Angelina Jolie meets with refugees, rape victims & UN officials in Bosnia


We’ve finally got photos, video and a full statement from Angelina Jolie, who traveled with Brad Pitt to Bosnia on Sunday, and stayed through all of Monday. Angelina and Brad met with refugees, on behalf of the UNHCR’s continuing work and peacekeeping mission in-country. The UNHCR has an extensive blow-by-blow account of Angelina and Brad’s activities over the past two days (full piece here), but they also have Angelina’s statement, speaking as a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR:

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie, travelling with her partner Brad Pitt, on Monday visited internally displaced people and returnees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jolie’s trip came over fourteen years after the end of the war that ravaged this Balkan country. She took a break from working on her latest movie to highlight the plight of 113,000 Bosnians displaced from their homes and 7,000 refugees from Croatia, many of whom are living in collective centres, often in appalling conditions.

Jolie visited a collective centre in the town of Gorazde where the residents live in dilapidated accommodation with little support and with many completely overwhelmed by helplessness. She then moved on to a village near Visegrad where Jolie visited a family and talked about their return to an area that saw some of the worst atrocities of the war. Jolie said she was “so inspired by these families. Despite the grim realities of their unsettled existence, they have an incredible determination to make a better future for their children.” Jolie then travelled to the town of Rogatica where she visited displaced people in another collective centre lacking basic amenities, such as running water.

From 1992-95, when war raged in the country, over 2.2 million people were displaced. That displacement shattered lives then and the suffering continues to this day for many. Some of those Jolie met during her visit spoke of the terrible anguish they had endured, including rape and torture, with one woman saying “I have my body, but it no longer has a soul.”

“After seeing these people and hearing their stories, I cannot overemphasise the need to focus on the wellbeing of the most vulnerable individuals of the population,” Jolie said, adding that “…by ending displacement and ensuring quality of life, we can help to promote progress and long-term stability.”

Jolie also met UNHCR staff who told her about proposals to help resolve the situation of those still displaced. “I hope we can find solutions for the remaining tens of thousands of displaced people,” Jolie said, adding “…only then can we really close one of the most tragic chapters in modern history.” Although her visit was short on this occasion, Jolie said that she hopes “to return to this beautiful country soon and meet with political representatives to further discuss the solutions that are so badly required.”

Looking to the future she noted that “Bosnia and Herzegovina now has the opportunity to move forward by ending displacement and further capitalising on the EU accession process. The local leadership has the ultimate responsibility to make choices to ensure that this will happen.”

[From UNHCR]

Here’s additional video of Angelina and Brad as they are entering and exiting something. I have no idea, really.

And here’s the UNHCR online donation page.

Angelina and Brad in Bosnia, photos courtesy of UNHCR.




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  1. Mimi says:

    And the haters will comment in 3…2…1

  2. PJ says:

    How could Angelina and Brad rent a whole island in Italy just for their kids’ Easter egg hunt, and then go visit people in this horrible situation a few hours later?

    Call me a hater, but I don’t get how anyone can live a life of such incredible luxury 350 days a year and then do this humanitarian work on the side. Isn’t there a disconnect? Wouldn’t they feel guilty living in their chateau?

  3. Jeri says:

    Good Cause. It’d be easier to take her seriously if she left off the make-up & eyelashes when she visits these seriously needy countries.
    Guess that makes me a hater.

  4. Mairead says:

    Well, considering how absolutely woeful the UN’s response to the actual conflict in 1992 and again in 1999, it’s the bloomin’ least they could do something for those displaced. By not dealing with Slobodan Milosovic and Radavan Karadzic (I don’t care if I spelled their names incorrectly) and their ilk properly then, they allowed some of the most heinous and brutal atrocities to occur. Some of the stuff I’ve heard makes the Rwandan genocide look positively humane in comparison.

    We’re talking about military driving around with decapitated heads hanging off their external mirrors. Houses being overtaken as r@pe dens – there was one woman in a documentary recently where this happened to her sister and eventually when they tired of her they killed her. Apparently the military chief displayed her head on her own sideboard for days. At the time we knew about the systematic brutalisation of Muslim women in Bosnia, but the lid was kept on the real story.

    So, excuse my distain, but considering how terribly the UN failed these families in the past, sending Angelina and her ‘concerned face’ is too little too late.

  5. Naye in VA says:

    I dont mind that Brad and Angelina have money they like to spend onthemselves and their kids. When you do things for your kids and you have the money to do so, who has the right to impose a limit on you? they adopted half those kids who wouldnt have anything right now. I’m defending her and i dont even like her
    i personally have always felt a call to help those less fortunate but it was always, “if i go buy i yatch, im gonna spend that same amount of money helping somebody”
    The point is to not be selfish and the Jolie-Pitts are most defenitely not being selfish. Hey i made some of my millions to spend on me right?

  6. jeannified says:

    I think Angelina actually looks pretty natural here…no major make-up job. Bottom line is…they are high-profile people, if they needed to block off an area for their kids Easter egg hunt, it’s understandable. (I don’t think they rented the whole ISLAND!), and the fact that they then took off to Bosnia…well good for them. At least they did SOMETHING! Angelina is bringing attention to this much needed situation. Doing something is better than nothing!

  7. anon says:

    if someone could explain to me what’s going on with her hair…

  8. kim says:

    PJ ,I don’t know how can Bill and Melinda Gates live in a 66,000 sq feet estate assessed at over $150 million and then spend time in Africa and Asia helping the poor. I think a better question would be how do ultra wealthy people live in incredible luxury 365 days a year and never do any humanitarian work in America or abroad? Or How do I live in comfort and only volunteer at my local food bank once a month? It starts with the “Man in the Mirror”

  9. kristin says:

    April 6th, 2010 at 12:38 pm


    AGREED. There is such a huge disconnect and that makes me wonder what the motivation is for these trips. Clearly, they don’t ‘get’ it and aren’t acting on some sort of life-changing call to service or realization that connecting with and helping others is more important that material wealth. If it isn’t for publicity, maybe it’s for the emotional rush of feeling that they are ‘saving’ these people?

  10. bros says:

    you want her to not put makeup on? somehow the addition of tossing on some mascara and lip gloss cheapens what she is doing or makes it a hollow gesture? give me a break. talk about finding the stupidest and most minute thing to pick on. anytime she is anywhere she does trips like this and still people question her motives and the usefulness of it. its not hurting anything so I truly dont get the criticism of what she is doing.

  11. cee says:

    Relax haters we get it you don’t like her but she and Brad ARE doing a good thing and according to actual people who really know them they are terrific, down to earth people. They have lots of money it is true but they are doing a lot of good with it. Haters complaine if Angie carries and expensive bag and if she was carryinga walmart bag they would complain. Bottom line who cares what haters think? God Bless Brad and Angie and their family.

  12. Niki says:


    Aham… I’m from ex-YU, and I have no idea what you’re talking about…
    To much CNN, I guees…

  13. Mairead says:

    @Niki. I am going by what I remember hearing down through the years. I accept that my memory is dodgy and I might have picked up on things incorrectly.

    If so, then I apologise sincerely for any confusion.

  14. Madelyn Rose says:

    Anon, the problem with her hair are those nasty extension that were put in for The Tourist! They do look terrible.

    I’m going to a Dress for Success event next week, and I donated what is, for me (just a working gal, not a moviestar), a substantial amount of money. Maybe I should call the news cameras so they can photograph me with an underprivileged woman that I bought an interview suit for? And this weekend I am going to a fundraiser for The Child Advcoate…maybe I’ll issue a press release so everyone in town can see how giving and thoghtful I am. Blah.

  15. meme says:

    brangelina accomplish NOTHING during these trips and her ‘concerned’ facial expressions make me want to puke. and stop comparing them to Bill and Melinda Gates who are truly on a mission to help make the world a better place and don’t need cameras following them when they visit poverty stricken countries.

  16. Kaiser says:

    Mairead – I deleted your first comment, hope that was what you wanted.

    If it makes any difference, from what I remember of the UN’s involvement with Bosnia, it’s a pretty tortured history, so you were mostly on-target. Wasn’t it under the UN-peacekeeping mission to Bosnia that Milosovic’s troops entered a refugee camp and marched out several hundred men, women and children, and then slaughtered them? UN peacekeepers couldn’t engage because the military wasn’t targeting the peacekeepers.

  17. Pont Neuf says:

    Mairead, I couldn’t agree more with you. Also, we shouldn’t forget about how the commander-in-chief of the UN Pacification Forces and several high-ranking military personnel were demoted after it was revealed that they had dealings with the Serbs, had allowed their men to participate in the rapes and had turned a blind eye to the organ-harvesting business that flourished with the conflict.

    This genocide revealed the corruption, depravity and incompetence that lies at the heart of military institutions, including those affiliated to “neutral” organisms like the UN.

    As for Saint Mary Magdalene Reincarnate and her Trained Goat, they have neither shame nor decency. Don’t they have enough exploiting little children as promotional tools? Oh, no! I forgot that Angelina likes to pretend she is concerned with the fates of others from time to time, by “visiting” the victims of armed conflicts and posing with them in a flattering fashion, showing us how the ultimate form of media whoring is done. *rolls eyes*

  18. anon says:

    Madelyn Rose: Thanks for the information girl LOL
    Meanwhile, if anyone knows if Mlle Jolie filming her latest movie, or have already completed work on this chef-d’œuvre…

  19. lisa says:

    regarding the Island.. it is not place where people live. It is rented all the time for various events.. Art shows, Conventions and such. So NO ONE WAS displaced.. There seemed to be other children there too.. and besides it is there money. I quite understand them wanting their kids to have a place of privacy to just have a great time. we see other celebs spending money all kinds of ways. Just because they enjoy the money they earn does not mean they dont’t care.

    Information below.
    Venice – Island of San Servolo

    Today San Servolo is the only island in the lagoon to be restored and rehabilitated by a public company, the Province of Venice.

    Likewise the island is the property of the Province of Venice.

    The transformation of the island of San Servolo, once a place of isolation, into a space for dialogue between culture and experience: an island open to the city, a space intended to welcome cultural events, study conferences and training courses, is unique in the city of Venice where the majority of conference centres are tied to private enterprise, business and tourism.

    Works and artists
    The island of San Servolo owns a collection of art which is on display to all guests of the island.


  20. sharylmj says:

    good for them. I think she really has a passion for these causes and she knows the cameras are going to follow. I don’t think it’s something she does “from time to time”. She cares about these people and tries to help. The problem is very real and very big.. I bet most Americans are not even aware of it.. so at least she’s bringing it out in the open.

  21. scout says:

    So, let me understand this correctly…if they lived their “lavish lifestyles” 365 days a year and NEVER GAVE A DIME TO THOSE LESS FORTUNATE NOR RAISED ANY AWARENESS ABOUT ANY NEEDY GROUP OF PEOPLE, some of you would like and respect them MORE! Excuse my inability to understand that kind of ridiculous argument!

    And I am a supporter of children through World Vision and have been for years. Should I stop doing that because I have food to eat everyday and a nice house to live in and a great medical plan to pay for excellent health care and more than enough nice clothes to wear? Gee, all these years, I thought I was doing a good thing – turns out I am a hypocrite accoridng to some of you!

  22. rraven says:

    Is it possible that Angelina does these things, inspite of the obvious negativity, because she chooses to be a free person rather than a slave to public opinion, which from all these threads is either saint or fame whore? I remember in the rolling stone, when she was pictured with the horse that was posted a few threads back, she was already aware of the negativity the media had toward her UN trips (something about the kids in a camp somewhere bursting into tears when they saw her becasue she had a vial of blood on her neck was reported in a rag mag at the time), and even now many years later she is still doing it. She still even admits to being a little strange, even now, concurrent with her so called saint image so what makes people think she is doing it for positive publicity? As for not being impressed by it, why should you be? It might not be about impressing anyone because before anyone was impressed by it she was a UN person, so I guess I’m confused by the snarkiness.

  23. Guest says:

    I really do believe that Angie cares for these displaced people.

    I do wish that she would finish what she started. For example she went to Haiti. What is happening in Haiti now? Does anyone know? Has she gone back to see if anything she did helped? Did her visit make a difference? Is Haiti better now?

    Now another country. What will this visit help? Do you think that in a few months these people will have homes? Will her visit make a difference? No probably not. In fact each visit gets less and less press. Soon no one will even care if they go or not. So with this in mind I really think she needs to focus on one place and work it and truly make a difference, instead of floating all over the place.

    I also personally dislike the pictures that come from these visits. Do you think that these people sign waivers stating that their pictures can be used in blogs and news outlets. There is no doubt that someone is making money off these pictures – it should be the people that are being interviewed and you can bet it is not. I though at the beginning this was a “private” visit and no photographers – now? Great to help but maybe not so much press all the time.

  24. Jay says:

    For those of you who think this is just a publicity stunt, if Angelina were to give you a million bucks right now just for publicity, would you turn your back on it just because her intentions are not pure? I don’t think so. So stop being a hypocrite. The only thing that matters is that a lot of unfortunate people benefit from this regardless of her intentions.

  25. Morgs says:

    As for Saint Mary Magdalene Reincarnate and her Trained Goat

    Priceless!! Thanks Pont Neuf for making me crack up! That was awesome!! Mind if I borrow your terminology? LOL!!!

  26. R2D2 says:

    call me a hater but I cant read “Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie” without lolling…what a phony. How exactly is she helping by just stopping by these devastated countries and chatting with some people. Is she supposed to be a saint just b/c she talks to these people in other countries. Sorry, but I think her whole goodwill ambassador is a phony shtick for publicity. If her heart was in the cause she wouldnt need cameras there, they did this for image purposes only…blah

  27. GrrrrlGrace says:

    I’ve never been a huge Angelina or Brad fan, but I do, without a doubt, believe that she is 110% genuine on these trips.

  28. GatsbyGal says:

    She always looks her happiest when she’s hugging the refugees. It’s a look we don’t get from her here in the US.

  29. mslewis says:

    I do wish that she would finish what she started. For example she went to Haiti. What is happening in Haiti now? Does anyone know? Has she gone back to see if anything she did helped? Did her visit make a difference? Is Haiti better now?


    What do you mean “finish what she started”? Angelina went to Haiti for one purpose; to make sure the SOS Childrens’ Village was intact and taking care of the orphans in their charge. She visited, brought food and water and medical help and made sure the children had clothes and the babies had Pampers. This was her only goal in Haiti because SOS Villages receives money from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. What do you want her to do now? Save all of Haiti? One person can’t do that. There are thousands of people on the ground helping Haiti and Angelina was just one of them and she did her part. Others are still working to do their part and, yes, Haiti is better now; not totally healed, but better. The goal at this point is to get the displaced people into solid housing before the rainy season (beginning in June, I think). People are still working and people are still caring.

    Her reason for visiting Bosnia was to bring attention to the plight of the people there in the camps because, apparently, everybody had forgotten about them. That was the reason Ben Afflect recently visited West Africa and Matt Damon visited Central Africa because people had forgotten about them. Angelina is not the only celebrity trying to bring attention to the evils of the world. The plan is not to fix the problem themselves but to bring attention to it so that the governments of the world won’t forget that these problems still exist.

    And, Angelina Jolie has been a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for TEN YEARS!! It’s not something she is playing at doing. Hate her if you want, for whatever reason you can think of, but nobody dabbles in something for 10 years just for the publicity.

  30. mslewis says:

    As for the cameras being there . . . these cameras are from the UNHCR, not paps and it is they who do the press releases. Its the same with all celebrities when they go on goodwill missions. But then, none of the other celebrities are criticized the way Angelina is criticized. Not a peep when George Clooney goes on and on about Darfur (and for good reason) but just let Angelina show up every few months at a refugee camp and people seem to go nuts. It’s ridiculous and pretty pathetic.

  31. nnn says:


    Well maybe before showing your TOTAL ignorance and making some people like myself lolling, you should read about the job description of a UN goodwill ambassador and its charter and its functionning.

    Those are not tab reporters, they are professional reporters working for the UN agencies mainly as their employees or other political events. Jolie is just one of their employees TOO working within a team including those appointed reporters by the UN. She meets fellow co-workers and reports to the UN what’s on the ground and the problems her co-wrkers and the population are facing.

    On the side her picture acts as a magnifiying glass because she is a sought after celebrity and it gets more media press than let’s say, Liya Kebed, Jessica Lange or other celebritrities or royalties who also are UN goodwill ambassadors.

    You don’t really beleive that any reporter from any tab or whatever would be granted a visa, then a working permit, then access to certain places meeting certain people where state agencies operate sometimes, most of the times under secrecy with the CIA, always in accordance with the foreign agencies in certan places because of the volatile political environement, hence often the news is out 24 hours later, especailly in places with a higher degree of dangerosity like in the Middle East.

    You don’t think those tabs cheap reporters who are working for pr purposes have access to state agencies, presidents or even UN employees within their core business to shoot Jolie the entertainer in her job as an employee of the EU, aren’t you ?

    Because if you do, let me lolling even further at the sheer ignorance displayed…it’s not even ignorance but straight up fantasy at this stage. As if a politically oriented old organistation set up after world war II will plan an all operation with political actors from the host country as well as its UN goodwill ambassador one just to promote the hollywood image of an actress !!!

  32. Mistral says:

    Niki is right. Too much CNN/ITN/BBC. Too many people brainwashed by Clinton politics. Don’t forget that in the States, politicians are bought by powerful lobby groups.

    The Rwandan genocide was actually genocide–the serious attempt of one group to completely annihilate another. Over a million people were killed in a three month period. The genocide/holocaust term has been abused over the past couple of decades for political reasons, and it is important to stop misusing it. Throwing that term around cheapens true genocides, like that against the Jews in WWII.

    The conflict in Bosnia was a civil war, fought by three different ethnic groups. There were approximately 97 000 people killed over the three-year course of that entire war.

    Many were killed horribly, it is true. But atrocities were not exclusive to one side. The reason that war was hyped and the situation in Rwanda ignored is, of course, all about strategic geopolitical and economic interests. There is no real interest by power players (especially the US) in the problems and human rights issues of little nations. Why do you think this disastrous humanitarian situation in Darfur drags on? Africa is nothing to the powers that be, except in terms of what they can exploit from it economically.

    UN soldiers did not participate in rape of civilians in Bosnia, nor were there organized “rape camps”. This fabrication was part of a well-orchestrated propaganda campaign, and the UN deemed them false. Canada’s General Lewis Mackenzie was replaced because he had an even-handed approach to the three parties and refused to “play favourites” or follow what the American government wanted him to say and do. He would take all three sides to task. The fact that they tried to smear his reputation and that of our Canadian service men and women is repulsive.

    Of course, rapes did occur (of women from all three sides, perpetrated by soldiers from all sides), but not as some sort of orchestrated policy or on a mass scale. That said, the NATO/KFOR forces who were stationed there after the conflict did make use of brothels. Many of the women in those brothels were, in fact, trafficked women from other parts of Eastern Europe. Those brothels were subsequently shut down.

    It is interesting how the stories of many Canadian peacekeepers reveal quite a different idea of the Balkan conflict than the one presented in the media. They aren’t as one-side as the story presented in the media. Some stories from the Princess Pats are especially enlightening.

    A friend of mine is a teacher, and a former student of his–who isn’t ethnically connected to any side in the conflict–is living in Bosnia at the moment doing research for a doctoral thesis. He also has some interesting things to say that don’t fit with the narrative presented by the media.

    It is important to look beyond our regular media on any story they show us on the news. Most of our news is controlled by a small number of powerful corporations. The news is a business and there is always some spin. Here are two very interesting articles:

  33. Liz says:

    Charity begins at home!

    Now, if only they would take a look in their own back yard, maybe people would appreciate what they do a little more.

  34. nnn says:

    I thought New Olreans was in the US.
    I also remembered Jolie giving money for the US military and meeting them at home and in Irak

    Anyway, people who are directly affected by their good deeds appreciate.

    I don’t think they really care about what the others think but those who are directly affected and appreciate their good deeds.

    And you right Charity begins at home that’s why they don’t cross the fence going on vacation in another country pretending it is to help the other country as a charity deed in front of a very specific tab media who is directly and personnaly invited for that (pr)purpose…so UNDOUTEDBLY phony

  35. Cheyenne says:

    @Liz: Cut the crap, honey. Whatever she does, people like you will claim she does it solely for publicity. She does what she does and she’s not especially concerned about what anyone thinks about her motives.

  36. N.D. says:

    Thanks Mistral, I didn’t feel up to the task of fighting these messed up descriptions of that war. People love to talk about globalization and power of internet but in fact we’re all still living in our little bubbles brainwashed by TV. One needs to take a lot of efforts to find a non-official not-by-CNN view of events and most people don’t bother.

  37. Alice says:

    It’s been 15 years since the war and the country is doing ok. I bet they had to look hard to find refugees. Angelina should focus her efforts on obese children is the US and support Michelle’s efforts instead of going to a village where people have seen too much of failed international efforts!

  38. iris says:

    this is her best performance so far…actors are always acting and they are putting such a show as UN Ambassadors…

  39. Jay says:

    LOL apparently what she is doing is working cause we are all talking about it. Now enough with the hate and go donate some money to the poor or volunteer at your local shelter.

  40. Emily says:

    I hope that a large portion of the people on this thread are donating a significant amount of their own time and money to help the needy, when they’re not sitting here bagging someone who does.

  41. Lilias says:

    I don’t care either way if she’s doing charity-it’s great and all but she is getting publicity from this and improving her public image whenever she does anything like this.

    Which is fine-it doesn’t diminish the work. But some of you here act like she’s equal to millions of not-famous people just doing this out of the kindness of her own heart when, frankly, if that were the case, she wouldn’t be a UN Goodwill Ambassador. She’d be doing charity quietly and out of the public eye.

  42. Aussie Mama says:

    The UN Officials are the one’s that go to the underage child brothels. They are there for them, because their demand on the perverse is so strong. So Jolie, kick their asses!
    It will never be in the media, as there is a media blackout on official pedo’s.

  43. teri says:

    Love Angelina and Brad. God Bless this family.

  44. corine says:

    I think it’s funny that the people who dislike Brad/Angelina become SO angry when these two do charity. Nothing upsets them more. It’s so funny that these two celebs can upset some people that much.

    Why do you care so much? And, what do you think you are proving by lashing out at them? (other than you are fixated with them) One wonders . . .

  45. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    All the Hate/Not Hate Jolie aside, have we looked at the face of the woman she’s not hugging in the last pic?

    Priceless! Obviously, she was not impressed with St. Ange.

  46. corine says:

    Archie Panjabi has tried on various roles. She was a bride-to-be in the soccer comedy Bend It Like Beckham and a journalist in the biographical drama A Mighty Heart. These days, she has found another good fit on TV’s The Good Wife.

    As for the show’s upcoming hiatus, “if the appropriate project doesn’t come along, I’m not afraid to take that break,” she says.

    If that means doing charity work, she will. It’s something she learned from United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie, her co-star in A Mighty Heart.

    Does she keep in touch with Jolie? “I do,” she says. Because of her friend, Panjabi participated in a recent reading with Meryl Streep in New York of the documentary play Seven,about women’s struggles for justice and freedom.

    “One of the characters I was reading was a woman whom (Jolie) had mentioned to me,” Panjabi says. “She’s been a huge inspiration to me in terms of the work that she does. And just the way she is with people. She’s incredibly grounded, very down to earth. And it’s a good influence on me now that I’m starting to gain recognition.”

  47. J says:

    Did anyone spot the facial expression on the other sister in the last photo? She doesn’t give a damn to the celebrity photo-shooting. Ha.

    The look on her face is like saying: “yeah yeah, you pretty boy and girl, get your photos shot, now run home to tell everybody about your wonderful adventure with miserable Bosnian old ladies. Go on. You UN tourists. Could I have my nap now?”

  48. Guest says:

    The sad thing is that Angie and Brad don’t have the main press and interest behind them that they did 5 years ago. Remember when they went to the earthquake area in the first year of their relationship, it was huge news. Number 1 story etc. Now however it is like a footnote to most stories. Never the number 1 story unless it is a blog like this where the “loons” hang out.

    the fact that “Madonna lays brick for new African girls’ academy” is a way bigger story is a problem. I realize that many fans think that these trips “increase awareness” however as I said before they need to find a cause and stick with it. Otherwise no one will care soon.

    I really believe there intent is good. But they need to focus on one place and continue there.

  49. anon1000 says:

    i think what angelina is doing is a wonderful thing.

    love how the hags are projecting their stupid insinuations onto strangers in a photo. Wow, just wow.

  50. betsy says:

    I salute Brad and Angelina also for what they do for humanity. It is sad these days when celebs actually take action and do something good, they are attacked or their motives questioned or picked apart. Do we see bankers, CEOs, talking heads step up? Awareness, empathy and compassion goes a long way towards helping people. SOS chapters everywhere, including the U.S., Make It Right benefits Nola along with everyone for new ideas, Doctors Without Borders, etc. are benefiting from Pitt and Jolie’s help.
    Maybe kindness works both ways, some people tend to just show spite and hate towards these 2 people (and their kids) for trying do something good for the world. Make sense?

  51. miranda says:

    “…and she’s buy-ing a stairway to heav’n…”

  52. sasha says:

    April 6th, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    if someone could explain to me what’s going on with her hair…

    It’s to hide the gills. It’s working too!

  53. R2D2 says:

    Yep, best performance. funny how she always make these humanitarian trips around the same time there is scandal about her in the tabloids. Sorry but these things are all for her image, always has been. Maybe some good comes out of it but who really knows what happens after her brief visits.
    Im not necessarily an Angie hater, I just see it as all for show. I think she trying to portray herself as the next Mother Teresa or something.

  54. betsy says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t these type of trips have to be planned months in advance? One doesn’t just drop in country because a tabloid runs a piece using a so called “allegedly” former disgruntled bodyguard, unnamed of course. If “In Touch” (that has been out of touch so much in the past), is so concerned perhaps the editor of the tabloid should make a request of Child services to drop in on the Jolie-Pitts. Why is this “allegedly former bodyguard” that worked for the Jolie-Pitts years ago not calling either? Irresponsible of both the allegedly former BG and In Touch.

  55. pumak says:

    i agree with PJ

  56. Anti-icon says:

    #13 ad #16: Applause to you both. (air clapping now). These two posers have nothing inside them but the confusion of their own superiority. I am a very cynical person, so I think the TIMING on this little publicity mission is very suspect. Now, when the media is fully focused on Sandra Bullock’s troubles, why doesn’t it just show John Q. Public how very superior (vomit) they are in comparison? NOT, I don’t think there’s a shred of real compassion inside either one of these dorks.

  57. Linda says:

    It’s tough to take this kinda stuff seriously. I know how important it is to raise awareness, and Angelina is on the forefront of many visits/missions like this, but what difference is it really making. There are still millions of people in countries like Bosnia struggling and having a movie star couple around for a few days yes should lift spirits but things fall to the same level once they leave.

  58. samantha says:

    Im not a fan but i think what her and brad are doing is from the heart .i also belive that they are together for love and yes im a ja fan . and i wish her and brad and kids ahappy life together . not all ja fan are crazy

  59. Liz says:

    @cheyenne………..oh please! Where in my post did say she was doing this for publicity? Where?

    Before you start being so hateful, you really might want to educate yourself on what the hell you are talking about. It only makes you look like and idiot!

  60. lisa says:

    Love Angie.. can’t help it. Love that she does what she knows to be right regardless of what people outside her life say. People will judge her no matter what. and knowing that you have to know your truth. Live it and don’t allow the voices outside that don’t know you to interfere with your life.

    we should all be so selfish.. then maybe the world would be a bit better..
    I don’t think she is perfect. and the fact that she has made mistakes is what makes me like her more.

    Hope she and Brad stay strong together and for each other. I really think they are a nice couple and are good for each other. They are trying to do good things and give back. Sad that when you do good it is viewed with such a cynical eye. Giving is a selfish act. IT makes you feel good. what in the world is wrong with that. (cheesy but still true)

  61. Ivana says:

    They visited Serbs :) Love them