Prince Harry swears on the radio & says he’s ‘probably not’ going to be king


Prince Harry in an Invictus vest!!!! VEST!!! Honk for the vest!!

Here are some photos of Prince Harry arriving and exiting the Radio 2 studio in London. He appeared on a morning radio show to chat about the upcoming Invictus Games in Florida, May 8-12. Michelle Obama will be there to see her ginger bae. Morgan Freeman will also be there in some formal capacity, likely to open the show. While Harry appeared on the radio show, he said “arse.” And people are upset! He was talking about the games and he said: “It is epic amounts of fun, and it’s for everyone. And these guys are fantastic ambassadors for going out there and putting on a show. They want to be able to serve their country again, put the Union Jack on their left breast and kick the arse out of life.” Clutch your royal pearls, Harry is talking about arses.

Meanwhile, Harry also visited a primary school in Berkshire yesterday and one ballsy little 9-year-old asked Harry if he was ever going to be king.

Harry was visiting a primary school in Berkshire when one of the pupils, a nine-year-old boy called Tristan, asked him: “Are you ever going to be King?”

“That’s the question everybody wanted, let’s be honest!” laughed the Prince, adding: “You’ll be glad to know, probably not!”

Tristan looked rather crestfallen, so the Prince dashed across the school hall at Lambs Lane Primary School in Wokingham, saying: “Oh look at the disappointment! I love that! I’m going to give you a high five.”

Tristan said later: “I just want Prince Harry to do what he wants, what he really, really wants. I think it would be a fun experience for him to be king. I would love to see him be king.”

[From The Telegraph]

You can read more about the event at The Telegraph, it was really sweet and he was there to talk to kids about being more accepting of people with physical, mental and emotional issues and all of the differently-abled in society. He came across really well. And I’m sad that he’s not going to be king too, Tristan. But I do think it’s interesting that Harry said “probably not” rather than “no.” Hm…




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Goats on the Roof says:

    I think he’s bloody wonderful. William, take notes!

    • Naya says:

      This doesnt seem fair. Harry isnt burdened with protocol and the prospect of life long “duty” like William is. Its always been easier for him to cut loose. Everybody is much more forgiving of him because he is so removed from the line of succession. I’m pissed with William over that ridiculous painting in his living room (in the other royals story today) but he will always have my sympathy. That entire institution is just wrong in so many ways.

      • perplexed says:

        “Its always been easier for him to cut loose. ”

        I don’t think Harry is cutting loose though. He seems to be doing what is expected of a royal.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        I’m sorry, but you’re cutting William entirely too much slack. The man is petulant, lazy, and manipulative. If the thought of being king were really too much for him to bear, he has options.

        EXACTLY! This is what a working royal looks like.

      • LAK says:

        How is it that Charles, who was brought up with the same expectation as William, by Edwardian values influenced parents/grandparents is less uptight than William?

      • Shambles says:

        I can see where the sympathy comes from. I was looking at pictures of him with his mother, as a very young man, and I thought about how insane it must have been for him –to grow up as a child of the modern world, being told that he was going to be king of a nation someday. It’s a lot. However, some people live gracefully with the circumstances life brings to them and rise to the occasion, some people wilt into a puddle of self-pity. While I disagree wholeheartedly with the petty and mean nature of some of the critcism he’s received lately, I will say that his lot in life is no excuse for him to be an a$$.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Oh Poor William. William the Golden Heir has always been coddled and protected, Harry the Spare thrown to the wolves. William continues to be petulant and reluctant. Harry is developing into a good man because he has had to own up to his mistakes and move forward.

        BTW, William has admitted several times in interview that he has always “cut loose” more than Harry but the press covered it up.

        William is not a prisoner of his fate. See Great Uncle David as an example. If he wants out and wants to remove his children, it can happen. He has complained his entire life about his life-and-role. Time to suck it up or step aside.

      • Amber says:

        How exactly is Harry not in for a lifetime of duty? Are Charles’ siblings sitting on their rears on a tropical island somewhere? You’re still in the spotlight being on the edge of it. One screw up and you’ll be dead-center. All while never receiving the luxuries and the place in history that the heir gets. The only difference between William and Harry and is that the latter was never treated like the Golden Child and never protected by anyone really. I’m not saying that as a bad thing either. The public spotlight isn’t the norm. But the growth and maturity that comes with taking your lumps is. It’s made Harry who he is. Has forced him into being held accountable for his actions. As @perplexed says, he seems to be following directly in his mother and father’s footsteps and has actually put more on his plate and created something for himself that he is not required to. He’s actually doing the things that Williams likes to pretend he’s not allowed to do. (While his father and Harry somehow can. We need to talk about this someday. William constantly complaining about his lack of freedom, while the actual POW has had plenty, and William–QEII and Charles approved, we are to believe–barely does royal work, and has also been allowed all the part-time, part-time, piloting jobs, agricultural courses and gap years anyone could ever want.) Try Catholicism Will. Let it take you away.

        The one who seems to have trouble with protocol and ceremony is also William. With his boorish, bullying sense of humor, lack of empathy and disinterest in things and others around him. He and Kate seem to think that “middle-class”/modern, “We don’t like pomp and circumstance” shtick is actually charming… You’re the future King and Queen of England. We also haven’t heard any stories about Harry getting drunk off his ass at a wedding and losing a tooth. And that was what, last year with William? Harry leaves a birthday party at 11 o’clock and papers make a story out of the party animal looking bleary eyed. That’s the difference between William and Harry. And I keep pointing to QEII, Charles, C.P. Victoria, and King Felipe, as a few examples of how this can be done. Will’s like a George IV throwback. He, like his great-great-Uncle David, with his whining, egotistical, greedy, douchebaggery is a real anomaly when looking at modern royals. I can think of no other royals who spend so much time “woe is me-ing”. And they all have the sense not to do it in public.

      • Natalie says:

        Harry was one of the select royals on the balcony during the Jubilee. He’s in a position that’s worse than William’s: a senior royal without an official, defined purpose -less protection from the press for him and his future wife, more justification needed for his taking up public resources.

        William spent a significant part of twenties partying and vacationing. Even now, he’s shirking his royal workload and also barely showing up to his pilot job. He’s in his mid-thirties and generally directionless.

        In terms of burden, in the last few weeks, he’s hiked in Bhutan and filmed a cameo in the next Star Wars movie. William has an immensely privileged and protected life. I just can’t see the supposed burden.

        Being the heir is a job at which he won’t be allowed to fail. No matter how little he does, strings will be pulled his entire life to prop him up because it’s supposed to be in the interest of the UK.

      • swak says:

        Harry has taken his share of criticism because he has “cut loose”.

      • Sarah(too) says:

        Harry isn’t “cutting loose.” He’s doing his job. A job he is expected to do based on his birth and privilege. William lost his mother at a young age. Sad. I did too. So did Harry. I still do my job. So does Harry.

      • Tina says:

        @Amber, exactly. Let’s go a generation back. We’ve got born-first Charles, who’s pretty dull, but has always worked hard. Then Anne, who has never allowed her place in the line of succession to dictate how hard she works. Then Andrew, who gets protected by the Queen, but we all still know about his misdeeds. And finally Edward, who works quietly away with Sophie. I don’t think birth order has anything to do with it – some people work hard, and some are petulant and lazy.

      • HH says:

        RE: “Everybody is much more forgiving of him [Harry]“>>>> Ummm… so we don’t remember Vegas? Or the Pakistani racial comment? Or the “playboy prince” moniker? Or the marijuana issue? Or the row after he shoved paparazzi? Or the Nazi costume incident?

        The issue isn’t everyone going easier on Harry for the sake of it. The issue is Harry has actually GROWN from all of these incidents. When you see someone take ownership of their mistakes, grow and evolve in the right direction, you can’t do anything but praise them (or, at the very least, cut them some slack). William gets hammered on here, and by the press now, because he’s been giving out the SAME excuses since he graduated college!!! Being King one day will be a burden, so I want to take advantage of my time now, blah blah bah… (then more vacations). Will may have the “burden” of being a direct heir, but he also has the **protection** this affords him as well. It’s out of that protection that “lack of duty” is his ONLY big image issue.

      • Jib says:

        Naya, 99% of the world would be thrilled with the “duty” William will have – never have a money worry, no hard physical work, great health care. He can cry me a river.

      • lily says:

        but if Will can’t make it why doesn’ t he quit all the perks and start a normal life? he just wants to enjoy his position without the duties. And how many times was Harry thrown under the bus to save Will? Harry is much more dutiful than him

    • Tash says:

      @ Naya – I don’t think he’s burdened with anything. Maybe I’m wrong but I think it’s just his character – he’s lazy, uptight, void of any charm, apathetic, etc.

    • imqrious2 says:

      Actually, NOTA, William can remove himself, but he can NOT remove George or Charlotte. If William was to bow out, a Regent would be put in place until George comes of age, and then George would have to make that decision to stay or go for himself. If George decides to abdicate, then a regent would be found until Charlotte is of age, and then SHE gets to decide if she will rule or step out. If Charlotte decides to leave for Mustique as well (heehee), THEN Harry, as 5th in line, becomes King.

      Brits, correct me if I’m wrong….


    • MattyLove says:

      King Henry would save the British monarchy

  2. Anett says:

    Huge Honks!!:-)

  3. swak says:

    HONK for the vest!! But was he hot in it as it looks like a down filled vest and those are pretty warm.

    • Pip says:

      Bitterly cold here in the UK last night – ice on the cars this morning. I looked at this photo & thought “brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, his poor arms”.

      • swak says:

        Thanks, It was confusing since he had the short sleeves on. I love the vest!

      • antipodean says:

        Morning, Pup, thanks for the update on the freezy-weezy weather in Blighty. It’s a reminder to me of what I really don’t miss here in sunny CA. Scraping ice off my windscreen in the morning, no ta! Hope you are managing to stay cosy. Perhaps you could persuade Prince Ginge to lend you his vessie?

    • NUTBALLS says:

      I’m honking for the vest as well. Makes me want to take him on a long hike in the mountains and do what comes “naturally” with him. ;-)

    • Pip says:

      Ha! Morning Antipodean. Hope your Anzac Day was peaceful.

      Seriously cold still here – below freezing again tonight apparently. Enough already.

      I put on my vest to go outside this morning (is that what we call them? I wear a “vest” under everything else & have never known what to call these sleeveless things …) & just realised that I still have it on, having been indoors for hours. They always seem really middle-class items of clothing to me: I feel as if I’m about to go three-day eventing. Tally-ho …

      It’s been a really long end to winter here.

      • Pip says:

        PS: Arse isn’t really swearing, is it …? I wouldn’t think twice about using it in most circumstances.

      • antipodean says:

        @Pup, we always called it a singlet, but it was also a vest/vessie, usually something you wear under your clothes for extra warmth. We also used to wear “spencers” which were like a wooly version, with sleeves. short or long, the merino wool ones were very fine, and warm. Here in the USofA they call it a wife beater, who knew? And yes arse is a perfectly acceptable description, or noun, depending on the context. As in, well we ripped the arse out of that bottle of wine! Quite respectable!
        Our ANZAC day service was very well done, and quiet reflection and thanks were observed. Thank you for asking.

  4. Astrid says:

    He is definitely King material

  5. gee says:

    Harry is the type of man who rises to meet the occasion. He would make a great king.

  6. Shambles says:

    Oh, my gingerly manly man love. You can talk about my arse any day. GAH DAMN, he looks good.

    And I agree with Tristan.

  7. Snappyfish says:

    I think Harry is lovely but some of that is due to not having ‘King’ hanging over his head. He did the silly things (nazi for Halloween, pot etc) that you never heard from William. Who is stuffy like the father who also grew up with ‘King’ over his head.

    I think he is a wonderful young man & is v v happy that there are 3 kings & a Queen ahead of him in line

    • perplexed says:

      “He did the silly things (nazi for Halloween, pot etc) that you never heard from William.”

      Honestly, I think William most likely did dumb stuff, but I don’t think the press would publish photos of the future King, at least when young, doing that dumb stuff.

      There were photos of Kate looking less than lady-like when she was simply dating William, but now that she’s married to him they’re not going to publish shots of her nether regions. I think the Future King (and his wife) to some extent is protected more when it comes to photographic “evidence.”

      • Snappyfish says:

        I was not “defending” William or saying anything negative towards Harry. In fact stated he was lovely twice. I’m sure William did silly things but his being an heir is a big deal in pressure. Charles is a great example. If Harry had been first he would have been used as a confidant to his mother about her sadness & his fathers transgressions. Which I can only imagine p would wear quite heavily on a child.

        They are v v different men & their birth order does play into that. I personally think asking Harry as to whether or not he would be King was in quite bad form since he has a father, a brother. A nephew & niece ahead of him in line.

        We are all who we are. How we are raised & with & by whom often helps set the tone. I can only imagine what it must be like to be royal & in a fishbowl simply because of birth.

        & I actually (bloodletting expected) would like to see Harry with Chelsy

      • perplexed says:

        I didn’t say you were defending William. I’m just pointing that I think he did the same stuff as Harry, but the press wouldn’t publish the photos in his case — my comment was in reference to stunts “that you never heard from William.”

        “I personally think asking Harry as to whether or not he would be King was in quite bad form since he has a father, a brother. A nephew & niece ahead of him in line.”

        I think it was an elementary aged school child that asked him the question. Most likely the kid doesn’t know about the line of succession yet.

      • Natalie says:

        That is true. Diana did a disservice to William by singling him out in that way and compounded it by being so public about it. William has also received a great deal of personal attention and support because of his role as heir but one does not cancel out the other.

        At this point though, nearly 20 years after his mother’s death, now that he is an adult and with the amount of resources he has to help him move on, I have to hold William to the same standard as Diana -basically that it is a problem if William is still significantly burdened to the point it affects his ability to shoulder his responsibilities.

        I’ve always thought that part of how Charles raised William was as a rebellion against the pressures he felt as direct heir. That rather than also feeling the same burden, William has been protected and shielded both by Diana’s death and Charles’ refusal to let his son be pushed around the way he felt pushed around as a kid and young adult.

    • LAK says:

      William did plenty of dumb stuff that was never publicised, but you heard about it on the grapevine.

      Or as one news editor put it in a doc about royals & media, ‘there are pictures, but we’ll never publish them.’ In response to William’s behaviour as a teen and as a young man.

      • Betti says:

        Not yet – those photo’s am sure will surface at some point in the future. He’s been p!ssing the press off for quite a while now.

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        @Betti Grandma Queen will never let those pictures out, his dad on the other hand might as a punishment if he doesn’t start doing his “job”.

    • notasugarhere says:

      William was at those parties too, experimenting with drugs and dressed like an “African Native”. William’s the one who killed two different species of endangered birds while out hunting (not Harry). The CCTV video of the stairwell escapade that has disappeared. William caught on film stumbling drunk to a car and getting behind the wheel.

      As others have written. William was protected and his mistakes covered up. Harry’s have been broadcast far-and-wide. As a result, Harry has learned he has to apologize, try harder, and move forward as a better man.

      • LAK says:

        The wall of protection left William unable to deal with press. He never learnt how to adjust as needed.

        Harry had to learn that lesson.

        Btw: did you watch the recent doc about the Queen where the family watch clips of old family footage and comment? I ask because Anne made a rather revealing remark when watching a clip of herself and Charles with their nanny. She said the nanny treated them differently purely based on their status. They were very young children in the clip.

        That is confirmation from someone on the inside about how the heirs are parented vs the spares.

      • Birdix says:

        That CCTV video has been mentioned a few times–what’s on it? Also, is it the pants or does Harry have a very long waist and shorter legs?

      • The Original Mia says:

        @Birdix, I think the CCTV is of William & some girl having sex.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        LAK, funny you mention it, I watched it just last night on youtube. I loved it because I think everyone was trying so hard to sell a certain image and let’s face it, the whole thing was choreographed with military precision. But there are still moments where you gain some insights and everyone’s personality very clearly shines through in those moments. I found the difference between William’s and Harry’s statements really interesting. I mean, bless his heart but William doesn’t manage to come across as genuine and unrehearsed to save his life. You can also tell that Harry has fully embraced his role and is ready to take advantage of his status in the best way possible. Honestly, I have no doubt that he’ll continue to do great work. William … goddamn it, he is so wishy-washy.

        As an aside, I have a special love for Anne now. That woman seems so awesome and yes, her comment was interesting. I think we can all see what she means. Although it doesn’t seem to have done the same to Charles.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Anne’s comments were very interesting about the differences in how she and Charles were treated by the nannies. The footage showed engaged parents HM and PP goofing around with their kids. Sorry Jason, facts are facts and no they weren’t cold distant parents who are OK with W&K’s laziness because, *family*

        Harry making nice comments about hard-working Grandmother the Boss, Grandpa being a stud, Mummy looking beautiful in blue. William bashing away trying to be funny and important.

        The parts with the Duke of Kent and Lady Sarah were poignant to me. It felt intrusive watching them watch those scenes. Lady Sarah admitted she’d never seen the footage of her mother. I wish someone had thought to put together copies of those for her and Linley when their mother passed in 2002.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Harry is who he is, as is William. They were born with their temperaments, and you can bet that if Harry was born first he would still be his hard working charismatic self, and William would still be pouting and sitting around on his ‘arse’ just as he is now.

    • TotallyBiased says:

      At the Nazi for Halloween event, didn’t Wills wear some politically highly incorrect costume as well? But he has been protected his whole life.
      Now he is being less protected. Nothing unfair about that.

  8. Rose Nylund says:

    I adore Harry. He’s such a naturally charismatic and lovable person.

  9. Betti says:

    HONK HONK HONK!!!!!!

    And an extra HONK for wearing the sh!t outta that outfit. And am with Tristan – has that kid been reading these boards?

  10. Em' says:

    He looks particulary fit (and hot)

  11. TeamAwesome says:

    Love the high-fiving! So adorable.
    This is absolutely Harry showing the best combination of passion and work ethic. It is easy to be relatable, engaged, and present when talking about work that you are passionate about. He didn’t choose these things because it was what someone thought he ought to be doing, but because he wanted to.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Yes, that is super cute that he went over to high five Tristan!

    • INeedANap says:

      His total engagement and advocacy of Invictus is infectious. You can tell it means a lot to him and he wants it to go far. It worked on me, I donated last year.

  12. LadyAnne says:

    Honk for Harry, honk for the vest and yeah, Tristan, I’m with you : Harry should be King.

  13. Spikey says:

    HONK for Harry arm hair! HONK! More, give us more!

  14. Green Girl says:

    I can’t WAIT to see the coverage from the Invictus Games.

    Just had a thought: Can you imagine being on the First Lady’s staff and seeing “Meeting with Prince Harry at 11 a.m.” on your calendar???

    • Cricket says:

      I’m right there with you! I hope the broadcast it on TV here in the states. I want to watch and cheer on.. would go if I lived closer to Orlando.

  15. Betsy says:

    “Probably not.” Even in a well monarchy, there is always a chance, hence a line of succession, just in case, but I have to wonder if there have been family discussions about William’s dull rebellion against his duty.

    • AmyLW says:

      Even if William passed on being King, it would go to George next. Can William pass on behalf of George and Charlotte? For Harry to be king, wouldn’t all three (W, G, C) have to abdicate or die? F
      Do I have this right?

      • Betsy says:

        I think someone here said that William can take himself and his children out if he wants. I mean, it would be huge, but it could be done.

      • ClaireB says:

        Presumably, if being king was such an awful job that William would remove himself from the line of succession, he would also remove his children. Saying that it’s too much of a burden and you can’t bear it and then passing it on to your son seems to be a bit beyond even William’s capacity for selfishness and self-pity.

      • Pepper says:

        He can remove the kids from the line of succession, assuming it comes up before they are of age and can make their own decisions. Not that easy, but it can be done. TBH, in this day and age, even if it wasn’t technically possible, taking a child away from their parents because they refuse to let them be King or Queen wouldn’t exactly go down well, so it would be possible regardless.

  16. Ignatius J. Reilly says:

    Honking for “ballsy Tristan”…love his spirit!
    Harry wears clothes well – great build, but, at least for me, it’s his infectious spirit that makes him “Hot Harry”.

  17. Esmom says:

    I loathe down or fleece vests, especially with short sleeves — it seems contradictory to me to want to keep your chest warm but leave your arms bare.

    But I’ll honk anyway because Harry pulls it off. He’s a charmer for sure. And lol about Mrs Obama and her “ginger bae.” Not a bromance, but a FLO-mance! :)

    • swak says:

      As a former backpacker, when you get cold, first cover your head, then your chest and then your extremities. So not as contradictory to me.

    • Paula says:

      I don’t like the vest either, but I’ll HONK all the way!

  18. Beatrice says:

    Honk!! Honk!! What a Prince–he’s fun, hot, and works. His mother would be so proud of him.

  19. The Original Mia says:

    He looks great and what a wonderful response to that little boy. How I wish William would grow a pair and leave the line of succession, but alas he won’t. He loves the privilege too much and he wouldn’t want to live with Kate & Carole post-abdication.

  20. OctoberSong says:

    He’s matured so much in the last couple of years. I’m glad to see him fully embracing his lot in life and just plain “getting on with it.” I’m really interested to see where he’ll be in 10 years.

  21. lower-case deb says:

    Harry has for a long time been William’s whipping boy. William does something wrong? quick! bring up Nazi costume and/or Vegas.

    even to this day he has to clean up some of William’s messes.

    there’s a reason why Harry is sent to do charm offensives, and there’s also a reason why William and Kate piggy back Harry’s events (oddly enough, the three of them can be in the same event but only William and Kate have that event in their Circular and Harry not because Harry was somehow there on his personal time? many of Harry’s personal engagements have also been left out of the court circular despite media coverage while W&K often claims they do stuff with no media coverage and have theirs on the CC)

    but he is also proof of the adage “there’s a difference between growing old and growing up”

    Harry has learned from his mistakes and grown up.
    William just grows older and continues to throw everyone under the nearest bus he can like a petulant child.

    guess what, the public have eyes and when the black sheep bus sees Harry, it just swerves the other way.

    • Magnoliarose says:

      I hate that he gets shafted in the court circular but I think people are catching on now. Hopefully.

  22. Murphy says:

    Everyone familiar with their situation who is not a Kate Middleton Sugar would absolutely prefer it if Harry were to be King.

  23. kri says:

    HONK!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the once and future king of my boudoir.

  24. Magnoliarose says:

    Honk my sexy ginger darling. He’s so charming and lovable. :)

  25. Donna says:

    There can never be enough Prince Harry posts for me!
    And we should only be so lucky to have Harry as king! Honk!

  26. Lady A says:

    I think Tristan should take over for Poor Jason…and Harry should were vests more often.

  27. Reece says:

    HONKS…for a vested Harry and forearms on display!

  28. Rae says:

    Honking for Harry!

    Tristan, we’re right with you.

  29. Dlo says:

    Honk for King Harry!!!

  30. Laura says:


  31. Laura says:

    HONK!!! King Harry indeed, how great would that be?!

  32. mytake says:

    Honking for Harry!

  33. Senaber says:

    I’m going to need audio of PHG saying breast and arse thanks.

  34. PHAKSI says:

    Honks for Harry! Honks for Tristan saying what we have all been thinking. I love that he said he wants Harry to do what he really wants to

  35. ClaireB says:

    What a lovely little boy, to think that Prince Harry would like to be king and to want that for him.

    Honk for Harry! And I wonder if the probably was just him being logical, because it is possible that the entire Cambridge family might get caught in an avalanche on a ski vacation or their yacht might go down on a beach vacation, or if there have been conversations about it in private.

  36. Snazzy says:

    Honking for King Harry 😀

  37. Jb says:

    Seems sort of buff in black T? Honking!!!

  38. Cricket says:

    I watched an interview with Adele from years ago and she said she dyed her hair the color ginger biscuit.. so I will always reference that to Harry.. seems fitting.. the Hot Ginger Biscuit.. Can’t wait for Invictus and more FLO an Harry love in.. the optics of the two of them so such respect and kindness and friendship. I hope it continues after the O’s leave the WH and she continues to support him and all the troops.

  39. Ginny says:

    Ha! I think after his great-uncle “probably not” is about right. Harry has grown into a wonderful person. Sometimes I wonder if he messes up to cover for his brother. Even if William seems kinda annoying, the brothers seem to get on well enough, which is something I can appreciate.

  40. Ella says:

    Honk Honk for King Ginger Bae in a vest!