Aaron Johnson (21) & Sam Taylor-Wood (44) are expecting their second child


Last year, some of us followed the story of a young, 19-year-old British actor named Aaron Johnson, and his engagement to and impregnation of a 43-year-old woman, British photographer and director Sam Taylor-Wood. They were fascinating, and many of us had strong feelings about them, not all of them good. Anyway, last year, Sam gave birth to Aaron’s first daughter, Wilda Rae, and now the woman is knocked up AGAIN. Aaron is 21 years old now. Sam is 44, and this will be her fourth child overall – she has two older daughters with her first husband. Oh, and Sam and Aaron have never gotten around to getting married, I guess…? So they’re still just “engaged.”

Aaron Johnson is getting ready to pull double-daddy duty – his fiancée, filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood, is expecting the couple’s second child, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The Kick-Ass star, 21, and Taylor-Wood, 44, whose romance raised eyebrows because of their 23-year age difference, are already the proud parents of a baby girl, Wylda Rae, who just turned 1.

After stepping out together as a couple last spring, Johnson defended their relationship. “I’ve got a wonderful woman. I’m an old soul, and she’s a young soul.”

Taylor-Wood, who also has two daughters from her first marriage to art dealer Jay Jopling, met in 2009 on the set of her directorial debut, Nowhere Boy.

[From People]

Like I’ve said before, it’s their perrogative, their choices, etc. They are both technically adults, and I don’t doubt that Aaron is very mature for his age and that he and Sam are in love right now. But at the end of the day, I just don’t think Sam is being fair to him, I really don’t. He was 18 years old when they got together, and he’s been thrown into a world that few young men would realistically be equipped for, long-term. Maybe they’re both “live in the moment” people, which isn’t the worst thing. I don’t know.

Do you want to see one of Aaron and Sam’s latest collaborations? Here’s REM’s music video “UBerlin” directed by Sam and starring Aaron… he has such a great body.




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  1. K says:

    That is awesome! Congrats to them.

  2. juicyjackie says:

    I’m 33 and my fella is 22, his previous partner was 42. He isnt a cougar chaser, just age is immaterial when you have CHEMISTRY, which these guys must have. Each to their own, their not hurting anyone so good luck to them!

  3. malachais says:

    their body language is strange. She seems to display him like a trophy and he looks uncomfortable.

  4. Misty G says:

    He has become suddenly hotter after watching that video, and something just feels really wrong about that.

  5. mln76 says:

    He’s hot and they look happy. She’s having a post cancer mid-life crises of course but can you blame her?

  6. lann says:

    To me-some thing is horribly wrong with that relationship. We have a couple in my neighborhood and the guy is 21 with a 40 year old women. Seem to me the guy just want any easy life. He is not mature at all. Most of the time the guy end up being this older women’s nanny because she is always at work.
    This guy never work on a job in his life and came out of high school+1 year of college-to being this older women’s lover. Of course the much older wife supports the household. Seems to me the same thing could be going on with this Aaron/Sam. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron K-Fed Sam when they break up. So sure Aaron is going to want some young girl when he grow up.
    Lol bet all the mature women are cheering this relationship on.

  7. theaPie says:

    Seriously, what is with his duck feet?

  8. EbonyShiksa says:

    I agree with you, Kaiser. It apparently works for them…But he was only 18 when they got together. No matter how “mature” he is, he was still a kid. And she should’ve been more…responsible.

    And what about the “later”? What happens when the babies are wailing and she can’t go out because she has to nurse but he still wants to party? Nannies, I guess? What about when he’s 25 and realises he never got to just be a young adult and have fun without a care in the world? What happens in five years??? Right now, she is the constant and he is the variable. Her life is pretty set. Him? It’s just beginning. Look at Jude Law and Sadie Frost! And AJ and STW have an even larger age difference.

    ::sigh:: Who knows, maybe we’re (I’m) just projecting our fears onto them. Good luck to them!

  9. carrie says:

    congrats and i could believe he has some “mum” issues
    My sister 43 lives with a 26 years old boyfriend.He’s very sweet with her kids and her but his teen years was difficult for him:his mum was sick all the time and his dad worked so much

  10. jc126 says:

    Well, he is young, and I can’t imagine being interested in a guy that young, but on the other hand – we’ve all got to live life and not postpone happiness or avoid a relationship because we don’t think we’re a great fit with the person. Mark my words on this, I live every day with the pain of knowing I could’ve handled a particular relationship much better. I didn’t mistreat the guy or anything, but I couldn’t conceive that he wanted to be with me long-term, and therefore I didn’t conduct myself as such. A decision I’d give anything to reverse, but I can’t.

  11. texasmom says:

    I dunno, maybe he’s one of those people who just can’t wait to get into their adult lives. He doesn’t look like he has been lazing around the house living off of her — there has to be some dance training going on for him to be able to do all that stuff in the video!

    Personally, I think he looks kind of dorky (lithe and buff, yes, but dorky). It is just a count down of a few years before his kids will see this video and wince with embarrassment!

  12. Rita says:

    Yes, they are both technically adults but the babies are not. Babies don’t have a choice so adults must think 10-20 years down the road before making choices for them. Maybe there is a rare chemistry between them that will last a lifetime but this sort of age difference is trouble in waiting and it doesn’t matter which one is older.

    Morning all, @brin @bellalluna @Praise St.Angie

  13. Mika says:

    It is kind of unfair. He’s so young, how can he know what he wants?

  14. Kimble says:

    I am in a relationship with a 16 year age difference, but I am 48 and my boyfriend is 32 – I really think this makes a difference.

    I have a son who is 20 and I would be appalled if he hooked up with a woman in her late 30s or early 40s because I KNOW that in many ways he is still a BOY!

  15. almond says:

    I still remember this kid from that British kids’ movie, Tom & Thomas, or something like that. He was so young then, such a cute little boy. This seems just too recent. I didn’t know about their relationship, it’s the first I fear about it and it’s very jarring. While different strokes for different folks and all that, I can’t imagine what it must be to have a kid at 19. At 24, my mind is still reeling from the idea and this dude is already on his second. Wow…

  16. renata says:

    I don’t know….. I keep imagining these 2 in some wonderful moment of horizontal heat, and suddenly he caresses her oh so gently, and softly utters the word, “mommy”.

  17. Jen34 says:

    She is a two time cancer survivor, which I find more shocking than her being with this young guy. I guess that would color anyone’s choices.

    I find it hard to believe that a guy(boy) that young would want to be a dad. Twice. He must have issues.

  18. N.D. says:

    No judgement from me. They’re both adults and consenting. Yeah, it’s unusual, especially when it’s woman who is so much older but there are examles of happy lasting relationships of this kind.

    Someone asked to look at Jude Law and Saddy Frost, well, why at them and not at Ewan McGregor and his wife Eve – same age difference as the other two and married the same year and still going strong.

    To everyone who’s concerned about him “living off” her – are you just as worried about millions of houswifes all around the world? It’s not unusual for families to split responsibilities with one partner earning a living and the other taking care of things at home. There is nothing wrong with man being stay-at-home partner.

  19. The Original Ashley says:

    Good on them but one has to wonder an 18 year old wannabe actor dating a 40 year old woman who is not only rich, but a director and very well connected? How is this different from a young girl dating an older director and living off his connections?

    My guess is he saw an easy way in and she’s not old looking, in the pic with the red dress she looks 30s and is quite pretty, so he’s not exactly banging an old woman and it was just an easier life. I’ve never met a guy who at 18 who wanted to settle and be the father to some woman’s children. I have however heard of men who date older woman who take care of them. I may be generalizing but the older woman/young guy relationships I’ve seen have always had the female as the dominant money making partner, and the male as the house husband who lives off the wife’s money and plays video games all day. Maybe they’re the exception, but probably not.

  20. KJ says:

    I think large age differences become negligible the older (collectively) the couple is. But if the younger party is barely an adult, I just don’t see how it’s healthy or normal. There’s probably some sort of oedipal complex going on with him, or she’s using him to make herself feel younger. Probably, but who knows for sure. All I know is if I cared about some really young dude, I’d try to come out of my dong haze to tell him to go live his life. I don’t wanna be the person he resents when he realizes his 20s are gone.

  21. I Choose Me says:

    I get why a lot of persons think he’s being taken advantage of but I suspect there’s another element here as well. I keep wondering would some people have as much of a problem with this if he wasn’t so good-looking and she wasn’t well, average?

  22. Larissa says:

    I dunno, I just dont think much about their relationship itself, but the kids… I mean is not like she never have had any kids to justify having kids so “late”.
    In 10 years she will be 54!
    I am 26 and my mom is 54!!!!
    I cannot imagine being 10 with a 54 y/o mom, and trust me my mother is very young at heart but today she is very fortunate to have her grandchildren, and return them to the parents! I just think u shouldnt be catching up with homework at age 54, unless u are not really involved, like Madonna. Then it wouldnt matter.

  23. gee says:

    I think it’s the same thing as when a 18 year old woman dates a 40 year old man. It’s a little odd, but it happens. They seem happy so good for them I guess. And he is HOT.

  24. Marianne says:

    @theaPie: Did you have to point that out? Now I can’t stop staring!

    Anyway, Aaron is hot. I hope he comes to promote Albert Nobbs at TIFF this year.

  25. Rita says:

    What 18 year old boy doesn’t like free biscuits? Even if they are the day-old biscuits I get at Walmart, just pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds and they’re as good as fresh.

  26. Isa says:

    I Choose Me- I find them in the same league. I think she looks pretty dang good to have three kids, be 44 and a cancer survivor to boot. But his feet drive me crazy.

    But then again I don’t have a problem with them.

    Yes, there’s a chance it won’t work out.

    He didn’t have to impregnate her if he didn’t want to. Plenty of people become parents young.

  27. lann says:

    It’s wrong for 18 year old women and a 40 year old man. It’s wrong for a 85 year old man and 25 year old women. Relationships are hard enough without adding extra burdens. Why go into a relationship with a ticking time bombs.

  28. fingerbinger says:

    You are all hypocrites weren’t you the same people who said the Sean Penn was too old for Scarjo and now it’s Ok for this horse face chick to hook with an 18 yr old and basically trap him with 2 kids you are all a bunch of a-holes.

  29. Turtle Dove says:

    “…he has such a great body.”

    Of course he does… he’s a man/boy! He’s in his physical prime.

    At 18, there is too big of an age difference between him and her. I’m also questioning her professionalism as a director after doing the cougar hustle on this young guy. Even if he’s the one who chased her biscuits you don’t act on it – he’s a kid!

    Long term… I think this is a great way to kill both of their careers.

    Rita – lol

  30. ElleGin says:

    First off, I really like the music video. It’s not the most creative thing ever, but I like the smoothness of it, and I like that the two of them are doing projects together. A lot of “silly” moves in it but those aren’t moves you can pull off without some proper training. The whole song gives off this effortless vibe and it goes very well with the no-care-in-the-world attitude.

    I don’t understand why some people say, “He is only 21, how can he know what he wants?”
    There are plenty people older than him that have no clue of what they want, especially when it comes to love. It’s not the age, is it? When it really, honestly comes down to it, age is not what should be a deciding factor when the two of them are adults. Growing up in a single-parent family one of the things I never got was the idea that “younger” people do not know what they want or need. Most of the time, we do. The decisions might be unconventional or on the dangerous side, but sometimes it’s worth taking a risk. Just because the end result might not be great doesn’t mean the journey isn’t worth taking.

    Aaron is hardly an actor wannabe. He has a pretty good acting profolio for now, and yes, none of them are “Twilight” hits, but then again, I have my judgements for anyone that would like to have THAT series on their acting history.

    Just because something is uncommon and different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. A lot of times it’s rather the opposite.

  31. Truthful says:

    its not the age difference that grosses me out its HIS age when they started..

    if he was 28 and she 48, at least he’s over his mum thing..

    I’d never want to take a youngster’s FUN time away by bogging them down w/my serious life..I’d feel guilty, he hasn’t lived or done anything alone.

    we could revisit it later but 18, I’d have a fit if a older chick were after my son, to have babies, commit etc.

    she looks creepy in the eyes. she’ll be in her 60′s, LOL

  32. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m not entirely sure how healthy this relationship is, but whatever. It seems like he wanted an “in” for his career, or an “easier” life; she wanted to celebrate surviving cancer and/or feeling “young.”

    I don’t know if it’ll last, but congrats to them, I guess.

    I had my first child at 19 (and quickly became a single mom) and my second at 23 (with my now ex-husband) – people can become parents at a young age without resenting the person/circumstances that helped create the situation. I think resentment comes into play more when there’s an unfairness (or PERCEIVED unfairness) in the relationship.

    Mornin’ @ Rita, brin, Praise

  33. dr.bombay says:

    Love is love, but he *was* a little too close to jailbait, imo, when they hooked up.

    Yet, if he started dating girls his own age in Hollywood, he’d probably end up with drugs, tantrums and craziness. Maybe he’s not into that and wants someone who is, hopefully, past all of that?

  34. Anna says:

    @TheOriginalAshley a “wannabe actor”? Obviously you have seen none of his stuff. Maybe he hasn’t made a ton of movies yet (he is young, after all) but what he’s done is pretty impressive. He’s no wannabe, he is, fully and truly, an actor. Does he still have things to learn? Obviously, everybody does, no matter their age, but he is hugely talented.

    As for the whole May-December issue, I think it’s their prerogative to live this way. Somewhere in the back of my mind there is a doubt that this will really last forever, but I hope I’m wrong. I hope they show the world that love knows no age and that even having kids in such an unusual constellation can work out fine. I really do believe it can work and they seem so in love and good together right now, I hope for them they can preserve that. The reason I have this slight doubt has nothing to do with their age difference, but with the business they’re in. Typically, such relationships are much harder to maintain because there are so many distractions and new, exciting people who pop up everywhere. I wish them nothing but the best though!

  35. khaveman says:

    Hey not everyone is the same age. Good for them and hope they have another healthy child. I wish them luck.

  36. Jen says:

    Awww. The video makes him seem like such a sweet unselfconscious dork. Everybody’s different – perhaps he’s just one of those rare anomalous souls who’s grown up fast and settled down.

    I hope the kids never hear all the awful snide comments about their parents, and grow up happy, regardless of what happens.

  37. Kloops says:

    Gross. He’s too young to be a dad twice over.

  38. Zoe says:

    To assume he is immature because of his age or that these two aren’t a good match is unfair. None of us know them. That said, I’m not sure why people tend to assume the worse. People who grow up performing and have worked since a young age have very abnormal lives that force them to grow up faster than most people. Not to mention the guy is 21, not 15. There are youngsters all over the place becoming parents as teens, this guy isn’t one of them. I’m not sure what the double-standard is here, if these roles were reversed, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation. If they are still together all this time later and having a second child, it’s safe to say things are probably going well between them.

  39. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    They are adults so whatever works works.

  40. hatsumomo says:

    Fingerbanger, Yeah I feel the same way when I read about these two on this site. Everyone thinks its hunky-dory when an older, wealthy, and much more powerful woman bangs a teenager, but turn the tables and all the ladies are on their soapboxes of how immoral it is. Ugh, I have a sinking feeling the approval is rooted in some bizarre fantasy of landing a ‘hot’ young boy toy for themselves. I don’t think this is going to work and when they do split, its going to be painted as his fault.

  41. Cristina says:

    the fact that he’s with an older woman and has kids with her kind of turns me on. weird, I know…

  42. RocketMerry says:

    I find him rather ugly.
    Other than that, good for them, congrats.

  43. serena says:

    He’s handsome..and she’s so ugly (and old)..I don’t really understand.

  44. Tia says:

    GROSS!!! It is not right at all. She could totally be his mother and it isn’t fair to him. She should be ashamed of herself.. I mean come on.. SHAMEFUL!!

  45. Jess says:


  46. Hibiscus says:

    Well, good for them.

    I’m sure an experienced, strong and independent woman like her wouldn’t want a second baby with a man if he hadn’t proven to be a good daddy with the first child.

    Some men are very mature and family-oriented from an early age on. Some of the best ones in fact.

    They don’t need to behave like childish, ummature and irresponsible jerks until their mid-thirties – then get married – and somewhat five years later step right into their midlife-crisis and do again foolish and irresponsible things.
    Unfortunately way too many – but not all men are like this.

  47. Gwen says:

    I find them a borderline disturbing couple. Not so much because of the age difference but because of his age when they hooked up. Had it been the other way around – a 43 year old male director had knocked up an up and coming 19 year old actress, everyone would have thought it was off. Now, because it’s a woman and she looks good, all is well. Sure, it could be true love and all that but it might also be a very odd relationship.

  48. NYC_girl says:

    He reminds me of my ex (he was 14 years younger than me). He was sweet and loving but after 2 years wasn’t ready to have a child, although he did want to get married. Nobody knows this couple personally; I wish them happiness and I hope it lasts. He’s so cute. Crazier shiz has happened. Life is short.

  49. Wif says:

    Hold up! The number of people saying that a young man is incapable of being a father are being sexist and ageist. There are a lot of bad fathers out there who started young, but that’s true of any age. There’s also a few really, really great dads who started being dads in their youth and do a bang up job. We don’t know this young man, so until he proves us wrong let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

  50. womanfromthenorth says:

    rem must have been hard up or they did it for free. I would be more impressed if it had been all one shot… and din’t use backwards stuff to make up for not getting the right shot in the first place.

    REM, I will do a much better job for your next vid. Get in touch… wftn

  51. ZenB!tch says:

    I can’t imagine being with a child and he looks like a child to my eyes.

    I was also going to comment on how old she looks but if she is a two time cancer survivor, that is probably why.

  52. ZenB!tch says:

    @fingerbinger – I’m equal opportunity – this is gross. Only the old dude with the 16 year old is worse and that is only because of what that girl did to her looks. If not, I would think this was just as gross. Anyone with Sean Penn is gross even an 85 year old woman.

  53. MFM008 says:

    Kids gonna wake up, roll over one day and say im outta here.
    She looks like shes been ridden hard and put away wet. She reminds me of Shelly Duvall.

  54. Mtn Girl says:

    @35 Jen – ITA and like the video, REM rocks! Maybe Aaron likes being in a relationship with a woman who has more life experience than someone his own age. Age is just a number and he was eighteen when they hooked up, who’s to say he doesn’t know what he wants? If they are a happy family who cares what everyone else thinks.

  55. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’m sorry, I’ve always considered myself rather mature for my age. I was an immigrant that changed countries like most people change socks but when I was 21 I can’t imagine myself in a relationship with a 40 year old man and I doubt so many who are seeing nothing wrong with this picture would be as forgiving if it were an 18 year old girl marrying a 42 year old man, which, is funny considering men do mature much more slowly then women.

    They are consenting adults so more power to them but I just can’t imagine how equal of a relationship this truly is. I just think it’s very strange for a woman of her age to have anything in common with him unless she is very immature herself.

  56. Maritza says:

    They look good together but more importantly they seem happy. She really doesn’t look that old, 44 wow, that means there is hope for Jennifer Aniston to have babies too.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    @ hatsumomo, fingerbinger
    I would think it weird regardless of the genders (i.e. who is older, who is younger). ScarJo and Sean was weird, this is weird. You can’t skip past growing up and its challenges just by “marrying” past that age and sliding into the older person’s life!

  58. Jaye E says:

    Juliet Mills married Maxwell Caulfield when he was 21 and they’re still going strong some 30+ years later. Not every relationship has the same dynamic and not everyone matures at the same rate or in the same way. As someone said upthread “to each their own”.

  59. Jaye E says:

    Why are people saying “it’s not fair to him” like she’s holding him hostage or something. I would imagine that he’s with her because he loves her and wants to be. Yes, their age difference is eyebrow raising, but it’s not like she’s taking advantage of him. It’s not like she’s Mary Kay LeTourneau and he’s a 12 year old boy.

  60. TL says:

    He’s going “Nowhere” boy…. sorry great movie he did. 21 and 44? hey if its love whatever.

  61. coucou says:

    Larissa, your comments, though true for you, are not very nice, i mean, come on, plenty of women, married to men their own age, have surprise pregnancies, and hey guess what, just because they’re apparently old and passed their expiration dates in your eyes, doesn’t mean they should just abort so they won’t have to bother a ten year old one day to have a 54 year old parent…you’re still quite young, so i’ll chalk your comment up to immaturity and lack of experience, but you just wait, one day, you’ll be 44, and you’ll realize that life is not over, and that when you were 26, you weren’t half as grown up as you thought you were…

    As for this couple, i have no problem with them, but must admit that i wonder what it will be like when he is 40 and she’s 63…cause 40 is still young, but 63…i don’t know, not there yet, so don’t want to say it’s “old” (should be a four letter word or what), but the difference of age will be much more noticeable then than it is now…

  62. Samihami says:

    This is all kinds of wrong. I don’t care what they do, but to bring children into this situation is horribly selfish. They are being born into an automatic broken family–and there is no doubt that they will be a broken family benfore much longer.

    And it doesn’t matter to me which one is older; either way an age gap that large when one of them is so young is just awful. The human brain doesn’t even finish maturing until the mid twenties. If he were a few years older it wouldn’t matter as much, but he hasn’t even finished developing into a fully mature adult yet.

  63. I am Legend says:

    Double standard! At least you can’t use the “He won’t be able to have a family with a woman that old” argument. Seriously, how many nonstories do you have with men 43 or even twice that age and women as young as or younger than this guy?

  64. lh says:

    My husband is younger, albiet only by 7-years but I truly see NOTHING wrong with it. They seem to be in love and I don’t get the feeling she’s preying on him. He’s a grown man and making his own decisions.
    As I’ve reached 40, I can honestly say age is just a number. I don’t feel like I should be put out to pasture because of that number. Hell, if my husband and I ever divorced (which I don’t foresee happening) I wouldn’t think twice about dating any age, whether that be older or younger.
    People are people and it’s hard enough finding ‘love’… why make it harder by slapping parameters around it.
    Also, while my husband was only 23 when we started to date and just out of college, he had a job, helped with the bills and now that he’s in his 30′s, has started and sold a company and has done very well for himself, our kids, and our family…. that had very little to do with age.

  65. Claire78 says:

    I read an interview once about her and the two of them were completely besotted and acting like teenagers. I personally think she deserves some fun, she is a talented lady and he is also talented. Not all early 20′s men are immature. Not that I would be keen to get involved with that big an age gap myself – but I think to survive cancer twice must make you realise life is for making the most of and not worrying about what everyone thinks.

  66. Chloe says:

    Hrm. There’s something unsettling in the power relation between people one of whom is 20ish, the other 40ish (regardless of gender.)

    There’s such a vast difference in experience and awareness. I dunno. Fingers crossed, I guess.

  67. crtb says:

    19 is too young to start a family regardless of how old your partnes is.

  68. Chloe says:

    edit: On a second thought, this woman is a cancer survivor and I can understand her not obsessing about the whole thing: she wants to have a life instead of thinking about it, our time here is precious, he seems willing. Hell, who am I to judge them.

  69. k says:

    Speaking as a former “cougar”: It’s not the age difference, it’s when one party is in their late teens or early-mid 20s that it is really a problem. Those people simply haven’t lived enough years yet. And yes, even if their childhoods were horrific. Mine was, and even though I was a remarkably mature 17 year old, I still had a lot to learn, naivete even still at age 27.

  70. Lushus L. says:

    His dancing reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.

  71. Andie B says:

    They seem like a happy and in love couple. I do think in five years they will have split though. A 21 year old guy is too young for a 44 year old woman. That is a big ask of a 21 year old to be a Dad of two and a step-Dad of two. In a couple of years he will be like a caged animal.

  72. Isa says:

    The 16 year old girl with the Green Mile creeps me out because 1.) Why does she look so old? and 2.) judging from her interviews she’s still obviously immature. And dumb. But maybe she’ll grow up and their marriage will work out.

    But I don’t think that there is simply a magic age that you hit and POOF you’re mature. Some people go their entire lives without maturing. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional!

    I don’t understand why everyone feels so sorry for him for “missing out.” Missing out on what? I started my family early and the only thing I ever felt like I missed out on was traveling, which I’m sure this couple can afford to do. Maybe he never had the desire to live by himself, or go bang every chick he come across, or party.

  73. bugsy says:

    I guess I’m lumping all 18 year olds together, but I know that at that age I didn’t know up from down. Yet I thought I knew everything. That’s how you are in your teens and twenties. You’re still figuring this stuff out. They might be fine. OR, he might wake up a completely different person in a few years and wonder why he married someone who could have been his mother. I know if I were her I’d be waiting for him to cheat on me with someone his own age. Or younger.

  74. Bit of Nonsense from London says:

    Can’t see this necessarily lasting through his 30s … but if they’re happy for now, leave em to it.

  75. Funnylilou75 says:

    So much hypocrisy is going around here and such double standard!

    So when Rosie Huntington- Whiteley(23) is dating Jason Statham (43) SHE is supposed to be the lucky one (same goes for Liam Nieson, Michael Fassbender, etc…) and when we have the same age difference but with having the woman being older it’s gross and inappropriate even if it’s not a big difference (Liv tyler?)… Well thanks for doing so much for sisterhood!!!

    You can’t put such an unfair double standard: either you dislike a considerable age gap in couples for BOTH genders (cough Michael Fassbender and zoe Kravitz cough!)or either you approve both!!

    Like the other day the story about liv tyler being 9 years a senior than her boyfriend… really??? I mean REALLY???? most of the non-stories you report everyday here are oftenly about couples with way more age difference than that but it’s always the men who are older… and curiously you never see the need to underline this kind of information in that case… just saying: it’s time to be fair!

  76. Phil says:

    He probably had a bad relationship with his mother. Hugh Jackman’s mother abandoned her family. Hugh eventually married a woman much older than him. Both guys want to have a successful love realtionship with an older woman. Obvious mom issues there.

    I can understand Aaron wanting to date Ms. Wood. She is physically fit and looks younger than her age. But to have children with her? Real suprised. Therapy might have been better for him.

  77. Annie_Grey says:

    Aaron’s kind of got crazy eyes in the last pic.

  78. Sheigh says:

    As he’s running so fast, he will get 10 kids at 30! Euh ?

  79. Anne de Vries says:

    Well, they seem to have a much healthier relationship than the washed-up-pornstar-looking 16 year old and the Green Mile actor.

  80. sauvage says:

    We-hell. Get off your soap boxes, people. Love is love. Yes, we might not always understand other people’s choices (in love and in life), but hey, they are not hurting anyone. They fell in love with each other, they decided to be together, they found out they wanted children together. Plus he’s not fourteen, he’s twenty-one.

    Yes, they might split one day – but so do a lot of couples without any significant age gap. Let them be happy, for Christ’s sake!

  81. tapioca says:

    “…she is a talented lady.”

    Forget the age gap – this^^ is what I object to! Have any of you seen her “art”? She’s been dining out on pretension for 20 years and her directorial debut sunk like the proverbial lead zeppelin. It’s kinda sad that the only thing keeping her relevant is the age gap in her relationship!

  82. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @ Ian: So it’s OK for a 45 y.o. man and an 18 y.o. woman? Sheesh.

    Crazy fun dance sequence in the R.E.M. video, and the boy is adorbs. He reminds me of my nephew and has a lot of goofy charm that I find endearing.

    The boy doesn’t do it for me, but it ain’t nobody’s business if Sam has a thing for him. Aaron arouses my maternal instincts!

  83. Ethel says:

    He dances like an old soul too.

  84. Olga says:

    I’m 2 years older then my husband and it meters. Never wish to have bigger difference. It brings tense.
    And it is difference that doesn’t show, I couldn’t tell he was younger when we met :)
    So, them feel so wrong to me.

  85. wunderkindt says:

    Cant see this lasting.

  86. HannahG says:

    Ah come on lads, we can’t all be the same! Has anyone ever seen him interviewed? I was at a Q&A when Kick Ass came out – he was exceptionally shy (not in an eye rolly K Stew kinda way I might add!) but you could tell he was totally beyond his years. People get born in the wrong bodies all the time and change gender. Others maybe get born a bit later than intended.

  87. Marietta says:

    I’m only two years younger than him …. he has already 1 child , he’s expecting his second one and I’ve just got in the university. Maybe I’ve to start to worry about my future ….

  88. Chris says:

    It’s wrong to hook up with people who are twenty years plus younger than you. A young person should be able to enjoy their youth and not be prematurely dragged into living like a middle aged person and dealing with the shit that goes with it. There will be plenty of time for that later on.

    Just remember, Cougars and Rhinos, you can’t recapture your youth by sleeping with it.

  89. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I think fingerbinger has a point. Even when people bring up the double standard the whole chous has to lament about no one bringing up the double standard. I don’t see how you can enraged that ‘no one ever talks about large age gaps when it’s the man who is older’. Are you new? This site talks about it all of the time and it is NOT always in a complimentary way. The lion’s share of the blame is so frequently put at the man’s feet for being a predator or mid-life disaster to foolish act reasonably or old fool who should invite derision when his colostomy bag comes loose at the wedding reception. People are cosmically damning you and to take one case and entirely forget about all of the stuff that came before is unfair.

  90. Jeannified says:

    DAYUM!!!! Kids got MOVES!!! HAWT!!! I can totally see why she is all over this guy…super handsome, confident and have great moves!!! I’ll bet they have two more kids!!! Love it!

  91. Jon K says:

    He looks high in all these pictures, and that might explain a lot. He’s a really good actor though.

  92. Lushus L. says:

    Napoleon Dynamite is calling, he wants his sweet moves back.

  93. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Lord have Mercy!

  94. Sexybitch says:

    I just want to say that can’t be the same person the played Robbie in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging 3 years ago and who played Kick-ass in Kick-ass last year search both the films up and then tell me thats the same person.