Drake & Rihanna ‘are officially exclusive,’ she’s been on the road with him for weeks


Rihanna and Drake are together. I know we’ve had false alarms about this before, but it really looks like it’s happening now. Last time I checked in on Drake, he was doing something with Zoe Kravitz… but that was months ago. Rihanna has been in Europe for several weeks, and I guess she and Drake met up in Paris, then they went to Amsterdam, then London and Glasgow. I’m including some assorted photos from some of their outings – they actively try not to get photographed together, so that says to me that they’re okay with us knowing that something is happening, but they’re not ready to make it official yet. Or are they? TMZ claims that Rihanna and Drake have just become “exclusive”:

Rihanna’s locking it down — she and Drake are officially exclusive.

Multiple sources extremely close to the couple tell us, Rihanna and Drake have gone from casually hooking up to seriously dating … they’ve decided to give it a serious shot.

We’re told Rihanna wants to spend as much time with Drake as her schedule will allow — because he treats her better than anyone she’s ever been with. Not a high bar.

As we reported, the pair have been virtually inseparable while Drake’s been touring in Europe — we’re told Rihanna has spent every single night with him since she arrived.

As for Drake, he’s smitten — one source said “he’s in the best mood he’s been in a long time.”

[From TMZ]

Well, Drake has always been into it. I get the feeling that he’s always put Rihanna up on a pedestal, that she is, to him, The Forever Girl, the unattainable, the girl he would always want a shot with. I remember reports – years ago – that Rihanna and Drake were hooking up casually, that he wanted more and she wasn’t ready for all that Drake had to offer. Rihanna is used to douchebags, I think. And she didn’t know what to do with a guy who worshipped her and treated her like gold.

In Drake’s recent (and controversial) Rolling Stone interview, he was asked point-blank about Rihanna and he described her as “the ultimate fantasy… I think about it. Like, ‘Man, that would be good.’ We have fun together, she’s cool and sh-t. But we’re just friends. That’s my dog for life.” I want to believe… I want to think that Rihanna is finally ready for some Drake Realness. But Rihanna is a self-saboteur. I kind of think she’ll mess this up somehow.



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  1. bns says:

    Drake is a lucky guy. Rihanna is stunning.

    • Liv says:

      I don’t know if he’s so lucky, she’s got a lot of issues. But I’m rooting for them, they are so cute! Also they as a couple make me like her more.

      • Erinn says:

        This, exactly. I always will root for wheelchair Jimmy though.

      • Kroll says:

        Saying Rihanna has issues is a major understatement. CB is finally where he belongs, in a jail cell but lets not pretend that Rihanna isnt a big ball of drama. Remember how she stalked CB for a year, then having wiggled her way into being some FWB she set her minions on the girlfriend, Tran whatever. Then spent the next few months throwing out stupid racist tweets, pics and even song lyrics at the girlfriend. Then having hooked up with her stud, then proceeded to play it out for the public on twitter. This is a 26 year old woman and not 14 year old incase you were wondering. Between that and her constant nudie and drug pics, I dont know why anybody want this mess unleashed on poor Drake.

        Drake on the other hand sounds like that annoying guy who puts you on a pedestal from which it is inevitable that you shall fall. The guy who is more in love with Love than he is with you. That guy is worst. When you are finally exhausted and just want to move on, you will discover what hell means. (Spoiler: hes a clinger). If you dont know what I am talking about, then you luckily havent had a Drake in your life. Poor Rihanna.

        They are perfect for each other!

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Excellent description of Drake as the “pedestal” guy! You are so on target with your description of “pedestal” guys being in love with being in love. I described my “pedestal” guy that way exactly. Who the heck wants to be put on a pedestal and deferred to continually? I wanted to be treated like an equal but that guy just needed to have someone on that pedestal, it had more to do with fulfilling some need in his psyche than it did with me. It’s been over 20 years and the thought of that treatment still irks me.
        All that said, I kind of like Rihanna and Drake together. I hope that we are wrong about him as a “pedestal” guy and that she can work past her issues and enjoy being treated well while also treating someone else well. I kind of doubt that it will last though.

      • jaye says:

        Kroll, I think you hit the nail on the head. His dating profile seems to be that he meets these damaged women and wants to “save” them. He puts on the hard sell (this is just me theorizing now) to a woman he feels needs “rescuing” and he sees the “potential” in them. Probably tells them that he wants to take care of them, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to have their lives changed by a handsome multi-millionaire who is promising you this better life away from the ghetto or the strip club (because those seem to be the type of women he’s drawn to). Once he has this beautiful bird in his “possession” he places her in a cage, hoping he can change her, because he’s a stage 5 clinger. Of course, she doesn’t because these are probably broken women who haven’t dealt with their own issues for themselves. He probably suffocates them with what HE feels is type of love they need and when they don’t become the women HE thinks they SHOULD be, he becomes disillusioned and the conflict begins. If this relationship flies in the face of both of their dysfunctional pasts, I’d be completely surprised. And before anyone says “how do you know? do you know Drake?” Nope, don’t know him, but it’s not hard to pick up on his m.o. based on his song lyrics. Not to mention the fact that a couple of his exes have gone public.

      • Artemis says:


        The Tran stalking was horrible. She is on social media 24/7 and gets way too involved in these stupid twitter dramas (that she starts sometimes!). I’ve seen tweets responding to her ‘haters’ and she uses the lowest digs. She does sound like an ignorant 14 yo.

        I find Rihanna one of the worst celebrities out there because time and time again, she shows what a spoiled horrible brat she is and she is racist on top of that. I don’t get the love for either of them. Rihanna’s beauty is probably a redeeming quality for some of the posters here but when I read the bile thrown at Beyoncé for breathing wrong and then being parched for Rihanna I think ‘look at your life, look at your choices’. At least my fave isn’t racist and vindictive.

        Drake being dumped by Rihanna will see him spiralling down into the Eminem pit of extreme hate and bitterness towards women…or at least a whiny album that will smash records (I will buy) and put TSwift’s unsubtle songs to shame.

      • MCraw says:

        I think they’re both lucky. She is a great beauty with a free spirit and he’s a sweet guy. Yeah, she has issues and yeah, he seem clingy, but hopefully they can balance each other out. So many people have issues that Rihanna has, with the same kind of experience who go on to find and have fulfilling relationships. They’re both at an age where the bullshit of early twenties (figuring out who you are and what you want) is out of the system and you’ve strengthened your identity. I wish them the best.

      • Serene says:

        @artemis @kroll

        Thanks for pointing our her racism you guys. I’m surprised everyone else here seems to have forgotten about it. This chick does not like Asians! She has tweeted such derogatory and racist things to Tran…..how can people give her a pass on that?? Is it because she’s beautiful? She dresses well? I don’t understand.

        Lainey over at Lainey gossip loves her and I’m like…”Whaaaaaaa…??” I actually like Rihanna’s music a lot but when I see the things she does and encourages her fans to do, I realise she is racist and an online bully as well.

    • LeahMommy says:

      @Kroll that is a perfect description of what I feel could happen with Drake. Like you said, those type of guys come in the relationship with expectations that the other person will never be able to live up to. They’re more enamored with the image in their head than the actual person. So although I love this pairing I worry about it for that very reason.

  2. blue marie says:

    Good, I like them together

    • Dani2 says:

      Me too :)

    • GG says:

      She looks SOOO relaxed and happy. I love her wardrobe too- flirty and comfy. Not the strung out exhausted RiRi of past.
      And there hasn’t been a Drake song in years that hasn’t been about her, “just hold on we’re going home” is on of the most touching love songs.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I have noticed she doesn’t seem as repulsed by fashion that is “girlie” as much anymore. There was a period after the CB incident where it seemed like she only wanted to look hard and tough (maybe she associated feminine with vulnerability?).

        I do love the idea of them together, and I agree, I think “Just Hold on We’re Going Home” seems to be about her, especially the line “You’re a good girl and you know it” (reference to her album title, “Good Girl Gone Bad”?).

    • Dubois says:

      i like them together too. It’s like a calm has settled over her. They’ve circled each other for so long, I hope this goes the distance. She seems to have stopped drinking/drugging/acting out and he seems like a really nice guy.

  3. NewWester says:

    That sound you hear is Chris Brown banging his head against a wall in his prison cell.

  4. magpie says:

    Well, Riri’s been looking healthier and happier than she has in a long time. Too bad for Zoe, I liked her with Drake.

  5. Lark says:

    They seem like they could be good together and like they’d balance each other out. Rihanna’s 26 and Drake is in his late 20s….so they’re probably a lot wiser than when they fooled around in their early 20s. From a professional/pr standpoint, they’d also be a power couple.

  6. Jericho says:

    This story made me happy. Hopefully, she’ll learn what it means to be in an adult relationship based on mutual respect.

    The TMZ snipe of “[N]ot a high bar” did make me laugh, though.

  7. break says:

    Man, she’s gorgeous.
    I wonder if she’ll take him off the rails with all the partying. This is one of those cases where someone’s professionalism is either going to rub off on someone’s unprofessionalism…. or vice versa.

  8. Tx says:

    Love them together. I just hope she doesn’t get bored and leave in a few months

  9. NerdMomma says:

    I’m not even going to try to hide it, I love this. I think the stuff he says about her is so romantic and lovely. They’re hot together, and it has the added bonus of hopefully making CB’s head explode. I can’t wait for some loved-up couple pics.

  10. Lee says:

    I’d like to think this a turning point for her – and she’s leaving behind her masochistic ways. Is she finally mature enough to appreciate a man who appreciates her? I guess we’ll see.

  11. ZAK says:

    God help me I like Rihanna and really hope she gets her crap together. I don’t know these people but I like her with Drake because he doesn’t seem like a douchebag like Chris Brown. She’s getting older so it’s time for the wildchild antics to cease. I’d like if she’d stop with the constant selfies and pot references and just settledown with Drake and focus on her career.

  12. LeahMommy says:

    I love them together. I hope she is finally ready to give a good man a real shot for a change. She’s been stringing him along since 09. Yeah they are definitely official, TMZ has a video of them holding hands and all. But how long before she runs? RiRi seems like the kind of girl who is addicted to drama, she will get bored quick.

  13. Nene says:

    Man, I want them to happen so badt!
    Ok, so am not a Riri fan nor Drake’s but that won’t stop me from rootin’ for them.
    *Every woman deserves a man who cherishes and adores her.

    Maybe it’s just me but there’s something calm about Rihanna recently. ‘This’ might be it.
    They really do compliment each other in many ways- i mean Drake will be a stabilizing influence on her.

    To Riri “Don’t f*** this up.”

    • abby says:

      Same here. I don’t really follow either much, just an observer from afar. But I want them to work. I want to see her finally get her act together and leave all the drama behind. Drake has his faults but from what I’ve read of him and his interviews he seems a rather decent young man. IDK, there is something about them together that just seems to click. And from all accounts – and just looking at RiRi lately – this is a healthy relationship.
      There is nothing boring about being with a man who cherishes and respects you, quite the opposite in fact. Over time a little creativity, changes of atmosphere and routine can work wonders to keep things exciting. But you have to want to be there to put in that extra little effort.

      Anyway, they are young and it seems they have “found” each other after all this time. I wish them the best, I really do.

  14. QQ says:

    This gives me girlish giggles of delight! Me and my gfs have always wished Rihanna would get a lick of the sense God gave her and go back to Drake

  15. Artemis says:

    This will not end well for Drake. Rihanna made him wait for YEARS and seeing how his heart was broken over his fantasy wife Aaliyah, imagine what damage a real relationship will do to him?

    That said, he isn’t exactly an angel either. I wonder what will happen with his ever faithful harem? I don’t doubt that after the fantasy fulfilment wears out and reality kicks in, Drake will go running back to one of his many sidepieces for comfort. Or when he finds himself alone for too long.

    Most of his relationship aren’t all that mature either so I don’t know why Drake is a good match for Rihanna. He hasn’t had a real relationship for years and most of them played out in his head (his fantasy girls Kat Dennings, Zoe Kravitz, Rihanna, Aaliyah, Aubrey Plaza). We all know what happened to Zoe hmmmm.

    Not every fantasy can or should be fulfilled.

    • Lark says:

      Kat Denning said they never dated and only hung out once or twice, but he reached out to her. He likes the chase. That said, he’s had a torch and been on and off with Rihanna before so I could see them work.

      • Artemis says:

        I never said they dated either. I said he has fantasy girls/crushes.

        He doesn’t like the chase, he likes to build women up in his head while in real life he maintains casual relationships with big booty strippers and video girls who are needy and/or dependent (because he funds them). Then he gets behind the mic to sing emotionally about a girl that left him 1000 years ago and how he misses her so much or the girl that got away, or the girl who can do better, or the girl that did him wrong. Pretending he’s interested in something ‘real’ but he just can’t catch a break #PoorDrake.

        Drake either lives in the past or in his head with most of his women. He’s got issues, no wonder he’s so emotional when you spend so much time building things up in your head to then be confronted by real life.

        He likes Rihanna because she’s unavailable like most of his crushes. When they do become available, he still dilly dallies with his harem like he did with Zoe. He wants that powercouple relationship (obviously he’s not going in public with a stripper) and will marry a famous girl someday. But it won’t be Rihanna.

        We’re talking about a man that tattooed Aaliya’s portrait on his back so yeah, wake up next to that and realise you can never live up to his expectations.

      • mrsmc says:

        Preach! you are telling the truth Drake has this problem with Fantasy and reality when it comes to the women that he wants to be with, especially when it comes to Rihanna, and I am not saying that this girl is bad or anything, but that relationship is not going to be what he expecting, and on top of that I get the feeling that Rihanna is just not that into Drake., she probably have friends, family etc. telling her that she should be with him because he treats her good, but that is not going to be enough if you don’t have a emotional connection with that person, it is not going to work and I am telling you this from experience. By the way Rihanna went out clubbing in NY last night.

    • Alexandria says:

      @Artemis. Your analysis is spot-on. That’s exactly what will happen, and if they do end up marrying, it won’t last, sad to say. Rihanna is emotionally unavailable and your classic “fall-back” girl that thrives on drama. She will get bored with Drake and not know what to do with herself. She will come tumbling down off the pedalstal that Drake put her on, and once the real woman becomes his everyday reality, he will be “let down” by love. Queue a new album full of heartbreak hits. Until Rihanna seeks professional help (therapy) and truly wants to change, she will continue to have unhealthy relationships. Whether that be emotional and physical abuse, or dating someone who she can string along and toy with emotionally.

  16. Double 07 says:

    Lol @ not a high bar. Shaaaade! Rihanna is a beautiful mess. I love drake and I hope this works out.

  17. gg says:

    I love him. Anybody that gets him is extremely lucky if he is really the person that he comes off as.

  18. eliza says:

    Good for them. I hope he can show her how women should be treated. Wheelchair Jimmy is such a vast improvement over that loser, Brown.

  19. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    Yay! Hope Drake can handle Rhianna’s cray! But she does seem like she would change herself for “luv”…

    • Tatjana says:

      Cam someone tell me the differemce between Miley and Rihanna? They pretty much do the same things, yet Miley is called trashy amd Rihanna is not.

      • bns says:

        LOL what? Rihanna is called trashy (and worse names) all of the time. Miley is just the dollar store, white girl, wannabe version of Rihanna.

      • Artemis says:

        Rihanna is pretty. What else do they have to ‘defend’ her? Her music is generic, her personality is bad, she can’t dance or sing. The only thing they have is her beauty and the fact that Aubrih can ‘change each other’ which must sound romantic to them but it sounds more like disaster waiting to happen to me because they are both messed up.


        but people are still rooting for her and want good things for her (like a ‘good man’). Cyrus doesn’t even deserve that based on some of the posts on her love life.

      • jaye says:

        Where have you been? Rihanna gets called trashy all the time. I think what makes people maybe feel a bit more sorry for Rihanna is the fact that she got her ass beat by a psychopath. But she DOES get called trashy.

      • Alexis says:

        Both are called trashy. Also most of CB sided with Miley when Katy perry kissed her and called her dirty after. Ultimately, though, Rihanna is just more sympathetic BC she seems more genuine. Also she is recovering from an abusive relationship.

      • MonicaQ says:

        Rihanna is called trashy and worse. But getting your face punched in kind of gives her a pass for most people. I have no opinion on her either way but I think it’s jacked when Rihanna does her “Pour it Up” video which *she* directed, she gets called trash and then Miley does Miley and it’s “freedom of sexuality”. Such a double standard.

      • Vanessa says:

        @BNS- why would Miley be considered the dollar store version of Rihanna when she’s more talented? More value for the buck?

      • bns says:


        Thanks for that laugh!

  20. Artemis says:


    Rihanna is a mess on Twitter, she has a bad attitude and she is unprofessional. There is a reason why she’s referred to as a ‘bad bitch’. She has her good moments but in general she is messy.

    My bff’s father saw her in person when she was touring in England (2011, Birmingham) and she was horrible. Refused to perform if one of her bulbs on her vanity lights mirror wasn’t replaced, snapped at staff for no reason, ordered random people to do things for her or get her things that she didn’t use afterwards or discarded them in the trash, running around being rude as hell in general. He said she was the worst. Her attitude was a bit better in 2013 but she generally has this attitude of thinking she’s better than everybody else while she isn’t all that. She has a reputation. She is stunning though, even more so up close according to him.

    Apparently the BEP and Beyoncé were the nicest performers and very grateful, friendly and most importantly, talked with staff and left them a message!

    • jaye says:

      Unfortunately, It seems like Drake has a similar attitude when it comes to staff. I know that 3rd or 4th hand information is not the most reliable, but I’ve heard that he has been quite rude to wait staff in restaurants.

      • Artemis says:

        Given his reaction to the Phillip Seymour Hoffman cover, your account is mild :)
        I fully believe Drake is an asshole who ‘suffers’ from the ‘Nice Guy Syndrome’. Surprised that so many women here think he’s a catch :o

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Artemis, good point. The PSH reaction from Drake was not something that you would expect to come from a “nice” guy.

    • bns says:

      Why is this directed at me?

  21. sundaygal says:

    Mazel tov!

  22. Kelly says:

    Another classic example of females being pointless but successful due to their beauty, and the men being unattractive but successful due to talent. Another example is Jay-Z. Which hey, good for them, I respect them more than I do their female counterparts, famous for acting like strippers on the telly.

    • Jarredsgirl says:

      “and the men being unattractive but successful due to shameless hustling. Another example is Jay-Z.” there you go, fixed it for you.

      “Which hey, good for them, I respect them more than I do their female counterparts, famous for acting like strippers on the telly.” Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  23. Anon33 says:

    Is that really a FANNY PACK?!? If those are coming back in style I may commit hari kari.

    • Tessy says:

      I can live with the fanny pack… but what’s with that weird white backless thing she is wearing. It looks like a cross between an old fortrel maternity smock and a backless hospital gown.

  24. Jh says:

    Honestly, after his superb SNL gig, I thought to myself, “Now THAT’S going to get Riri’s attention”.

    And this made me LOL: “…because he treats her better than anyone she’s ever been with. Not a high bar”. No kidding.

  25. Damaris says:

    God bless any man who is willing to put up with Rihanna’s unstableness. She is gorgeous, but she loves drama and attention.

  26. bns says:

    I had no idea that so many people in here knew Rihanna personally! Can you guys hook me up?!

  27. moot says:

    Aww! I really want this to happen — for both of them — but I think it’s still too early. I think this will end in tears (for poor Drake), and then…oceans of regret that it happened too young. Rihanna in 6-10 years perhaps.

    I know I know — try to care less and it’ll all be good.