Patrick Dempsey got bug bites on his privates, wants Eric Dane’s pecs

Patrick Dempsey had something munching on his groin during his recent film – and it wasn’t a starlet hoping to make Hollywood connections:

The actor was filming in Scotland and was happy to don the country’s native dress (a kilt), which is often worn without undergarments.

Dempsey was determined to wear his kilt in an authentic manner, but found himself covered in bites from local winged flies – forcing him to go back to wearing underwear to protect his most delicate area.
He says, “I wore a kilt for the wedding scenes, but had to wear something underneath. I tried nothing but I was bitten all over by midges.”

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I guess the shoot was taking place in a warm climate – I always wonder if Scotsman do wear nothing under their kilts, when it is so cold in Scotland. There is nothing sexier than a masculine man in a kilt, in my opinion. I’m looking forward to seeing the film, titled ‘Made of Honor’.

Patrick also feels the exact same way about Eric Dane as the rest of us – he’s McSteamy!

“I’m not Eric Dane,” he tells Parade in their upcoming issue. “McSteamy is in perfect shape. I definitely have pec envy. There’s a lot of pressure being a man in this town.”

The cycling enthusiast continues, “People are seeing a fantasy. It’s not necessarily me, but it does help your ego. Look, I know TV is a visual medium, so of course I want to be in shape, but I don’t want to be ripped.”

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Since Patrick Dempsey basically plays the love interest in a run of romantic comedies, I don’t think he needs to be ‘ripped’. Maybe if he’s considering a role in a new action flick he should start working those weights, although lifting weights is significantly less painful then the chest wax that seems to come hand in hand with buff male Hollywood bodies.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Patrick Dempsey is shown at the premiere of Made of Honour at Soho Hotel in London on 4/21/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. Sasha says:

    At least you called the actor by his real name and not ‘McDreamy’ like every other f*c*ing moron tabloid/gossip sheet, CB.

  2. Does his wife ever smile? :roll:

  3. brit says:

    @La Tanguerita

    No….cause she knows im waiting around the corner to scoop up her man, and that bugs’ got a head start on me, dammit!

  4. His Anatomy says:

    I couldnt help but giggling. :-D
    Patrick Dempsey? Wearing a kilt without underwear? Xixixi…