Britney Spears’ daddy totally auditioned her new boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol

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This ^ is a photo of Britney Spears and her new boyfriend, Charles “Charlie” Ebersol, which Britney posted on her Instagram a few days ago. Britney confirmed her relationship with Charlie last week, and this whole thing seems pretty new. Something nice: Charlie seems much more together and much less shady than the last guy. Something not nice: Britney is still very much under her conservatorship and every aspect of her life is still controlled by her father, Jamie Spears. So it shouldn’t be any big surprise that Charlie got the stamp of approval from Jamie. Not only that, but it seems like Jamie hand-picked Charlie for his daughter:

Britney Spears’ new beau Charles Ebersol is not only Dad approved, he was Dad selected. The pop star’s ‘dadager’ and conservator Jamie Spears knows that reality TV producer Charles Ebersol is no gold digger. ‘Charlie had to pass the dad test for sure,’ a long-time business friend of Jamie’s tells MailOnline exclusively. ‘And Charlie had to pass legal muster, too, with that mob of lawyers that run her world.’

Charlie Ebersol, 31, is the son of former NBC Sports chief Dick Ebersol. ‘Britney functions best with a man in her life, and Jamie knows that. He’s is good at selecting just the right candidates. They last a while. That’s all anyone can ask, really. Britney has a complicated life. It took less than a month for Jamie to find Charlie. He eyeballed him from a distance at first. But after a few meetings together, Jamie knew he’d found a good guy. Jamie had to do this stuff slowly and cautiously, so Britney wouldn’t rebel. He had to make it seem like it was her idea to date Charlie, and not the other way around or it wouldn’t work.’

In early September, after accepting a business ‘pitch’ meeting with Ebersol, who co-founded the reality TV production house ‘The Company,’ it became clear to Mr. Spears that the young entrepreneur should be high up on the short list.

‘Charlie is very much like Britney. They make a good couple. He was born privileged. He gets the game. He gets her lifestyle. He gets her. They’re both about the same height, if that matters. And they are both a little out of touch with the cost of bread. They’ve been rich from a very young age. They live that world. They were raised the same, in the Industry,’ revealed the insider. ‘Big emphasis on family and giving back to charities, that sort of stuff. That’s what Jamie loves about him. Charlie’s an okay guy. He isn’t out to screw anybody. He saved his dad from a burning plane wreck, for chrissakes. What more could you want?’

Initially, Jamie met Ebersol from across a conference table. The TV show producer was pitching Team Spears an idea for a reality show starring Britney. ‘The concept sounded good to Jamie, and I guess it seems that as the meetings advanced, Britney was brought in to meet Charlie.
‘Lo and behold there was chemistry there. This was a couple of months ago now. So Jamie sat on that idea of a reality show. You have to remember, Britney gets pitched these things 50 times a day. But Jamie liked the idea of her going out into the world and doing good. She’s really so naturally generous. To a fault, really. And so is Charlie.’

Sources suggest the Britney’s reality show would peg her as a philanthropist, rather than a chart topper. Each episode would follow Britney finding new ways to give money or services to people or give back to a community.

‘Jamie likes the idea. And so does Britney. It puts her out of her comfort zone of playing mom and rock star and into the role of giving to those in need.’

And with each subsequent meeting, one thing led to another. Pretty soon, Charlie and Britney were moving from the board room into the dining room. ‘There were a few ‘dinner’ meetings. They were getting to know each other.’

Meanwhile, Jamie maintained a strict leash on his ward. Britney can date, surely. But Edan Yemini, Britney’s bodyguard of more than six years, always must be waiting nearby. Whether at the restaurant’s bar observing, or in an SUV idling out front, Britney’s guards are charged with never leaving her alone.

[From The Daily Mail]

Um… does anyone else feel uncomfortable with all of this?! I sometimes feel like it’s the Twilight Zone when I’m writing about Britney and her father and her legal situation. It’s like all of these media outlets have agreed to pretend like this is a completely normal situation. It’s not normal! Jamie Spears auditions potential boyfriends. He has to approve first, then he has to set her up on a “date” without it looking like a date or she might throw a hissy fit, I guess. And then if Britney thinks the guy is okay – with a bodyguard present at all times! – then the guy gets to be called “Britney’s Boyfriend.” I mean… it’s fine because I suspect that this really is “best for Britney” and the guys go into it knowing what’s up. But what bugs me is that we’re supposed to treat all of this like a true romance when it’s just a legal contract to “date” Britney for a year. And I do wonder if what’s truly best for Britney is being taken out of Britney Inc.

Some photos of Britney in Las Vegas last week:



Photos courtesy of Instagram, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Amy Tennant says:

    That poor child (and yes, I know she’s a grown adult with children of her own, but some people stay children forever). For her sake, I hope they really do fall in love, and it’s happy ever after.

    • crab says:

      OMG Amy I was just thinking the same thing! I feel so bad for her, she has gone through hell and back! I only wish good things for her!

    • Mia V. says:

      It’s so sad to see that someone so successful as Britney lives as prisioner.

    • MG says:

      Ummm, is everyone forgetting about Britney’s breakdown?? She obviously has issues and this kind of arrangement is what she needs to make it in the world. Sad but true. If her Dad wasn’t this controlling, we’d have another Amanda or Lindsey on our hands.

      • wiffie says:

        Lindsay is a sociopathic, above-the-law, rules-don’t-apply-to-me, irresponsible drug addict who is completely in denial and had no hope of recovery because of her narcissistic personality. She has to act (poorly) to come off as genuine, sympathetic, or otherwise “good”.

        Amanda and Britney have one of the bipolar types, Amanda likely schizophrenic as well. Their public train wreck breakdowns were the total breakdown of mental illness, to which I can completely sympathize. Amanda may naturally have a less sweet and naive personality than Brit, but it’s obvious they’re in a different category than Lindsey, who is merely an entitled brat. Britney has the unfortunate circumstance that she may not be able to fully care for herself without risk of relapse, so I feel bad for her, because she really is a sweet girl. Mental illness can be rough.

      • MG says:

        @wiffie. Yes, you’re right. Amanda and Britney suffer from mental illness and Lindsey is just a douche.

      • Lex says:

        No actually she made it in the world a long time ago yet her greedy family and hangers on still want to keep trotting her out for more cash. She could easily buy a nice farm house in the country and live forever happy with her kids. She doesn’t need this scrutiny or these weird forced relationships but here we are. Her conservatorship might be good for some things but surely what would be best would be to leave her the hell alone and let her fade into a life of normalcy?

      • Mia V. says:

        Sure, she’s in a better place with her father taking care of her, but is sad to see that she probably won’t have a life without control.

  2. Merritt says:

    I think it is creepy for a father to choose his daughter’s boyfriend. I hope Britney actually likes the guy. I remember watching Oprah interview Charlie and his family following the death of his younger brother in a plane crash, that Charlie and his father survived.

    • Dena says:

      She could actually be from one of those families or cultures that feel as it’s okay for parents or dad’s to do this. The trust is implicit.

    • Lake Mom says:

      What I found creepy is that in that top picture, Britney reminded me of Charlie’s mother, Susan St. James, in a blonde wig.

  3. J says:

    You are right that it is strange how the media glosses over the fact that she is a 32 year old mother of two who does not make major decisions about her own life. The issue for me is that the alternative is pretty damn scary, just look at Amanda Bynes right now. I just wish they would let her retire and go raise her kids quietly in Louisiana.

    • What? says:

      Actually, can we talk about that? Why don’t they let Britney just fade away from the spotlight? Why are they making her do this Las Vegas thing? She has enough money to pay cash for a house and never work again.
      Papa Spears cares more about the money, or he’s telling himself this situation is good for her mental health because it gives her life direction?
      It seems like it would be too much stress to me.

      • Bridget says:

        The Spears machine justifies it by saying thst continuing to work gives Britney structure and purpose. As though the only option to keep her busy and out of trouble is to have her onstage.

      • Artemis says:

        Britney is too big of a popstar. Despite low album sales (which are still high considering the low quality and low promo) she’s still selling out in Vegas. She’s still papped every day. Bynes and those other people have to court attention, Britney just gets it. There is still interest, most people forgot about Bynes despite the fact that she was a thing back in the day, nobody will forget Britney though.

        It’s deffo money. She has enough to last 4 lifetimes so Papa Spears could take her out of the game and help her privately but he doesn’t.

      • HH says:

        That’s the exact reason why I side-eye this conservatorship. It was good at first because Papa Spears was able to get Britney’s finances back in order. However, she’s made more than enough now. From what I can tell, Britney seems like she just wants to have a simple life and retire (at least for awhile). I’m only guessing that she doesn’t move out of state because her boys are still in California.

      • Tammy says:

        Maybe Britney doesn’t want to fade away or retire. A lot of assumptions are being about Britney and Jamie on here. Prior to Jamie taking control of her and her finances, Britney was spiraling out of control, shaving her head, waving an umbrella at paparazzi, barricading herself in her house…etc… come on. He did whatt Amanda Bynes’ parents are unwilling to do & yet he is being criticized for saving his daughter. Because he did.

        And maybe, just maybe, she has such a severe personality disorder that she does need someone to control her finances & see that she takes her medication. It’s also possible that the only way she is allowed to see her kids is if she managed like this. Britney doesn’t have custody of her kids, Kevin does. Because she was able to turn her life around, with Jamie’s help, she has a flexible agreement with Kevin about sharing the kids. I doubt he’d be so agreeable to allow Britney to see the kids without Jamie in her life. Look at the entire situation before you start throwing shade at Jamie.

      • Jag says:

        If she doesn’t perform, then dadager doesn’t make his $100k+ a MONTH for running Britney’s life. And the judge doesn’t get whatever the judge is getting out of this for continuing her having to be a trained monkey for her father.

        What I would love to see is her fall in love with a real person who helps her get away from her dad and who lives happily ever after with her somewhere that’s not Vegas or L.A..

      • H says:

        Actually, he makes about $20k a month and $250k a year at best, according to court documents from 2013.

    • paola says:

      Call me crazy but I think that the Vegas recidency was the best thing that happened to her in a long time. It seems like having something to do, the same thing to be more precise, day after day gave her stabilty and consistency. She doesn’t have to travel around the world as much as she used to do and I think that she has improved so much. I think she is now living a ‘normal’ life while working and being a mother at her own pace. I don’t know if leaving her be a normal mother in Lousiana would be best for her. I think she likes working and gives her something to do. Sometimes feeling useful and have a purpose aside as being a mother can work miracles.

      • Candy Love says:


      • Camille says:

        You are crazy. Sorry. Has SHE ever said – I must work, I need stability and consistency and structure. NO. But her team 5 minutes after her meltdown has said that. Why? Because they has got into panic mode – Houston we have problem! We are losing our dear cash cow. So they has sold that story that Britney has to work, work, work, and work. And then you have Rbotney on stage who barely move, empty eyes, fake smile. Have you seen her on red carpet or in photos with her fans? She looks so uncomfortable, her body language is like – get me out of here! Just let her go! #FreeBritney.

      • snowflake says:

        yes, I agree. what else would she do? she can’t exactly get a normal job. personally I think she enjoys it. the “robotney” is prob her being overmedicated, not that she hates her job. i tried taking antidepressant for a little bit. while i enjoyed not being so down sometimes. i felt like i was more on autopilot and some of my personality was not the same. I wasn’t as happy and bubbly, more just a steady not as emotional state. i think that’s the case with brit brit.

      • H says:

        She has always said she enjoys performing, and I think there are a lot of perks of money and fame that she enjoys even if she finds it all tiring. She has a ton of mental issues and has become accustomed a certain lifestyle that is difficult to give up. Her father’s salary alone is $250k a year – if she had stopped totally in 2009, would even $50-100k just for mental health care & Jamie’s help be all that realistic? She may have run through a lot of money and not that much in the tank.

    • Alexis says:

      She’s actually said herself that she really wants to get married and settle down somewhere quiet. There are often issues surrounding management of people with serious mental illness, especially when there is money invovled. I do believe her father cares for her, but I also believe he wants to maintain control over her and has strong preexisting views about what she wants. I think a judge may well see it to be necessary for her dad to be conservator of her given her current lifestyle. But if she was a wife and mother running a dance studio or being a private school music teacher in Louisiana? Maybe not.

    • Lauraq says:

      Because. Every. Time. Britney. Has had time off, she’s gotten into more trouble than she doesn when she’s working. Britney obviously needs to be occupied. Her worst times were when she was not working and just driving aimlessly around L.A. picking up paparazzi. People conveniently forget that when bitching about her dad.

  4. Kaye says:

    I’m wondering if she’s had some plastic surgery. She just doesn’t look the same to me – and not just in these pictures. I saw several at another site where her appearance was just bizarre.

    Also – why would anyone want to “date” someone with such emotional and mental issues?

    • Frida_K says:

      My original comment disappeared (maybe it seemed too mean, although that wasn’t the intent) but one thing I said in it was that she has the thin, wired look that I associate with Amanda Bynes when she (Amanda) is not doing well.

      Very sad, in any case…

  5. M.A.F. says:

    She shaved her head then took an umbrella to a person’s car. That is what most people remember now. I’m sure if she wasn’t working she would be a complete mess. And yes, it is creepy that her dad has to find “boyfriends” for her but some women really cannot be on their own, they need a male in their life.

    • Artemis says:

      Actually she herself said that she never thought that being a popstar would last forever. She thought about it as something fun. When fame became too much too handle, her mental health issues (which weren’t new because she was crying over her ex to Barbara Walters back in the early 00s) got worse. There is a history of questionable behaviour which Papa Spears or anybody didn’t really care about because she was a great performer and she sold millions so who curr?

      In ‘For the Record’ she said she was sad because people don’t listen to her and she feels like she has to pay for her mistakes over and over again. She also said she loved dancing but the real performing part, no I don’t think so. She’s bored quickly, especially by fame.

      What she needs is a quiet life, some form of therapy (maybe music or dance therapy), her children and real good friends around her. A man never did her any good after Justin, that was her only real relationship. The other ones definitely used her and her ‘dad approved’ boyfriends are just gross.

      The problem is that they are not interested in giving her what she needs because they need her to make money for them. That’s the problem and using a man to keep her in check and motivate her to perform is fucking gross. The idea that she needs to work is funny considering her vocals aren’t even hers anymore, she doesn’t sing live and her promo is laughable.

  6. LAK says:

    It’s horrible to be controlled to that level or even to require that level of control in order to function, BUT! I seriously side-eye the guys willing to sign up to this more than the controlling Dad or Britney. Not simply for the financial benefit, but the fact that they are agreeing to enter a ‘romantic’ relationship with a woman with mental issues so severe that her father has to take care of her.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Yes. Her dad is protecting her in a way but the men who willing get involved you have to question.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      I don’t blame the dad at all. Sam Lutfi is always waiting in the wings – or someone like him. Britney is actually lucky to have her dad. How would she manage without him? On the other hand I can’t tell if she loves the limelight or is being told to keep performing. I read somewhere that they have several Britney “doubles” that they use for all the performances, which are taped anyway. Weird concept – like she is a Disney talking doll.

      • paola says:

        I agree. Her father has managed to turn her mental illness into something that can be tamed and controlled. If Britney didn’t have her father to look out for her she would have ended up in a grave. Amanda Bynes is a great example of what happens to someone who has lost the support of their family. I hope they’ll be able to put her back on track.

    • Candy Love says:

      So people with mental issuse should never date or get married?

      • Bridget says:

        Because that’s clearly what LAK was saying. That all people with mental issues shouldn’t be in a relationship.

      • LAK says:

        That is not what I said. However, since you are re-interpreting my words, let me re-interprete your interpretation.

        According to you, it is perfect OK to have a relationship with someone with such SEVERE mental issues that they require a guardian at all times.

        According to you, a person with such SEVERE mental issues that they aren’t trusted to make their own decisions that govern themselves or their lives is perfectly able to make decisions about having a ‘romantic’ relationship with others.

        Britney already has a battalion of carers, including her own father, so what sort of a person chooses to go into a relationship with someone who can barely function knowing full well of that fact?

        Oh wait, Britney is rich, rich, rich so these opportunists will prevail.

  7. Bridget says:

    This is going to sound terrible, but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to date Britney Spears right now if they aren’t on the payroll. She is so clearly still out of it, she seems like she’s barely capable of holding a conversation let alone a relationship.

  8. Sumodo1 says:

    The Britney machine rolls on.

  9. Candy Love says:

    Charlie father is the Co- founder of the NFL he does not need Britney money or the media attention. He could be with anyone so I do feel he with her because he likes her.

    • HappyMom says:

      I was coming here to say the same thing. He doesn’t “need” her in the same way that some of the past guys have seemed to. He has his own connections, money, well known family (his mom is Susan St James-remember her from Kate & Ally?) so there must be more to it than the usual set up. So I’ll take this as positive news for Britney and ignore the rest.

    • Bridget says:

      Dick Ebersol co-founded Saturday Night Live and produced NBC Sports for years. HE has money, but it doesn’t mean that his son does. But let me ask you this: would you want to date someone who is so incapacitated by his or her mental illness that in the eyes of the law they aren’t even competent enough to make their own decisions? Britney Spears can’t sign a contract, buy a car, get a loan, or get married (remember when Trawick proposed and instead of letting her out of the conservatorship they were just going to make him a co-conservator?). She’s heavily medicated, and doesn’t even have a high school education. How do you think Ebersol would even have met Britney, who famously needs to have a man in her life to keep her occupied and out of trouble?

      • (The original, not CDAN) Violet says:


        I completely agree. I give anyone romantically interested in Britney the side eye. To give Charlie the benefit of the doubt, maybe he had a crush on her from way back when and continues to be starstruck. Still, for all the reasons you list, I find it hard to imagine that anyone could possibly be in a serious relationship with her for the long haul, unless motivated by money and/or fame.

        Does Britney’s father benefit financially from being her conservator? Sure. But there’s no real indication that he doesn’t have her wellbeing in mind so I’m willing to keep an open mind, given how bad things got before he stepped in.

        I believe Britney is as healthy and happy as it’s possible for her to be, and that’s entirely due to her father and the structure he provides (plus medication, of course). Left to her own devices, I think Britney would once again go off the rails.

    • anne_000 says:

      @Candy Love – I agree.

      I don’t believe Charlie and Britney were pushed to be with each other. I think they ‘organically’ like each other. If they didn’t then neither would be in this relationship.

      I think it’s good that Jamie susses out the users, because I remember when Britney was under their influence and it was a disaster. Of course Jamie is going to make sure she’s not going to be taken advantage of. And yes, I do think Britney does need dad’s help in terms of character judgement. I don’t think Britney is stupid but I think she needs to have walls against those who will push hard to get into her circle and have no conscience about hurting her.

      I think the bodyguard would be there no matter if she was dating or not. Of course she needs a bodyguard. There’s loads of crazy people out there who would want to get too close, especially with big celebrities like Britney.

      Contrast Amanda Byne’s family collaborating with Sam Lufti to trick her into a forced psych hold that left Amanda and her parents’ relationship broken with Jamie protecting and shielding Britney against people like Lufti. Whatever some may think about Jamie’s guardianship of Britney, at least he’s doing it in such a way that he’s not making Britney feel used and abused and stressing her out even more.

      I have no complaints against Jamie at all. He’s smart and I think he’s always doing it in the best way he can with the goal to keep Britney safe, happy, and at peace.

      If you really want to complain about bad parenting, look towards the parents of Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Gary Coleman, etc.

      In the end, Britney has a better chance of having decades of a healthy life than those of her tragic counterparts.

    • Merritt says:

      It is very possible that Charlie has had his own struggles with mental illness. I would be willing to bet he has dealt with PTSD after surviving the plane crash that killed his little brother.

    • Pandy says:

      Let’s hope this is true. And while I wouldn’t want my parent to pick out or assess my boyfriends, um, she dated Adnan Ghalib (can’t be bothered to google his name for spell check purposes). So, yeah, it’s not a bad thing to have someone cast an eye on her potentials. The possibility of someone coming in and ripping her off is a real concern. Emotionally and financially.

  10. smee says:

    Every time I see a pic of him a hear a “ping”…………….

  11. suzanne says:

    Yuck. Just yuck.

    And, what “good” guy would be interested in Britney, given the shape she’s in, emotionally and mentally? Most men don’t want a woman who’s in the total care of her father. Weird, all around.

  12. Nikki says:

    Her life is like a bad Lifetime movie – faded star, mental illness, drugs, $$$, greedy father, meltdowns, breakdowns, kids, divorce, casting boyfriends, delusional and obsessed fans, media… It’s madness.

  13. Hope says:

    What. The. Actual. F&%$?! This comment: “Jamie had to do this stuff slowly and cautiously, so Britney wouldn’t rebel. He had to make it seem like it was her idea to date Charlie, and not the other way around or it wouldn’t work” makes me so uncomfortable. How freaking skeevy! So, what, having a boyfriend on the payroll is somehow better for her mental health? Or is it just easier to control her that way? Because this just seems like she’s more pliable when she has a romantic “Wormtongue” figure by her side pulling the strings. How very, very wrong. Poor Britney. I wish she could just go off to some remote island somewhere and have some peace. I don’t believe for a second the line the public has been fed over and over again that “Britney is happiest when she’s working” as an excuse to keep shoving her in the limelight. Maybe she does need to work, but she could be a producer or write songs. Why does she have to be in front of cameras when she’s obviously drugged and looks scared 99% of the time?

    • Tammy says:

      You’re reading way too much into his actions. Do you remember what happened prior to Jamie being involved in Britney’s life?

  14. hindulovegod says:

    Perhaps the problem here is framing. Jamie Spears knows Britney likes to date, has an idea of her type, and doesn’t want her to get hurt. So, he vets men whom she might meet through her normal business and social contacts to ensure they aren’t dangerous or sketchy. Her boyfriends remain her choice. Jamie simply ensures she isn’t presented with bad options. It’s a decent way to handle a very difficult situation.

  15. PrairieLilly says:

    Poor Brit Brit! She’s so harmless except her taste in men. Which had a lot to do with her breakdowns. I think Kevin is the main parent caregiver now a days and Brit seems them a couple times a week. She is not capable of lunches, school,on time, homework, activities, supper baths and bed. She can’t eve do those things for herself. Poor thing. An empty vessel but too sweet to hate on her!

  16. Jane Q. Doe says:

    Charlie looks like his mama, Susan Saint James. He comes from big money, the gold digger argument doesn’t seem to make sense. Britney is working, we haven’t heard about any freak outs or issues with her kids; things could clearly be much worse.

  17. Size Does Matter says:

    I may be in the minority, but I think she looks great and very happy. If that is the case, and the guy is good to her, I don’t really care if he was pre-qualified by Jamie Spears.

  18. QQ says:

    i have several Notes:

    I echo everyone on : WHY CANT SHE GO RETIRE SOMEWHERE??? manage a business or some vanity Clothing line and get her busy making clothes or … welll not clothes, Brit is HORRIBLE at clothes.. which oon that note.. she is dressed like Liza or Better Middler in these pics .. and that’s an improvement

    also i cant with he open mouth with gum showing smile thing… or the clenched teeth one, never have like no medium for her

    Also: she should consider keeping this cut with other styling cause a light fringe that she could sidesweep wouldnt be bad at all

    also: This whole trotting her to work and getting her an approved man is SUPER gross, if they can’t give her self determination to make her own calls why keep up this farce

    Also : It’d be interesting to see how long this normal and well off independent dude lasts cause Britney usually is given leachy boyfriends, underlings, guys that aint got sh!t going on for themselves so you have to wonder how long a normal dude puts up with that

    Also; I dont understand why not be realistic with her about her situation capabilities and YES even her sexual partners future expectations?? for her own good?? either she isnt as healed as they keep selling her to be ( you know, enough to be functional, cognizant, frontlining shows in Vegas, in a relationship ) or she is and they are protecting financial interests?

    Also I wonder what her expectations regarding a man that comes to her from her dad… like is she expecting a future? or like someone to keep her sated?

    • Tammy says:

      Spears’ team has kept a tight lid on what her mental illness is but I suspect it’s borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder or a combination of the two. If she does have a personality disorder, she will never be completely healed but either disorder can be managed with therapy and/or medication.

      I think the reality show idea might be a way for her to retire from performing, no? Maybe that was just a story on how Britney was introduced to Charlie or maybe it is for real. Who knows?

      I remember all too clearly how Britney was prior to her father stepping in and I have to disagree with everyone giving shade to Jamie. Is he protecting her financial interests (and keeping his pockets lined)? Yes but he is also providing her with stability & structure so she is allowed to see her kids. I am surprised at how many people forget she lost custody of her sons to Kevin and he kept limiting the visits until she had none due to her spiraling out of control. Only when Jamie took control over her finances and saw that she got help was she allowed to see her kids. I don’t think the custody arrangement has changed, I just think Kevin has been very liberal with visitation due to her stabilizing. And that is because of Jamie.

      • Bridget says:

        Being skeptical about Jamie Spears and understanding that Britney needed the conswrvatorship don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Rather, why do we have to accept Jamie lining his own pockets as the price that has to be paid for Britney’s ongoing mental health? Britney Inc is on the back of a woman who is unwell enough that in the eyes of the law she isn’t considered a capable adult – she may like being famous, and she may like being onstage, but beyond that is it good for anything other than her pocketbook? It’s obviously not my call, and I’m just one opinion, but it feels wrong to me.

      • Tammy says:

        He’s legally allowed to collect a fee to be her conservator and I doubt there is anyone that wouldn’t collect a fee.

        There is no way to know if her continuing to perform affects her mental health or not, whether she wants this or not. No one knows.

  19. Cupcake says:

    Britney will always be a star to me and I do see more mindblowing pop songs in her future!! It’s neither here nor there, but I love Work Bitch.

    I am LOVING her suit game!! She’s been wearing some of the best suits I’ve seen lately!!!

  20. Talie says:

    I’m sure her dad has thought about loosening control and then the Amanda Bynes situation freaked him out. Although, I don’t think Britney was ever that far gone + she has kids to live for.

    I do think it’s odd for a man to be into this situation considering you’re dating someone with a guardian.

  21. Cerulean Skygirl says:

    She’ll invariably ruin it within a few months since she can’t seem to control her “baby talk”. I read this blind gossip item, and it absolutely seems like it pertains to Brit… and most of the commenters seem to agree. She’s like a small child in a woman’s body, whose brain never progressed past early childhood.

    I honestly don’t understand why she is still popular. Her singing voice is really bad, her “gimmick” has been used dozens of times by far more talented artists, and she doesn’t seem to have an ounce of common sense.

  22. Faithmobile says:

    Thank you QQ, as per usual you are spot on. I am of the opinion that Las Vegas is good for her. I think all she knows how to do is perform.

  23. Eleonor says:

    I am rooting for her, and probably I am crazy but I really think her father is doing the best he can to give her the most normal and fulfilling life she can have.
    Britney has a mental illness this does not mean she doesn’t have a personality: she can’t take legal decision but even if the date thing must be arranged in some way, I think it’s perfectly possible for a man to like her for what she is. Otherwise we should imply that a person who is battling a mental issues cannot date cannot have a sentimental life, and this is awful.

    • Jayna says:

      Isn’t that the truth? People act like no one would want her with her bipolar disorder. She’s doing so much better, and she is just as deserving of love as anyone else. With her fame and fortune and her background being used by guys selling her out to magazines, I get protecting her and making sure the guy is legit. There are plenty of people, many who have been on this forum talking about it and acting like Britney can only be contracted out to someone who is paid to spend time with her, which is disgusting and insulting, not only to Brit but to all those dealing with bipolar disorder or similar type issues.

  24. snowflake says:

    i think the vegas residency is a great thing for britney. she can perform at night have her kids during the day. she can never be a non-celebrity; if she went back to louisiana, she would be a celeb there and have all kinds of people trying to use her. i know she has that anywhere, but she is used to a celebrity lifestyle now; being a louisiana country girl isn’t going to cut it. she’s better off around other people in similar financial/celebrity situations like in vegas or los angeles. in louisiana she will stick out like a sore thumb. she can mingle with other rich/famous people in vegas who wont try to use her for money/fame b/c they have their own

  25. Ohreallynow says:

    She looks so much older all of a sudden. She has gotten some botox or something b/c her face looks different and it has made her look older. They always looks older after doing something to stay younger! I think she probably likes being active and doing stuff and she’s established already so she doesn’t have to do the hustle like others so why not do the Vegas thing. It makes her feel good and like she is entertaining like her old self.

  26. eribra says:

    People are attracted to and date and even fall in love with people with mental illness all the time. I won’t shade her dad for protecting his daughter because she would attract gold diggers and manipulating jerks even w/o a mental illness. I can believe this dude is attracted to her, she is a beautiful girl- I know she is immature but that doesn’t mean she is unlovable. I hope it works out for her. I also believe that she will do better working, stability and routine are positive for her.

  27. Maude says:

    I met Charlie a few times in college. We were in the same class at ND. He always seemed like a good guy to me. It kind of surprises me he would be willing to go through the trouble of dating her.

  28. G says:

    Wow. That’s sort of disturbing.

  29. Bread and Circuses says:

    It is…odd and creepy.

    But there are many parts of the world where your parents choose your spouse for you, and the divorce rate in those places is about the same as it is here.

    If Britney also buys into the concept that her Dad is just as capable of finding Mr. Right for her as she would be on her own, then it may work out fine. The key is that she commits to the idea too.

  30. Carrie says:

    While I genuinely, genuinely hope for her sake it is ‘for the best’ I can’t help but get shades of Jim bob here.

  31. Jayna says:

    She has been used. If a guy wants to date her, the smart thing to do is to check him out thoroughly. There are too many lowlifes out there and Brit has been sold out before. I saw her in an interview the other day promoting something talking to Mario Lopez, and she seemed really happy. I guess now I know why. A new love.

  32. melain says:

    At first glance, I thought Charlie was wearing an ascot. And I imagine him talking like Thurston Howell III. That would make Brit Brit ‘ Lovey’.

  33. Meg says:

    I want britney to move back to louisiana and live a regular life. work at a local dance studio, teaching little kids to tap dance. But then we’d hear about her dating some horrible guy with a record and a parole officer and her buying him cars like the mom on here comes honey boo boo. so brit’s dad does this for a reason.
    But I was unaware that she wasn’t in on it-I thought she knew, ‘Dad knows I’m a straight woman, i want to date and be with a man but I’m a bit naive as to how people will target and use me so he checks them out first.’ Like jim bob duggar does.
    (honestly if the duggar girls picked their own guys I’d be scared for them because they’ve been so sheltered if they went out in public they’d be used and taken advantage of. I remember a recent episode where the two couples were handcuffed together and asked to do things as part of pre-marital counseling. Jessa said to Ben, ‘it was nice being handcuffed to you.’ with no joke or smile or laugh at all. That’s how sheltered these kids are, except they’re not kids-they’re 19 and 22.)
    The fact that britney didn’t know because if she did she’d rebel shows she doesn’t like the conservatorship which I don’t blame her.
    I think this is a case of you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl. She’d date a loser like lots of women do if left to make her decisions on her own.