Rachel Uchitel: Falling in love with married men “is a disease”

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 23: Model Rachel Uchitel arrives at the 32nd Anniversary Carousel of Hope Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 23, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Rachel Uchitel is famous for being a dumb whore. But she wants to change people’s minds – Rachel wants us to know that she’s a victim too. A victim of her crazy vagina. I think. No, according to Rachel, she’s got a disease, and it‘s not (just) The Herpe. Rachel‘s disease is that she thinks that every time a married dude pays her to have sex and keep her mouth shut, that it means that he‘s her knight in shining armor come to rescue her from her whoredom. That’s a disease now, just FYI. According to Rachel, “People think it is a moral issue if somebody falls in love, all over the place. It is not, it is a disease and disorder; it is where you feel like you have a hole in your heart and you are waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and save you.” FOR REAL. She can’t help it, people. She’s got a DISEASE.

Rachel Uchitel, in a rare TV interview with the Today Show on Monday, talked about her addiction to love and how it led her astray – and into Tiger Woods’ bed. Uchitel, 35, also denied talking about her affair with Woods in a recent Daily Mail article, saying she only discussed her stint on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab with the English paper.

Uchitel, the Manhattan hostess who was the first mistress reported in the Woods infidelity saga, appeared on the show in a sexy black skirt and pumped-up lips alongside her Celebrity Rehab mentor, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Uchitel was quoted by the Daily Mail earlier this month saying she’d “never ever imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be caught up in a scandal like this,” as well as admitting she’d “plunged headfirst into relationships which I should never have been in.”

Not so, Uchitel said Monday.

“Those words never even came out of my mouth,” Uchitel, who received a rumored payout estimated as high as $10 million from the golfer in exchange for her silence, told The Today Show Monday. “The interview was about Celebrity Rehab. I knew that I needed help,” Uchitel, who said she went on the program to deal with a love addiction. “And I wanted to get it from Dr. Drew.”

Uchitel also said she was being treated for addiction to Ambien and other prescribtion medications, which she did not identify. Pinsky said that Uchitel’s condition is partly triggered by traumatic events in her past, such as the premature deaths of her father and her one-time fiancée Andy O’Grady, who perished in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

“I’m a completely different person now than I was before I went on the show,” Uchitel said.

In an earlier exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Uchitel foreshadowed what she would say on Today.

“People think it is a moral issue if somebody falls in love, all over the place,” Uchitel told us. “It is not, it is a disease and disorder; it is where you feel like you have a hole in your heart and you are waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and save you. But it is not an excuse for anyone’s behavior. You get stuck in relationships that are not right for you; you basically put a mask over somebody’s head and pretend they’re somebody who they’re not. In the end, you get disappointed when they don’t react the way you want them to.”

The new cycle of Celebrity Rehab — described by Dr. Drew as “the most intense season” yet — premieres on Wednesday at 10/9c on VH1.

[From Radar]

Everybody’s always a victim, aren’t they? Every a–hole is always in a state of perpetual martyrdom, always pulling some angle to excuse their stupid behavior. Whatever happened to a chick like Rachel saying “Yeah, I slept with Tiger Woods because I wanted to, because I’m so dumb I thought he’d marry me.” Stupid is not a disease. Stupid is just stupid.

LOS ANGELES - OCT 23: Rachel Uchitel arrives at the 2010 Carousel of Hope Ball at Beverly HIlton Hotel on October 23, 2010 in Beverly Hills, CA Photo via Newscom

45652, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday October 1 2010. Rachel Uchitel, alleged mistress of Tiger Woods, flashes a little more than just leg as she sits in her car after leaving BOA steakhouse. Photograph:  Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com

LOS ANGELES - OCT 23: Rachel Uchitel, Jason Davis arrives at the 2010 Carousel of Hope Ball at Beverly HIlton Hotel on October 23, 2010 in Beverly Hills, CA Photo via Newscom

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57 Responses to “Rachel Uchitel: Falling in love with married men “is a disease””

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  1. brin says:

    She must really be dizzy from all that spinning.

  2. Jayna says:

    She makes me sick. Multiple married men is a desperate woman, with no morals, trying to hook a man, and single men didn’t want her skanky self, so she went to the married man pool.

  3. spinner says:

    ummmm Rachel…falling in love with married men is NOT a disease…it’s called lack of self-control. Geez!

  4. Justez says:

    Not the only disease she has …

  5. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Too bad it isn’t a fatal one……..just sayin’

  6. Feebee says:

    No it’s not you stupid woman.

  7. devilgirl says:

    So is herpes.

  8. guesty says:

    *plays ‘gold-digger’ in background while reading blog*

  9. bellaluna says:

    Being the “other woman” to multiple married men is NOT looking for your knight in shining armour. First of all, dumbass, knights in shining armour no longer exist. Secondly, stop looking for a MAN to save you; grow some pride & self-sufficiency and learn to save yourself. Third (and most important), being a stupid skank is NOT a disease: Parkinson’s is a disease; cancer is a disease; being infected with “Slut-itis Stupiditae with Delusions of Marrying an Already Married Man” is not.

  10. Stronzilla says:

    No Rachel, the disease is you, as in Tiger couldn’t make the game because he came down with a bad case of racheluchitelitis last Skanksgiving.

  11. Delta Juliet says:

    Is everyone else tired of her “victim” story yet? It’s terribly sad that she lost her fiance in 9/11 but people lose loved ones all the time. Deal. Move on. Stop screwing married men.

  12. Jaded says:

    She’s a disease. I know women who have gone through wayyyyy worse traumas than losing their father or boyfriend and haven’t turned into famewhores as a result. Not that I’m trivializing her losses, but she made conscious choices which also happened to be extremely immoral, painful and destructive. Then played the blame game. So boo-f*cking-hoo.

  13. Scarlet Vixen says:

    “Everybody’s always a victim, aren’t they? Every a–hole is always in a state of perpetual martyrdom, always pulling some angle to excuse their stupid behavior.”

    Kaiser, You’re absolutely right. My mum and I were just talking about this yesterday. I have an older brother who’s spent the majority of his adult life in prison for one drug charge or another. And, even at 49yrs old he still claims it was all my parents’ fault and they ‘didn’t raise him right.’ Nevermind the fact that the other 5 kids in our family turned out fine, etc. People will come up with ANY excuse for bad behavior–they didn’t have enough money, or the right brand of clothes, or were teased, or their dog died. I don’t mean to downplay the tragedy of her fiance dying. But come on, take some f’in responsibility for a change!

  14. W.O.M. says:

    I, for one, will not be watching “The Rachel Uchitel Quasi-Celebrity Telethon To Raise Money For The Whores of Rich Married Men.”

    My charitable spirit has limits.

  15. southerncheerleader says:

    Yeah, It is a disease —


  16. gg says:

    She’s right though — it is a sickness and an addiction.

  17. danielle says:

    A disease?!? I do think tho’ that constantly wanting attached men is a low self esteem thing – they are “hot enough” to take something that belongs to someone else, so it gives them some weird ego boost. Oh, also a symptom of low morals, imo.

  18. EzE says:

    Maybe she could hook up with Charlie Sheen? I think they’d make a cute couple.

    It is a disease though in the sense that anger is a disease, she has such anger over her lost marriage, she has to wreck any other marriage she can, 5th commandment? + 9th?
    Repent Rachel, get thee to a confessional!

  19. bubbles says:

    I think it’s a disease on the guy’s part that slept with her because there is nothing NOTHING attractive about this woman. from the giant fake horseteef to the wormlips, to the awful balloon titties to the botched nosejob to the wrinkly sundamaged skin. Yuck I would not touch that with a ten foot pole.

  20. Kelley says:

    You ARE a disease, Rachel, suffering from an addiction to fame and plastic surgery with zero talent … a common-as-dirt ho. Fake tits, fake nose, fake eyelashes, fake lips … it’s a wonder you haven’t melted yet.

  21. Jayna says:

    She has this delusion that finally from some angle people will like her. I watched her TMZ interview months ago, and she is delusional. She is a wannabe, who is trying to find an angle to become more likeable so she can get a reality show. She will never be likable because of all of her delusions. I read that interview when the Tiger story broke in the NY Post. She sounded like a club ho in it. Very bizarre.

  22. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    HO HO HO!!

  23. JM says:

    @ Bellaluna #9:

    I love your definition of her disease!

  24. Churchston Winsthill says:

    Wow, talk about seeking attention by any means necessary. There’s a disease that causes your lips and breasts to suddenly swell? Tramping around NYC trying to bed wealthy married guys is a “disease” now? Give us a break please. This odd-looking bimbo’s 15 minutes are up now and she will not be missed.

  25. Jezi says:

    She’s a horrible excuse for a woman. If you can even call her a woman.

  26. marge says:

    I only read the head line, but that’s just too easy…

  27. Rita says:

    Her Expiration Date: January 1, 2009

    More MSG!!!!

  28. fabgrrl says:

    Hm, funny how her “disease” hasn’t led to her “falling in love” with any POOR, married men…just rich ones. Funny, that.

  29. Embee says:

    Actually, Rachel, narcissism is a personality disorder (chronic behavior pattern) not a disease. This means you need to change your behavior, not that some big bad virus came and gotcha.

    Reacts to criticism with rage, shame, or humiliation
    Takes advantage of other people to achieve his or her own goals
    Has feelings of self-importance
    Exaggerates achievements and talents
    Is preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love
    Has unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
    Requires constant attention and admiration
    Disregards the feelings of others, lacks empathy
    Has obsessive self-interest
    Pursues mainly selfish goals

    Relationship and family problems
    Alcohol or other drug dependence

  30. terryo says:

    She is hot! Wonder who her next victim will be?

  31. HakuraChii says:

    Behavior like that is some hybrid of a lack of self respect, greed, and complete immorality.

    Repeat offenders of dating married men have a complete lack of self respect. Some women pursue married men as some sort of demented ‘contest’. Wanting to feel better about themselves by thinking they can ‘steal’ a man from another woman, which in their minds makes them ‘better’ than the wife. But then it’s a contest they lose when the man doesn’t leave his wife.

    Then of course there’s always the greed. I feel the same way about what she’s saying as I do about all these men who cheat on their women, then go into ‘rehab’ for sex addiction. I *truly* believe there is such a thing as sex addiction, but these celebrities are using it as a fucked up scapegoat to make it not their fault. Irritates the pure hell out of me.

  32. Madison says:

    She’s disgusting but no worse than the disgusting rich married men she cheats with. Rachel got married after her fiance died but the marriage only lasted a year, her ex husband has never spoken about her but I’d bet she was a cheating ho even when she was married.

  33. Green Is Good says:

    Using her dead Father and her Fiance’ as an excuse for her behavior is low, trashy, and straight-up phony.

    Does she think people are this stupid? Take your bullsh*t excuses somewhere else, Rachel “UbetI’lltell”.

  34. REALIST says:

    Indeed! I am no saint, but I will not touch a married man with a ten foot pole. I know so many women who have suffered so much pain because they always believe the guy when he says he’ll leave his wife, and he hardly ever does.
    This is not an age related phenomenon-my favorite aunt had the very same thing happen to her in her late 50′s with a man who was the same age. The experience devastated her, and I believe triggered a long term depression.
    I was with a pathological liar for awhile-he may or may not have been married (or at least partnered)-to this day, I have no idea. I let him get by with providing me so little personal information because, I’ll be honest-he was gorgeous and charming (and Italian-duhhh).
    Regardless of his “strengths”, I finally got bored with his canned complements, unexpected visits and periodic tirades if I contacted him unexpectedly. So, I kicked his a– to the curb. I recommend it, because it felt great!

  35. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    bellaluna, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    Getting involved with a married man IS a moral issue whether this whore likes it or not. There is no disease that causes your vag to be inextricably linked to married men’s penises.

    She’s an idiotic whore who probably gets some kind of sick thrill out of sneaking around.

  36. Jeri says:

    Rachel is a disease and I don’t think many men would want to ever be associated with her.

    She should get the other half of her nose put back on, she looks like half her face is missing.

  37. CB Rawks says:

    “There is no disease that causes your vag to be inextricably linked to married men’s penises.”

    Thanks for that crusty image. :P :)

  38. MSat says:

    Why, in every single picture of this cum dumpster, does she look as though she’s been dipped in baby oil?


  39. wunderkindt says:

    Cancer is a disease, whoredom isnt.

    I wouldnt put Uchitel in the same category as people who are truly suffering from somethng they cant control.

    Uchitel is in control regarding who she CHOOSES to f-k. So I have zero sympathy for this nasty ho’!

  40. bellaluna says:

    @ JM & The Hamm ~ Thanks! She just drives me up a wall; likening her gold-digging, whorish behaviour with married men (skank-speak for “falling in love”) a disease. I’ve been “lovesick” before, but I have never, EVER boned a married man as a result.

    And good point to whoever mentioned she’s only “fallen in love” with RICH married men. Guess she has some kind of special slut-vision, where she’s only able to see married men with a minimum net worth of $5M (or whatever her $$$ requirement is).

  41. Kim says:

    The title should read “Sleeping with married men has given me diseases”

  42. Kim says:

    Her “sickness”is greed and being a fugly, gold digging, ho bag.

  43. Kim says:

    EWWWWWWWW! What man would sleep with her knowing she is disease ridden!

  44. Bella Mosley says:

    Isn’t it odd a disease can tell the difference between rich and poor men and also married and single men. (not as easy to blackmale single men) I never knew a disease so savvy to be aware of those differences.

    I have 0 respect for Dr. Drew after this

  45. Jacqueline says:

    The disease stupidity is quite complex. At the point of medication, they think everyone else is stupid too. Symptoms, like lazyness and greed, are often present. Organized education is a failed treatment because of their recalcitrant nature. Some end in other institutions, primarily prison. Stupidity currently cannot be added to the DSMV-V(4) because of psychiatric/psychological doubts and controversy, however evidence is abundant. Along with faith, it has yet to be accepted.

  46. Jacqueline says:

    Careers in reality shows are the few benefits of the disease, along with a publically-funded parasitic lifestyle.

  47. hairball says:

    Can someone for once please take responsibility for their actions?

    You can feel and think whatever you want, it’s what you do that really matters.


  48. fizXgirl314 says:

    ewww, wtf is wrong with that guy’s hands? I mean besides it being around a hooker… it’s all scabby… grosssssssssss

  49. Shannon says:

    I think a lot of people are being too hard on her. Is she a paragon of virtue? No. But it takes two to tango, and she isn’t the married one in these situations.

    I think this woman has serious daddy issues that play out in her romantic life, which is sad and pitiable. I don’t feel angry, just bad for her that she became a prostitute in an attempt to make herself feel whole. She needed therapy, not men.

  50. Ruffian9 says:

    Those most succeptible: whores

  51. mauibound says:

    Sorry Shannon, bottom line is that a gal should never go digging in anothers relationship, period. She knew these men were married from the get go. Most of them were very famous. No excuse for her, none.

  52. LILO-donotpassgo-donotcollect200$ says:

    I agree. I would have a hell of a lot more respect for her if she came out with it and said, “I screwed a married man, I knew he was married, I knew this would be a problem, I still didn’t care.”

    no one takes responsibility for anything anymore.

  53. Rio says:

    I do not doubt for a moment that people can be “addicted to love” (one of my dearest friends, an utter sweetheart peach of a gal, has handled more cock than a poultry farmer) but “addicted to boning famous married men who can pay great sums of money to keep one’s mouth shut”?
    Yeah. Not so much.

  54. gg says:

    eccch, did nobody notice she’s with Greasy Bear in that last picture?

  55. Jules says:

    Being a slut is not a disease, it’s a choice.

  56. LT says:

    “She can’t help it, people. She’s got a DISEASE.”

    Haaaaaaa that gave me the giggles! I’m going to start using that line for EVERYTHING. When I eat too much cheese I can’t help it, I have a DISEASE. When I sleep w/ the guy I work with AGAIN I can’t help it, I have a DISEASE. When I lay on my ass instead of working out I can’t help it, I have a DISEASE.

  57. Nikki says:

    GROSS. Make this nasty creature go away!