugly direction’”

  84. Jules says:

    “on the OTHER topic – if Obama were atheist or agnostic, how would he be unable to be impartial? If he were Christian, how could he POSSIBLY be AT ALL impartial???????”

    This is supposed to be logic? Atheists and agnostics as perfect, impartial human beings? Absolutely unable to be partial? Wow! Interesting stereotype. Maybe I should be personally complimented by this reasoning as I am currently agnostic.

  85. Kitten says:

    @ annaloo-lol! Bring it! Ahh, I wanna let the thread die but….can’t….resist…ok I am letting go. Fridays are for eye candy and mojitos which is why we have Hot Guy Friday. Enough of this political distraction.
    PS-ITA Wonderful- if Obama were atheist or agnostic, how would he be unable to be impartial?

    @Jules- “‘I will stand with Muslims should political winds shift in an ugly direction’”
    Ugh. But I haven’t read the book and would have to see the context of this quote.

    Ok I’m done! Walking…away…from..the keyboard…
    Wonderful, hold down the fort for me!

  86. wonderful says:

    Ummm yeah. I’m saying it seems to me that it would be more difficult for a religous person to be impartial on the topic of religion than it would be for a secular person, simply because they have obviously chosen a team. Seems logical to me, no matter how poorly worded it may have been. There’s no need to get extremist here, this was my only point. I never said atheists were always impartial, I said it seemed ridiculous to think they couldn’t be. I never said religious people were always biased, I said it was ridiculous to think they couldn’t be. Some people are biased, some arent.
    I am seeing now I very badly worded that post. The above was what I meant.

  87. Jeri says:

    “And that is why MLP is the Queen” I so agree Kaiser.

    Beautiful, articulate without being snobby or whiney, what more could anyone want! She doesn’t talk about it, she lives it.

  88. nan says:

    @ Meme…your’re comment #36…I TOTALLY agree with you!! Not many people realize this.

  89. Bodhi says:

    @ meme – You are correct I have never spent a second of my life watching O’Rielly & I know who he is. What I said was I’m sure there are people who don’t know who he is. There are some people (unlike myself, of course) who don’t pay a bit of attention to blow hards of any stripe.

    Meaning that there are people out there living their lives, who have never heard of Bill O’Rielly. You completely missed what I said

  90. Bodhi says:

    Three cheers for annaloo’s suggestion!! Puff, puff, hooray!!

  91. Bee says:

    @Jules how do you know that Obama favors Muslims over Christians? Is it because he doesn’t want to round them all up and toss them into the mountains of Afghanistan. It’s unbelieveable how so many people think the only way that Obama can prove he’s a Christian is by hating on all non-Christians. As a Christian I embrace all faiths, and those without faith as well. I don’t need someone to “favor” me over a person of a different religion. It’s amazing the amount of hand holding and reassuring some Christians need. I feel strong enough in my Christianity to not need some politician patting me on the head all the time telling me that “they like me, they really really like me.”

  92. DD says:

    you can’t compare single motherhood outcome as black and white. You have to think about the circumstances that makes a mother take on singlehood parenting.
    1. Was it an accidental pregnancy?
    2. Did the father leave?
    3. Financial situation?

    Being a single mother because of an unplanned pregnancy at 19 and being a single mother after much consideration at 35 I imagine are two very different circumstances with two very different outcomes, and even then you have to consider the parents emotional availability, circumstances. Majority of single women fall into the unplanned category or were left by their significant other, that’s why these studies aren’t that relevant.

  93. Brittney says:

    That last picture is terrifying and does no justice whatsoever to a beautiful woman. What are they trying to accomplish? Does anyone honestly have expectations that warped? (Sad answer: yes. Thanks to things like this.)

  94. Chloe' says:

    I love this woman!

  95. beebs says:

    totally indifferent to MLP, hate hate HATE nancy. i wanna hop through the screen and kill her myself half the time. i’m sure hoping this is the last season, seeing how things went downhill after season 3 and i have to practically force myself to watch now.

  96. Sudini says:

    Love this woman! Since I first saw her in Fried Green Tomatoes and now on Weeds – she’s amazing. I also remember seeing that round table discussion on you tube, lol.

  97. Faye says:

    If you want to know how to stay looking young, stay out of the sun!

  98. Ruffian9 says:

    marie, she didn’t bring up O’Reilly. The interviewer did. I think she was bang-on in her response. Not everyone knows who BO is. Maybe it’s that I’m in Canada, I knew him in name only. Through sites like this I discovered he’s a) an anchor/newsperson on Fox, and b) he’s an idiot.

  99. jay says:

    it’s kinda funny that people are starting to tear into her because she answered some questions that were asked of her. It’s not like she held a press conference to say “Bill O’Reily is an idiot!”

    She plays a single mother on the show, and she is a single mother in real life. Do you expect her to say “Why yes, I feel like my family is fucked because I don’t have a man in my life.”

    I love MLP. It’s refreshing to have her speak her actual opinion in an industry that either prevents you from doing that to not upset anyone, or forces you to say absurd things for publicity.

  100. J says:

    Shock! There are people who don’t know who Bill O’Reilly is???

    The WHOOOOLLLLEEE world knows he is an idiot.

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  103. Head Shops says:

    Whoa completely lost respect for her lol. :O haha