Crystal Harris on calling off wedding to Hef: it wasn’t the lifestyle for me, buy my album!

I’m paraphrasing in that title, but you get the gist. As you’ve already heard, “24″ year-old Crystal Harris called off the wedding to 84 year-old Hugh Hefner just a few days before it was set to happen this weekend. She’d already scored the cover of Playboy as “Mrs. Hefner” and that issue was about to go to press, and as Hef recently re-tweeted, Harris’ new single dropped on iTunes the same day she dumped him. We’ve heard that Crystal has been seeing one of Dr. Phil’s sons on the side, and that story first came out three months ago, but apparently Hef had no clue as it took place after his bedtime. As Kaiser mentioned, there was news that Crystal was plotting to ditch Hef at the altar in exchange for a 1/2 million payment for an exclusive. That deal fell through and Hef was spared the additional humiliation.

Harris recently went on the Ryan Seacrest show to explain why she called the wedding off, but she just gave some vague excuses, denied that she was cheating, and put in a plug for her music.

Hugh Hefner’s runaway bride says the decision to call off Saturday’s nuptials was a big relief.

“For a while, I’d been having second thoughts about everything, so I haven’t really been at peace with myself lately,” Harris, 25, told Ryan Seacrest Wednesday morning on his KIIS-FM radio show. “It was all just happening too fast for me.”

“I just sat back and thought about it all,” she continued. “Is this what I wanted? And it wasn’t.”

Harris says the Playboy chief – although heartbroken – took the news with tact.

“There was no fight,” explains July’s Playboy cover girl, prematurely identified as “Mrs. Crystal Hefner.” “He understood, and we both agreed that it wasn’t the best idea to get married. He was doing it for me because he thought it was what I wanted.”

Harris, who says she “wanted to be true to myself,” admits, “This isn’t the lifestyle for me.”

But don’t expect Hefner, 85, to find a replacement for his ex-fiancée.

“No, no,” Harris tells Seacrest when he asks if the mogul will ever tie the knot again. “He said he was just doing this wedding for me.”

As for now, Harris says she is “not seeing someone else,” but she is staying busy.

“[I'm] working on a whole album,” she says. “I sing and I write. I’ve been writing songs and I’ve been having so much fun with it all.”

[From People]

Here’s a link to Crystal’s new song, Club Queen. (You may have to be in the US to listen, but you can also hear an excerpt on her site.) It’s not as bad as I was expecting, like it’s not Heidi Montag bad, and sounds like a lot of the other autotuned repetitive crap on the radio.

Hef has been responding to this on Twitter, and he said he heard this interview and still has no idea why Crystal dumped him. He sounds very classy about it all, and just kind of baffled. He writes “Crystal did an interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning to explain everything, but I still don’t have a clue… I didn’t see any of this coming, but I’m glad things went wrong before the marriage instead of after. Live & learn.”

Hef also Tweeted that “Recent events call for a special sticker on the July cover. Look for it on newsstands.” Then he linked to this version with a “Runaway Bride” sticker across Crystal’s privates. I hope that this sticker really exists and that they’re slapping it on all the issues. Hef also retweeted a request to put Holly Madison on the cover and mentioned that she’d been over to “wish me well” post split. Holly wouldn’t have dumped him the week before the wedding, that’s for sure.



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  1. Anna says:

    If she is 24 it’s in dog years.

  2. brin says:

    LOL at this whole story!

  3. fabgrrl says:

    I think it would have been kind of awesome if Crystal *had* dumped Hef at the alter, only to have Hef turn to another “girlfriend” in the crowd and marry her immediately. Look how replaceable you are, Crystal. I would have been Team Hef on that one.

  4. fannomore says:

    who gets to keep the crock pot and fondue set?

  5. Quest says:

    As I said in the last blog, she called too much for the coverage of the wedding, so the network pulled out and now wants people to buy her music.

    The twitter post from the original “Girls Next Door” were so funny when the news broke.

    In the meantime, Hef is busy enjoying the single life

  6. Keen says:

    it’s very sad for Hef. BUT he’s lived his life with various girlfriends his entire life and enjoyed it. This is what happens at the end of that. and I think you’re right- as strange as it seems, I think Holly wouldve married him and stayed with him till the end, whenever that may be.

  7. Jag says:

    ITA that Holly would’ve married Hef and stayed until death did they part. Supposedly he couldn’t have children, so that’s why they broke up. Sad.

    This girl, though, used Hef for what she could and dumped him when she got what she wanted. Now a smart gold digger would’ve married him and gone after half of everything, so at least she spared him that.

  8. TXCinderella says:

    60 year age difference. Ewwwwwww…

  9. TXCinderella says:

    It seems like an empty way to spend your remaining years, hanging out with very young woman who just want to use you for money and fame. Sad.

  10. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I have one thing to say.


  11. Obvious says:

    i hate to say it because i love holy, but when she found out she probably danced around with glee before going to console Puffin.

    i hope they get back together and he put a ring on it, she loved him, and probably still does. they’d b happy together.

  12. Violet says:

    She’s obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. Breaking up with him before the wedding was just foolish.

    As for Hef’s heart being broken, I doubt he has one. He’s probably already replaced her with yet another Barbie Doll young enough to be his granddaughter. (She’s supposedly young enough to be his great-granddaughter, but I doubt she’s 24. Looking at those photos, she’s at least a decade older.)

  13. bluhare says:

    I cannot believe someone would actually consider dumping someone else at the altar for money. That’s one of the most breathtakingly cruel things I’ve ever read in celebrity land, and you know I’ve read a lot.

  14. Patricia says:

    At least the dog looks ashamed.

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    Interesting that after living that “lifestyle” for however many years, she suddenly decided it “wasn’t for her.”

    Honeybuns, a fame-whore is a fame-whore. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fame-whoring Hef Girl, or a fame-whoring “aspiring” musician. A fame-whore is a fame-whore is a fame-whore. (see: those who came before you and those who will surely come after you)

  16. Madisyn says:

    @ Patricia

    “At least the dog looks ashamed”

    That was BRILLIANT!

  17. Juliesunflower says:

    She played him for the old fool that he is.

  18. skibunny says:

    guess she got tired of trying to screw a corpse…..barf

  19. Kim says:

    I think her age got transposed from 42 to 24. She is a busted up 24! She is a blah, to much work and to much makeup, stripper looking girl with no talent. She NEEDED Hef for fame. She should have married him for the publicity alone. She jumped the ship and her 15 mins have ended very quickly.

  20. snappyfish says:

    A fool and his money are fun to play with

  21. Shoe_Lover says:

    @ Patricia

    i thought the dogs face (who is super cute btw) more said “WTF- you think you’re 24″