Alex Skarsgard, Jamie Dornan reportedly in contention for Christian Grey role


Well, this is an interesting turn of events. It looks like producers of 50 Shades of Grey are having to revisit their files and headshots to re-cast the role of Christian Grey left vacant by Charlie Hunnam. The Hollywood Reporter had a story late in the day yesterday in which their sources speculated as to who is on the new shortlist (hint: not Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer or Garrett Hedlund) and THR also says that director Sam Taylor-Johnson has hired a script doctor to punch up what was probably a kind of awful, sperm-filled script.

First, the good news: Alex Skarsgard is apparently a contender now. The bad news? Filming begins in November, which is when Alex is supposed to lead a team of American veterans to the South Pole just so Alex can tell Prince Harry to kiss his big Viking ass. What I’m saying is that Alex is not going to take the role.

In the space of a few days, Universal/Focus’ Fifty Shades of Grey has seen the subtraction of its leading man and the addition of a writer.

On Friday, the studio hired Oscar-nominated screenwriter Patrick Marber to do a polish and character work on the script. Marber’s credits include Closer and Notes on a Scandal; he also wrote a short film titled Love You More, which was directed by none other than Fifty Shades helmer Sam Taylor-Johnson.

The move to hire Marber was made before star Charlie Hunnam decamped the high-profile project on Saturday.

Speculation has swirled that the script, penned by Kelly Marcel, might be the reason Hunnam abruptly left the adaptation of E L James’ mammoth best-seller. But sources say the polish by Marber is standard and the script is ready for a November start date, should the studio be able to find a new leading man in time.

Universal is now looking to fill the void left by Hunnam’s abrupt exit. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the list of possible replacements includes Jamie Dornan of the U.K. series The Fall and Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood. The studio also is revisiting its initial list of possible contenders, including Theo James and Christian Cooke. Garrett Hedlund, who had received an informal offer during the first round of casting, is unavailable due to his schedule on Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, which starts shooting this week in Australia.

Dakota Johnson remains in place to star as the film’s heroine.

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

It took me a second to realize where I’d heard the name “Jamie Dornan” before, then it hit me. That was the dude who dated Keira Knightley for several years just before her relationship with hottie Rupert Friend (I LOVE HIM) and her marriage to James Righton. Jamie is HOT. His coloring is darker than what I was imagining for Christian Grey, but you know what? I wouldn’t mind seeing Jamie Dornan stripped down and banging Dakota Johnson. Sure. I would go for that. I think he’s probably the best choice amongst this group. Alex is too busy (and Alex would only do it for fun and he would insist on full-frontal and then the ratings board would freak out because VIKING DONG would be in every single shot), Theo James is much too young (and frankly, he’s not hot enough) and I don’t even know this “Christian Cooke” character. It sounds like an alias for Ian Somerhalder.

Anyway, enjoy the pretty pictures of Alex and Jamie.




jamie dornan

Photos courtesy of WENN, Out Magazine, GQ.

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  1. blue marie says:

    Thank you for the Viking pictures, always appreciated. I really hope he says no, I don’t know that I could forgive him if he was starring in this crap.

    Jamie is pretty, I hope he says no too.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I hope this doesn’t cause a rift in our friendship marie but I kind of like Skars for the role. I think he could do it and not damage his reputation and I might actually watch the movie (rental of course) if he’s in it.
      The man has a lot of sex appeal.

      Jamie Dornan is so SO hot. I always forget about him but thanks for reminding me, Kaiser.

      • tessaa says:

        Please no. Everytime someone links a decent actor to this abomination of a project, a little fairy dies.

      • Izzy says:

        NO. Kitten, just NO. They cannot have my Forever Viking Dong for this Fifty Shades of Tripe thing.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I thought the Skarsex scenes would be a bit of a silver lining?

        Ok, no Skars then. I don’t want to upset my ladies.

      • blue marie says:

        NOOOOO! But you might be right. As much as I hate to admit, if he was in it you better believe I’d rent it.. Damn you HW for exploiting my Viking Dong weakness..

        my fingers are still crossed that he’ll be a NO though

      • BRE says:

        I think Alex could work if they make the script mor like an indi film, less teen talk from Anna, and only do the first book. It could be like Secretary if done a little more artsy. And seeing Alex on Trublood has shown me he has the range to do it.

  2. Sixer says:

    Actually, I think the Viking is the only one with the chutzpah to make it out of this alive and with career prospects undamaged.

    • Minx says:

      Agree, Sixer. As much as I like to see full frontal Viking, I still hope he stays far, far away. Thanks for the pretty, Kaiser. Alex is just…UNF!

    • Axis2ClusterB says:


      I love the word chutzpah.

    • momoftwo says:

      I totally agree! He is so hot and broody and sexy and bad-boyish at Vampire Eric that I totally think he could pull it off. And he’s not afraid of being campy (or naked :)

      I will def see it if he is Christian Grey!!!!

    • Sixer says:

      I don’t actually want him to do it and I won’t be watching no matter who does it. But to exit with career intact, it will need bravura. Hence the Viking.

    • gefeylich says:

      NO WAY. If Skarsgard does this POS, he’ll lose ALL credibility as an actor in this country. He’ll be pegged as someone akin to Lindsay Lohan: desperate for any “high profile” role, no matter how stupid and vile.

      Also, the $125,000 payment is insulting. He can’t be that hard up for roles. Even the idiotic True Blood is better than this crap.

  3. Leah says:

    Jamie Dornan should do it: Alex is too busy and it might damage his career. Dornan did pretty well in the Fall on BBC from what i heard so i think he is a decent actor and he is obviously seriously beautiful.

    • Sixer says:

      He did very well in The Fall and the body is there together with the ability to do weird sex stuff and carry it off.

      But I don’t know if his career would survive it.

  4. Jen says:

    THANK GOD Alex will be busy. They need to leave his name out of this.

    • freya says:

      My reaction exactly. When I read last night he was on the list, I summed up his coming projects in my head: Filming The Giver any day now, Walking with Wounded end of november till approx. 17 december and then in january filming for True Blood will start. And after that probably Tarzan. Phew, no time for 50 sh*ts! Unless ofcourse they postpone filming… :s

    • Roo says:

      Agreed. Even if he wasn’t too busy, I like to think Alex would have the sense not to do this. Also, at 37 already I think he would be too old for a multi-picture deal playing someone in his 20′s. Thank god, indeed.

  5. Janet says:

    I think they should just scrap the whole movie. It’s going to reek no matter who’s in it.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      I agree, but there are lots of people out there who want to see p0rn disguised as a real movie. It is the ultimate cynical money grab on the part of the studio, and it won’t matter HOW awful it is.

  6. LAK says:

    Jamie was also the ‘huntsman’ in TV’s Once upon a time.

    When i heard Patrick MAber had been hired to re-write script, i decided that perhaps this might not turn out as badly as we think it will.

    He has written some very good plays and films.

    Therefore, good script [we hope!] from a good writer plus a good visuals [we hope!] from a visually interesting director……it may surprise all of us.

    • gefeylich says:

      Um, no. The source material is reworked Twilight fanfic – you almost can’t get any lower than that. And since the producers are spending the Hollywood equivalent of $12 on this crapfest (hoping to recoup millions upon millions on it), it will be lucky to have production values slightly better than Sharknado.

  7. tifzlan says:

    I will NOT stand for Alexander Skarsgard being cast as Christian Grey NO NO NO GOD NO *insert michael scott gif here*

  8. mom2two says:

    Don’t do it Alex or Jamie!
    I’ve only seen Jamie in Once Upon a Time where I thought he did well with his role even though it was limited, so I don’t feel like I can really judge his acting talent-but he is a looker.
    Alex, on the other hand, is way too good for this. In addition to the South Pole trek-he is filming The Giver and haven’t they cast Christoph Waltz for the Tarzan movie? So, I think Alex won’t have time for this one.
    Theo James is 28-29 and is playing the lead guy in Divergent and I don’t see him taking this role or even being right for it.

  9. Anna says:

    Dornan FTW – he was killed off much too soon on Once Upon A Time. Such a cutie!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He is really hot. I wonder how tall he is though-looks like he might be a bit of a shortie..

      *runs off to google*

      5’11″…not bad. His wife is really pretty too-she looks so much younger than 31….

  10. Audrey says:

    Maybe more guys would be interested if they actually cast an even semi-known female lead. She seems so bland.

  11. Audrey says:

    Woops double post

  12. mia girl says:

    Yum and yummier.

  13. Mia4S says:

    Thankfully between movies and Arctic expeditions I’m 99% sure Skars will tell them to take a hike! Jamie Dornan? I kind of like him so I don’t wish this crap on him…but he’s hot and mostly unknown so he probably tops on the list. But is he available? Do they bump filming if these guys are all busy? What an hilarious mess!!

    • grabbyhands says:

      That’s what worries me-he’s a great actor,but he doesn’t have a ton of stateside recognition and he may view it as his big Hollywood break. I hope not. :(

  14. eliza says:

    Someone yesterday said Skarsgaard is unavaible , plus, he is no dummy. It would be career suicide and he has a good thing going. He is not about to ruin his career on Twight fan fic. No way!

    • Debbie says:

      Wow, he’s in Twilight fan fic, too? Versatile.

      • gefeylich says:

        50 Shades is Twilight fanfic. Banks wrote it a while ago and posted it online, then changed the names of Edward and Bella to whatever the hell they are now, and it was published as an “original” novel.

        So not only is it crap, it’s purloined crap from an only slightly less crappy source.

  15. Nev says:

    I have never read the book and have no intention of ever reading it.

    But if MR.ALEX YUM-A-LOT is cast in this movie I will definitely HAVE TO see the movie!!!!!!


  16. O says:

    Just scrap the damn movie!!

    • Mari says:

      This. Why are they trying so hard with this movie? Does it really need to be made? Do we really need to see it?

  17. Elle says:

    People should just give it up with Alex as Christian thing. It ain’t happening. He’s filming The Giver in South Africa in November and then the Walking with the Wounded thing. Plus, TB filming after. Besides, what’s in it for him? He likes an acting challenge, something different than what he’s played before. And considering he’s already played a conflicted abusive rapist in Straw Dogs, there isn’t much appeal in this for him.

    I do love that the producers keep throwing his name around to hype it up. Nice try.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree this is all coming from the producers in an effort to get attention. Plus it helps them looks good after their star bolted, like they have decent actors interested and it’s not a disaster for them. Please.
      I don’t think Alex was ever interested in this – if he were they would have given him the role right away. I’m not as familiar with the other guy, but I doubt he wants this either.

      Give it to Ian, he’s the only one who for some reason wants that role.

    • Really says:

      He was the guy in Straw Dogs! Ugh!I feel dirty for saying it because of what happens, but he was so hot in that movie, up until he’s a rapist murder of course. I don’t watch TB but I would like to see him as Christian Grey. Too bad he is busy.

  18. Lori says:

    So filming starts in 2-3 weeks and they are just now hiring someone to fix the script? So how is Charlie Hunnam unprofessional for walking away from this?

  19. Mrs K says:

    I read the book.
    The ideal candidate is Matt Bomer – he has
    classically beautiful face & he looks distant and “moody”.

    • Lucy says:

      Matt might look the part, but he’s also too good for this.

      • Mrs K says:

        I think those films will be like Sex & the City – they won’t be critically acclaimed but they will be a commercial success.

        Btw. I don’t understand why everyone criticizes the book. This discussion should be about which actor is the ideal Christian.

      • Jen says:

        Everyone criticizes the book because it’s 1) Twilight fanfiction, 2) the worst piece of crap writing I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading a chapter of, and 3) about an abusive creep.

      • Mrs K says:

        @ Jen
        1) it doesn’t have any resemblance to Twilight
        2) yeah, it could have been much better
        3) I read only the first book.
        The man was not abusive – he told that woman in advance what will happen. She agreed to it, because she wanted to keep him. Finally, she understood that living like this is against her nature and she left him. There are much worse books – like f. e. The story of O.

      • Emily C. says:

        3) You are incorrect. The man is abusive. No dom makes a sub sign a flippin’ contract. Also, she doesn’t have a safeword. Grey also does not give one fine damn about his victims’ pleasure or needs. It is NOT a book about BDSM. It is about a rapist-abuser and his victim. Period.

        Consent is not something you can permanently give. If you are not allowed to call the whole thing off at any time you please, with the full knowledge and trust that the other person will immediately stop doing what they were doing, you are being abused. These books glorify abuse. Also they’re written absolutely terribly.

      • Another Ann says:

        Emily, while I agree about the quality of the writing and the fact that the book certainly doesn’t accurately portray BDSM, I would correct a couple of inaccuracies in your statement.

        Ana does have a safeword. She’s too much of a dumbass to use it when she should, perhaps, but that’s on her.

        And there is indeed such a thing as a contract in BDSM. It is not intended to be legally binding, but for each party to agree on what they do or do not want to participate in.

        Ana was a consenting partner in this story, so I have a problem calling it rape. It may have been unhealthy, but she was a consenting adult, and was not under the influence or unable to give consent.

      • Mrs K says:

        @ Emily
        @ Another Ann:

        Yes, there was a safeword, she never used it.
        She never signed that contract and even if she signed, there was a clause in the contract that she could immediately cancel it. + she knew the contract was not legally binding. It was no abuse. She was challenging her own limits because she wanted it.

      • Xas says:

        Mrs. K:

        a. Sex & the City movies are spin offs of a SUCCESFUL AND CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED TV series with great following. Comparing a series which make a great impact on TV with that trash is making low favors.
        b. Even at the lowest, Sex & the City didn’t have the scarlett mark of “Twilight wannabe sexual predatory thing”.
        c. Actually yes, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a lame rip off of Twilight, heck even the same author confirms that putting Christian Grey as a new Edward Cullen.
        d. After checking the first book -For my disgrace- I’m surprising with your defense of Anastasia’s actions of the book. This is exactly a predatory behaviour with a clear sense of mysoginy.

    • Emily C. says:

      The ideal candidate is Roman Polanski.

    • grabbyhands says:

      Actually it has everything to do with Twilight. It started out as Twilight fanfiction and she changed the names. That is a sad fact.

    • Bridget says:

      @mrs k: all the discussion about abuse isn’t just about thr supposed ”S” in the S&M relationship, but rather about the control he exhibits. At it’s root, abuse is about power and control.

      Also, these book have everything to do woth Twilight as they’re fan fiction.

    • LULU says:

      I agree 100% with you. There are a LOT of couples out there that are into the swinger stuff and I personally know both, married and single people, that are also into the BSDM Stuff, therefore I disagree with the people that criticize the author or the fans because everyone is differente and there is literature for anyone’s style. I read the books, I like them, It’s a fantasy!! It’s fiction!! and it was a consesual relationship not an abusive relationship. She got pleasure on pleasing him. To each its own.

      • Mrs K says:

        @ Lulu: that’s weird – I have read somewhere that people who are seriously into SM are like 1,4% of population. A real minority.

  20. Anname says:

    Fun fact – Jamie Dornan is friends with Rob Pattinson. Wonder what Rob would advise him to do if he were offered the role, lol. Take the risk, or run away as fast as possible?

    • Another Ann says:

      I thought the same thing. I’d guess Rob would tell him to run, fast. And Jamie has seen what Rob has had to deal with, so I think he’d pass.

  21. Lucy says:

    Leave Jamie and Alex alone. Just give it to Alex Pettyfer and be done with it! Or better yet, forget about making all this happen!!!

  22. Az says:

    Somerhalder has had a boner for the role pretty much since the book came out. Just give it to him already. And full frontal Viking dong would be the ONLY legit reason to even consider watching this mess.

  23. Emily C. says:

    Alex Skarsgard will not do it because Alex is not a moron. I don’t care about the other people, I have no opinion of them. My opinion of the man who takes the role will plummet drastically, of course. “I get to further the idea that BDSM = abuse, and quite possibly encourage vulnerable young women to agree to do things with men who pretend to be doms but are actually rapists and abusers? Sign me up!” Whoever does this is flushing his career, pride, and ethics down the toilet.

  24. Areejpie says:

    Great. Now I ONLY can see and want Charlie Hunnam to play that role. He is so fine and would have made a great Christian Grey. No one else will do.

  25. ZAK says:

    I hope Jamie doesn’t do it, I think that he has potential. Sorry but I really don’t care about what Alex does. 50 Shades ain’t much worse than that silly but fun True Blood show that he is on.

    • tessaa says:

      Oh it IS worse. MUCH MUCH worse.

      50 shades is not only offensively bad in terms of writing/story, it’s just plain offensive, because of everything it represents (or MISrepresents).
      It’s utter tripe with absolutely no redeeming quality and its succes makes me sad for humanity.

    • Xas says:

      Tessa is right. True Blood is pulpy and trashy, but at least has “a feeling of story” and the female lead is still independent albeit a weak.

      FSG not only is WORSE,is clear offensive to human intelligence and women rights.

  26. j.eyre says:

    Well hello Mr. Dornan.

  27. Apples says:

    “and I don’t even know this “Christian Cooke” character. It sounds like an alias for Ian Somerhalder.”

    OH God, this made me laugh so hard. I got an image of Somerhalder- so desperate to try out for the part- he’s sneaking into readings wearing various disguises.

  28. KC says:

    After seeing that last photo of Jamie Dornan…Cristian Grey is written all over him!! :D

  29. Bex says:

    You know, that first picture of Alex with the frown, I think that that is the look that Justin Beiber and his sad friends are trying to acheive with all the brow wrinkling, except they fail miserably. Alex on the other hand…

  30. Baskingshark says:

    Jamie Dornan and Christian Cooke? Wow. That sound you hear is the bottom of the barrel being scraped.

    I’m wondering if this film will be bad enough to destroy the careers of EVERYONE in it or just the leads and director.

  31. Scavenger says:

    Kaiser, now that you bring him up, I think we need Rupert Friend to do this.

  32. Debbie says:

    How Alexander Skarsgard Found Himself In Contention For Christian Grey

    Director: “Ooh, you know who I’d *really* want for Christian Grey? Alexander Skarsgard.”

    Casting: “Ooh, me too! Let’s ask him. [dials phone] Hello, Mr. Skarsgard’s Agency? We’d like to cast Mr. Skarsgard as Christian Gr — hello? Hello?”

  33. grabbyhands says:

    Every time a good actor’s name is brought up by someone I think, do you hate them and want them to fail? Because that’s what this role means professionally.

    Also, it cracks me up how many people were all, “Now that Charlie Hunnam dropped it, they can get Matt Bomer!”. Except that he has said more than once that he is not interested. I think Askars was just trolling everyone when he said he was born to play him. Of course, he did appear in Battleship so maybe he’s not a savvy as I thought. God, Jamie is coming off the Fall, which was great and got good reviews-I hope he’s not that stupid.

  34. sauvage says:

    Not even Alexander Skarsgard could get me to watch this mess. It’s just the same as it was with “Battleship”.

    Come on Alex, you can’t do it! Come on Alex, there’s nothing to it!!

  35. Sharra55 says:

    Let me start off by saying I haven’t read the books…don’t give a rats fart about the books.

    I’m only here to look at the pictures.

  36. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I ADORE Alex, so I hope he says HELL TO THE NO! to this movie.

    That Jamie fellow though, no idea who he is, so I say go for it.

  37. St says:

    Oh my God. I saw name Jamie Dornan and this news on other site and they had picture when he was clean shaving. And I had no idea I know him. And then you post his picture with beard and frak – it’s that hot Sheriff aka The Huntsman from Once Upon a Time. I stopped watching that tv show right after that episode when they killed hot sheriff. Could not forgive them that. Never saw an episode since.

    He was also with Agent Scully in The Fall. Oh God. He looks like completely different person when he is with beard. I also had no idea my Hot Sheriff dated Keira. Please, cast Jamie. I want him to be famous.

  38. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Jamie Dornan’s completely creepy role in The Fall (like, creepiest, hottest serial killer ever; BBC show, Netflix it, Gillian Anderson amazing in it too) makes me think he wants to be taken seriously as an actor, that he is willing to take on a really freaky, unpleasant role to prove himself. 50 Shades is like kindergarten compared to what he did in The Fall. I hope this means he won’t do 50 Shades, I think it would be a big mistake. He has proved he can act in the U.K., no one in Hollywood really knows this yet and I fear it could wreck his career. A.Skars is kind of a better fit, in that he has somewhat of a name but no film success as of yet. If it bombed he could bounce back.

  39. cc says:

    “Theo James is not hot enough” LMAO, this guy isn’t hot enough, seriously? let’s see what you girls say about Theo after Divergent.

    • St says:

      I like Theo since his Mister Pamuk days on Downton Abbey. And was happy when he was cast in Golden Boy and then Divergent. We all wondered why Ryan Phillippe abandoned Golden Boy. Turns out it was a bad tv show. And it was canceled pretty quickly.

      And Divegrent will just flop. We saw trailer. It just looks bad and for the people who read the books. For everyone other it looks boring. And most probably will flop just like Mortal Instruments. Nobody really likes or cares about Shailene Woodley. Just like no one did about Lily Collins. But producers put them in lead roles of big movies and then they have bombs. There is a reason why Shailene Woodley was fired from Spider Man franchise. I suspect that producers saw that she is not interesting enough to pull that Mary Jane.

      I read Divergent book. I did not like it. But for me personally it was interesting to see how they will recreate that “universe” from the book. And still it was boring. People who did not read the book will have zero interest in that movie.

      • cc says:

        Just because you don’t like the book, the trailer, or Shailene doesn’t mean the movie will flop, maybe it isn’t your cup of tea.

  40. LostinSpace33 says:

    God, I thought we were finally through will all of this when that Charlie guy was cast. The writing is crap and the movie is going to be craptastic…Alex doesn’t need that in his career. Granted, I would watch him in anything — I sat through Melancholia, for heaven’s sake — but I think he’s so much better than 50 Shades of Crap.

  41. Nicole says:

    This is really kind of bizarre if you take a step back to think about it. What you’re basically debating is: who would be the best actor to play Robert Pattinson but who isn’t himself, actually, Robert Pattinson. The elephant in the room here is that the Christian Grey character is basically fan-girl porn based on, yeah that would be…Robert Pattinson, who I’m certain had already emphatically turned the part down before Hunnam was ever offered it. Anyone else is just going to be an approximation to what the author originally had in mind and, if I were an actor considering the role, I’d find that a little disconcerting to say the least.

  42. JayneGH says:

    Alex must do this!!!

  43. RHONYC says:

    brunette dude has the douchebag element needed for the sleaze of the role. :?

  44. Cj says:

    I know the books were poorly written, but I’m going to be optimistic about it. I’m hoping this will be one of those rare instances where the movies are way better than the books! Go Skarsgard♥♥