Chris Evans cruised a gay bar w/ his brother & a hot chick who isn’t Minka Kelly

Chris Evans

Here are some photos of Chris Evans grabbing a sandwich yesterday in Studio City. After he left the restaurant, he scaled a short cement wall (presumably) to escape from the photographers who stalk his every movie-star move. He’s so weird and uptight, and I kind of think that he’s still on the verge of losing his cool even though he swears that he’s fine, fine, fine. You know who Chris reminds me of? Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He’s totally the guy who could turn a lump of coal into a diamond in a very unconventional way. Sorry for the gross analogy.

Chris Evans

Onto the story de jour, which involves Chris heading out to a gay bar for his brother’s birthday celebration. Did you know he had a gay brother? His name is Scott, and the guy is pretty damn hot. Scott says that he and Chris are “extremely close,” and although Scott claims he was “absolutely terrified” to come out to his brother, he adds that Chris was totally cool about it. However, the one thing that Chris wouldn’t do for his brother was to go out to gay bars with him. According to this story in the Enquirer, all that has changed:

“Captain America” Chris Evans drove the guys wild when he made a surprise visit to a West Hollywood gay nightclub wearing a form-hugging shirt and jeans. The Avengers star dropped by the trendy club Eleven to help celebrate the 29th birthday of his out-of-the-closet brother Scott, revealed an eyewitness.

All eyes were on hunky Chris as he approached the bar. “The guys there swooned,” said the source. “And when he came up behind Scott, hugged and shouted “Happy Birthday,” it made his brother’s night. Scott, who played a gay cop on the daytime soap “One Life to Live,” considers his A-list older brother “a supportive and amazing role model for gay acceptance,” said the source.

As The Enquirer reported in August of last year, Chris has posed for gay beefcake shots in the past and has admitted to having a “man crush” on Brad Pitt. But he also has quite an eye for the ladies! He dated Jessica Biel for five years and has also been linked to “Friday Night Lights” actress Minka Kelly and “Laguna Beach beauty Kristen Cavallari.

Chris — who’s comfortable with his homosexual fan base, due in part to his brother’s orientation — has said in the past that Scott and his buddies have invited him out to gay bars but he “had to draw the line somewhere.” That made his surprise visit to the gay watering hole especially meaningful. “Scott was beyond thrilled when Chris decided to break his rule and showed up at Eleven shortly before midnight,” said the source.

“Chris arrived with a beautiful blonde woman, but no one in the room was paying attention to her. And while it was Scott’s big night, Chris stole the show. Everyone in the area cheered him on when he chatted with some of the ‘mankini’-wearing go-go-boys, who were dancing on top of the bar. “He even gave his stunning date money to stuff in their G-strings. Scott got a huge kick out of showing off his big brother to his pals. Chris was the hit of the party!”

[From Enquirer, print edition, October 15, 2012]

Whoa, talk about burying a lede. Exactly who was the blonde lady who accompanied Chris to his brother’s birthday party? It certainly wasn’t Minka Kelly even though, earlier this week, the two were photographed making out in public and were sighted together rekindling their relationship in Boston in early August. A lot of you thought Chris looked way more into the public kissing than Minka did, but if this story is true, maybe he’s not that serious about her at all. After all, Chris apparently arrived at the bar with the “beautiful blonde” in tow, so maybe he’s keeping Minka at a distance, or it’s just casual between them? Who knows.

Other than that pesky little issue, I’m glad Chris lightened up a bit and decided to go to a gay bar for his brother’s birthday. Maybe one day, he’ll even be able to freely visit a dermatologist’s office without running like hell from photographers too.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. danielle says:

    awww’ what a sweet story!

  2. carrie says:

    1 …2…3… before to start gay rumors on him

  3. curre says:

    no HOT!!!!!!!!!!! vanilla boy!

  4. dooliloo says:

    As long as his stories are Minka-less, fine by me.

    • V4Real says:

      Why am I so excited about hearing that Chris was with another woman besides Minka? I guess because there is hope that he isn’t serious with this famewhore and it won’t be long before he does to her what she did to him a few years back. That would be so wrong but I can’t stop smiling. Then again maybe the relationship is casual or the blonde is just a friend (yeah right). One thing I don’t think is correct though; Chris and Biel was not together for 5 years it was less than that.

      On another note you mean to tell me that the people at Celebitcy didn’t know Chris had a yonger brother who is gay and also an actor? Wow us fans had one up on them.

      • dooliloo says:

        Because ANY Minka-less story would look hot now, whether it’s his support for gay rights, him picking his nails, him going to buy bread… *Anything* would look hotter than his recycled”thing” with that girl…

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Agree with you two.

        Where is Izzy? She’s anti-Minka too.

        I do think Minka Kelly is beautiful, I just don’t trust her with my Chris.

      • Izzy says:

        I’m here Kitten! *waves hello*

        I hope this means Chris is thinking twice about Minka. She’s pretty, but I honestly think she’s using him to boost her own profile.

  5. Eve says:

    Cute story but…whatever. We’ve been divorced for, like, two days now.

    • dooliloo says:

      found a rebound yet? :-D

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Yep. It has finally happened. I’m kinda turned off by him now which sucks because now I live in Boston.

      • V4Real says:

        Why because he went to a gay bar?

      • Tiffany27 says:

        No. He’s gone to gay bars before with his brother. That’s not an issue at all. Like I said before, if Minka is a social climbing famewhore I don’t think it speaks very highly of him if he’s dating her. I know it’s easier to hate on her, but he’s a big boy and can make his own decisions. He CHOSE to go back to her. The story about his brother is cute though.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hi Tiffany27!
        How do you like Brighton so far?

        Come on guys-she is a really beautfiul girl, he’s a hot young guy, it’s just a temporary fling. It DOES make him slightly less attractive but I don’t think it’s a reason to dump him (*side eye to Eve*).

        @Eve, if you could forgive him for the (alleged) STD, why can’t you get past this?
        You two are better than that-don’t abandon him because he’s been temporarily seduced by The Minka. If anything he needs your guidance more than ever! ;)

      • Tiffany27 says:

        TOK- I love it!! I’m still trying to find my way around though lol.
        I hear what you’re saying about Chris, but he’s talked endlessly about living in Boston, and wanting his privacy, and not liking “LA girls”. This is warranting major side eye from Judge Tiffany27!

      • V4Real says:

        @TheoriginalKitten. I don’t know if I but the whole STD story. I’m referring to the one that came out this year on his B-DAY. It was reported that he was still in Czech on his birthday so how in the world could he have gone to a doc’s office in LA if he was not in LA. Unless the man really does have super powers or the ability to be in more than one place at a time.

        @Eve, go ahead Eve take him back but you can keep Cumberbatch as your side piece.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Tiffany27-Go to Deep Ellum!
        ITA about the contradiction there:
        Mr. I’m-Into-Down-To-Earth-Chicks is dating Ms. I-Want-a-Famous-Rich-Man-To-Take-Care-Of-Me. Definitely suspicious.

        @ V4Real-I think you’re toally right about the STD thing being a dumb rumor. If you remember, he got his lawyers on that STAT and they pretty much shut the whole thing down. That’s not easy to do unless they can prove it was completely untrue.

      • Eve says:

        It’s over, people! OVAH!

        Now, on a serious note. I always used the “if she’s a bitch and he’s with her willingly, then that says a lot about HIM” whenever I discussed Ryan Gosling (who I detest) and Eva Mendes (who I know little about and really don’t give a f*ck that she’s with him but his fans always blame HER) here on CB.

        It’d be hypocritical if I didn’t use the same argument here, non? Kelly, who seems to be a famewhore, dumped him once for a well-known womanizer, then dated a string of absolutely vile men after that. Now that he hit the jackpot with Captain America and The Avengers, she suddenly realizes she wants him back, bats her eyelashes at him and he stupidly takes her back?

        Sorry. I can’t anymore.

      • Izzy says:

        I agree that he’s an idiot to take her back, especially since I doubt he wants to get a “Jeter surprise” courtesy of Minka.

        But I am kind ofvwondering, is this some form of payback? Like, maybe he knows she’s not the one, but will have a little fun with her until he decides to get serious with someone who’s not a fameho?

        Here’s hoping.

    • marie says:

      ha ha, this is him trying to reconcile with you.. he thought leaving Minka would make you happy?

    • Jenna says:

      Does that mean I get your 49% ownership of him?

    • j.eyre says:

      I hadn’t heard about your separation – how are you set for ice cream? Please consider taking him back. You two are our beacon of hope in our own “celebrity” marriages.

  6. T.C. says:

    He usually annoys me but this story is so sweet. What a good brother. :D

    • j.eyre says:

      Puts him in a whole new light for me as well. I was always OK with him but this makes my heart swell. I can’t help but smile when I picture his brother seeing him show up. But now I must go recheck the photos to see if what effy says is true…

  7. Ranunculus says:

    Him visiting a gay bar is hotter than him showmancing with Minka.

  8. effy says:

    I think i can see his… thing.

    • V4Real says:

      Afeer Reading your comments I performed the following actions.

      Eyes got big

      Scrolled back up to pics

      Stared hard and long.


    • Ariana says:

      I went back and checked too. It’s a little underwhelming after all the looks at the Hammdong we get, no?

      I’m going to go look at that post again. Sigh.

  9. Lou says:

    What if the ‘hot blonde’ was a cousin/sister or ya know just a friend, maybe even the brothers friend. True, could be his hookup but jeesh, SO MUCH reaching without any facts. But then i guess thats the basis of gossip blogs. besides I’d say him and minka are not exclusive.

    • samira25 says:

      I was going to say the same thing. I don’t know why blogs, people in general, assume cheating or a break-up because people of the opposite sex are talking to each other. Most of the time it ends up being a relative or the significant other of somebody in the group. Besides the article only says the woman was there. Usually tabloids claim they were making out.

  10. Mika says:

    “The guys there swooned”
    No I don’t wanna imagine that *tears*

  11. valleymiss says:

    For some reason (especially with the inclusion of the fact that Chris’ brother is on a soap opera), I have that scene from “Friends” in my head. Joey is starring on Days of our Lives and he’s being interviewed by a Soap Opera Digest reporter. She asks him, “Are you aware that you have a big gay fanbase?” And Joey responds, “Yeah? I don’t even know any big gays.” Lol (Everything always relates back to “Friends” in my world.)

  12. Rebecks says:

    Cruised a gay bar with his brother, eh?
    I have to say, while I do thoroughly enjoy the Celebitchy snark and hilarious lead ins, this one just feels like the slightly-shaming headline considering Chris is supporting his gay brother.

  13. alons-y alonso says:

    You! I wanna take you a Gay Bar!
    I wanna take you a Gay Bar!
    I wanna take you a Bay Bar! Gay Bar! Gay Bar!

  14. Jenna says:

    Hello there, Captain Sexy. Oh, how I hope it’s only a casual hookup. Fingers crossed.

  15. LadyB says:

    Chris is a very cool guy. I read an article in Esquire, I think, about his Buddhism practice, his wonderfully fun and down to earth family, and choosing to live in Boston near them instead of LA. He is just not a Hollywood type of guy and it aggravates his panic/anxiety issues. He needs to stay away from these famewhore types for his own good.

  16. Juju says:

    I can’t help but laugh at Minka’s famewhoring antics. She probably thought the cat was in the bag, Just Jared was even referring to her already as “Chris’ girlfriend”. You know, I was just reading the whole Scarlett/Blake rivalry thing (and while IMO Scarlett > Blake, for better “acting credits” and for not courting the paparazzi machine as Blake does), I really think Minka is even worse than Blake. Because she tries to convey this demure, graceful persona to match her lovely face features; she poses on the red carpet like she’s too good for fame or something – I really think that dating Jeter got her used to a certain lifestyle that she doesn’t get to live on her own. But, she still acts like she’s so special, like the earth will stop moving just because she smiled. And the thing is, Minka IS a famewhore. That’s what annoys people so much. She depends on having a famous boyfriend to appear on the media, she depends on the possibility of a sex-tape being shopped around to make people care (even though no one paid attention), she needs to call the paps once a week, to catch her doing ANYthing, so that we don’t forget her name (even though there’re still people who go “Minka, WHO?”). And I just can’t forget her GODAWFUL acting in FNL. She ruined Lyla Garrity for me.

    • V4Real says:

      Luv u for saying this. Don’t forget she started with Donald Faison and gradually worked her way up.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Preach it. I don´t care for Evans, but I loathe Minka. I really hope he does the same thing with her, she did with him.