Sharon Osbourne says Elisabeth Hasselbeck needs to get laid by a football team

Comments against Elisabeth Hasselbeck start at 2:20

Sharon Osbourne never fails to give obnoxious quotes and start feuds with just about anyone who’ll take her bait. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last week, Sharon and her filled frozen face made some comments against the token conservative on The View. Sharon is about to star in an all-female panel-based talk show on CBS, which is how the topic came up. She also spoke out against the reality shows her show The Osbournes helped spawn.

On Reality Shows
They are so crap these reality shows now. They just get worse and worse and worse… there’s a bunch of kids that love to party – let’s watch ‘em… Why would anybody watch that? Why would an adult watch Jersey Shore?

On if her new talkshow will be like The View
F-ck no. We’re very different women, we’ve got different opinions and we’re not miserable and dry… it’s totally different… I think ours will be edgier and more real, and not so trying to be politically correct and like you’ve got a stick up your ass and you’re all dry.

On her least favorite member of The View
Oh that little blonde idiot. [faux retches]
You know what she needs? She needs a good shtupping by a football team. She needs to get some humor there, you know it’s like ‘lighten up, bitch.’

Once Sharon gets on a roll there’s no stopping her. I find her kind of tedious, and I won’t watch this new show. The show is a decent idea on paper – in terms of marketshare and potential ratings, etc. It will probably suck in it’s own way, but I doubt that it can be worse than the original. She also has a point with the “stick up their arse” comments, especially when Babs and her disapproving stare are on. Plus Hasselbeck is really humorless and she always tries to drive every point she has into the ground. Leave it to Sharon to tell it like it is. Her schtick will get old fast though once she’s on television for an hour every day. I wonder if she’ll get into any hair-pulling fights with the guests.

Look at that face – isn’t she lovely?



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  1. Lisa says:

    Lmao! I like Sharon Osbourne. She says it like it is and doesn’t kiss ass.

  2. BKStarr says:


    I sooooooooooooo luv Sharon!

    Sharon ROCKS!!!

  3. coup de grazia says:

    i co-sign sharon’s statement on that little blonde idiot.

  4. Taya says:

    First of all, what footbal team would want EH anyway? I hear her own hubby strays on her and have you seen him? EWWW!

  5. mln says:

    I am not a fan of Sharon but she is so right on this one.

  6. Boat says:

    Sharon is offensive.

  7. Tazina says:

    Is that right? EH’s husband strays on her? No doubt he’s under her thumb but they can find a way to fool around if they want to….and married to her, I’m sure he wants to! Hahahaha

  8. Audra says:

    Adore Sharon – she is entertaining and fabulous. I would totally watch her show and LMAO the whole time from the honesty and humor.

  9. guesty says:

    outrageous & obnoxious. lol tho.

  10. C says:

    So in other words….gang raped by a football team. Isn’t that similar to what Mel Gibson was screaming at Oksana? Sharon is obnoxious and that Statement is NOT funny at all. I don’t care what your views of Elizabeth H. are, Sharon’s comment was TOTALLY inappropriate.

  11. Tess says:

    I used to find her entertaining.

    But, she outed herself as a pig of the highest order when she coughed up a loogie, spit it into a glass of water, and flung it in some woman’s face on a TV show.

  12. Johanna says:

    I thought it was hilarious. Stop being so sensitive.

  13. moopsie says:

    Thats awesome…lmao. Sharon needs a spot on the view. I would so watch it if she was.

  14. Snarf says:

    I’ll take Osborne over Hasselbeck any day.

  15. Victoria says:

    How do you know that Elizabeth hasnt already done this? She strikes me as someone who comes off as a holier than thou good goody who WOULD do the whole football team and then act all innocent if you called her on it! Ive met women like this they are hypocrites!

  16. jen says:

    Poor Ozzy.

  17. Tiffany says:

    I never thought that I would write this but I agree with Sharon about EH. I have heard some of the things that have come out of her mouth and I wonder if she knows what constitutes a conservative. Now it seems that everything that comes out of her mouth is extreme and unintelligent.

  18. gretchen says:

    i think SO is gross in her words and EH is gross in her thoughts…hmmm not sure that makes sense but i know what i mean

  19. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Sharon Osbourne is a foul mouthed, hypocritical bitch, who has no right to talk that way about anyone, even if it is Elizabeth Hasselwhatever her name is.

    We are all entitled to our opinions. I guess Sharon is entitled to hers, but so is EH, and just because you may not agree with someone’s beliefs, points of views, etc, does not give you the right to say such vulgar things about them.

  20. aenflex says:

    I think Sharon’s hard-rock attitude would be much more believable if she didnt stuff her face with botox and fillers, I once heard her tell her children she was ‘too old’ to stay in a 4-star hotel. She’s just as insecure and superficial as the people she calls out.
    That being said, since I don’t expect class from her, I am never disappointed. She has the ability to entertain me at times and isn’t always wrong.

  21. Sns02215 says:

    Love that she said that about Elisabitch Hatchetface. Chick is so DUMB and self-rigtheous, she does need a good stuffing to keep her trap shut!

  22. Becky says:

    Ironically enough, EH is married to a former NFL quarterback. I know Sharon is talking soccer, not American football – but apparently getting laid by a sports-oriented guy didn’t help, Sharon!

  23. NotBuyingIt says:

    lovely, and she has daughters. I’m sure she would appreciate someone saying this about one of her own.

  24. Catherine says:

    She is so honest and I love that about her! Go Sharon!

  25. tiredofrumers says:

    sharon’s always told it like it is! i first fell in love with her when, upon quitting as smashing pumpkins’ manager, she said “i had to quit due to medical reasons– billy corgan was making me sick!”

    hahahahahahah!!!! intrigued to check out her show.

  26. irishserra says:

    Sharon Osborne is just a rude crass biddy who still displays the typical classic “fat girl” syndrome. She will always be insecure about it, despite the fact that she had that surgery. She never learned any self control or anything that could boost her self esteem; hence, her intolerable obnoxiousness and continual nastiness toward others in an effort to elevate herself.

  27. susanne says:

    She’s awful, but I love her.

    Plasticky, but gorgeous somehow.

    Still won’t watch the show, and the gang bang reference was a little tacky.

  28. canadianchick says:

    Not a fan of Sharon as she seems trashy, but no way I’m a fan of Hasselcrack either. Someone give us better options to watch, please.

  29. Jover says:

    Stupid and offensive and I’m liberal. If SO said that about the others would everyone be praising her for “telling it like it is.” As if pseudo intellectual pretentious WHoopi and harpy Joy aren’t also dumb and self-righteous; but what intelligent person would take political guidance from the View? You would be better off consulting a kindergarten class. Take off the political blinders just because EH is a dumb annoying conservative doesn’t mean vulgarities should be tossed her way with impunity. Right, who would want to even touch desiccated, humorless, self-righteous bozos like Joy and WHoopi?

  30. NotBuyingIt says:

    Agreed #10. How is it that there was such an uproar over comments of rape against one person, yet since its EH its ok? How is it that this type of violence in condoned against one woman but regarded as abuse when said to another. Either way, to see other woman advocate a gang rape is disgusting.

  31. Moore says:

    agreed on the whole, Fluffy Kitten Tail

  32. lilred says:

    Wasn’t it conservative Elizabeth who flashed her hooters on Survivor for chocolate?

  33. Dallas says:

    This is disgusting. EH has kids, and in this connected society with 10 year olds who have iphones this will get back to them.

    Imagine if EH had said this about someone she didn’t like? All you blind haters would be crucifying her for being crude and classless.

    HASSELBECK IS IGNORANT ON THE VIEW, BUT SO ARE THE REST OF THEM. Stop acting like she is the odd one out.

  34. Diva says:

    Can’t help but always love Sharon! Even at her worst she makes me smile! {=0)

  35. Andrea says:

    Wow. Most of you people agree that EH should be gang-raped because you don’t agree with her opinions! You all are barbarians.

  36. malina says:

    I love her and can’t help it lol

  37. Manda3 says:


  38. Dingles says:

    “Oh that little blonde idiot.” I think that’s about all that needs to be said about EH.

  39. Nancy says:

    Love,love,love Sharon Osbourne! A panel of women that includes Sharon, Leah Remini, and Sarah Gilbert?? Now that will be goooood. Can’t wait!

  40. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I am amazed at the amount of women on here that think that degrading another woman like that is ok because of her political views. So I guess all politically conservative women need to be gang raped? So would everyone think it was so funny if the same had been said about Michelle Obama? Your mother? Your daughter?

    Seriously, EH may not say what everyone likes, but at least she is brave enough to speak her mind without being a foul mouthed bitch in the process (I am a foul mouthed bitch) and Sharon Osbourne is a nasty piece of work. She is a homewrecker, greedy, and rude to anyone that does not step to her beat. I wonder how Sharon would feel about that being said about HER daughters? Am I wrong or did she not give hell to someone not so long ago for saying something unkind about her daughter?

    Women applauding other women for comments about rape! Truly shocking!

  41. SFRowGuy says:

    she hasn’t been already? You sure?

  42. ElizabethM says:

    When did anyone say anthing about EH getting gang raped??? Sharon said she needed to get laid which is consensual, not rape. And believe it or not women are allowed to do as many men as they want, (even a football team’s worth). So the number of partners involved is irrelevant.

  43. Crash2GO2 says:

    She’s such a jerk.

  44. Jen says:

    Uh, she is basically saying Hasselbeck should get gang-banged. THE WOMEN’S MOVEMENT JUST JUMPED A DECADE FORWARD

  45. Feebee says:

    Can’t stand EH and yeah she probably needs to get laid but I’m thinking more like her husband.

    Saying she needs the football team to bang her smacks of gang rape and is totally abhorrent. If this statement makes you laugh then you have a sad sense of humour.

    It has nothing to do with being too sensitive. This was out of line but not surprising coming from this foul mouthed fame whore. She thinks she’s being edgy and amusing. Sad really. Her talk show sounds desperate already.

  46. Me says:

    Sharon for President!

    D@mn it… she is British…

  47. Kitten says:

    Is Elizabeth Hasselback the mother of Sharon Osbourne’s children? I’m not getting the Mel Gibson comparison..

  48. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @ElizabethM- So if she was only implying she needed to be laid, then why not say “She needs a good lay” Why say she needed a football TEAM to bang her.

    The comment, no matter how you look at it and what was truly implied, was below the belt and crude. No one on this board would like such a thing said about them for their opinions, nor would they appreciate the disrespect that one woman was showing to another one.

    Yeah, everyone who has a differing opinion needs a football team to screw them so their attitudes and ideas on life change. *eyeroll* Sounds like shit men say about women when they are pissed about something they don’t like!

  49. GreenGinger says:

    I can’t believe I’m about to defend Sharon Osbourne, but here goes… It sounded to me like she meant that EH is so uptight that it would do EH a world of good to have a LOT of sex. It didn’t sound like SO was saying that EH should be punished for the dumb sh!t she spews by being gang-raped.

    @Fluffy Kitten Tail, there are so many logical fallacies in your post, that I don’t even know where to begin–nor do I even care to. But I will say this, what makes EH so tedious is not that she is politically conservative. The problem is that she is far too dumb to be so obnoxiously vocal.

  50. original kate says:

    “She needs a good shtupping by a football team.”

    i don’t know about that, but i do know that elizabeth needs a big piece of duct tape stapled across her mouth.

  51. SolitaryAngel says:

    Love her!! Always will…

  52. Shay says:

    It’s a shame that Sharon can’t have surgery on her brain. Like she is one to give advice on a show when she had two kids in rehab before they were 20.
    Mother of the year! Not!
    As far as I’m concerned, all these daytime shows are lame. They are all there for product placement and advertising that ranges from cheap domestic airlines to the latest lame celebrity pushing their latest biography or film.
    Big deal.

  53. Camille says:

    I agree with some of her comments. I have to admit that I kind of like Sharon, she says it like it is lol.

  54. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @GreenGinger- Well then, perhaps a good screw by a football team would change me around to your way of thinking! After all, that is the solution to everyone’s problems who doesn’t think like you.

  55. aury says:

    LMAO… i like her. XD

  56. Mikunda says:

    Love Sharon! She is hilarious!
    The other women on the View are really reasonable, whereas EH is bursting full of pretense, so hypocritical, everything is slogans, slogans, slogans – she’s pretty much the only reason I am not watching the show. They could have found a well-versed and well-read supporter of the right wing who would be on the same intellectual level as the the rest – that would certainly make for some interesting discussions.

  57. Monalicious says:

    Team Sharon!!! She’s my Hero!!!

  58. DD says:

    Team Elizabeth…it is funny how you dummies take the word of a British celeb ( and I use that word loosely) to comment on American Politics.

  59. california angel says:

    If you think this is harsh you should
    try going to an all girls high school.
    Some women can be brutal. Some women
    can be so uptight, though, that they
    need to be told to lighten up and that’s
    all sharon was doing.I think it’s hilarious myself.
    Everybody deals with pressure in different
    ways. Some spew idiotic dribble in an attempt to prove themselves
    and some spew delightfully tacky things to
    prove themselves. Seriously though,
    Hasselback could prob. use some good sessions
    With her husband lol. I’m sure sharon could too.

  60. Lita says:

    Yes DD, absolutely, because the only people that have a *right* to comment on American *politics* is the (err what percentage of the US actually voted last time??).

    Sorry also I misplaced my knowledge of where Elizabeth H ran in the last election? Remind me?

  61. Kitten says:

    My god, some of you won’t be happy until every celebrity/entertainer is censored. Unreal.

  62. Lita says:

    Hey Kitten! What you on about??? It’ll be utopia! Nobody will say anything worth criticising and we can go on Logan’s Run!

  63. Angel says:

    Team Sharon all the way.

  64. mags says:

    group sex doesn’t equal gang bang, kiddies ;) nor does it sound like she’s saying anything about sex against someone’s will (or even all at once for that matter) just that perhaps this woman is wound too tightly because of the lack of “shtupping”
    my two cents

  65. Annie says:

    She is the Brittish Roseanne. She’ll last about as long on daytime tv.

  66. connie says:

    have to agree with some of the other posters that no where did i read gang bang, some people are just so uptight you cant say anything nowadays without pissing someone off

  67. Laurie says:

    Lefties like Sharon preach political tolerance for the causes they support but are completely INtolerant for people holding conservative viewpoints. Where is the acceptance and tolerance?

  68. kim says:

    Sharon Osboune needs to be pummled to death by a football team. Send this screaming, drug addict, plastic surgery addicted wench back to England with Ozzie and the rest of the fame whoring, untalented, hideously ugly Osbourne family! We ALL lost respect for Ozzy when he married this sack of fat trash!

  69. kim says:

    Hypocritcal much Sharon? She got famous doing a reality show. Without the Osbournes reality show (which was the worst reality show yet) no one would know who she was.

  70. ViktoryGin says:

    Ha. Hope springs eternal.