Matt Bellamy’s bandmates hate Kate Hudson, call her “Yoko”


All things considered, I really shouldn’t like Kate Hudson that much. Her Hollywood acting career has consisted of one decent performance that could probably be attributed more to Cameron Crowe’s directing skills than any true talent on her part; and she’s coasted upon the goodwill from Almost Famous to make many millions of dollars from a deluge of insipid romantic comedies. Of course, she probably also got her start in acting thanks to her famous mother and father figure too, so there’s a great deal of nepotism at work. On some level though, I admire that Kate just doesn’t give a crap what people think. She makes the movies that pay her the most, dates a continual stream of eligible bachelors (some grubbier than others), and gives us all the metaphorical finger in the process. I can sort of respect that Kate lives her life the way she wants to even though her alleged potential seems so wasted.

However, Kate has not managed to charm everyone with her ways, and The Enquirer reports that the bandmates of her latest man (and baby dady), Matt Bellamy, absolutely detest Kate’s very existence as a rock groupie of sorts:

Kate Hudson may have won the heart of Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, but she’s not scoring any points with his band mates!

The “Almost Famous” actress has been accused of stifling her fiance’s creativity, getting too involved in band affairs, and being an annoying distraction. In fact, sources say the other Muse members are now calling her “Yoko Ono,” referring to the late John Lennon’s wife, whose meddling was blamed for The Beatles’ breakup.

“Kate was a constant presence at Muse’s songwriting sessions until she recently left to film her new movie. She thinks she’s a musical expert and nitpicks over Matt’s lyrics and pushes her unsolicited opinion on songs,” a source revealed. “Her interference was highly frustrating to the other band members.”

The 32-year-old Oscar-nominated actress began dating Matt in May 2010 and gave birth to their son, Bingham (“Bing”), this past July. Kate also has a 7-year-old son, Ryder, with her ex-husband, Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson.

“Now that Matt and Kate have a baby together, Matt has been more prone to skipping recording sessions or cutting out early because he claims Kate needs him to help out at home or pick up something from the store,” continued the source.

“He’s turned from an edgy rocker into a house husband.”

Matt and the rest of the Muse musicians are currently working on their sixth album, a follow-up to their Grammy-winning release, The Resistance.

Although no one in the band has been willing to tell Kate to back off, they finally pulled Matt aside to talk to him about their concerns.

“They told him Kate is dampening his creativity and draining his energy,” noted the source. “They suggeted it might be better to limit her influence about their music.”

Hopefully, Matt will get the message.

[From Enquirer, print edition, November 7, 2011]

I can sort of buy that Kate would think she’s a “musical expert” after previously being married to a rock musician for several years, but she’s a bloody actress, and not a very good one at that. If she’s truly breathing down the band’s collective neck at rehearsals, maybe she should stay home and let them do their business. Then again, if Bellamy is writing lyrics that are about her that could be interpreted as unflattering, well, maybe she has a right to say something, but that’s the extent of it. And I doubt that Bellamy would say anything bad about his woman because he knows, just as well as everyone else, that he’s dating a serial monogamist. Bellamy is very easily replaceable in Kate’s life, so writing lyrics that compared her hair to freshly harvested corn husks would be a very stupid thing to do.

On the other hand, the “Yoko” comparisons are out of line and are likely spawned from frustration, but that doesn’t make them any better. While I’m sure that the Muse guys would prefer Bellamy to stick around and be funky with them for hours instead of heading home to help with the baby, calling a woman “Yoko” won’t work progress in any shape or form. It will only make Bellamy angry in the long run. I recall Trent Reznor’s fangirls referring to his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, as the Yoko of NIN, which was pretty unjustified as well, since Reznor had announced his intention to shelve NIN long before Mariqueen came into the picture. As for the implication that, somehow, Matt Bellamy is equal to John Lennon — whatever. Muse might be popular with the kiddies, but they’re certainly not the modern-day incarnation of The Beatles.

By the way, this guy isn’t exactly upset at being photographed by the paparazzi, right? He actually seems positively chuffed by the prospect.




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  1. lolaluvsu says:

    i could see her being a yoko type, but to the extreme of breaking up a band? no.

  2. normades says:

    I think Muse is awful but I did have some respect for Matt Bellamy…which was all lost when he started dating Hudson. I can’t stand her and he looks like a fameho now.

  3. gee says:

    That pic of him leaning out the door is HILARIOUS.

    Also, if the band is pissed he wants to spend time with his child, thats douchey. If she’s being annoying in rehersal and is pitting him against his bandmates, thats Yoko-y. Big difference IMO.

  4. Beatrix says:

    “She thinks she’s a musical expert and nitpicks over Matt’s lyrics and pushes her unsolicited opinion on songs,” a source revealed.”

    MAJOR no-no. No matter who the F you are.

    However, Baby trumps band. Always. Sorry guys, at least for the first year or two. However, I do find it pathetic that she got pregnant by two musicians with some cred like it’s validation or something…

  5. brin says:

    She’s annoying.

  6. miss_bhaven says:

    He has wimpy forearms. They look like they belong on a 10 yr old boy. Go pump some iron because you look like you couldn’t even change a!

  7. MJ says:

    1. Is she wearing a bathrobe?

    2. Yoko Ono was already a very established, famous artist when she and John met. She inspired him, and he was already sick of The Beatles and ready to move on with his own thing. I hate when people reduce her to some kind of groupie/knowitall bitch with nothing to contribute. I think Plastic Ono Band is some of John Lennon’s best work.

    3. Sorry bandmates, he has a baby with her now. Band takes a backseat.

    Although, she really should not offer her opinions on their music (at least not in front of the other bandmates.) She is not a musician.

  8. Julie says:

    I can stomach Jessica Biel more than this one. Absolutely can’t stand her. She’s desperate, clingy and I bet you 100% that she got pregnant without his consent….the desperate/clingy’s fav hang on move.

  9. Dibba says:

    A-Rod dodged a bullet

  10. spinner says:

    He is not very attractive is he??

  11. dorothy says:

    Honestly it could have been Matt, or A-Rod…I always get the impression that she is one of those women that can’t be without a man. He just happens to be the one she nailed by getting pregnant.

  12. WillyNilly says:

    Baby always comes first.

    Just because she MAY be part of the song lyrics does not give her any license to contribute her opinion. Period. (unless she is actually asked, of course)

    I thought the band’s response was very mature. Although I tend to not at all believe this story.

  13. Rhiley says:

    “Chuffed”— Goopy, dat you?

  14. S_____ says:

    @MJ, I agree with point #2.
    My ex is in a band; when we had kids he started staying home more and only went to practice, etc. when he was expressly required. The same for all his bandmates. Allowances were made for the fact that they now had kids. I guess everybody just understood because they were also having kids at the time. Luckily the biggest and most demanding of them all had his kids first and set the standard of ‘don’t f with me, I have kids now’. :)

  15. Sara says:

    Don’t forget the Skeleton Key! I thought she did a great job in that one too.

  16. Sue says:

    She is high maintenance. End of story… re: interfering with the song writing: my husband is a musician and I would never think of interefering or offering an opinion unless specifically asked. I know better.

  17. Josie says:

    I was a super big Muse fan back in my early teenage years (I started after the premiere of their 2nd album) and it lasted until about 3-4 years ago (I don’t like their new songs) and I can say that the band started to suck long before Kate got involved with Matt. They wanted to go more commercial, wrote awful song for Twilight movie and only slightly better new album, changed their target audience from alternative fans to “Edward-is-so-cute-and-sparkly” kind of girls etc. and Kate wasn’t there when all of it happened. Apart from that, his favourite topics for lyrics were always: politics, conspiracy theories, universe/cosmos and that kind of things, not his current girlfriends so I don’t think Kate should be worried about anything too personal and revealing in his new lyrics (I hope he won’t change his writing style too).

  18. Nev says:

    love love love Yoko Ono…I was in nyc years in the roxy, jamming to house music…the place went dead and dark and about twenty seconds later it lit up again, she was on stage belting out an amazing house track…only the lyrics was just one big, long orgasm…hahahaha then she disappeared!

    her art is phenomenal too.

  19. Green_Eyes says:

    MJ is right Lennon was already wanting out of the Beatles when he met an already established Yoko Ono. Everyone was so upset over the breakup of the Beetles that Yoko was who got the blame by the fans and band…. Though later McCartney did (decades later that is) admit all this.

    Matt looks boyish cute.. He needs to work out or something to look more “grownup”.

    Maybe having a dad from The Hudson Brothers fame, being married to Chris before, and being in a poor rated Musical Film is what Kate considers more than enough credentials to have input on his craft…. I DON’T!

    As for Baby, unless your a dead beat dad or an a$$, baby will always and should always come before band and before Kate…

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    It is a true luxury to be able to duck out of work early or not show up at all just because you have a baby.

    They ALL need to STFU.

    (Talk to me when you’re back at work when your baby is 6 weeks old, and you spend your breaks and your lunch pumping. Maybe then I’ll feel just a tinge of sympathy for people like this.)

  21. Suzy from Ontario says:

    She’s not wearing her engagement ring. She has another ring on the third finger of her left hand, and it isn’t the diamond engagement ring Bellamy bought her. What’s up with that?

  22. Olivia says:

    I never understood the appeal of Kate Hudson.
    I don’t see talent, she just makes generic rom-coms like Aniston.
    I don’t find her attractive at all, she looks very ordinary at best.
    If not for nepotism, I don’t believe we would know who she is.
    She seems to go through guys like Lopez.
    What’s wrong with being on your own without a guy?

  23. Green_Eyes says:

    Excellent point @ the original Bellaluna!

  24. Green_Eyes says:

    Excellent point @ the original Bellaluna!

  25. Beatrix says:

    Oh – and where the hell is her OTHER kid? I guess this was just one photo-op, but still!

  26. serena says:

    Well, Matt’s bandmates needs to grow up. He can’t be around them and have the life he had, he has a baby and it’s just right for him to get this involved.

  27. Victoria says:

    don’t blame twilizzle for them wanting to go commerc though i agree their songs suck now. except for uprising.

  28. aenflex says:

    She needs to pull back on her involvement. ‘the band’ is sacred in a pre-dated, bros before hos kind of way. the bandmates needs to STFU about him going home to help with the baby. and he needs to step in as the middle grounder that he happens to be here, and handle this shit. solvable problem, i think.

  29. The Truth Fairy says:

    WANT her sunglasses!!

  30. Ell says:

    I’ve tried to like Kate but she bores me as an actress, she’s like the knock-off Goldie, in fact would she have even gotten anywhere in the industry without her family connections.

    I can see the Yoko thing, Matt follows her around like a little puppy dog.

  31. Kiki says:

    I feel sorry for him because he seems to be so into her and so happy to be a dad, he seems really sweet to her older son, too. And she’s just her usual self, kinda bored by the whole thing, almost uninterested in him… he looks like a family type and she’s just waiting for the next train to pass by.

  32. Adrien says:

    Mariqueen is no Yoko, she’s chummy with NiN.
    And why can’t I take Matt and MUSE seriously? They’re a great live performers (a must-see), decent lyrics, nice guitar riffs, they can fill-up a stadium and they are likable enough, but I just can’t place them same level with Radiohead, Queen or any prog rock bands. I feel they’re the same level with The Strokes, Killers in terms of music respectability — not crappy but not highly revered. I dunno, maybe Kate Hudson has something to do with it. That Hollywood connection. My same problem with Coldplay. I like their songs but Gwyneth just ruins it.

  33. Beatrix says:

    @drien: totally

  34. Vanden says:

    NOOOO don’t let her ruin Muse! their music has changed but they’re still my fave band and i love them. Never liked kate hudson grrrr.

    and to the people saying that the bandmates should grow up now that Matt has a child, Chris (bass) has 5 children and they cancelled tour dates so he could be there for the birth of the 5th so i extremely doubt Bing has anything to do with them being annoyed.

  35. Reece says:

    Sitting in on writing sessions would irritate me to no end. Matt should’ve stepped in himself though.
    As for paps I think there are 3 basic ways to go about it. Run down the street and hide all douchey(Chris Martin), whine about whenever possible(Kristen Stewart), or stand at the door with a goofy look on your face and move on.

  36. Pippa R says:

    This is Matt’s job we’re talking about. It should be him and the boys working, WITHOUT Kate. You don’t bring your friends/spouses along with you to work, do you?

  37. Bing says:

    F*ck off and leave my parents alone.

  38. Amy says:

    hahaha that picture of Matt leaning out the door is hilarious. It’s almost like he’s saying “Hahaha I see you paparazzi! Nice try!”

  39. RocketMerry says:

    If she ruins Muse’s next album, I swear she’ll get the whole Universe’s bad Karma.
    Gosh, can’t she just mind her own business, literally?

  40. Dominic Howard says:

    hm, your sources are wrong, I don’t remember calling Kate “Yoko Ono”. I call her “bitch-who-stole-my-man”.

  41. Anna says:

    OMG, Kaiser you are spot on about Kate’s role in “Almost Famous.”

    The reason she got the role is because the Canadian actress Sarah Polley turned it down. She become uncomfortable with all the hype and didn’t want to get trapped into being a “star.”

    Here it is:
    In an earlier article [Toronto Sun, Oct 29, 2003], Polley noted how big a decision it was not to take the part:

    “They were already booking the cover of Vanity Fair. It was a star-maker role. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories and I don’t believe Hollywood is as organized or as paranoid as people believe, but there are certain roles where it’s all sort of mapped out and pre-determined. This was one of them. And at the last second I pulled back.”

    “Polley continues, ‘I think those moments where you decide not to do something, in the face of nobody understanding that decision, are the moments that form you, that carve you out. It will always be a part of who I am, that I did that.’

    “(The role, though she doesn’t say so, was in the film Almost Famous. It’s not a secret, but Polley doesn’t want to take anything away from Kate Hudson, whom she felt was terrific in the role. She says, ‘I was miscast. I just knew it wasn’t my part.’ And upon seeing Hudson in the role, ‘I felt redeemed, because she brought a depth and an intelligence to it that wasn’t there for me.’)”

    She ended up making a small film and meeting her husband, eventually that experience led to making “Away From Her.”

    That’s led to her being a legit artist while Kate Hudson rides on the success of that one film!

  42. Carrie says:

    you respect Kate Hudson but muse is for kiddies. I lolled. typical gossip writer

  43. Camille says:

    It looks/sounds like he is going the way of Chris Martin. Which means I will end up disliking MUSE. Which sucks. And I’m not a ‘kiddy’ either.

    @RocketMerry: ITA.

  44. Hysterialicia says:

    This is simply stupid. I mean Chris has 5 children and he’s about to have a 6th on, having a baby never hindered their writing. And i want to add that matt had been with an italian girl for 7 years and their last album had been recorded in their italian house (where they built a studio). They are used to have girlfriends/ wives, well a family around their work. This is normal.

  45. ZenB!tch says:

    No offense to Cameron Crowe implied but did he *really* have to give Kate direction to play a hippie groupie?

  46. twimatt says:


    And just for the record, Muse has NEVER written ANYTHING for Twilight, it is Stephenie that is a big fan of them!

    And it´s perfectly understandable that Matt wants to spend time with Kate and Bing, he is after all not his red-haired-Origin-of-Chaos-self anymore!

    And to you who has stopped listened to them cause of Twilight and their new album: seems like you weren´t real fans from the start then. + you have NO IDEA what you´re missing. MASTERPIECES I TELL YOU! MASTERPIECES!

  47. Dominic Howard says:


  48. Kenshin11212 says:

    Finally someone who agrees with me. Since day one of those two dating, I called her Yoko Hudson. For the people saying “Oh Matt’s engaged and is a daddy now so blah blah blah family time”, Chis is married and is about to have his 6th kid. That has never gotten in the way of the band. Only time is when they canceled a couple of shows so that he could be there for the birth of his last kid. But it never got in the way of their creative process or anything and that was an acceptable occasion. Matt, on the other hand, would cut gigs short just so he could catch a plane to see Kate (And this was before she was even pregnant). And don’t even get me started on Neutron Star Collision.

  49. Original Tiffany says:

    Bellaluna, I have been there while pumping at work on 12 hour days…while my husband toured a new album. After our second, he went for a 4 week tour and left me with a 4 week old and a 2 yo. We moved nearer family immediately after and he never left for more than 2-3 weeks after our second.
    Still, I have been with a serious musician for 22 years, 17 married. I would NEVER interfere in his lyrics, even when we were going through a tough time in the way back and they were directly related to me. Just never. That’s his creativity and his POV. Now, does he ask me about every song? Do I like it? Etc? Yes. I love that he does that, but to give input when not asked, never.
    And now after all this time, I get to be retired and the whole family on the tour. Sweet!You should know what you are in for when you get involved with a musician, yes the kids and I come first, but then it’s music. He has no time for a mistress, he has one and her name is music. I have my own hobbies, it works out great, you just can’t be a clingy, or needs to be with your man all the time kind of girl and you have to be willing to support for a while.

    Muse? She’d better not ruin that band.

  50. Judy says:

    October 28th, 2011 at 11:41 am

    I never understood the appeal of Kate Hudson.
    I don’t see talent, she just makes generic rom-coms like Aniston.
    I don’t find her attractive at all, she looks very ordinary at best.
    If not for nepotism, I don’t believe we would know who she is.
    She seems to go through guys like Lopez.
    What’s wrong with being on your own without a guy?

    She is such a Plain Jane to me…you said everything I was thinking, so I will just say AMEN to it all. EXCELLENT POST. ALL OF IT.

  51. Megan says:

    I highly doubt that the other band members would begrudge Matt spending more time with his family; as the bass player Chris Wolstenholme, is married & has 5 kids of his own plus another one on the way!!!!!! The only thing I could see the other band members getting pissy about would be if Kate was in fact hanging around the studio & giving her unwanted opinion about their music.

  52. eileen says:

    ITA w/Beatrix -no to involving herself with band matters and music but as the father he needs to be present for baby too.

  53. fabgrrl says:

    I’m not a fan of Kate’s but this is just not fair. Matt Bellamy is a big boy, and if he wants to spend time with his brand new baby (as he should) his bandmates can just STFU for a few month. Of course this experience is going to change him, change his priorities. If Matt didn’t want a baby, or wanted one with a housewife who would do everything at home and not expect his involvement, he shouldn’t have had unprotected sex with Kate.

  54. olivia says:

    @ judy :

    Thank you that is very nice of you!

  55. okeydokey says:

    I’m a musician and so is my husband and I STILL would never get involved in the writing of his band’s lyrics.

    And Mariqueen didn’t ruin NiN, she pussified the hell out of Trent.

  56. Coco says:

    Muse has only been REHEARSING for the past TWO weeks and Kate has been out for most of the time, so considering the band is not recording at the moment, and that for Matt, lyrics is the latest thing he works on, this story smells bullshit all over it.

  57. kiki says:

    re: #55 “And Mariqueen didn’t ruin NiN, she pussified the hell out of Trent.”
    Agreed, and that’s what may well happen to Matt too, but in neither case can I say it’s the woman’s fault. A lot of it could just be getting older & changing interests toward family. If you’re in a creative business these things creep into your work, ’tis life.

    But as to the specific accusation, I’m a Muse fan, and have gotten updates as they start recording in London. Some more enthusiastic fans (stalkers) wait outside the studio for the band every day and none have said anything about Kate being there or coming out with Matt. Believe me it would be reported, she is public enemy #1 for most Muse fans.

    And no way that Chris & Dom (bandmates) would have a problem with Matt spending time with his family, especially Chris who is about to have a 6th kid.

  58. Isa says:

    I’m sorry, Chris Wolstenholme (Muse’s bassist) has five babies and his wife is pregnant with his sixth, it has never bothered any of the band members.
    And Matt is a professional, he wouldn’t let this happen, I’m sure. He has had other girlfriends and it has never influenced in his music. Also, I dont think she spends time in studio with him. Idk, it smells like bs for me. I don’t buy this story.

  59. femaleQ says:

    Arghhh, I knew it, I just knew that Kate Sl*tson will ruin somehow the creative flow of Matt…Grrr…I was already so disappointed with him, and now this…I just hope it`s not true for the sake of the new Muse album…Why, why is this happening to my favorite band?

  60. AcornPaste says:

    ‘As for the implication that, somehow, Matt Bellamy is equal to John Lennon — whatever.’

    Low blow. Whatever. I still like Muse even though they sold their soul eve since they were included in that Twilight soundtrack.

  61. gg says:

    His hair looks hilarious with his face. That’s all I have.

  62. allons y-alonso says:

    “She thinks she’s a musical expert and nitpicks over Matt’s lyrics and pushes her unsolicited opinion on songs,” – i don’t care who you are- you don’t stick your self entitled nose into another group of people’s creative process. I don’t think she would ever break up the band and i don’t think they’d take her comments too seriously (if she is in fact making them). I may not like Kate Hudson, but she is a part of Bellamy’s life and they have a family. It’s natural for him to want to nurture that part of his life.

    Muse are way too into their music to break up over that, and as another poster has said, bassist Chris Wolstenholme has a very large family of his own since the very early days and here hasn’t been a problem.

  63. Kim says:

    If true they are right its their band not hers and unless she is asked by them for her opinion she should keep it to herself.

    On the other hand he is a father now and has other responsibilties that come before the band and it seems his bandmates dont quite get that.

  64. Zigggy says:

    I don’t think “monogamist” and “Kate Hudson” belong in the same sentence. ;)

  65. Kelly says:

    She’s pretty awful. Wasn’t there some rumor she was “Yoko” with the Black Crowes also?

  66. Dani says:

    The most depressing part of the Enquirer article was the part where they had to explain who Yoko Ono was/is. God, do people really not know who she is or am I getting that old?

    Kate Hudson has never done much for me and I typically don’t run to see her movies. I assume she has some responsibility for her career path so she must be content w/her life.

    I imagine interfering in his music would eventually be detrimental to their relationship. Just seems like it would be a bit emasculating for him.

  67. Dana M says:

    I recall reading something similar about her and her first husband Chris Robinson. Something about her breaking them up at the time (they are back together now) and that the other Black Crows members disliked her very much.

  68. whatever you want it to be says:

    He reminds me of a cute little baby porcupine.

  69. foozy says:

    she does seem a little pushy…here’s hoping that muse will never break up or else the whole world will blame her…

  70. Coco says:

    The Muse’s fans coming here all freaked out… Are you retarded or something? Seriously, I can’t believe you are buying this story *facepalm*

  71. Daisy says:

    This is ridiculous. As somebody else said, Muse have been in the studio for about two weeks – TWO weeks – so Matt’s hardly going to start churning out whole songs, with lyrics too.
    I’ve been a Muser for years and I’ve never heard Chris complain about his children and the effect they have on his songwriting. Him and Dom would never lower themselves to catty remarks like that – they’ve been best friends since school, and I don’t get the whole ‘Yoko Ono’ stereotype about Kate Hudson either – her and Lennon had a totally different scenario.
    And to the comments about Matt’s physique; he’s a musician, not a model. Who cares about his muscles? He’s an amazing and inspiring man who is extremely talented. Just let them be happy :)

  72. Wow says:

    One has to look at this article with some benefit of the doubt…I mean, the article says “sources have said” they didn’t say who specifically gave the information.

    If this article is entirely true, then the baby has to come first.

  73. iseepinkelefants says:

    Didn’t this happen with the Black Crowes too? I seem to remember her being too much of a groupie then too.

    I can totally see her sitting in on their rehearsals and giving her unfounded input. Newsflash Kate just because you played (yourself) a groupie and have fucked on every musician you can get your hands on doesn’t make you a musical genius.

  74. Beatrice says:

    Very fashionable gray bathrobe she’s wearing.

  75. Airam says:

    The issue isn’t the baby. It’s that Kate wormed herself into the middle of this band, got knocked up, and took Bellamy’s balls and stuffed them in her ugly handbag afterward. There’s been friction between Bellamy and the other two members of this band since Kate appeared. (Matt had a fiance for nine years and she never tried to tell them what to do in the studio. But that was back when Bellamy had a spine.)

    Kate’s probably just jealous that the drummer is hotter than she is and has spent more time in Matt’s bed than she ever will.

  76. Elle B. says:

    I’ll give NE a bit of credit on this one–things have appeared strained between Bellamy and his bandmates (bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dom Howard) since Hudson showed up. There seems to be a holding pattern of frosty standoffish-ness between Matt and Kate and the other two in the band, which is probably worsened by Kate’s alleged behavior.

    “Hopefully, Matt will get the message.” Matt Bellamy lives in a bubble of aliens and conspiracy theories. He won’t get the message until it’s too late.

    Regardless, Hudson probably just hangs around in the studio to make sure everything is about her and to keep an eye on the drummer(who has probably been sharing more back alleys and airplane bathrooms with Matt than Kate could ever dream of).

  77. Allons - y Allonso says:

    @Airam: ah, the Belldom still exists in some form i’m sure!

    While i’m at it, why should anyone compare Yoko Ono to Kate Hudson anyway. That implies Kate Hudson has some kind of talent.

  78. Me says:

    Well I can vouch with this article in some bits. I was told similar things last year(I mean not things about the new album.) But they really make the band out to be douchey. I can bet it’s not the baby; it’s most likely Kate controlling everything Matt does that’s the issue here. I know when they went to London to rehearse for Leeds and Reading; Matt didn’t even start rehearsing until like a couple days before the shows…

    Also another thing is at least it’s obvious to me it seems like Matt is barely allowed to do with anything that doesn’t involve her. Because that’s how Hollywood is; what’s going to look the best or what’s gonna get the most attention. When I say Hollywood; I mean the gossip rags glitzy celebs. (and there ARE very famous actors and actresses that don’t “sell” their personal life!) Unfortunately and now Matt’s associated with the gossip rags and the whole “celebrity” thing” and has lost all originality about himself because he’s become like the “normal” sort of person which he never was. I’m not talking he has to be the crazy orgy Matt we all knew (which A LOT of the fandom has forgotten about and or don’t know about!)but come on! Where’s the weird/crazy Matt who made weird comments that didn’t just consist of gay jokes about Dom or wouldn’t hold back his opinions about something to maintain his his image?
    Also All that being said; I really think she’s into him (not at first but actually fell for him later on) The pictures they showed here are not like the majority of photos where Matt looks miserable and uninterested. It seems like Matt looks like he’s gotten trapped. Which is what I think the whole issue is. And he won’t break up with her because of Bing. that’s why; so he’ll do anything she says and just allow her to finagle her way in places she doesn’t belong. Sorry for this rant it’s been needed for me since Matt started dating Kate. And you can see the strain with the band and the fact Dom keeps following Matt is strange…

  79. your mom says:

    you guys seriously believe this? i dont buy this story :/ the source looks unreliable and biased if you ask me. well except that bit about hudson being nosy because i dont give a shit about what she’s like so i dont know, but about matt’s bandmates whining and matt being a softie, just NO-NO.

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  81. venekor says:

    To be fair to her his lyrics are horrible, did no one hear Survival?