Elisabeth Hasselbeck thinks women turn gay due to a lack of men

Elisabeth Hasselbeck continues to spew her unique brand of stupid all over The View. While the four harpies were discussing the fact that many women are having same sex relationships later in life after “years of heterosexuality/marriage” Elisabeth chimed in “I’ll tell you what’s happening, a lot of the older men are going for younger women leaving the women with no one.”

Joy retorted “So that’s why they’re suddenly sleeping with women? That’s ridiculous, I’m sorry…

Elisabeth kept pressing her idiotic point in that manic tone of hers. “You’re looking for a companion that understands you… say you were in heterosexual relationships. You’re looking for that, but the men who are of your age who have had similar experience… [are] chasing a little young one.”

Being gay is not just holding hands and walking through the tulips,” Joy explained. “There are things that people do sexually. I don’t think that you suddenly wake up and say ‘You know, I want to do that.’ You wanted to do that, you were just trapped in a system that said get married… you were gay and you just didn’t admit it, you didn’t acknowledge it.”

We’ve done studies that women aren’t necessarily needing something sexual, they’re more needing something in terms of companionship at a certain age,” Elisabeth countered.

So what does Elisabeth think, that lesbians are just best friends that have sex too? She’s wrong to think that being gay is a choice made by desperation. It’s sad that she thinks this way, but as Whoopi kind of mentioned it does make it sound like she’s not opposed to having some same sex company – if there are no other options.

This isn’t the first offensive and dumb thing this woman has said, there have been so many other incidents and surely there will be more.

Oh and Obama was on The View yesterday. I haven’t watched it yet and am not sure we’ll report on it. I’m over that show, and as rude as it sounds I’m kind of over Obama too. (Update: thanks to all of you who mentioned that Obama’s View appearance was taped yesterday and airs today. Maybe I’ll watch it then.)

Thanks to the Advocate via Gossip Rocks for this story.

May 25, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - ELISABETH HASSELBECK at Scholastic Paren & Child Magazine's ''Family of The Year'' event at The Scholastic Store in New York City on 05-25-2010. 2010. ....K65082HMc. © Red Carpet Pictures

May 25, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - ELISABETH HASSELBECK at Scholastic Paren & Child Magazine's ''Family of The Year'' event at The Scholastic Store in New York City on 05-25-2010. 2010. ....K65082HMc. © Red Carpet Pictures

U.S. President Barack Obama appears on the daytime TV talk show The View in New York City July 28, 2010. From left are Barbara Walters, Obama, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT)

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  1. Shay says:

    I don’t know how this dumb show continues to be broadcast. Here in Australia, we have to suffer with this TV version of dumbed down crap and the fact that Obama even took the time to appear on this show says a lot about Obama, I think. Hasn’t he got other more pressing engagements, like sorting out the environmental disaster and the general presidential things, rather than partake to the crap on the view?
    I feel terrible for Joy. She is the only person on that show that has a brain and isn’t afraid of expressing an opinion.

    • Mark says:

      It isn’t a lack of men, but rather a lack of worthwhile men. I have women say all the time how I am a great guy and would be a great husband. Huh? I have never even been able to get a date for coffee with a woman. So I went gay. I love women but only from a distance. In order to have companionship and intimacy it was obvious I had to go Gay. Were a woman ever to ask me for a date and be a partner. I would go Straight. But I don’t see that happening after 44 years. Only sex with a woman I ever had was a prostitute I hired for $600 for an hour. She laughed hard over my pathetic attempt. I couldn’t even enter and came on her thigh in less than 2 minutes and just semi erect. Actually, I came in my pants even before. I’m very happy with my gay boyfriend. Even women like me more knowing I am totally gay.

  2. tooey says:

    Isn’t that what a vibrator is for? When there’s not a man around? Then, you have your friends of either sex for company and companionship. She is such an idiot!

  3. lisa says:

    I don’t understand Elisabeth. I saw the show which was difficult because these women in large are idiots. Too much hen chatter.. talking over each other. EH comment was stupid and made because like with most of her comments she does not THINK before she speaks. She was gabbing and was so superior when she said it. As if she had discovered the Holy Grail.

    Her husband must be a saint or an idiot like her. Not sure which. I can’t watch them anymore.. and now that Obama is going to be on that show their big heads are going to get even bigger if possible. UGH…

  4. sapphire says:

    Where does this idiot keep her brain-in a change purse?

  5. Po says:


  6. bite me says:

    i think the obama episode airs today, although it was pre-taped yesterday…elizabeth need to makes over to faux news station

  7. S says:

    Obama is on today…is he not?

  8. Kbomb says:

    She really is the epitome of stupid. The fact that she will viciously argue her antiquated, misogynistic, ridiculous opinions all with this “I’m just a girl!!”-deer-caught-in-headlights idiot face makes me want to wallop her.

  9. Chris says:

    That’s true. I turned hetro because there was a lack of gay men around.

  10. nycmom10024 says:

    Obama taped the episode of The View that will air today, yesterday afternoon.

    I think what Elizabeth was trying to say, women’s sexuality is different then men’s sexuality. When the guest that studies sexuality was on in a later segment, she also said as much. The scientist thesis was men are more fixed sexually. They are either aroused by men and gay or not. Men Do not suddenly enter gay relationships later in life.

    According to this woman, women are able to be “float” (my word not hers) between relationships with men and women. She quoted her studies that show women to be aroused by images of both men and women whethered they considered themselves straight or lesbian. This was seen less with men.

    I don’t know that I agree with that, for me personally. But science is not about individuals but generalities so who knows.

  11. Hautie says:

    “We’ve done studies that women aren’t necessarily needing something sexual, they’re more needing something in terms of companionship at a certain age,” Elisabeth countered.

    Who is “we”. I seriously doubt this pinhead has done any “studies” about gay women. Much less read about one anywhere.

    Then the best part of her ramble….

    “but the men who are of your age who have had similar experience… [are] chasing a little young one.”

    Is this yet another Fox News explanation why women don’t have a man? Not only are they too old for a man… but men do not find a woman near his own age worthy of a relationship? Only the gold diggers are worth their effort and cash?


    As my late Granny would say….

    “Oh bless her heart… she is about too dumb to breath isn’t she…”

  12. Dorothy says:

    They may have taped Obama yesterday , but it will be airing today and I for one can’t wait! I still love him and think he is doing a great job. He just needs a better PR person.

    Elizabeth is so stupid and she got really annoyed when Joy said that lesbians actually have sex. it was great. I love Joy so much.

  13. Michelle78 says:

    There still people out there that believe that homosexuality is a choice (fyi: it is not). Ofc, there are people out there that experiment or go through isolated gay experiences in their lives (ex. Anne Heche), but people are born gay.

  14. Tess says:

    No biggie. Sounds like Behar jumped all over her for saying just the kind of thing that any lib on the show could have made an offhand crack about, and it would of been chuckled over and forgotten.

    But how about Pres Obama on The View???

    He’s gotta know that the oh-so private (yeah right) wedding of the century is a preview of the all new Queen Cankles presidential campaign.

  15. Celebitchy says:

    I will fix the Obama info, thank you for letting me know!

  16. irishserra says:

    Tess, I had the same thought as you. She was just throwing a theory out there people, in a humorous way. Get over it and move on…

  17. bizzy says:

    a lot of the older men are going for younger women leaving the women with no one

    and presumably leaving a lot of young men with no one but cougars and each other. frankly, i think this sounds fantastic.

    personally, i’m a lesbian because you can ask your partner ‘does this make me look fat?’ and actually get an instructive answer.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @Tess re:
    “No biggie. Sounds like Behar jumped all over her for saying just the kind of thing that any lib on the show could have made an offhand crack about, and it would of been chuckled over and forgotten.”
    I highly doubt that a “LIB” (wait, is that a technical term? Like “sugartits”? Please enlighten me, I guess, I’ve gotten behind on my colloquialisms, you know?) would ever EVER make an “offhand crack” about women turning to same sex relationships for lack of men. Please trust me – as a “LIB” myself I can pretty much guarantee it.
    Oh, and, concerning the second part of your comment, I love that you managed to offend all liberals generally, and then concentrate on two specifically. That’s great writing on your part.
    And yes, that sneaky Chelsea, you know she’s only getting married so that her mother can run for President! Next thing you know, she’ll have – GASP – a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For f&*k’s sake!

  19. Nadia says:

    It is incredible that this woman is still on television. She is an absolute moron. A hateful moron.

  20. meme says:

    Obama is doing a great job? Look around you honey, the wheels have come off the world.

  21. Jazz says:

    Send her back to the island! Or wherever the hell she came from.

  22. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I will probably get verbally abused for saying this, but I think she does have a valid point. I’m not a fan of hers by ANY means, trust me. But, I have personally known older women in same-sex relationships for both reasons:
    1. Because they were a lesbian their whole life but felt the need to ‘conform’ and marry and have kids earlier in life OR
    2. Because they have become jaded by men (especially men their age who are all caught up in mid-life crises, chasing their youth, and are diconnected from emotional attachment) and are seeking companionship on a deeper level than just sex and happen to find that connection with another straight woman who feels the same (or was a lesbian to begin with).

    What she said about women being more driven by emotion rather than purely physical attraction is true, I think. I am a heterosexual woman, but have found myself to by attracted to women because I connected to them on a deeper level than just, “Wow, she has boobs.”

    I think alot of people are so quick to discredit everything certain people say because the majority of what comes out of their mouth is foolish. But everyone (okay, some) can get it (sorta) once in a great while.

  23. Snarf says:

    I believe that women’s sexuality evolves more than mens and can be more fluid in terms of experimentation.

    Men tend to either be one way or another (but will experiemnt in our teens or when we’re drunk in our 20′s depending on the circumstances)

  24. Victoria says:

    Oh Dorothy I LOVE him too! I say Go Obama Go! Everyone is like “WEll Im dissapointed” and IM thinking “he’s doing a BIG job and he’s cleaning up other people’s mess”. I even take partial responsiblity for some of the mess of the economy I think we all should.

  25. bizzy says:

    @Scarlet Vixen: the thing is, the two scenarios you describe are not the same as elisabeth’s. elisabeth’s was: woman can’t find man to date, even after dredging the river, and thinks ‘oh god i must have *someone*, i’ll date a woman’. desperate isn’t the same thing as jaded. or, y’know, lesbian.

  26. Tess says:

    @ Victoria

    Errrr. Looks like the Queen and George Soros are using the occassion of the wedding to deliver a royal bitch-slapping to President Obama. Privately, of course.

  27. gabs says:

    Elizabeth is such a moron.

    This is the nail in the coffin: OBAMA SUCKS! He hasnt done ANYTHING to clean up the mess. Hes only spent even MORE money. He visited Arab countries to apologize for us. WTF! Dont do that. It is so disrespectful to the men who lost their lives in the war (whether you agree with it or not). I am so over him. He isnt a good politician (oxymoron) he is just an actor!

  28. Renee says:

    She is dumber than a box o rox! As a lesbian I don’t know anyone who has ever said that is the reason they are coming out as lesbians later in life. What is the excuse for men coming out as gay later in life? Maybe it has something to do with the stigma as it was much less acceptable 30 years ago. SHEESH!!! DUH!!! It is too soon to make an accurate study. I think in another 20 year maybe when the women who born/grew up in the 80′s and 90′s are older. Women/Men are coming out much earlier now as the stigma is somewhat less depending on the situation.

  29. Vibius says:

    Its different when they honestly believe it and are trying to convince others.

  30. canadianchick says:

    Hmm wonder if she’s closeted. She does seem to be a HUGE fan of Snooki.

  31. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @bizzy: I said she had a valid point–not that she was spot on and exactly correct. Even an idiot can get it near the right ballpark once in awhile, even if it’s by accident. But I see what you meant, too.

    PS Celebitchy: Just curious as to why my comments are always awaiting moderation? As far as I know I’ve never written anything insulting or offensive. And some of my comments haven’t had any ‘keywords’ that I can think of. Is it just me or are all of everyone’s comments awaiting moderation?

  32. K says:

    This is woman is so offensive and ignorant that unfortunately I believe she will have a long-lasting Hollywood career.

  33. denise says:

    Who cares what Elizabeth has to say?

  34. bellaluna says:

    Well, I think EH is an idiot!

    @ Scarlet – I think it’s everyone, because I’m getting the same thing.

  35. Mia says:

    Sorry, but I think that study was meant support the theory that women become aroused at ANY hint of a sexual situation, gay or straight. And the reason they hypothesize that happens is an evolutionary response to rape.
    Sexual situation=lubrication= less injury and death during rape. Women produced more lubricant could survive to procreate.
    And being gay is NOT just kissing women. As a straight woman, I have no desire to go down on another woman. Hasselcrack needs to go away.

  36. K says:

    After the Exxon-Valdez, federal regulations were put in place making the oil company responsible for the clean up, with government intervention only after the company has proven itself to be overwhelmed or incompetent. Not to say that it isn’t a screw up, but a screw up at many levels of upper echelons.

  37. Stephy2485 says:

    Remember her on Survivor? How cute and wholesome she seemed?…I liked her back then..

    But as soon as she started talking about anything other than challenges, tribal council and Jeff Probst the truth came out…

    Ps. youtube.com is a FABULOUS place to see funny videos on this moron. Type in “Elizabeth Hasselbeck idiot” or ANY such variation and there’s loads of hilarious videos.

  38. Chelly says:

    I have a cut on my foot :-/

  39. TxGal says:

    I really can’t stand Elizabeth. She is an oxymoron. Why has she lasted this long on the show. Do they need an idiot to make them look good?

  40. a says:

    i was a big obama supporter (a little $ and some volunteering)and the wind is out of my sails too…

    his view appearance really disappointed me. i know he wants to seem to appeal to us regular folks, yet the quote above is just more one more reason not to be dabbling in that show.

    thanks to joy for speaking up. i don’t think many people realize how offensive elisabeth’s comments were. elisabeth is trying to reinforce that being “gay” is a choice and as she puts it, a leftover choice when there is nothing better.


    elisabeth is the only reason i don’t watch that show.

  41. xxodettexx says:


    all of them, libs and cons.. so sick of all these narrow-minded point of views being spewed on TV… all i ever hear are absolute statements, when what i know from living life is that life is full of many gray areas and nothing is absolute except death

  42. a says:

    @txgal: she’s like puck the on the old MTV “real world” series. people loved to hate him. he stirred up the group and made things “interesting”… but he got old, fast.

  43. Marnie says:

    Elisabeth is a closet lesbian and afraid to come out.

  44. Chickadees4me says:

    Ugh, go back to the cave you came out of Elizabeth…. backwards in every way. She can stay in her box while I enjoy my younger bf LOL

  45. Toe says:

    @ Scarlet Vixen. You are right about some points you brought forward.

  46. Annie says:

    I hate The View, I hate hate hate it. They are all stupid, condesending bitches who’s opinion’s are offensive and idiotic.

    That said, I been saying for years now that if my beloved husband kicks it, I am 100% positive I will switch sides. Without question!

    I don’t think I’m gay. I don’t think I’ve ever been gay. But there is NO flucking way I am going to train another man! Don’t have it in me.

  47. Notelisabitch says:

    Is Barbara Walters so hard up for ratings that she would continue to keep that dumb bitch on the show after all the stupid shit she’s already said? Older woman turn gay because of a lack of men?! She’s a fucking moron! Someone needs to slap her in the mouth already!

  48. lucy2 says:

    Weird, my comment from earlier never posted. Anyway, at this point I feel sorry for her, because I think she’s uninformed, narrow minded, and just stupid.
    Scarlet, I agree with your points, but don’t think that’s what Elisabeth was trying to say.

  49. Feebee says:

    So when her husband dumps her at age 45 or 50 and no other guy will touch her with a barge pole, will she “turn gay”?

  50. Audra says:

    Two words for Hasselbeck: Stupid B*tch.

  51. Kiska says:

    Once again, Elisabeth shows us how ignorant she is – everytime she opens her whining mouth, I mute my tv.

  52. happymom says:

    She’s an idiot and the whole show is ridiculous. And I’m with you on Obama too. I voted for the guy-and now I’m just annoyed.

  53. Iggles says:

    Mia – Word.

    I think that’s what Behar was referring to without being crass on air. If the idea of genital contact with a person of the same sex disgusts you, then you’re probably not gay.

    Kissing means little. After all gay men kiss women all the time, but wouldn’t go all the way with them (i.e., Adam Lambert).

  54. Lisa Turtle says:

    A quick google search tells me that Elisabeth was the captain of a championship softball team.

    That’s all I am saying.

  55. Chris says:

    Everything that I agree with has already been said so I’ll just add this: When did she start looking so bad? She has lines like someone a decade or two older.

  56. Dorothy says:

    YAY Victoria!!!!!!

  57. juiceinla says:

    I have never taken umbrage with a Celebitchy headline before but this time ya’ll are dead wrong. “Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thinks”– sorry. No she doesn’t. At best, that dim twatlesstaint unhinges her jaw to spew derivative meaningless horrific diarrhea from the bowels of her banshee throat.

    at best.

  58. Mairead says:

    @ juiceinla – love it! :D

    I’ve never watched The View in my life (I can’t get it over here) but seriously. How does this twerp manage to tie her shoelaces and not set fire to her hair every day? She comes out with the most demented nonsense.

    The only thing I can think of is that she’s “thinking” of Boston Marriages, but doesn’t have the mental capacity to realise that.

    And I want to pick up on this as well “We’ve done studies that women aren’t necessarily needing something sexual, they’re more needing something in terms of companionship at a certain age,” Elisabeth countered.

    Which “we” is that dear – the same one that decided a UV light in your teeth was a good idea. I mean, I know that very white teeth are favoured by the viewing public, but they look almost painful to me.

  59. Anti-icon says:

    Elizabeth Hasselcrack demonstrates just how deeply homophobic we are in the good ole USA. She ACTUALLY thinks that human sexuality boils down to you’re not pretty enough or young enough to catch a good man anymore, so you turn lesbian. This is what many stick-up-the-ass white upper class people (WOMEN) actually think. That she has a voice and influence over anyone at all is deeply disturbing to me.

  60. Sage says:

    I though we’d all figured out by now that Hasselbeck is not exactly one of our time’s great minds? Even fools have the right to speak, however we don’t need to pay them any attention.

  61. original kate says:

    there could be literally no one left on earth but me and hasslebeck and i still wouldn’t sleep with her. damn, she is dumb.

  62. GatsbyGal says:

    I can’t believe that people could still think like this.

  63. Missy says:

    It must be exhausting being that stupid.

  64. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    That ‘we’ cracked me up! I’m just giggling thinking about a peer reviewal process.

  65. Jeri says:

    Elisabeth, go back to Survivor island and spare us your ignorance.

  66. juiceinla says:

    @mairead- you are so lucky you don’t get “The View”. Every time that idiot makes headlines I weep at Barbara Walters’ grave.

    Oh don’t try to tell me Baba Wawa is still alive- that cyborg you see on the television is clearly not the woman who once interviewed Anwar Sadat. Disney had dun gone and cuffed her in the noggin with a shovel, dumped her into a shallow grave and replaced her with a pixar character.

  67. Camille says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid dumb b!tch. Ugg.

  68. eternalcanadian says:

    Wow. I am rendered speechless for once. Lesbians are lesbians because there’s a lack of men? What does that say about gays, transgenders, bisexuals, transsexuals? Are they thusly because there’s a lack of women or what???

    How about these ignorant so-called heterosexuals explain how they know or believe they are heterosexual. Why shouldn’t we all presume everyone is homosexual until they “come out” as heterosexual? Then watch them try to explain how they know they are hetrosexual.

    Pfft, the narrow-mindness of some people and socieites is mond-boggling, I just don’t know what to say or think…

  69. Missfit says:

    Everyone said it best, with their good points. With that being said…

    If I’m not mistaken…women have been “gay” since who knows when, and so have men. I just think that back in the days, people were more discreet about it and not as open. (Which is fine, it’s their business and times were different then.) Now we live in a time where we could and should be more open about who we are as a person, regardless who we are with cause we are happy. So technically we are all gay, cause that does mean happy and not all relationships are perfect anyway, “gay” or not. We all have our issues and problems, that’s the reality of it. So we can all have our gay happy moments and our emo sad moments, that’s life. As for homosexuals, good for them, that’s who they are, same for heterosexuals. And some people feel as if they were naturally born a homosexual and some feel as if later on in life they changed. You never know, a straight woman could have been a man and eventually she meets a female who makes her happy and she falls in love with, so she gets with her and ta-da. She’s happy, so good for her…same goes for men, I can imagine. Their HAPPY, that’s what…lil Mrs. Know it all Elizabeth.

  70. moopsie says:

    i sometimes wish I was gay due to lack of ***good*** men, i think woman would make a better lover

  71. Meanchick says:

    Okay, three things: Obama didn’t apologize for the war, it was wartime crap like water boarding, you know the stuff that happened when BUSH was President! Second, EH is a twit and WHY is she still allowed to speak? Third, check out the body language of the women with Obama, their legs are crossed in to him, they ALL like him!

  72. Ruffian9 says:

    “We’ve done studies that women aren’t necessarily needing something sexual, they’re more needing something in terms of companionship at a certain age,”

    “We’ve” done studies/ Who the fuck is the “we” here? Hasselbeck, you’re a moron.

  73. Bee says:

    As so many posters have mentioned, who is this “we” Elizabeth is referring to? Is the public supposed to think that she has participated in some in depth studies about lesbianism. B*tch please. First she mocks a women who was spied on and videotaped in her hotel room, and now this. Elizabeth obviously believes that people look to her as some kind of bastion of conservatism and commentary. But she’s wrong. The only reason she’s even on that show is because Barbara and company needed someone to fill the conservative slot. The. End.

  74. My2Cents says:

    Well then Elizabitch, how come I knew I was a lesbian around the age of 16?
    What? Was it because I couldn’t get a man? No, you idiot.
    When we used to watch movies etc my friends wanted to BE “that girl” and I wanted to be WITH “that girl”. Thats how I knew I was gay.
    Grow a brain woman.

  75. Istanem says:

    She’s an idiot. Some people should be careful of what they think in their head and what they actually say out loud that other people can hear. It’s embaressing.

  76. Liana says:

    I have no words…

  77. cprincess says:

    July 29th, 2010 at 9:52 am Elizabeth is such a moron.

    This is the nail in the coffin: OBAMA SUCKS! He hasnt done ANYTHING to clean up the mess. Hes only spent even MORE money. He visited Arab countries to apologize for us. WTF! Dont do that. It is so disrespectful to the men who lost their lives in the war (whether you agree with it or not). I am so over him. He isnt a good politician (oxymoron) he is just an actor!”

    EH WHAT??????
    Since when has the president been disrepectful to the men AND women who have lost their lives?
    He also inherited 2 wars (aside from a deficit AND the worst recession since the depression partially due to NO regulation thanks to Bush and his buddies) that hes going to have to figure out an exit too because of the last administration and as for “apologising to arab countries”-do you know how ignorant that sounds aside from the fact that the leader of the free world has to show diplomacy and not go around alienating the dictators/despots of the world by acting like were all in some shoot from the hip cowboy movie…

  78. Electric says:

    the whole video clip is embarrassing. All of them fighting with her dumb ass botox lips

  79. Kim says:

    I think what she was trying to say is women look for more of an emotional connection and this is easier to find with other women alot of times. One of my best friends has a gay brother. She thinks men are born gay but women turn gay after being messed up/rejected by guys. Although i dont totallly agree I can see their point about gay women.

  80. Canucklehead says:

    Whatever, she is to the right what Marilyn Manson was to the mid 90′s, shock value and nothing else. I imagine she doesn’t really believe half of what she actually says/yells

  81. parafluie says:

    I have loved The View. Hasselkook drives me nutz with her posturing and posing. Her lunatic fringe views earn her a FF on my TiVo (thank goddess for TiVo!!). Lately, they’ve been scripting the blanca brain Sherry Shephard (sp?) and she vociferously acts like she has an opinion or some knowledge and that creeps me out.

    I can’t help liking and admiring Obama. He makes me proud to be an American. He’s just one person and he’s doing a helluva job on cleaning up after the Bush / Cheney evil empire. But the economy and the wars are humpty-dumpty, and if all the kings horses etc., couldn’t do it, it’ll take Obama some time.

    He’s a genuine decent man with a great knowledge and ability.

    Oh, yeah, today, on The View, Hasselkook was almost wetting herself with giggles and the hots for Obama. Lord save us if SHE converts due to her hormones.

  82. Wif says:

    Here’s a question for everyone jumping on EH. Tell me if this is different from what she’s saying…

    My uncle has been a guard at a maximum security prison for women for decades. According to him virtually all the women there sleep with each other (if/when/how they get the chance.) His theory is that this is because women are just naturally more accustomed to hugging, touching, and supporting each other in physical ways. So that when they need sex, it isn’t as much of an adjustment as it would be for men. (And we’ve certainly all heard stories about how much sex goes on between men in prison.) So I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that people NEED love/sex and will change what they need to about themselves to get it. It is a biological urge, after all.

    But I certainly don’t think the issue is as cut & dry as EH makes it sound.

  83. Lisa says:

    Uhhh “We’ve done studies”?? The ladies of The View are now doing original research? Hm, and their academic backgrounds are …?

    This is what happens when you hire someone to be on a talk show whose only qualification was competing on Survivor and whining about how her hair was falling out.

  84. gary jeff says:

    I do not generally watch the view. But, If I’m home, I will flip it on to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She is HOT, AND SMART.She tells it as she sees it, no “sugar coating”, and that’s a PLUS. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Did you see that she was the only one that had the B@$#s to take on OBAMA?

  85. gen says:

    2 things. 1. My mom is 67 & as much as I’ve tried to get her to be interested in women, it just didn’t work. She said she will either find a guy or be with no one. So now she has a boyfriend :(
    2. There are things I’ve done with women that I bet elisabitch & her husband have never even thought of. We don’t just watch tv & knit u dumb hag!

  86. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Anti-icon

    But unfortunately Elizabeth DOES reflect a legitimate ideological/political constituency in the US. There are people who are going to be in complete accordance with her, as unfortunate at it is. Not because they shouldn’t believe as they choose, but because their beliefs are short-sighted and expedient.

    I can actually potentially understand her argument because of women’s more fluid sexuality. HOWEVER, the effectiveness of an argument relies on the validity of its speaker. That is one of the first “rules” you learn in a rhetoric class. Hasselbeck is a conservative right-wing republican whose values are ultimately tied up in the marginalization of certain people based on her judeo-Christian beliefs, chiefly homosexuals. So, an argument like this is dead in the water because the interlocutor “cannot be trusted”. The audience is already acquainted with her views and have filled in the background of the argument which essentially is hostile to the gay political agenda.

    It’s people like her that make me want to support censorship.

  87. the bunny lover says:

    holy…damn is she stupid. that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. people don’t “turn gay”. they’re born gay you ignorant moron!

  88. frank says:

    there are many many women today that are lesbians now than ever before. they are just filthy low life pigs. and these type of women would not know what to do even if they had a good straight man like me anyway.

  89. so very true says:

    all lesbians are a disease, that is spreading across the nation.


    it is not a lack of men, since there are just too many LOW LIFE GARBAGE WOMEN that certainly EXIST NOW.