John Travolta loves Scientology so much: ‘I don’t think I’d be here without it’

John Travolta

These are photos of John Travolta being honored for his outstanding contribution to film (with a Lifetime Achievement award) at the Karlovy Vary film festival in the Czech Republic. The festival also celebrated Oliver Stone with the same award, and oddly enough (not really) both stars were already scheduled to be present because they premiered their new film, Killing Season, at the festival.

In celebration of his award, John sat down with the Guardian for an interview during which he sings the praises of L. Ron Hubbard’s gospel of Scientology. You’ll notice, of course, that John continues to dance for David Miscavige even when Tom Cruise realizes it’s time to shut up — because John really wants to be the poster boy for the cult. Most recently, Travolta told the tale of healing a car crash victim with a Scientology “assist,” and now he’s deflecting questions about the challenges rightfully heaped upon the CO$ over the last several years. He never really answers the questions about Scientology at all … it’s as if he can just change the subject and make people magically believe him. Whatever:

John Travolta

The best life advice he’s received: “Marlon Brando gave me great advice: never expect things from people they can’t give you. That’s hot. That’ll save you a lot of heartbreak. And, think about it: it has a lot of tentacles. Because if you don’t analyse what a person is capable of doing and if you’re expecting one thing but you’re getting another, well, why didn’t you see that they could only give you that first thing? It’s very powerful.”

Does he still love to dance? “Oh yeah, dancing’s part of my soul. I enjoy it, it makes people happy, and it makes me happy.”

Is he weary of fame? “I don’t do as many movies now, so the pacing of them is better. Back in the days when I would do two or three movies a year and have to do world junkets for each of them — that was tiring, to be completely frank. But when I do a movie a year or so, or go to an event like this, there’s not enough to tire me out.”

On Scientology’s negative press: “Well, you know, I love Scientology. I’ve been involved for 38 years, and I don’t think I’d be here without it because I’ve had a lot of losses and different negative things that have happened over the years and it really got me through brilliantly. I would walk in to a session feeling one way and walk out feeling a lot better.”

Why he gave up Catholicisim for CO$: “There are techniques for actually ridding you of stresses and pain as opposed to an advisory or recommendation on how to live. I believe L Ron Hubbard resolved the human mind, and in resolving it he has also resolved human pain — that’s what I really think has happened here.”

His memories of James Gandolfini: “I’ll tell you two small stories that will explain how I feel about him. The background is that my father sold automobile tyres to his father in New York, and he would see my photograph in the store window, and it inspired him to be an actor. Later, we ended up doing five movies together. When my son passed away, (3) he would not leave the city until I was OK, he was worried about me, and I felt it was so human, and so unusual for an actor to have this depth of feeling about someone. Before that, we were shooting a little movie with Salma Hayek [Lonely Hearts]. He was going through a divorce and was very sad. I saw him backstage and said: ‘Jim, did I ever tell you something?’ He said: ‘What?’ and I said: ‘I loved you the moment I met you.’ He started to cry, because he needed to cry. That was a true connection, and I hope these two stories explain it a bit.”

On career lows: “You have to understand my origins. I’m from a working-class family. We didn’t have a lot, but we had the arts. You’re talking to a guy who is making a living at doing what he loves doing — acting, singing and dancing. So any career ups and downs were not that significant to me, the only things that really powerfully impinged on me were my losses, and there were many in my life. Those had an impact, but short of that, movies — I love them, but they’re not life.”

[From The Guardian]

On one hand, I feel slightly terrible for John because he’s basically living a lie while going overboard on PDA with wife Kelly Preston in an effort to convince us that they’re totally happy together even though John regularly ducks away for sailing trips with the boys when he’s not slapping the ass of the nearest male masseuse. On the other hand, John has all the resources in the world to pull away from this cult, but he just doesn’t want to do it. So he’s content to live in his own little bubble forever, and to me, that seems like a wasted way to spend one’s life.

Now for absolutely no reason at all other than the fact that Travolta namedropped Marlon Brando, here are some photos of the acting legend in his younger years. Hey, we never get a chance to post photos of Brando looking hot, so enjoy!

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

John Travolta

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. marie says:

    nah he wouldn’t, he’d be in jail somewhere for assault. after all the groping and whatnot, I can’t really watch him in a movie anymore.

    • Emily C. says:

      Without Scientology completely messing up his sexuality, as they do to all members, I sort of doubt he’d ever have assaulted anyone. He’d have one or a few fully consensual boyfriends, or a husband, and be much better off both as an actor and as a human being.

  2. Jayna says:

    Well, I don’t think he’s gone all Tom Cruise where he is going to out there forcing it down our throats in interviews. He answered a couple of questions of how it’s helped him in a couple areas of his life. I’m sure there are some techniques that are helpful like any self-help book. Other than that, he refuses to see the scam they are and the atrocities of the cult.

    I think John is a good person and that he has a big heart, an Italian guy that wears his heart on his sleeve, thus the James Gandolfino story. He was on Letterman a couple of weeks ago and he was very engaging and funny and nice to see him. He actually was talking about his son who died being autistic and it was obvious Letterman liked him a lot going way back. John was talking about bonding with Robert Deniro because he has an autistic child.

    Losing a child is unimaginable to me, so I can’t hate on John. That was a sweet story about Jimmy staying in town until he was okay. I like to hear stories like that, the human interest side of a celebrity, the kindnesses, without a PR campaign, they do . Whatever sexuality issues are going on, I do believe he and Kelly love each other and she accepts who he is and so their marriage works in whatever arrangement they have.

  3. brin says:

    “Here” being in denial.

  4. Lucybelle says:

    Damn, Brando was one sexy mofo. John T, not so much.

  5. Kiddo says:

    What the what what? “Resolving” the mind, lol. Is that a euphemism for brain-washing?

  6. Dawn says:

    I like John and have since he came on the scene. I would love to have just one dance with him! Other than that I don’t think too much about his private life. It’s not like he’s out there with the paps as much as possible or telling different lies on different days. Does he love Kelly? Of course he does. Is he 100% hetro, I don’t believe so. But again as long as he does not throw it in my face I believe it is none of my business.

    • Kiddo says:

      That’s the problem, supposedly he did “throw it in someone’s face”; the massage therapists. That is a bit predatory. He does seem like a genuinely nice man, but he’s going about his sexual exploits in a less than aboveboard way, according to multiple allegations. If someone had been pulling those type of stunts on female massage therapists, I’m sure there would be more outrage.

      • doofus says:

        SEEMS like a genuinely nice man, but that’s how predators are (the effective ones, anyway).

        Give the public one impression and it makes it easier for you to fend off accusations of sexual assault. “but he’s so NICE!!!”

        as long as he’s part of a enslaving cult like $cientology, he’s on my sh*t list.

      • Kiddo says:


        Okay, understood.

  7. T.fanty says:

    Oh for crying out loud. I’m surprised he also didn’t start talking about the time he danced with Princess Diana, too.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I always feel sorry for him with the brainwashing and Scientology stuff, and then I remember all the assault claims, and don’t anymore.

  9. Charlotte says:

    He is a sexual predator and that keeps me from liking him any time I read something pretty great about him.

  10. Belle Epoch says:

    Doesn’t anybody else think he went to Tom Cruise’s plastic surgeon? He looks like he got a nose job at least. Usually he looks like a puffy version of Satan.

  11. Jess says:

    I have to wonder that whenever JT gives an interview and the reporter asks about Scientology, if JT has an assistant feverishly typing a text to David Miscavige (or underling) asking what answer to give. Longest run-on sentence ever, but hopefully my question is understandable!!!

  12. Emily C. says:

    Someone needs to ask John Travolta, “where is Shelly Miscavige?” That’s what Leah Remini did:

    I doubt Travolta knows, but it’s something he needs to consider. Otoh, I bet Tom Cruise does know.

    • Jess says:

      OMG. She’s probably dead. Seriously. She knows too much. Horrible!!

    • Melanie says:

      Wow! Leah Rimini has just gone way up in my estimation. And kudos to her family for refusing to disconnect from her.

      I hope her whole family break away from the cult. It might encourage more members to stand together and refuse to be intimidated by Miscavige and his evil minions.

    • JennJ says:

      Thanks for the link — interesting.

    • Aotearovian says:

      Thanks very much for that link. Great news. I always wondered why a woman as apparently secure and forthright as Leah Remini was mixed up in Co$. Same with Jenna Elfman.

  13. onegirlup says:

    Boy in the Plastic Bubble all right. I recall that he dated an older woman who died while/after they were together around the same time he filmed that movie. She played his mother in the movie as well. I can’t imagine he would choose her for bearding but..? I do believe he’s at least bi sexual but whatever he is I wish he’d just come out as whatever that is. That Co$ bulls*#t makes ‘em all end up cray cray. Sad.

    • Nicolette says:

      Diana Hyland, and she won a posthumous Emmy for that role. I think back then he was still a bit normal, and not brainwashed by Scientology yet.

      You would think with all his money he could afford a better rug? He just falls into the same creepy category for me as Tom Cruise.

  14. Vickyb says:

    It doesn’t matter at all what resources Travolta has available to him – that’s not the reason that he stays in a cult. This is victim-shaming on a level with that which Rihanna had to handle. People that are emotionally and mentally manipulated, at the hands of an individual or an organisation, don’t view the situation in the same rational and reasonable way that outsiders do.

    I just feel so sad for him that, at best, he’s unaware of how used and manipulated he is by Co$ or, at worst, he’s aware and still doesn’t feel strong enough to leave. Either way, it’s just terribly sad.

  15. bettyrose says:

    I still get such a kitschy thrill from doing a Grease singalong with some girls and liquor. Is there more to be said on the subject of John Travolta?

  16. Paige says:

    That’s hot – John Travolta

    Just read that line in John Travoltas voice and cracked up.

  17. Melanie says:

    “Well, you know, I love Scientology. I’ve been involved for 38 years, and I don’t think I’d be here without it because I’ve had a lot of losses and different negative things that have happened over the years and it really got me through brilliantly.”

    When he is going to realise that the ‘losses and negative things’ are probably as a result of Scientology?

    His son Jett died because of HIS (Travoltas) beliefs. How can he sleep at night?

    When will these people wake up and admit the truth to themselves? They’ve been conned.

  18. Isabel says:

    My answer to the headline:
    Of course you wouldn’t be here, because coming out as gay is harder than killing yourself/becoming a junkie like Blohan.

    I seriously beleive this man is so fcked up he rather dies than come out. Why? I have no clue.

  19. mayamae says:

    Even when I seperate John Travolta from Scientology, he seriously rings the creep bell.

    Around the time Hairspray came out he gave the weirdest interviews. He bragged about how he insisted his character have a good waist because no one would believe her husband would be sexually interested in her because of her obesity unless she had that great waist.

    Then he went on at length about how exciting it was to “introduce his daughter to the world”, and how the world would fall in love with beautful Ella and she was going to be a big star.

    Shades of Will and Jada Smith and pushing their children into celebrity. Looks like Ella never made it.

    • Ag says:

      that’s weird about the character’s waist. what a creep. somehow not surprising, though.

  20. Ag says:

    “never expect things from people they can’t give you.” ugh. like what? consensual sex?

  21. Tansey says:

    Of course he loves Scientology, he’s a celebrity; Scientology bends over backwards for celebs and worships the ground they walk on. If Travolta were a regular peon like us, he’d be brainwashed into slave labor, forced to sign over his kids to the “church”, and forced to build Tom Cruise another motorcycle or add an addition onto his house.

    With all the negativity about Scientology out there, and all the ex-member horror stories (and there are a LOT), I’m baffled why Scientologist celebs don’t get pelted with eggs every time they’re in public for supporting such a nasty organization. It’s disgusting.

  22. Bridget says:

    There have been a lot of rumors that John Travolta isn’t all that into Scientology anymore, but is hamstrung by the fact that they record all of their auditing sessions and he would be utterly ruined if that stuff got out. Think about the stuff that we know – the bathhouses, the groping, the cruising – and remember that people are expected to tell their deepest, darkest secrets during those auditing sessions. Can you imagine what they’re blackmailing him with? John Travolta will never leave the CO$. It also doesnt help that Kelly is SUPER into the Org, and while they may not be in a traditional marriage they are clearly devoted to each other. Should he blow he’d lose his family as well. So JT is going to be one of the CO$’s biggest cheerleaders.

  23. Tiffany says:

    What is amazing is that him and Cruise are HS dropouts and never really came across as intelligent. Its like they smelled the naiveness off of them.