Rachel Uchitel warned by Tiger’s people not to talk about him on Celebrity Rehab

Last week we reported on a story that originated on the National Enquirer claiming that Tiger Woods was livid that his maybe number one mistress, Rachel Uchitel, was going on Celebrity Rehab. Tiger was said to be worried that Rachel would potentially expose him by going on the VH1 show but that his concern stemmed from the fact that he wanted to marry Rachel and get her knocked up with another one of his children. The story was way too positive toward Uchitel and sounded planted by her camp. It was also similar to earlier stories that seemed leaked to make it sound like Uchitel was still with Tiger. Now TMZ is reporting that it’s not true that Tiger has seen Uchitel at all or that he has designs on marrying her. The only contact he’s allegedly had with her is through his lawyers telling her not to talk about him on Celebrity Rehab or risk jeopardizing the $10 million silencing fee he paid her.

Despite recent reports, sources close to Rachel tell us she and Tiger are not getting married, and Rachel is not pregnant with a little Tiger cub. We’re told they haven’t spoken to each other in months.

But according to our sources, Rachel recently heard from Tiger’s attorneys because they were concerned about her doing “Celebrity Rehab.” We’re told they called to make sure Tiger was not on the tip of Rachel’s tongue — she’s not allowed to mention him publicly under the terms of that $10 million deal she got.

Production sources connected with “Celebrity Rehab” tell us Rachel never uttered a certain golfing great’s name.

[From TMZ]

Rachel knows who’s still paying her bills, but she can’t resist portraying herself as this desirable scene queen. She’ll be on Celebrity Rehab, get mocked for a while, and will fade out of view until she pulls another desperate barely-noticed stunt for attention. I doubt all that money from Tiger will last long as I get the impression that she’s a label hound with a taste for the good/frivolous life but I could be wrong.

Meanwhile Tiger’s divorce is still happening. Radar reports that Tiger and Elin’s lawyers are hammering out the terms and that Tiger has agreed to give Elin their former marital home in Orlando. She’s been living in a rented home nearby. Tiger is in the process of building a massive mansion on a 10 acre estate in Jupiter Island, Florida. He paid $40 million for the land alone.

Rachel is shown with Perez Hilton on 3/27/10. Credit: WENN.com


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24 Responses to “Rachel Uchitel warned by Tiger’s people not to talk about him on Celebrity Rehab”

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  1. Wow, Bitch says:

    She is so ugly.

  2. Chelly says:

    O please! “Uchitel” she’s gonna open her big mouth (and not to married men this time) and spill the deets. She’s a FAMEWHORE…it’s what they do!

  3. Anti-icon says:

    I hate myself for it, but I’ll be watching Celeb Rehab partially due to my intense loathing for this whore. I’m quite sure her $10 million payout was not a lump sum, and contingent upon her silence about Tiger Woods. Maybe she just won’t be able to do it (although I bet the producers become secondarily liable if his name is spoken, so yeah, his lawyers and the contract with this ho will be enforced the rest of her life. It’s tough being a high dollar ho. Uchitel needs to go down and out of the public eye forever.

  4. meme says:

    she is ugly outside and inside. could perhaps she not talk at all? such a stupid show.

  5. Meanchick says:

    Wow. We celebrate whores in this country more than ever now. Quite sad.

  6. DD says:

    If she can’t talk about tiger, then aren’t they taking away everyone’s interest of her being on that show. Last time I checked she’s not even a celebrity, just someone who f’s celebrities and got caught with a couple of married ones.

  7. Celebrity Rehab? Is she being treated for and addiction to money and married men? How is she a celebrity? What makes a celebrity these days? What is going on. I have a tummy ache. I might need a drink.

  8. Marjalane says:

    She has man hands and fish lips.

  9. Eileen says:

    She looks like a drag queen.

  10. Agent Cooper says:

    The photo with Perez is fitting. Two Pigs-in-Blankets!

  11. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    She’s so scowly….

  12. Will says:

    It looks like her mouth wasn’t quite pasted on right…

  13. DD says:

    Will, I agree. There is something potato-headish about that first pic.

  14. snowball says:

    $10 million? Where did they pull that figure out of? I’m sort of having a hard time believing that one unless it was actually verified by a real, solid source. I don’t doubt that he paid her, but that seems awfully high.

    It’s a sad day when we celebrate whores by prancing them out on reality television shows. She’s not famous for doing anything but spreading her legs, hardly anything to be proud of, and now apparently, doing drugs.

    Nice to know you can get filthy rich that way.

  15. canadianchick says:

    Right now it’s thunder and lightning outside where I live-Ithink in response to Uchismell’s 10 million ho payout.

  16. zendiggity says:

    There isnt anything attractive about this scank.
    I dont get how all it takes to become famous these days is to sleep with married men and then expose it or put out a sex tape. what a disgusting world the entertainment industry has become.

  17. Ruffian9 says:

    But…but..How else will anyone know who the f**k she is?

  18. buckley says:

    Never have I seen a more punchable face.

  19. Jeri says:

    Her & Perez Hilton make a good couple.

  20. Amy says:

    Okay, not that I would want to be some scumbag’s whore, but I’m intrigued that someone this hideous scored with David Boreanaz.

    I mean, he’s attractive and famous… even if he’s cheating on the DL, surely he can cheat with someone who doesn’t look like a totally botched post-op?

  21. mai tai says:

    A low rent Elizabeth Canalis.

    She WILL spill her guts in rehab because ‘Tiger’s ‘Ho Hall of Fame’ is all she has to work with.

  22. mojoman says:

    I still think she is a man. Just look at those damn hands!

  23. Lway says:

    Are there any “flatering” photo’s of this Fugly bitch? Please, everytime i see this photo with her mouth half open and her hair uncared for, i can feel my lunch move inside ….. ugh

  24. Meanchick says:

    Rachel “Coochie-n-Tell” wants to extend those 15 minutes, even if it means trading in what’s left of her self respect!