Hugh Jackman on gay rumors: ‘No reason to be mad unless there’s an element of truth’

Hugh Jackman

Here are some photos of Hugh Jackman (who arrived in an Audi) at the London premiere of The Wolverine. I’m not usually into Hugh with facial hair, but I have to admit that he looks very suave and dapper here in this classy blue suit, which is a more interesting choice than the usual black we see from dudes; yet it’s not weird like a certain burnt sienna suit we saw Bradley Cooper sporting on a recent red carpet.

I’ll get to more red carpet fashion in just a moment, but first, here’s some more of the interview that arrived with Hugh’s hilarious Good Housekeeping cover. Last time, Hugh was busy talking about how “surprise” is an integral part of keeping romance alive in his marriage to wife Deborra. Now he’s talking again about those pesky gay rumors because journalists just won’t stop asking:

Hugh Jackman

His own reaction to the gay rumors: “I don’t really pay attention. If someone’s going to spend their time saying, ‘You’re really not 6′ 2″; you’re 5′ 10″,’ ” he says, using height as an analogy for sexual orientation, ‘I’ll tell them once, ‘I am 6′ 2″.’ Then, whatever you want to believe, it’s up to you. Am I going to waste energy going, ‘I’m so mad that this person says I’m 5′ 10″?” He shakes his head. “We really only get mad when there’s an element of truth, right?”

On his wife: “If anyone meets my wife, they’re like, ‘You’re all right, Hugh, but your wife is awesome.’ Everyone who meets her loves her. So it’s just wrong. It almost makes me sad for the people [saying those things]. They’re obviously in a bad place.”

On their IVF & miscarriages: “It’s a tough process. While you’re going through IVF and get pregnant, every day [the feeling is], We’re still holding! We’re still holding…! You know how precarious it is and how much she’s been through to get there. And [miscarriage] is a massive letdown. It’s really difficult–and much harder for the woman.” After their second miscarriage, “I just remember saying to Deb, ‘We’ve always wanted to adopt. Let’s start going about that.’”

They chose to adopt interracial children as a “no brainer”: “People wait 18 months to adopt a little blond girl, while biracial children are turned away.” Still, they were rejected by a few birth mothers’ parents who didn’t want to give a child to “those Hollywood types who never stay together.”

[From Good Housekeeping]

Hugh and Deborra have already discussed the gay rumors together in a public venue, and Deborra admits that she finds the talk to be “offensive,” and I don’t blame her one bit. From where I’m sitting, I think Deb takes these rumors very personally because they are aimed more at her (and her supposedly unorthodox looks as the wife of an A-lister) because she’s supposedly “not good enough” for Hugh unless, of course, the marriage is a sham. Hugh stresses to Good Housekeeping that he tries to be empathetic to Deb’s concerns on the matter, but the talk just doesn’t phase him that much.

Here’s Famke Janssen at the premiere. Her blush pink dress isn’t awful, but it’s fairly shapeless and not flattering to her figure. Also, these “Hemlock Grove” hair extensions weigh down Famke’s usually dramatic facial structure in a considerable manner, which makes her look pretty tired. She’s had some work done in recent years, right?

Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen

Here’s Hugh with two more of his Wolverine costars, Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima. Rita is wearing the same Stella McCartney jumpsuit that both Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez have worn this year. That jumpsuit really gets around.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. Sixer says:

    I don’t care if he’s gay or not (but I think Deb is doing herself no favours by not keeping entirely schtum) – Hugh is one my forever dongs. He can be whatever he likes!

    • Anna says:

      Well, she’s a public figure in her own right, and if it bothers her…I mean, it certainly concerns her more than it does anyone else commenting on the issue. She’s not in any kind of wrong.

    • Sixer says:

      Oh no, I don’t think she’s in the wrong. I just think saying nothing would be better for her personally – I wouldn’t show vulnerability or hurt about it, you know?

      • Anna says:

        Gotcha. I guess it got to her – I mean, I hear the ‘he’s gay’ stuff about Hugh from so many people (guys and girls) whenever his movies come out, that it’s gotten to ME. And I am a veeeeery mild Hugh fangirl, if that.

    • Buckwild says:

      I can understand why it upsets her too. But I think she should try to just live her fab life with her sexy man and ignore the naysayers. Best revenge is living well.

    • Rux says:

      Hugh & his family take their dog to the same dog park as we do in the West Village. We’ve never gone up to them just because we do not want to disturb him; I mean he’s spending time with his family. But I have to say that he and his wife are pretty engaged with each other and she makes him laugh a lot. She may not be the standard Hollywood A List wife but she is very attractive and has a certain something that makes her appealing.

  2. Maddy says:

    I do feel bad for his wife. I would be upset at the rumours if it was me, and how people are just so disbelieving that a good looking male celebrity could POSSIBLY love a pleasant enough but rather ordinary woman.

    • Liv says:

      This plus the fact that these two have children and the rumors basically say there family would be a lie. I totally understand that she’s concerned how this affects her family.

      • Isa says:

        Yes it would break my heart if people didn’t think I was good enough for my husband or if he was only using me for a cover up. And yes I know it shouldn’t matter but it would still get to me. If my spouse was bothered by the rumors it would bother me too!

  3. Collar says:

    The journalists keep asking because he LETS them. All celebs have a list of “please dont ask” questions. It looks like Hugh took the Gay-Question off that list in the last few months. And honestly I find the constant miscarriage and maternal desertion talk from this guy really really exploitative. Once or twice makes sense. But when you cant give an interview without mentioning your tragedies, you are clearly just trying to make yourself relatable and whoring your story for ticket sales.

    Not that self whoring would be new to Hugh. He of the monthly beach pics. Like bleeding clockwork. Oh to be a guy and get away with crap because you are “cute and reportedly nice”

    • Andrea says:

      Are you kidding me with this?

      As a woman who has tried to get pregnant for years, do you know what a comfort it is to me to hear other people be able to talk about miscarriages and IVF openly like this?

      Fertility is usually treated like a dirty secret. Trust me. People feel ashamed to talk about it. It’s not only healthy to talk about it but it’s paramount in order to help others know they aren’t alone.

      I’m grateful to Hugh for talking about it. Because it reminds me I’m not alone. So why don’t you dial back the judgement on a very complex and emotional subject matter.

      • jinni says:

        If this was the first time he’s talked about it and the Collar wrote what they wrote I could understand your comment, but this isn’t the first time. He talked about this all throughout his Oscar campaign and continues to milk it whenever he has something to sell and honestly it’s coming off as tacky now to some of us.

        It’s great that this openness is helping you, but that doesn’t change that some of us are put off by what appears to be classic Hollywood “see I’m just like you” tactics.

      • Collar says:

        My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, Andrea. Been there. With Hugh, this has become his go-to topic when he needs headlines for awards season or a movie premier.
        Wheres his advocacy work on the issue outside of his self promotion campaigns? Its a topic that he drags up for a very cynical purpose and it cheapens all our loss. Imagine for a second the backlash if say Beyonce made her miscarriages a marketting gimmick. And remind yourself the drama Michelle Williams (unfairly) got for talking about the grief of losing her babys father, maybe three times. Hes a guy. Hes getting a pass. Its BS.

      • Kay says:

        I agree. As someone who just went through a miscarriage and now faces the prospect of fertility issues it is nice to know you aren’t the only one and others go through it. Plus it really isn’t something you get over, it’s obviously something that is still with them. It’s also something, that for them, goes hand in hand with the gay rumors as oftentimes people used the fact that they had adopted as “proof” that he was gay and that they didn’t have a sex life.

    • jinni says:

      + 1

    • Anna says:

      I think him talking about this so openly makes it (and anything family-related) not just a ‘women’s issue,’ which is so refreshing and progressive.

      • Isa says:

        I agree with Anna. I like that he talks about it. It seems like men don’t really bring it up much but it’s their baby too! It’s something a couple goes through together. It’s heartbreaking.

    • Liv says:

      I disagree. He’s supposed to be one of the most nice and down to earth actors. And why should he forbid questions about his sexuality? Many people would assume then that he’s indeed gay.

      He can’t win in this situation.

    • pippa says:

      @Collar, I 100% agree with you.

    • Cary says:

      He plays the game and plays it well but I don’t find it offensive because he’s also very nice IRL. I know people who’ve met him at his kids’ school and they say he’s a total sweetheart and very friendly with the other parents. So go ahead with the shirtless beach pix, Hugh. No complaints from me.

    • Lucinda says:

      It’s part of the job and he’s doing it well. It’s annoying absolutely. And intolerable when the actor/actress is a complete jerk constantly whining about privacy. But coming from an actor with an impeccable reputation for kindness and great worth ethic, it becomes bearable.

      Plus, I personally appreciate the beach pics every. single. time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Bridget says:

      So you’re actually complaining that he doesn’t pull the star act and give a list of decrees of what he will and will not talk about? Hugh is widely regarded as one of the nicest, most decent guys in Hollywood. And if I remember correctly, he only recently even discused their difficulties getting pregnant.

  4. Serenitynow says:

    I love Hugh. Gorgeous man he his. His wife Deb seems lovely and he adores her.
    He can’t win- people would still bitch even if he had a supermodel wife. But I believe their love is sincere and in Hollywood that’s a rarity.

  5. Maria says:

    “We really only get mad when there’s an element of truth, right?”

    i dont know, that like the stupid “if there is smoke there is fire” i think everyone has the right to be upset and angry about lies.
    i mean would he be as calm and cool if people were saying he beats his wife? just because its not true doesnt mean you cant be angry about it.
    i would be mad as hell as its a direct attack on his wife. but he cant be mad in public as that would make everything only worse.

    • I Choose Me says:

      That’s what I was thinking. If there was a persistent rumor about me that was not true I’d be very upset. I know getting angry doesn’t change anything and that it would be healthier to ignore the rumors and just live my life but I’m not that thick-skinned.

  6. sharron says:

    I’ve never seen the gay rumours attributed to his wife’s appearance EXCEPT on this site.

    They are usually a result of the usual stereotypes of (a) he’s a Hollywood star thus he is closet gay, or (b) he sings & dances thus he is closet gay.

    So, Celebitchy writers, please stop using his wife as a reference.

    • Yep says:

      I saw it attributed to her appearance long before I discovered this site.

      It’s unfortunate.

      • Feebee says:

        But people haven’t seen or forget what she looked like when they met. I’m not saying she’s not still attractive but she was a well known, popular actress when they met on set in Australia and she’s obviously had/has the personality to go with the looks. I’m not surprised they got together and are still together.

    • yoyo says:

      Agreed. It’s got nothing to do with his wife: It’s the way he comes off when he sings and dance and his general vibe when he IS around his wife. There’s zero chemistry there. And the fact that they have been together for 15 years or whatever doesn’t mean that you don’t feel that connection when it IS there. Btw I find the way he says that the rumors about him don’t bother him but bother his wife super condecending to his wife and not supportive at all. Like she’s the one who has a problem. His reaction is iffy.
      I have heard the same stories from him (childhood abandonment, everyone prefers my wife to me, she has so much energy, we had such issues with IVF, our children are miracles, oh I’m so tired of eating chicken,etc) for a SOLID 10 years. He’s like a broken record and I agree with those who say he’s cheapening all the issues and not actually advocating for anything other than his “good guy “immage and ticket sales. IF goop or Beyonce did that they would be CRUCIFIED. But he’s a dude and a pretty boy so he gets a pass. It pisses me off, big time. I’m not falling for his BS. YOu know how people can become ugly due to their behavior/personality, he’s been quite hideous to me since he took a page of out the WIll Smith playbook of “fake *ss smiles/ mr happy/ I am so relatable / look at my perfect family/what do you mean my marriage is a sham/give me all your money/I have a formula for success/this is my life philosophy/ huge fake laugh” nonsense.

  7. Marty says:

    This is kind of OT, but is anyone else happy to see this new wave of Asain actresses getting roles in more major films? I really like seeing this.

    • Side-Eye says:

      I like this too and I’m glad you mentioned it! I think Asians are pretty underrepresented in Hollywood.

  8. ncboudicca says:

    Those tight pants are quite nice. That is all.

  9. serena says:

    dear god, how handsome. I love this man.

  10. j.eyre says:

    Hugh… Famke…

    Holy Mother of Threesomes – I think my heart just stopped.

  11. bamster says:

    He’s just so lovable, the gays want him, the straights want him. His ability to change from the toughest hot guy to broadway dancing and singing guy adds to his appeal and versality. Who care about his sexuality when he and his wife are happy, its not like he’s fooling around.

  12. Lucinda says:

    I love when a new Hugh movie comes out because then I get to see lots of new, wonderful, gorgeous pictures of this man. Sigh….he can do no wrong in my eyes. I’m a complete fangirl.

  13. Alissa says:

    The thing people dont realise is that when they got married 20 + years ago. She was a really big deal in Australia and he was no one who was doing theatre stuff then he was the one that blew up.

  14. Joanna says:

    geez, why can’t I find a man that looks like him? This is my idea of a man, not one who wears tighter pants than me. no metrosexual b.s. for me. Give me a hugh clone, please! that’s my cup of tea!

  15. Pajalakenora says:

    In 2007 I saw Famke Janssen out walking her dog in her Soho neighborhood. It was the first time I saw heavy Botox face up close, and in an instant I recognized how creepy it is. Such a shame..she used to be so pretty.

  16. May May says:

    I’ve said it before it and I’ll say it again: I adore this man. I don’t understand all the hate he gets, he seems like such a genuinely good guy.